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  1. Tony Abbott is ready to rule the Aussies
  2. WATCH: Rand Paul accuses Obama of reducing Congress to 'theatre' over Syria
  3. We all thought Libya had moved on - it has, but into lawlessness and ruin
  4. al-Qaeda seizes village that still speaks the ancient language of Christ
  5. Eastern Europeans sleeping in and trashing public spaces
  6. Catalans to form human chain in bid for independence
  7. Kevin Webster [Is Not] A Peadophile
  8. Kylie Minogue replaces Jessie J on The Voice UK
  9. Child bride in Yemen dies of internal bleeding on wedding night
  10. Jose Barroso: UKIP will beat Tories to become 'first force' in British politics
  11. "It will be tacky of me to clarify my sexuality" - Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  12. Voyager probe 'leaves Solar System'
  13. Clegg calls on supermarkets to implement 5p plastic bag tax
  14. Hysterical Edinburgh University Union bans the song Blurred Lines
  15. Thighly amusing: Tom Daley laughs off gay rumours
  16. Top climate scientists admit global warming forecasts were wrong
  17. Shooting at Washington Navy Yard
  18. Turkey have shot down a Syrian Helicopter...
  19. Miley Cyrus splits with fiancé
  20. Free school meals: how to pay down the debt the Lib Dem way
  21. Man stabbed over GTA V
  22. Australia axes ministerial role for global warming
  23. Student's Tribute Miley Wrecking Ball
  24. Now Syria's rebels are fighting each other
  25. Union J's JJ Hamblett expecting a baby
  26. Indian girl falls into pot of curry and dies
  27. UKIP's Godfrey Bloom under fire over 'demeaning' joke
  28. Kenya Mall Shooting
  29. German Federal Elections: AfD poised to enter parliament
  30. Senator Rand Paul emerging as the 2016 Republican frontrunner
  31. Dutch polls show Geert Wilders' PVV in first place
  32. Ed Miliband sides with Cameron in freezing out Farage from TV Debates
  33. Ed Miliband Conference Speech
  34. Nose grown on mans FOREHEAD
  35. UN 95% convinced humans cause global warming
  36. Inflatable Gay Best Friend Doll withdrawn by Tesco
  37. Girl attempts suicide after not getting 1D tickets
  38. U.S Government Shutdown
  39. Texas could vote for its independence
  40. "Silk Road" and approx $3.6m in BitCoin seized by FBI
  41. The Daily Mail being the Daily Mail
  42. Shots fired near US Capitol
  43. Sinead O'Connor writes open letter(s) to Miley Cyrus
  44. Lord Heseltine turns down debate with UKIP's Amjad Bashir over racism jibe
  45. Mystery portraits of the Queen hung in Australian PM's office + Prince Harry visits
  46. EDL Leader Resigns
  47. Josh Hutcherson Bicurious
  48. Malala Wins Sakharov HR Prize
  49. Bruges Group
  50. And he's off.
  51. From Obamacare hero to zero in 48 hours
  53. Nick Clegg Promises Not To Raise Tuition Fees To £16,000
  54. Marine Le Pen hopes to create a pan-Eurosceptic movement
  55. Shooting in Nevada
  56. Prince George to be Christened
  57. Woman dies after falling 80-ft in Primark
  58. Simpsons actress Marcia Wallace dies aged 70
  59. Gaga gets pubes out at G-A-Y
  60. Cameron now blames British students for out-of-control mass immigration
  61. Student Union leaders impose 'ban' on Remembrance service
  62. Green Party on 5% in recent poll
  63. Energy firms raised prices despite drop in wholesale costs
  64. Domino's pizza delivery man killed while finishing last ever shift
  65. Lesbian teacher had 5 year relationship with schoolgirl
  66. Majority of voters support nationalising the energy companies & railways
  67. For 19th year in a row, the EU fails to have it's accounts signed off
  68. Bieber sleeping with prostitute (video)
  69. Cleric Rapes 4-Year-old Girl on Her First Day at School
  70. Coral Millerchip attack on Sikh
