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  1. Short Story Contest ~Ends September 28th
  2. What Animal Are You? ~Ends October 4th
  3. How well do you know your CW? ~Ends October 14th
  4. Space Adventure ~Ends September 20th
  5. Which Ozad Are You Today? ~Ends September 25th
  6. Badly Drawn Art ~Ends October 6th
  7. Adventure Time ~Ends October 20th
  8. Language Lessons ~Ends October 24th
  9. Spirits of Japan ~Ends October 8th
  10. Search for your TV ~Ends November 9th
  11. Are You Still Halloween? ~Ends October 29th
  12. Trick or Treat Sweets ~Ends October 29th
  13. [Forum] Halloween Arcade Competition! ~ Ends 31st Oct
  14. What was your best Halloween costume? ~Ends October 31st
  15. Nightmare Before Christmas Missing Lyric ~Ends October 31st
  16. 50 US States Wordsearch ~Ends November 22nd
  17. Who's that Horror Movie Funko Pop? ~Ends November 1st
  18. Horror Movie Icons Jigsaw ~Ends November 1st
  19. Horror Movie Quiz ~Ends November 2nd
  20. Horror Icons Spot the Difference ~Ends November 2nd
  21. What's Your Earliest Memory? ~Ends November 10th
  22. Hidden Object Series Ed 2 ~Ends November 25th
  23. Childhood Horrors ~Ends November 3rd
  24. Are You A Fairytale? ~Ends November 16th
  25. Are You A Masterchef? ~Ends November 25th
  26. Thanksgiving Word Search! ~Ends November 28th
  27. Narnia Cozzie Change ~Ends November 14th
  28. Cartoon Network Quiz Jigsaw ~Ends November 29th
  29. Nostalgic Logo Quiz ~Ends December 2nd
  30. Where's that Animal? ~Ends December 6th
  31. What's that LTD? Ed.2 ~Ends December 8th
  32. Habbox Wiki Crossword ~Ends December 14th
  33. Habbo Pets Wordsearch ~Ends December 15th
  34. Guess the Amount ~Ends November 16th
  35. Are You A Vampire, Witch, Daemon or Human? ~Ends November 29th
  36. [Forum] The Amazing Forum Comp ~ Ends 19th Nov
  37. The Hunger Games ~Ends December 6th
  38. Which Shrek Character Are You? ~Ends December 9th
  39. Which Harry Potter Character Are You? ~Ends December 19th
  40. Which Hogwarts House Would You Be In ~Ends January 4th
  41. Narnia Cozzie Change - Vote for the winner!
  42. The Hunger Games Name Search ~Ends December 12th
  43. Ever After Costume Competition ~Ends January 6th
  44. Christmas Jigsaw! ~Ends December 23rd
  45. Where's Waldo, Christmas Edition ~Ends December 24th
  46. Habbo Quiz Jigsaw ~Ends January 9th
  47. What's that Christmas Film? ~Ends December 26th
  48. Personalitree ~Ends December 27th
  49. 12 days of Christmas Quiz Jigsaw ~Ends December 29th
  50. The Hunger Games Mentors ~Ends December 17th
  51. Jolly Games ~Ends December 28th
  52. Dream Dinner ~Ends December 29th
  53. Santa's Lost Reindeer ~Ends December 30th
  54. Colour by Numbers ~Ends January 10th
  55. New Year's Resolutions ~Ends January 2nd
  56. Velma's Glasses ~Ends January 31st
  57. Sliding Room ~Ends January 17th
  58. Teletubbies in Habbo! ~Ends December 17th
  59. LucyFaye's Reorder ~January 23rd
  60. Remember the Cuties ~Ends February 6th
  61. Unscramble the Countries ~Ends February 14th
  62. Acrostic ~Ends February 21st
  63. Hidden Object Series Ed 3 ~Ends February 28th
  64. Trainspotting ~Ends March 6th
  65. Which Star Wars Character are you? ~Ends January 11th
  66. Pick your Star Wars Master and Padawan ~Ends January 13th
  67. Star Wars: Are You The Light or Dark Side of the Force? ~Ends January 19th
  68. Favorite Stars Wars Scene And Why ~Ends January 26th
  69. Star Wars Name Search ~Ends February 1st
  70. Truth or Dare? ~Ends February 15th
  71. The Untouchable Adventure ~Ends February 8th
  72. What's that TV theme tune? ~Ends March 12th
