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  1. Eye Spy ~Ends September 30th
  2. "Not Quite" Crossword ~Ends October 8th
  3. Habbo Furni Crossword ~Ends October 16th
  4. [Hbxween] Find the Bloody Duck ~Ends November 1st
  5. [Habboxween] Spooky movies ~Ends October 29th
  6. [Hbxween] Which Witch Will Win? ~Ends October 29th
  7. [Hbxween] Rotten Candy Creation! ~Ends November 2nd
  8. [Hbxween] Spooky Costumes ~Ends November 2nd
  9. [Habboxween] Crossword Competition ~Ends October 29th
  10. Guess how many ~Ends November 5th
  11. [Hbxween] Arcade Comp: Halloween Smash! ~Ends October 29th
  12. [Hbxween] Horror movie one liners ~Ends November 1st
  13. Caption Phrase ~Ends November 11th
  14. Pumpkin Creations! ~Ends November 5th
  15. Predict The Future! ~November 13th
  16. Eye Spy ~Ends November 25th
  17. Brain Maze ~Ends November 17th
  18. Creepin' On Yo Sleepin' ~Ends November 21st
  19. World Kindness Day ~Ends November 19th
  20. Habbox Has Talent ~Ends November 27th
  21. Bad Customer Service! ~Ends November 29th
  22. Game of Thrones ~Ends December 3rd
  23. Spot the Duck ~Ends December 5th
  24. Habbo Furni Crossword ~Ends December 11th
  25. [Habboxmas] Spot the Difference ~Ends December 19th
  26. Baubles Everywhere ~Ends December 13th
  27. [Habboxmas] Unusual Advent ~Ends December 21st
  28. [Habboxmas] Dream Present ~Ends December 19th
  29. [Habboxmas] How do you celebrate Christmas? ~Ends December 21st
  30. [Habboxmas] Mistletoe Kisses ~Ends December 21st
  31. [Habboxmas] Christmas Movie Quotes ~Ends December 20th
  32. Presents for Ben ~Ends December 27th
  33. Christmas Cracker ~Ends December 27th
  34. [Habboxmas] Happy Mememas ~Ends December 21st
  35. Tree Decorating Contest ~Ends December 29th
  36. Advent Calendars ~Ends December 29th
  37. Favorite Video Games ~Ends January 6th
  38. Kind Gestures ~Ends January 6th
  39. Best 2019 Memory ~Ends January 10th
  40. January Sudoku ~Ends January 14th
  41. No New Resolutions ~Ends January 18th
  42. Newspaper Nuisance ~Ends January 22nd
  43. Ducks Everywhere ~Ends January 26th
  44. Bunny Hop Game ~Ends January 30th
  45. Name that Character ~Ends February 3rd
  46. Battle of the Bands ~Ends February 9th
  47. Caption Phrase ~Ends February 5th
  48. Biology Lesson #1 ~Ends February 10th
  49. True Shippings! ~Ends February 12th
  50. The Name Game! ~Ends February 22nd
  51. Happy Valentine's Day! ~Ends February 13th
  52. Harry Potter! ~Ends February 23rd
  53. Memories </3 ~Ends February 27th
  54. Valentines - Secret Message to your Crush! ~Ends February 15th
  55. Valentines - Worst Date!! ~Ends February 17th
  56. Where is Jarkie? ~Ends February 24th
  57. February Sudoku ~Ends February 29th
  58. Valentine's Jigsaw ~ Ends February 16th
  59. Habbox Furni Crossword - Edition 3! ~Ends March 2nd
  60. Who's That Famous Child? ~Ends March 8th
  61. What's that Movie? ~Ends March 16th
  62. [HabbIsland] Set Sail on Habborella
  63. [HabbIsland] Name your sweetheart!
