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  1. One Direction: is there ANYTHING they don't know about world poverty?
  2. Labour, party of the people, rule out referendum on EU
  3. Armed police arrive in Hucknall
  4. Norfolk helicopter crash: Four feared dead
  6. Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary Sign Military Pact
  7. HMS Argyll accidently fired torpedo
  8. Morrisons (employee only) data theft
  9. Plane suffered mechanical failure during take-off
  10. Tony Benn dies aged 88
  11. Ukip to fight the 2015 election on pledge to raise 40p tax threshold to £45,000
  12. Gorilla delivered by rare Caesarean section in San Diego zoo
  13. 1000 Years of European Border Change
  14. ComRes European Elections 2014 poll: Ukip 30%, Lab 28%, Con 21%, LDems 8%, Green 6%
  15. Crimea votes in referendum to join the Russian Federation
  16. New Zealand confirms referendum to be held over flag
  17. Venice votes in referendum on independence from Italy
  18. Westboro Baptist Church Founder is Dying.
  19. £1 coin set to change
  20. Kay Burley's awful journalism (Sky News)
  21. chinese student kills himself
  22. Tom Fletcher Strikes Again - VIDEO
  23. Europe should control British army, says traitor Labour MSP
  24. Chinese protestors in HK make emotional plea to be under British colonial rule again
  25. Turkey shoots down Syrian military jet
  26. Ukraine fiasco marks end of the EU's imperial dream
  27. Teen girl shot dead in London
  28. James Arthur compares himself to "exploited" 'Blackfish' killer whale
  29. Sam Bailey discusses her baby's conception
  30. French Elections: Marine Le Pen's Front National to make huge gains
  31. EU to take Britain to court over migrant benefits testing
  32. SNP minister: 'Independent Scotland may not keep the Queen'
  33. Aborted babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals
  34. Selfie addict attempts suicide
  35. Wednesday 26th March: Clegg v Farage TV Debate (Round One)
  36. BP confirms oil spill into Lake Michigan from Whiting refinery
  37. Useless Tories now want to drop their own immigration target dropped
  38. Power crazed Doctors lobby Government to ban cigarettes to anyone born after 2000
  39. Man hit by train; 3 injured by flying body parts
  40. Tug boat mistaken for plane crash
  41. Giant rat in Stockholm
  42. Jet engine explode at London City Airport
  43. Porn site age-check law demanded by media regulator
  44. Gay marriage legalised at midnight in England and Wales
  45. Customer commits suicide in Asda Store
  46. International court says so called 'scientific' whaling must end
  47. Civitas report: Britain's EU clout is a myth
  48. Christian preacher wins £13k after wrongful arrest for telling gay couple....
  49. How the Union Jack will look if Scotland votes for independence
  50. 200 Million Years Old Dinosaur Egg Hatches in Berlin Museum
  51. BBC 2 Debate: Clegg v Farage - Wednesday 2nd April, 7pm to 8pm
  52. Girl dies in school wall collapse
  53. Tsunami warning after 8.0 quake strikes off Chile
  54. Shooting at Ft. Hood
  55. New Argentina bank note features Britain's Falklands Islands
  56. James Franco 'hits on schoolgirl, 17, on Instagram and in series of texts'
  57. Yellowstone supervolcano eruption?
  58. Miliband and Cameron now want Farage excluded from Leaders Debate after Clegg mauling
  59. Moment Romanian thugs swing grandmother around as she screams
  60. Australian Prime Minister revives the Imperial Honours system (Knights & Dames)
  61. Amanda Bynes back on the mend!
  62. Intolerant & bigoted gay lobby force Mozilla chief to step down
  63. Public Servents Banned from criticising Government and PM
  64. James Arthur fired by Simon Cowell
  65. Peaches Geldof dies aged 25
  66. Atheists conduct friendly march around Mormon Temple Square
  67. New study finds gay men are smarter than straight men
  68. Senior Conservative, David Davis MP: 'Get ready to quit the EU now'
  69. Up to 20 students stabbed at a US High School.
  70. change all your passwords! heartbleed bug!
