Your responsibility

Any trades you make are you own responsibility and it is not, in any way, our fault if you overpay for an item, or sell an item of your own just before Habbox or the marketplace increases its value.


If a trophy has no name, date or inscription then it is classed as a fully blank trophy. If, however, a trophy has a name and date but no inscription, the trophy has a blank inscription but is not fully blank.

Warning: If you are buying a staff trophy, double check it before you buy it to ensure that it is genuine!

Commenting in the trading section

Commenting in the trading section is allowed as long as you're referring to the item on sale. Off-topic or pointless posts are covered by general forum rules. If thread creators do not wish for users to comment in their threads, they are to specify this in their main post - making any comments unrelated to the buying/trading/selling or items in that thread against the Forum Specific Rules.

Bumping Threads:
Extreme/excessive/OTT bumping that is picked up by moderators can incur a usernote as a reminder to not bump (this refers to a user that may be posting every few hours with no other users having replied between each post/bump).


If you don't know what category to post your furni in, you can check on our system! Search for it here, hover over the item. This will reveal some icons, look for the star icon, this tells you which section to post in.

- Limited Edition Rares
- Super Rare
- Normal Rare
- Catalog Norm (Permanent item in the catalog)
Anything without a Star will be a Categorized, meaning it often comes in and out of the Catalog.

Please note, stars are still being added to Supers and Normal Rares at this moment. If you spot a furniture that needs a star added on. Report it here.

- Tradeable on
- Non-Tradeable on
- Recyclable on
- Non-Recyclable on
- In Circulation on (Available)
- Not in circulation on (Not Available)


Preferably, threads should not be posted without the use of a prefix. If you are unsure of which category your item/s fall under, leave it blank and a moderator will edit it into the main title of your thread. If you post the thread under the wrong prefix, a moderator will change it and VM you to just inform you of the change they've made.

Selling large quantities of a particular item/s will fall under the prefix [Bulk]
Super Rares fall under the prefix [Super]
All rares that aren't super (categorised, seasonal and normal) fall under the prefix [Rare]
Limited Edition furni - the furni released by Habbo as LTD, not just competition prizes (which fall under super) go in [LTD]
If you have a combination of the above, are looking more generally or are selling/buying/trading coins, then use the prefix [Misc]
If you have a range of Normal furni items (norms) then you should use the prefix [Assorted]

We also ask that depending on whether you are Buying/Selling/Trading, that you include the following at the start of your thread title:

Buying = "B>"
Selling = "S>"
Trading = "T>"


"[Prefix] [S>/B>/T>] Item name/s"

E.G. [Normal Rare] B> Petal Patches 1gb per