Not only are you allowed to discuss about other games such as Runescape and World of Warcraft you may sell items on games such as Runescape. You may sell items on games for Habbo coins/furni and vice versa. You may not sell items for real life money.

Trading Accounts

You may NOT trade accounts under any circumstances. Threads that are found to be selling/buying accounts will be closed.

Commenting in Trading Threads

You may comment in trading threads ONLY IF you are interested in what the member is selling or buying. If you comment on the trading thread un interested, talking about the item but not interested in buying them, then your post will be considered as pointless posting.

Note: While using this forum to buy items with either Habbo credits or another games currency, it is YOUR responsibility and you are doing it at your own risk. We cannot help you if you have been scammed.