  71. Girl suffers 3rd degree gummy bear burns during sex
  72. Record high polling results for Ukip, record low for Liberal Democrats
  73. Victory! American rancher and armed militias force US Federal Govt to stand down
  74. Demi Lovato fan tweets American Airlines pretending to be a terrorist
  75. London Marathon 2014: Man dies in hospital after collapse
  76. Man dies after partial building collapse in London
  77. Republican Party at war.... over war
  78. South Korea ferry sinks carrying 459 passengers
  79. UK unemployment reaches 5-year low
  80. Royals tour New Zealand & Australia as support for Monarchy continues to grow
  81. The French shall eat as one, says Marine Le Pen
  82. Russell Brand's Marxist Facepalm
  83. Jews ordered to register in East Ukraine
  84. Lindsay Lohan's sex list
  85. State schools isolate non-Muslims
  86. Polling: European Elections, Scottish independence referendum & Eastleigh 2015
  87. Girl wants abortion so she can appear on Big Brother
  88. Queen Elizabeth II turns 88
  89. By George! England's traditional counties can return to English roads
  90. Joan Rivers refuses to apologise to the perpetually & professionally offended
  91. Labour heartlands under attack as Ukip launches it's biggest ever campaign in north
  92. Virgin plane possible "hijack"
  93. Eric Lafforgue interview with North Korean woman
  94. Driver that struck teen suing dead boy's family
  96. Sweden to introduce fascist anti-free speech internet laws
  97. Teacher stabbed to death at Leeds school
  98. [Poll] Upcoming EU elections (UK), who has your vote?
  99. Working classes are abandoning Labour for Ukip, top Labour guru warns
  101. Tory MP Patrick Mercer resigns, triggering an upcoming by-election
  102. Subway's halal only menu in 185 stores
  103. "banned" bnp 2014 broadcast
  104. Revealed: scandal of Councillors in establishment parties you won't have heard about
  105. R.I.P Bob Hoskins
  106. The sad decline of post-apartheid South Africa
  107. Former French Prime Minister: 'Britain should leave the European Union'
  108. Jeremy Paxman quits BBC NewsNight after 25 years
  109. Former British Chancellor: 'Britain must quit the EU to win back her self-confidence'
  110. SpaceX F9R-Dev Test #2
  111. Jeremy Clarkson 'put on final warning by BBC'
  112. Dulwich College letter (1981) reveals fascism and racism concerns about Nigel Farage
  113. WATCH: Farage challenges Miliband to a Debate
  114. The Asian and ex-Labour voters who could help Ukip break the mould
  115. Victorian strangeness: The man driven mad by spiders
  116. First they came for the smokers, now Labour plans Government approved diets
  117. EXCLUSIVE: Compulsory abortion for Down’s syndrome foetuses, says UKIP Kent candidate
  118. Old lady banned from Chinese buffet
  119. Katie Price pregnant with 5th child
  120. Katie Price divorcing Kieran - had an affair with her friend
  121. Exactly a year to go until the next British General Election
  122. London public rally: Farage & Ukip's ethnic members fight back against racism slurs
  123. British public wrong about nearly everything, survey shows
  124. London could host 2016 summer Olympics.
  125. AstraZeneca takeover bid: LibLabCon establishment LIE to our faces on BBC QT
  126. Italian PM vows to push for a United States of Europe during Italian EU Presidency
  127. Mr 7% - Clegg caught out on his lies yet again, this time by HIMSELF
  128. Polls: European Elections, Westminster Elections & Scottish Independence
  129. Order of Bath: Prince Charles takes over lead role from HM the Queen
  130. Burning Ukraine’s Protesters Alive
  131. gemma collins tragic tan
  132. Tax avoider Gary Barlow gets hacked; dead baby tweet
  133. Jay Z physically attacked by Beyoncé's sister Solange
  134. Ukraine crisis: National guardsmen fire into crowd
  135. Video: UAF vs UKIP
  136. Godfrey Bloom MEP faces down feminists at Durham University amid small protest
  137. UKIP's ethnic minority poster girl quits party citing racism
  138. BNP Youth
  139. UKIP MEP's house attacked by far-left thugs from UAF, Greens & Hope Not Hate
  140. Number of employed people in the UK reaches new record
  141. Number of Romanians and Bulgarians employed in the UK FALLS after open borders
  142. Stephen Sutton dies, aged just 19
  143. Number of Romanians and Bulgarians in the UK RISES by 29,000 from a year ago
  144. Republican National Committee paves the way for Rand Paul
  145. Farage utterly destroyed on air
  146. FCC Votes on Plan to change Net Neutrality rules
  147. [VOTE] 6 Days to Go: European Elections 2014 (United Kingdom)