  73. Which Home Alone Character Are You? ~Ends February 22nd
  74. What's that Lyric? ~Ends March 26th
  75. Who's that Habbo? ~Ends April 2nd
  76. Anne of Green Gables ~Ends March 1st
  77. What was your early Habbo life like? ~Ends January 18th
  78. This or That? ~Ends January 24th
  79. Molly Ringwald Movies ~Ends March 9th
  80. Offspring ~Ends March 16th
  81. Name the Rare ~Ends January 28th
  82. Animal Categorise ~Ends April 8th
  83. Pizza Party ~Ends February 11th
  84. Nancy Drew Character Quiz ~Ends March 27th
  85. Which CW show is yours? ~Ends April 3rd
  86. Bee My Valentine ~Ends February 19th
  87. This or That? #2 ~Ends February 25th
  88. Secret Admirer! ~Ends February 18th
  89. Which Soap Show Are You? ~Ends April 9th
  90. Which YOU Character Are You? ~Ends April 17th
  91. Which Kiera Knightly Character Are You? ~Ends April 29th
  92. Which Kate Winslet Character Are You? ~Ends May 18th
  93. Which Pride and Prejudice Character Are You? ~Ends May 26th
  94. Which Pirates of the Caribbean Character ~Ends May 7th
  95. Pirates of the Caribbean Word Search ~Ends May 6th
  96. Which How I Met Your Mother/Father Character ~Ends June 1st
  97. Whose is that Door? ~Ends April 14th
  98. Around the World in 80 Days ~Ends June 8th
  99. Around the World in 80 Days Word Search ~Ends June 10th
  100. Caption Phrase ~Ends March 4th
  101. St. Patrick's Day Word Search ~Ends March 17th
  102. Photography Competition ~Ends March 14th
  103. Staff Stories ~Ends March 30th
  104. St. Patrick's Day Trivia! ~Ends March 19th
  105. Caption Phrase ~Ends April 30th
  106. Find The Clover ~Ends March 20th
  107. This or That? Ed. #3 ~Ends April 1st
  108. St. Patrick's Day Trivia ~Ends March 17th
  109. St. Patrick's Day Traditions? ~Ends March 18th
  110. Which Divergent Faction Are You? ~Ends June 15th
  111. Which Divergent Character Are You? ~Ends June 17th
  112. What's Your Powers? ~Ends June 23rd
  113. Ghost Whisperer ~Ends July 19th
  114. Your Life Story ~Ends June 25th
  115. Leprechaun Dress Up ~Ends March 23rd
  116. [HxEE] Easter Costume Competition ~Ends April 21st
  117. [HxEE] Easter WordSearch ~Ends April 22nd
  118. Bridgerton - The Habbox Scandal ~Ends April 6th
  119. Photography Competition ~Ends May 10th
  120. Which NCIS character are you? ~Ends August 2nd
  121. [HxEE] What is your favorite Easter candy? ~Ends April 22nd
  122. [HxEE] Decorate the Easter Egg! ~Ends April 23rd
  123. Caption Phrase ~Ends April 11th
  124. [HxEE] Easter Puns ~Ends April 23rd
  125. [HxEE] Easter Puzzle ~Ends April 21st
  126. [HxEE] Easter Naming ~Ends April 22nd
  127. [HxEE] How Many Eggs? ~Ends April 23rd
  128. Choose Your Egg ~Ends April 20th
  129. Which Castle Character are you? ~Ends July 1st
  130. Guess the Number ~Ends May 3rd
  131. Caption Phrase ~Ends May 20th
  132. [Forum] Posting Competition ~ Ends 22nd May
  133. Eurovision Word Search ~Ends May 15th
  134. Eurovision Trivia ~Ends May 16th
  135. MIKA Classics ~Ends May 15th
  136. Eurovision Error ~Ends May 17th
  137. Logicality - Ed.1 ~Ends May 21st
  138. Which Spy Kids character are you? ~Ends July 26th
  139. Which Disney Character Are You? ~Ends August 11th
  140. Which Red Riding Hood character are you? ~Ends September 13th
  141. Badly Described Jobs ~Ends May 19th
  142. Which Delsin are you today? ~Ends May 29th
  143. What is your favorite thing about summer? ~Ends May 24th
  144. What would your last meal be? ~Ends May 30th
  145. London Word Search ~Ends May 27th
  146. Who's that Vampire? ~Ends June 2nd
  147. Movie Mash-Up ~Ends June 5th
  148. Colouring Jigsaw ~Ends June 12th