  71. Gay Africans are entitled to asylum, the EU rules
  72. David Cameron 'must embrace Churchill's vision of a United States of Europe'
  73. Can't be fooled again..... can we?
  74. Fmr Labour Home Secretary, David Blunkett, warns Roma immigration 'could cause riots'
  75. Fmr Labour Deputy PM, Jack Straw, admits Labour were wrong to open borders up
  76. Dead Body found in a closed Blackpool pub!
  77. Pathetic donation to the Philippines from the world's second largest economy
  78. North Korea publicly executes 80
  79. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg issues warning over mass immigration in January 2014
  80. Leading French & Dutch politicians, Wilders & Le Pen, launch anti-EU alliance
  81. The world's oceans are becoming acidic at an "unprecedented rate"
  82. 'When it goes off, it will be like an atom bomb here'
  83. The £350,000 fiasco of sex offender we can't deport
  84. The Who frontman, Roger Daltrey: 'I will never forgive Labour on immigration'
  85. 'Dozens dead' in Russian plane crash
  86. Son of a miner, self-made millionare Paul Sykes: 'I want to set UK free from the EU'
  87. George Zimmerman Arrested
  88. Two Clegg's and a big fat gravy train
  89. Royal Navy in standoff with Spanish ship in Gibraltar
  90. international pop superstar Cher Lloyd gets married
  91. Farage promises to use social media to undercut TV Debates if he is excluded
  92. School children as young as 8 told they would be 'racist' for missing school trip
  93. Girl, 11, will be Britain's youngest mother
  94. Female RAF Recruits Compensation
  95. Teenage gym hall killer was back at school weeks after admitting fatal attack
  96. Mugabe issues ultimatum to businesses
  97. TORONTO: Rob Ford (Mayor)
  98. Woman hits her baby bump with hammer to prove her child is "hard"
  99. Bulgarian immigrants: Home Office fails to reject a single request
  100. Lostprophets Singer Ian Watkins Guilty of attempted baby rape
  101. Scotland independence white paper published & future of the Union Flag confirmed
  102. First of the Ukip target seat polls is released (South Thanet)
  103. Bijan Ebrahimi murder: Lee James jailed for life
  104. James Howells searches for hard drive with £4m-worth of bitcoins stored
  105. US government to pay $50m after 'piracy' of software
  106. 'Police' helicopter crashes into Clutha Vaults pub in Glasgow
  107. Chernobyl tomb nearing completion
  108. Paul Walker dies in car crash
  110. Tories behind Labour and level with Ukip in key target seats
  111. Tom Daley boyfriend 20yrs older
  112. Global Icon Britney Spears To Retire?
  113. Nelson Mandela dies aged 95
  114. Asylum seekers put up in luxury hotel at cost of £400,000 to the taxpayer
  115. David Cameron and Godfrey Bloom release their Christmas cards
  116. Comic Relief money invested in arms and tobacco shares
  117. Gay Adoption FINALLY!!!
  118. Germany grants asylum for 'betrayed' interpreter after UK rejection
  119. Uruguay legalises cannabis
  120. N Korea leader's uncle 'executed'
  121. Plan for new grammar school blocked by Michael Gove
  122. How top Labour ministers were all linked to a group lobbying for pedophilia rights
  123. How widespread is Islamic fundamentalism in Western Europe?
  124. First glimpse of Royal Navy's new nuclear submarines
  125. Final Survation-Alan Bown constituency polls released
  126. Dylan Sprouse Nudes Hit Tumblr!
  127. Cross-party committee conclude that some prisoners 'should get the vote'
  128. Lee Rigby Killers Found Guilty
  129. 'People Trapped' After Theatre Balcony Collapse
  130. David Cameron flies to Brussels to fight EU drones programme
  131. Mugabe wants to rename Victoria Falls
  132. 14 year old girl gives birth to her baby boy then strangles him to death..
