Use of Spoiler Tags

Spoiler tags are now generally used on a voluntary basis. Spoiler tags are used for generally not spoiling something and respecting the other forum members if they don't want to spoil a movie or something along the lines, for themselves. We won't force you to use the spoiler tags but please remember that. Moderators may put your information in a spoiler at their discretion.

You can use the spoiler tags by clicking in your editor or by typing:

HTML Code:
Due to the forum filter being updated we have decided to allow certain swear words in MUSIC VIDEOS only without them having spoilers. Music videos that swear occasionally in audio are allowed to be posted on the forum without the use of any form of spoiler.

Music videos that include either repetitive/excessive foul language or have visuals (images) of the swear words are required to have BADSPOILER tags. Images that contain filtered words will require BADSPOILERS.

To add a bad spoiler you can click or in your editor by typing:

HTML Code:


Members will post threads related to movies, music or tv shows and discuss on them before they come out or after they have been released. You may want to watch a movie or listen to leaked music online. You may NOT post any links to leaked music, movies or tv shows. You may suggest a way to get to the website but you may no directly link them, as it is in a way illegal as stated in rule A6.

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Do not use this forum for any illegal practices, including but not limited to:

  • Being involved in hacking or encouraging hacking
  • Breaking of the Habbo Way or encouraging T&C violation
  • Posting warez, illegal torrents, illegal streams or other illegal downloads
  • Anything highlighted in rule A4
Example of what shouldn't be said:

Listen to the leaked one direction album here:
Example on what should be said:

You should search on google, new one direction album