  148. Fashion professor Louise Wilson dies, aged 52
  149. Ken Rogoff, former unelected IMF chief, calls for EU army
  150. Our political masters are horrified by Ukip. Trouble is, the voters aren't
  151. Immigrants must learn to be British and Ukip is NOT racist, says Government Minister
  152. Private Eye allege secret deal between Tories & the newspapers in anti-Ukip campaign
  153. Observer/Guardian newspapers caught out in attack on Roger Helmer MEP
  154. Islam is indeed trying to take over schools in the UK!
  155. Exclusive: BBC misrepresented me over Ukip article, says Peter Hitchens
  156. Douglas Murray: The smears against Farage and Ukip have reached spectacular depths
  157. FactCheck: is there a Romanian crimewave?
  158. Ukip candidate calls for death penalty for rivals and 'traitors'
  159. Five Labour councillors in Middlesbrough quit amid accusations of RACISM within party
  160. Conservative councillor CONVICTED of firearms offence
  161. Labour councillor CONVICTED of firearms offence
  162. Labour activist makes HOMOPHOBIC remarks against councillor
  163. Liberal Democrat councillor CONVICTED of benefit fraud
  164. Conservative council candidate arrested for electoral offences
  165. British support for EU is on the rise
  166. British voter concern over mass immigration now tied with Economy as No#1 issue
  167. ‘Nazi tattoo’ UKIP candidate in mystery powder naked photoshoot
  168. Swiss voters reject what would have been the world's highest minimum wage
  169. WATCH: Channel 4 News hatchet job fails as Romanian woman agrees with Farage
  170. Labout silent over councillor's Holocaust tweet
  171. Green Party rejects millionaire's donation because he is not full UK taxpayer
  172. baby monkeys reaction to gran coming home
  173. Food should be regulated like tobacco, say campaigners
  174. Bobby Anwar, Ukip candidate, 'stabbed by Labour supporters'
  175. Ebay having a cyber attack
  176. U.N. Report: Vatican Policies Allowed Priests To Rape Children
  177. French rail operator orders trains too big to use
  178. FINAL Euro Polling Projections
  179. The Euro Election Day Megathread
  180. Goody bags for Singapore babies
  181. Royal Mail think their monopoly is more important than their service
  182. Prince Harry Fox TV dating show 'shameless'
  183. Oldest living American turns 115
  184. Russian Bus Passengers Boiled Alive
  185. Sexually frustrated shooter kills seven
  186. 'Now I will destroy the Tory Party' vows Nigel Farage
  187. Michael Gove bans american classics.
  188. Ukip storm to victory in the European Elections making electoral history
  189. Brussels too big and too bossy, Cameron tells EU leaders
  190. Zayn and Louis of 1D smoke weed! #CutForZouis
  191. Ukip founder Alan Sked: 'The party has become a Frankenstein's monster'
  192. Manchester United owner Malcolm Glazer dies aged 85
  193. Tories throw everything at Newark by-election in bid to fend off Ukip challenge
  194. Antoine Dodson is a dad
  195. Cow slurry fetishist David Truscott given jail term
  196. 12 mile high ash cloud over Indonesia
  197. Jim Clark Rally tragedy
  198. Old clip of Justin Bieber being RACIST emerges!
  199. UKIP's tax focus is on helping low paid, says Farage
  200. King Juan Carlos I of Spain to abdicate after 39 years on the throne
  201. Russian Evgeniy Bogachev sought over cybercrime botnet
  202. 2 12 year olds stab classmate to please online fictional character slenderman
  203. Which faceless Eurocrat did you vote for?
  204. Queen's new Diamond Jubilee State Coach unveiled
  205. One Less Lonely ****** - Justin Bieber [ANOTHER RACIST VIDEO]
  206. Greenpeace Erects Fracking Site at Prime Minister's Estate
  207. Newark by-election: Conservatives hold 1st, Ukip surge to 2nd and Labour fall to 3rd
  208. Hove pensioner breaks out of care home to celebrate D-Day in France
  209. Police Shooter Turns Himself In
  210. University College London bans Friedrich Nietzsche (philosopher) Society
  211. 2 police officers shot and killed in Las Vegas; suspects kill 1 other, themselves