  64. Habbo Word Search ~Ends March 9th
  65. Wasted ~Ends March 17th
  66. Locke & Key - Design your own key ~Ends February 28th
  67. [Win Throne] Forum Survivor - Last Man Standing
  68. Tough Love: HabbIsland Competition ~Ends March 4th
  69. St. Patrick's Day Trivia! ~Ends March 18th
  70. Dress a Leprechaun! ~Ends March 19th
  71. Crazy Cats! ~Ends March 26th
  72. Where is Jarkie? V2! ~Ends March 25th
  73. The Alphabet Game ~Ends April 1st
  74. [HxEE] Dream Easter Basket ~Ends April 12th
  75. [HxEE] Bunny Maze ~Ends April 12th
  76. [HxEE] Bunny Puns ~Ends April 12th
  77. How many diamonds? ~Ends April 2nd
  78. National Grilled Cheese Day! ~Ends April 19th
  79. [HxEE] Happy Easter! ~Ends April 12th
  80. [HxEE] Easter Egg Count ~Ends April 12th
  81. Name Three ~Ends April 8th
  82. Essential Items Only ~Ends April 9th
  83. Move anywhere in the world ~Ends April 19th
  84. Animal Crossing- Spot the Difference! ~Ends April 26th
  85. Habbo Word Search ~Ends April 29th
  86. Gnome Count ~Ends April 26th
  87. Favourite Furni ~Ends May 3rd
  88. All The Jokes ~Ends May 6th
  89. Weird Deliveries ~Ends May 13th
  90. Which electrical items? ~Ends May 10th
  91. How Many Little Inuits? ~Ends May 24th
  92. Eurovision ~Ends May 17th
  93. Quarantine Playlist ~Ends May 19th
  94. Habbox Friends! ~Ends May 26th
  95. Virtual Trivia ~Ends May 30th
  96. [HabboxStarz] Guess That Song (90's Edition) ~Ends May 22nd
  97. Eurovision at Habbox - HabboxWiki Hunt ~ Ends 20th May
  98. Inappropriate Pets ~Ends June 2nd
  99. Never Have I Ever ~Ends June 6th
  100. [Arcade Comp] ~ Over The Bridge! ~Ends June 14th
  101. Stranded on a desert island for one year... ~Ends June 8th
  102. Your favourite youtuber ~Ends June 21st
  103. Pride Trivia & History ~Ends June 23rd
  104. Pride-Design your top ~Ends June 26th
  105. Lockdown Tales ~Ends June 15th
  106. Guess That Habbox! ~Ends July 2nd
  107. Catchphrases! ~Ends July 16th
  108. Turning (Pride) Looks ~Ends June 25th
  109. Yummy fruits ~Ends July 12th
  110. Birthday Gifts! ~Ends July 5th
  111. Festival Line Up ~Ends July 5th
  112. Favourite Moments ~Ends July 5th
  113. Guess That Habbox! part 2 ~Ends July 19th
  114. Happy Fourth of July! ~Ends July 9th
  115. Sweet Summer ~Ends July 26th
  116. Lettuce Raise the Steaks! ~Ends July 23rd
  117. Habbox Jigsaw ~Ends September 6th
  118. What's That Furni? ~Ends July 29th
  119. Dream Car ~Ends August 2nd
  120. [HxSS] Ahoy Matey! ~Ends August 13th
  121. [HxSS] Summer Search ~Ends August 16th
  122. Summer Spectacular Screenshot ~Ends August 23rd
  123. [HxSS] Vikings Dinner ~Ends August 13th
  124. [HxSS] A Western Showdown ~Ends August 16th
  125. Habbox Furni Crossword ~Ends August 27th
  126. Habbo Games Wordsearch ~Ends August 30th
  127. What's That Room? ~Ends September 9th
  128. Excited for HxSS? ~Ends August 7th
  129. Summer Bucket List ~Ends September 2nd
  130. [HxSS] Greek God Trivia ~Ends August 13th
  131. [HxSS] The Cowboy Crossword ~Ends August 13th
  132. [HxSS] Viking Ship ~Ends August 16th
  133. [HxSS] Treasure Hunt ~Ends August 16th
  134. Habbox Summer Spectacular Looks! ~Ends August 23rd
  135. Post HxSS Blues ~Ends August 26th
  136. Rain: Superpower~Ends September 6th
  137. The Kissing Booth: Celebrity Kiss ~Ends September 13th
  138. Habbo Bingo ~Ends September 13th
  139. You Got Time! ~Ends September 16th
  140. What's Your Favourite Habbo Game? ~Ends September 20th
  141. Logo Quiz Telephrase ~Ends September 24th
  142. Deserted Island ~Ends September 23rd
  143. Pug Paradise ~Ends September 26th
  144. Staff Stories ~Ends September 30th