  133. Toronto Ice Storm!
  134. BT has filters for gay liftstyle, self-harm and STIs.
  135. Aircraft wing rips through Johannesburg building
  136. So Godfrey Bloom thinks Ukip has no policies? Perhaps I can put him right
  137. Tom Daley gets stranded at London railway station as storm halts his Christmas plans
  138. Christmas Polls
  139. Passive smoking - another of the Nanny State's big lies
  140. Fury with MPs - rather than apathy - is the main reason for Britons not voting
  141. Shadow (Labour) transport secretary attacks Thomas the Tank Engine
  142. England now the most crowded country in Europe (bar Malta) thanks to mass immigration
  143. Smacking kids 'should be banned', says children's tsar
  144. Labour: White boys underachievement linked to mass migration
  145. Michael Schumacher injured in skiing accident in France
  146. Nigel Farage calls for Syrian refugees to be allowed into UK
  147. Economic recovery will make UK more attractive to Romanian & Bulgarian migrants
  148. Volgograd blasts: New deadly explosion hits Russian city
  149. Welcome to Britain! Keith Vaz MP and Mark Reckless MP greet first arrivals
  150. Murderers could get hundreds of years in jail to get round ECHR ban
  151. Scientists predict a century of global cooling
  152. The truths you can't tell in today's Britain
  153. Senator Rand Paul files class-action lawsuit against the NSA
  154. Ke$ha checks into rehab
  155. Norfolk helicopter crash: Four people believed to be dead
  156. Cold Weather turns Lethal in US
  157. Mark Duggan killing lawful
  158. We want a United States of Europe says top EU official
  159. Rebuilding of the Stadtschloss (Berlin Imperial Palace)
  160. House of Lords blocks law on being annoying in public
  161. Tsar-fetched? Almost a third of Russians favour restoration of the Monarchy
  162. The European Union has become a 'poison' on British politics, says Lord Dobbs
  163. New Year's Eve coward punch victim Daniel Christie dies
  164. Most admired people in Britain, America, Australia, Russia, France and others
  165. 4 year old Afghan boy killed by US troops
  166. UKIP leader Nigel Farage and Euro MPs pocket £800k in expenses
  167. Farage on Friday: It's not racist to want to have a proper debate on immigration
  168. Meet The Robot That's a Minimum Wage Killer
  169. Man Allows Internet to Name His Daughter
  170. Immigration now just one point behind the economy as most important issue facing UK
  171. Married teacher rapes 14 year old, gets 6 months in jail
  172. Persian man hasn't had a wash for 60 years
  173. Roger Lloyd-Pack dies, aged 69.
  174. Toddler, Lydia Bishop found dead
  175. Scaremongering car corporation Ford warns UK against EU withdrawal
  176. Tons of horse **** dumped outside French parliament
  177. Royal baby - 16th in line to the British & Commonwealth realm thrones is born
  178. Mikaeel Kular's body believed to be found, believed his mother is detained.
  179. 14 year old, give birth then kills.
  180. UK storms are divine retribution for gay marriage laws, says Ukip councillor
  181. Proof at last: Eurocrats secretly admit that countries are better off out
  182. Tonight's polling bonanza: Poll finds UKIP 'most favourable' British political party
  183. Teacher Loses Appeal for Headlocking Student in Self Defence; is Consequently Fired.
  184. Palace reshuffle 'brings Prince Charles closer to the throne'
  185. Haribo stops selling 'racist' sweets
  186. Alcohol Violence in Sydney Triggers Law Reform
  187. Two Labour councillors suspended over Facebook comments
  188. Fifty Labour amendments to kill Bill for EU referendum
  189. Tom Daley back to diving in Olympic 2012 pool following move to London
  190. Julie Hesmondhalgh (Hayley Cropper) wins NTA award for Best Serial Drama
  191. Dame Angela Lansbury 'relieved' as Murder, She Wrote remake is scrapped
  192. Bookies halt bets on Queen Elizabeth II abdicating this year
  193. Map: situation in Syria
  194. Bieber arrested for drag racing & DUI (video of arrest)
  195. MPs grope men too
  196. Would-be mugger 'drowned in canal after victims fought back and pushed him in'
  197. Victoria Line suspended after wet concrete floods Tube controls
  198. Nigel Farage gives UKIP weather forecast
  199. BBC so-called 'comedian', Rufus Hound, says Cameron 'wants your kids to die'
  200. Dangerous 'Rooftopping' Craze Arrives in Sydney
  201. Queen appoints former army chief Cosgove as new Governor-General of Australia
  202. President Obama pledges a shift away from war
  203. New Zealand may vote on dropping Union flag
  204. The 800,000 people living in Britain with little or no English
  205. Conservatives EU referendum 2017 bill now 'dead' in HoL and why it was BS anyway
  206. This Is Rand Paul's Moment - NationalJournal.com
  207. Australian PM, Tony Abbott, threatens to deport disruptive asylum seekers
  208. Teacher Resigns Amid Student Sex Claims
  209. Boulder smashes through Italian farm
  210. Britain entering World War I was 'biggest error in modern history'
  211. Schools could open from 9am to 6pm 25 weeks year
  212. Prince of Wales hits out at 'climate change deniers'
  213. Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito re-convicted of murder
