You are NOT allowed to post congratulations and/or thank you threads BEFORE the official announcement has been posted in Habbox Announcements. Any threads that have been made before their official announcement will be removed and contacted by a moderator.

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Until its announced, its not official. In some cases people notice the usertitle etc. however even then, VIPs sometimes change their usertitle or whatever, and sometimes information comes from rumours. Even when people think they have the job, there are various situations in which the managers had not checked with Wispur and the user had been fired in the past month or put on the DNHL and was on a clone or had a lot of infractions etc. etc. So because until its announced its not official, and there are all manner of different ways that "pre" information could come in (I remember a certain member being congratulated on getting AGM when it didn't happen at all). Instead of trying to individually assess each bit of advance information we have a simple policy, wait for the announcement