  145. Anti-Jokes ~Ends October 1st
  146. Slogan Competition ~Ends October 8th
  147. Your Ideal Habbo Date Night... ~Ends October 2nd
  148. Final Meal~ Ends October 7th
  149. Sweet, Sweet Candy ~Ends October 10th
  150. What's that monster plant? ~Ends September 17th
  151. What's That Furni? ~Ends October 13th
  152. Where's that Room? ~Ends October 17th
  153. MEGA JIGSAW ~Ends October 20th
  154. School Stories ~Ends October 15th
  155. [Hbxween] What's Your Best Costume? ~Ends October 30th
  156. Samhainophobia ~Ends November 4th
  157. Crack the Code ~Ends November 14th
  158. Habbox Pets: What's Your Pet? ~Ends October 25th
  159. What's That Furni? ~Ends November 16th
  160. Find the Royal Merchant ~Ends October 22nd
  161. [Hbxween] Spooky Season Attire ~Ends October 31st
  162. Fallin' for Fall ~Ends November 7th
  163. [Hbxween] Halloween Word Search ~Ends October 30th
  164. [Hbxween] Pumpkin Colouring ~Ends October 31st
  165. [Hbxween] Pick Your Team! ~Ends October 30th
  166. Guy Fawkes Night ~Ends November 9th
  167. Count Your Blessings ~Ends November 21st
  168. Thanksgiving Feast ~Ends November 27th
  169. Life Hacks ~Ends December 1st
  170. Win 5c and a Diamond Box! ~Ends December 8th
  171. Holiday Road Trip ~Ends December 5th
  172. Nice List ~Ends December 19th
  173. Decorate a Stocking! ~Ends December 24th
  174. Christmas Tree Decor ~ Ends 12th December
  175. Christmas Unscramble ~Ends December 27th
  176. Snowball Fight Squad ~ Ends 14th December
  177. Jingle Bells, Puns are Swell ~Ends December 30th
  178. Happy Giftmas ~Ends December 21st
  179. That Can Not Be Right ~Ends December 24th
  180. A Year of Habbox Badges ~Ends January 4th
  181. New Year's Word Search ~Ends January 7th
  182. 2020 Highlights ~Ends January 11th
  183. The Habbox Awards Trivia ~Ends January 15th
  184. Vine Time ~Ends January 22nd
  185. Name The Yak ~Ends January 25th
  186. Anonymous Compliments ~Ends February 2nd
  187. Name Emily's Yaks ~Ends February 4th
  188. Mindfulness Colouring Jigsaw ~Ends February 12th
  189. CATS vs ~Ends February 13th
  190. Superbowl LV ~Ends February 6th
  191. Habbox Valentine ~Ends February 14th
  192. Valentine's Date ~Ends February 15th
  193. Chalk Hearts ~Ends February 15th
  194. Find Lynn a Nice BF ~Ends February 16th
  195. [HxEE] Easter Picnic Basket ~Ends April 4th
  196. Irish Jigsaw puzzle ~Ends March 14th
  197. Guess The Love Song ~Ends February 15th
  198. Self Positivity! ~Ends February 25th
  199. Secret Admirer ~Ends February 17th
  200. Plan a Date For FlyingJesus ~Ends February 16th
  201. How many Big Rocks ~Ends February 27th
  202. Luscious LTDs ~Ends March 6th
  203. Pot of Gold ~Ends March 16th
  204. Decorate a Leprechaun! ~Ends March 19th
  205. Guess Who ~Ends April 3rd
  206. Pi Day! ~Ends March 21st
  207. Pet Party ~Ends March 27th
  208. Luck o' The Irish ~Ends March 24th
  209. [HxEE] Easter Bunny ~Ends April 4th
  210. [HxEE} Very Bunny Puns ~Ends April 5th
  211. [HxEE] Egg Hunt ~Ends April 5th
  212. [HxEE} Easter Egg Decorating ~Ends April 6th
  213. What's In Your Easter Basket? ~Ends April 10th
  214. Flower Finder ~Ends April 13th
  215. Fantasy Festival ~Ends April 20th
  216. Easter Word Search ~Ends April 16th
  217. Where's the Facepalm? ~Ends April 23rd
  218. Habbox Catwalk ~Ends April 27th
  219. HABBO FURNI CROSSWORD (edition 5) ~Ends May 1st
  220. Habbox Who ~Ends May 5th
  221. Pick Your Team! ~Ends May 9th
  222. It's Gonna Be May ~Ends May 11th
  223. Animal Word search Jigsaw ~Ends May 17th
  224. Dog Breeds Wordsearch ~Ends May 25th
  225. LucyFaye's Pairs ~Ends May 30th