  214. Justin Bieber Bites Stripper's Breast
  215. Tory MPs 'demand' that immigrants have compulsory checks for diseases
  216. Man dies from neck nomination game
  217. Nigel Farage: Ukip has done more than any other party to destroy the racist BNP
  218. Phillip Seymour Hoffman has been found dead in his Manhattan apartment
  219. Cameron out by May this year?
  220. Core A-level courses scrapped after £100m in cuts to sixth-form colleges
  221. Somerset floods are partly the fault of the EU
  222. Why Tory MPs are fleeing Westminster
  223. Douglas Murray makes a fantastic argument for *controlled* immigration at Oxford
  224. Influx of Tory loons into Ukip causes more unfair & slanted media coverage
  225. Charity begins at home: Farage calls for foreign aid to be diverted to flooded areas
  226. Schapelle Corby Granted Parole
  227. Iran sending warships close to US border
  228. RIP Flappy Bird
  229. Dutch would be "£8,000 per household" better off outside the EU, finds study
  230. Switzerland votes to end mass immigration and de facto voids EU 'Free Movement'
  232. Giraffe Killed at Copenhagen Zoo; Fed to Lions
  233. Nanny knows best! MPs vote to ban smoking in cars
  234. Tomorrow's Indy frontcover: 100 days to stop Ukip becoming a major force, warns Clegg
  235. BASE Jumper Falls to Her Death in Utah
  236. Britons 'too ignorant' for an EU referendum says unelected Vice-President of EU
  237. Veteran 'far-left' Labour politician Tony Benn 'seriously ill' in hospital
  238. Norwegian Coalition-Government Party calls for Swiss-style referendum on immigration
  239. Belgium Set To Allow Euthanasia For Children
  240. Privacy class-action lawsuit filed against NSA, FBI and the US Presidency
  241. JP Morgan Executive becomes 5th banker to die within 2 weeks
  242. Home invasion attempt stopped by woman with a shotgun
  243. British Government to rule out a currency union with independent Kingdom of Scotland
  244. Mum's fury after council wipes out front garden to install £40k disabled ramp
  245. Woman cuts off a tattoo of her cheating ex-boyfriend's name and POSTS the skin to him
  246. Wythenshawe and Sale East by election: Labour hold while Ukip knock Tories into third
  247. Quote of the Day
  248. Simon Cowell's baby is born on Valentines Day - called Eric
  249. Ellen Page comes out
  250. Record number of foreign criminals cannot be deported
  251. Jamaicans lead Caribbean calls for Britain to pay slavery reparations
  252. Ethiopian Airlines Flight 702 "Hijacked"
  253. The Mad King in-waiting?
  254. Eastern European politicians are lecturing us about xenophobia. That's a bit rich.
  255. Unelected Euro-Loon Threatens: Stay in EU or Lose Freedoms
  256. Nelson Frazier Jr. dies age 42
  257. Told you so: Number of Romanian and Bulgarian workers surges to record high
  258. Lorde, Katy & Ellie Goulding dj afterparty
  259. European 'Parliament' reprimands Godfrey Bloom MEP over speech
  260. Deputy PM Nick Clegg challenges Ukip leader Nigel Farage to a public debate on the EU
  261. Charlotte Dawson Found Dead
  262. Ukraine on the verge of disintegration
  263. Rebecca Adlington has a nose job
  264. Ukraine: millionaire Chancellor George Osborne offers to send (our) cash to Kiev
  265. Uganda signs anti-gay legisation into law. Has Britains gay rights crusade backfired?
  266. Daily Mail keeps on at asking top Labour officials awkward questions over peado links
  267. 14 year old boy rapes own mother
  268. Bird smashes through cockpit window in Florida
  269. Lee Rigby killers sentenced
  270. Greenpeace founder: Humans not to blame for global warming
  271. Tom Daley fingered for the first time
  272. Russian forces enter the Crimea
  273. ONS: net migration surges by 30%. Farage launches scathing attack on open borders.
  274. China knife attack leaves at least 33 dead and 143 wounded
  275. US Sec of State Kerry: 'You just don't invade another country on a phoney pretext'
  276. 12 year old rapes 7 year old sister after watching porn
  277. Molly Smitten-Downes to represent UK in Eurovision 2014
  278. Review of Ofcom list of major political parties for elections taking place on 22 May
  279. Cameron aide arrested over allegations relating to child abuse images
  280. 1 in 10 Americans thinks HTML is an STD
  281. #SaveBBC3 - BBC Three 'to become online channel'
  282. BBC to host Nick Clegg vs Nigel Farage televised debate
  283. Norway will cut through an island in tribute to massacre victims
  284. Miley ruthlessly attacks Katy Perry
  285. Methadone search in dead tot probe
  286. Malaysia Airlines MH370 - Missing Plane
  287. Ukip faces inquiry into abuse of party funds
  288. CPAC 2014: Rand Paul wins 2016 straw poll with appeals to personal liberty
  289. Gove's latest lesson for parents: How to cheat the school system
  290. Schoolgirl who dated teacher Jeremy Forrest now dating another teacher
  291. SpaceX CRS-3
  292. North Korean (shocking!) election results
  293. All hail the Supreme Leader!
  294. If the Scottish parliament wins more powers, England must get home rule
  295. Cheryl returning to the X Factor
  296. The millions in EU funding the BBC tried to hide
  297. Trade Union boss, Bob Crow, dies aged 52
  298. Liberal Democrat councillor convicted of racially aggravated assault
  299. reports of explosion + collapsed building in nyc
  300. NIGEL FARAGE WILL EAT YOUR BABIES1!11!! - His response over funding & affair slurs

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