  212. Rik Mayall is dead
  213. Happy 93rd Birthday to Prince Philip
  214. Horrific child abuser jailed
  215. New Spikes Forced Man from Sheltering Outside Labour HQ
  216. Australian and Canadian PMs launch alliance against economy-crippling Green policies
  217. Iraq: Mosul, Tikrit fall to ISIS whilst Samarra comes under siege
  218. Multiple tickling break-ins in Boston
  219. Tony Blair: 'We didn't cause Iraq crisis'
  220. Michael Schumacher 'out of coma'
  221. Man arrested after driving VW Polo onto a live racetrack...
  223. NHS is the world's best healthcare system, report says
  224. Ed Miliband now even more unpopular than Nick Clegg
  225. King Phillip VI ascends to the Crown of Spain
  226. ISIS militants threaten Britain, warns Prime Minister
  227. President Obama will 'bypass Congress' over war in Iraq
  228. Geordie shore & Big Brother superstar Charlotte Crosby looking stunning at the beach
  229. Private Eye editor Ian Hislop quits free speech group over Steve Coogan appointment
  230. SpaceX Orbcomm OG2 Launch 23:08 BST
  231. 'Ex-gay' who 'turned straight' comes out again, launches attack on Rick Perry
  232. Amy Childs comforts her distraught cousin from habbo Harry Derbidge
  233. ASOS' only warehouse faces arson attack
  234. Duck saver charged for criminal negligence
  235. Man gets stuck in a vagina
  236. Compensation ban on whiplash cheats
  237. Doctors to vote on cigarette sale ban for those born after 2000
  238. Polish Foreign Minister: 'Cameron ****** up, renegotiation with EU impossible'
  239. Thatcher's right-to-buy policy is scrapped in Scotland
  240. Ban all drinks but water from the dinner table, parents told
  241. The Female Boss arrives at court with a new face
  242. Arrest over 'car boot full’ of voting forms
  243. Unelected Jean-Claude Juncker nominated as next head of EU Commission
  244. Jeremy Paxman outs himself as a one-nation Tory
  245. 100 years ago today: Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is shot dead, triggering WWI
  246. Major Sperm Shortage.
  247. Organ transplants: 'Supercooling' keeps organs fresh
  248. Rolf Harris found guilty of indecent assaults
  249. Britain's largest group of MEPs (UKIP) turn their backs at EU opening ceremony
  250. Gary Beadle facing driving ban?
  251. MP burgled after handing paedophile dossier to Leon Brittan
  252. Teacher stabbed in front of pupils at a school in France.
  253. 'More than 10' politicians on list investigating Westminster 'paedophile ring'
  254. Britney Spears' 'Alien' Without Auto-Tune Is Not Meant To Be Heard
  255. Some MPs call for debate on a written constitution
  256. Rollable TV thing
  257. Kesha talks about her eating disorder
  258. Healthy gay men urged by the WHO to take HIV drugs
  259. Bert and Ernie gay 'marriage' cake leaves Christian bakery facing court threat
  260. GCHQ leaks reveal programs to track targets, spread information and manipulate polls
  261. Australia votes to repeal carbon tax
  262. Brazillian who turned 126 could be oldest living person
  263. Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 - Crashed in East Ukraine
  264. French high-speed train crashes
  265. Plane carrying 110 passengers disappears off radar - Algerian Airline
  266. Lord Ashcroft marginals polling: Labour to take most Tory marginals, Ukip to take two
  267. 'Paedophilia is natural and normal for males'
  268. U.S. releases images it says show Russia has fired artillery over border into Ukraine
  269. Half of Britain to be opened up to fracking
  270. WWI: Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia telegrams
  271. Palace where Kaiser Wilhelm II declared WWI is to be rebuilt, 100 years later
  272. WW1 centenary: Britain owes a debt of gratitude to the Commonwealth
  273. Gardeners with sit-on lawnmowers face buying motor insurance
  274. Royal Navy ship helping Britons to evacuate Libya
  275. SpaceX AsiaSat 8 Launch
  276. Gardners' Question Time caught up in race row
  277. Scottish Independence
  278. Robin Williams found dead!
  279. This BBC protection racket should be shut down
  280. Sir Cliff Richard's home being searched over alleged historic sexual offences
  281. Nigel Farage to stand in South Thanet constituency
  282. Yes hits an all time high with YouGov
  283. John Lewis's new line of hijabs to wear at SCHOOL
  284. Gaza protesters (thugs) cause criminal damage in Tesco
  285. Britain to engage in more military action in Iraq
  286. UKIP: Strip Islamic State militants of their British citizenship
  287. 'British' jihadists: How Britain became the Yemen of the West
  288. Small eruption near Bardarbunga
  289. More Scots identify as British since independence referendum announced
  290. America's eyes opening to ophthalmologist as unlikely potential president
  291. Actor Richard Attenborough dies at 90
  292. Final Alistair Darling-Alex Salmond Debate
  293. Covered up: 1,400 cases of child sexual abuse in Rotherham since 1997
  294. How Harold Wilson (former PM) was warned EEC/EU threatened British democracy
  295. CPS: #ThePolicy
  296. BREAKING: Tory MP defects to UKIP sparking a crunch by-election in Essex
  297. Legendary comedianne Joan Rivers dies, aged 81
  298. Terror Threat Level severe.
  299. Cameron faces election bloodbath as shock poll reveals Farage's 44% lead over Tories
  300. Demi Lovato Slams Fan On Twitter

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