  226. Eurovision Trivia! ~Ends May 15th
  227. What's In Your Suitcase? ~Ends May 22nd
  228. Eurovision 2021 Predictions ~Ends May 21st
  229. Meal Deal Madness ~Ends May 27th
  230. Rainy Days ~Ends June 1st
  231. Crime Solving Name ~Ends May 26th
  232. aMAZEing ~Ends June 3rd
  233. Dot-to-Dot ~Ends June 4th
  234. Pokémon Snap - What's that Pokémon? ~Ends June 6th
  235. NEOPETS - Quiz Jigsaw ~Ends June 12th
  236. Fun Facts ~Ends June 8th
  237. Habbo Crossword ~Ends June 13th
  238. That's My Best Friend ~Ends June 10th
  239. Summer Songs ~Ends June 14th
  240. Summer Search ~Ends June 21st
  241. Beach Party! ~Ends June 15th
  242. Partying in Club NX ~Ends June 21st
  243. Bring COLOUR back to HABBOX! ~Ends June 27th
  244. What's that Dinosaur? ~Ends June 29th
  245. What's that Pokémon? - Ed. 2 ~Ends June 30th
  246. What's that Pokémon? - Ed. 3 ~Ends July 13th
  247. What's that Pokémon? - Ed 4 ~Ends July 19th
  248. What's that Pokémon? - Ed 5 ~Ends July 31st
  249. What's that Pokémon? - Ed 6 ~Ends August 10th
  250. What's that Pokémon? - Ed. 7 ~Ends September 1st
  251. What's that Pokémon? Ed 8 ~Ends September 11th
  252. PRIDE-Favourite LGBT+ Celebrity ~Ends June 17th
  253. PRIDE - Slide Puzzle ~Ends June 20th
  254. PRIDE - Wordsearch ~Ends June 23rd
  255. What's Your Summer Style? ~Ends July 21st
  256. What's that LTD? ~Ends July 22nd
  257. ABC Puzzle ~Ends September 7th
  258. Show Me Your Badges ~Ends June 24th
  259. Guess the Amount ~Ends June 26th
  260. Colour Sudoku ~Ends July 28th
  261. Job Interviews ~Ends July 3rd
  262. [18th B-Day] Pack Your Bags ~Ends July 2nd
  263. [18th B-Day] Traveling Playlist ~Ends July 5th
  264. Celebrations ~Ends July 14th
  265. [18th B-Day] Best Birthday Party ~Ends July 6th
  266. [18th B-Day] Party Destination ~Ends July 7th
  267. [18th B-Day] What's your favorite kind of cake? ~Ends July 9th
  268. Cards Against Humanity ~Ends July 20th
  269. Girl's Names Wordsearch ~Ends September 23rd
  270. Boy's Names Wordsearch ~Ends October 12th
  271. Habbo Bucket List ~Ends July 15th
  272. What's your Ink? ~Ends July 27th
  273. HxSS Trivia Quiz ~Ends August 5th
  274. Who's that Disney Character? ~Ends August 7th
  275. [HxSS] Disney Wordsearch ~Ends August 19th
  276. [HxSS] Captain Hook-Spot The Difference ~Ends August 19th
  277. [HxSS] I Do Believe In Fairies.. ~Ends August 19th
  278. [HxSS] Ursula's Quiz Jigsaw ~Ends August 20th
  279. [HxSS] Mascots Quiz ~Ends August 21st
  280. [HxSS] Hades' Spot the Difference ~Ends August 21st
  281. Bucket List ~Ends August 13th
  282. Colour Sudoku Ed 2 ~Ends October 17th
  283. Goodie Bags ~Ends August 3rd
  284. [HxSS] Where is Cinderella's slipper? ~Ends August 20th
  285. [HxSS] What's That Disney Movie? ~Ends August 22nd
  286. [HxSS] Eeyore's Picnic ~Ends August 21st
  287. HxSS is Coming ~Ends August 12th
  288. [HxSS] Disney Princesses Wordsearch ~Ends August 22nd
  289. [HxSS] Name that song! ~Ends August 23rd
  290. [HxSS] Yellow Team Mascots? ~Ends August 24th
  291. [HxSS] Disney Cats ~Ends August 24th
  292. [HxSS] Crap Cosplay ~Ends August 25th
  293. Find them if you can! ~Ends August 31st
  294. Can you find that Disney Star? ~Ends September 3rd
  295. What Pizza Type are you? ~Ends September 10th
  296. How well do you know your sitcom? ~Ends September 18th
  297. Spot the Difference: Nintendo ~Ends September 15th
  298. Spot the Difference: PlayStation ~Ends September 30th
  299. Hidden Object Series Ed 1 ~Ends October 26th
  300. Competitions Staff Stories! ~Ends September 9th

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