  149. Which Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs Character ~Ends October 1st
  150. Which fairytale character are you? ~Ends August 30th
  151. Who's that Villain? ~Ends June 13th
  152. Pupper Pairs ~Ends June 19th
  153. Disorder ~Ends June 21st
  154. Right in the Childhood ~Ends June 27th
  155. Favourite childhood video game? ~Ends June 29th
  156. What's for Breakfast? ~Ends July 5th
  157. Colour Sudoku Ed 3 ~Ends July 20th
  158. Which type of Pokémon are you? ~Ends July 27th
  159. For the Love of Flowers ~Ends August 3rd
  160. Don't be a Dingbat! ~Ends August 31st
  161. Grammar Police ~Ends September 14th
  162. Jigsaw Maze - Stupid Dog ~Ends September 7th
  163. What's your Hogwarts House Percentage? ~Ends September 23rd
  164. Uncsarmble ~Ends October 3rd
  165. Animal Quiz Jigsaw ~Ends October 9th
  166. How Pitch Perfect Are You? ~Ends September 21st
  167. What does your future look like? ~Ends November 9th
  168. Where's Wally/Waldo? ~Ends October 19th
  169. Fruitful Value ~Ends November 21st
  170. How much? ~Ends November 28th
  171. Crossmaths ~Ends December 5th
  172. Price Tag ~Ends January 9th
  173. MINECRAFT - Count the Ores ~Ends January 10th
  174. Video Game Crossword ~Ends January 29th
  175. Video Games Wordsearch ~Ends February 8th
  176. Spot the Kitties ~Ends February 15th
  177. Where's Gnomey? ~Ends February 18th
  178. Back to School ~Ends February 21st
  179. What's that TV show? ~Ends February 26th
  180. Furni or Furbaby? ~Ends March 4th
  181. Picture Wordsearch ~Ends February 27th
  182. Starter for 10 ~Ends March 29th
  183. Pirates of the Caribbean Costume Competition ~Ends November 6th
  184. unSafe Maze ~Ends April 8th
  185. Which Glass? ~Ends May 3rd
  186. What's Your Codename? ~Ends January 31st
  187. What's Your Graffiti Tag? ~ Ends May 29th
  188. Kind Words ~Ends November 15th
  189. Caption Phrase ~Ends June 6th
  190. Photography Competition ~Ends May 31st
  191. What's that Flag? ~ Ends July 21st
  192. Guinea Pairs ~ Ends September 21st
  193. Stop the Bus ~ Ends July 29th
  194. Cotunry Unscrmable ~Ends August 3rd
  195. Country Catergorise ~ Ends September 8th
  196. Whose is that Pet? ~ Ends September 22nd
  197. Pets Picture Word Search ~ Ends November 20th
  198. Emoji Logos ~ Ends September 29th
  199. Emoji Movies ~ Ends November 13th
  200. Flags Wordsearch ~ Ends December 1st
  201. Pride Looks ~Ends June 22nd
  202. Which SUPERPOWER would you choose? ~Ends May 4th
  203. Which Bonus Bag? ~ Ends September 10th
  204. What an Effect! ~ Ends November 6th
  205. Which Friends Character Are You? ~Ends October 10th
  206. Which Friends Character is your Best Friend? ~Ends November 14th
  207. Which Friends Character would you date? ~Ends November 17th
  208. Career Unscramble ~ Ends September 2nd
  209. Pop Culture Quiz ~ Ends June 8th
  210. Animals WordFit ~ Ends November 23rd
  211. Summer Photography ~Ends July 3rd
  212. Akinator ~Ends July 22nd
  213. [Birthday] Happy Birthday to Habbox! ~Ends July 7th
  214. [Birthday] Dress to Impress! ~Ends July 8th
  215. [Birthday] Birthday Memories ~Ends July 12th
  216. [Birthday] If you were a GM for a day, what would you do? ~Ends July 10th
  217. [Birthday] Habbox Dedications ~Ends July 9th
  218. What was your show growing up? ~Ends November 24th
  219. [Birthday] Habbox Lottery ~Ends July 18th
  220. HxSS Trivia ~Ends August 9th
  221. HxSS Unscramble ~Ends August 12th
  222. Ready for HxSS? ~Ends August 13th
  223. Furni Hoard ~Ends August 6th
  224. [HxSS] Colourful Heroes ~Ends August 23rd
  225. [HxSS] What's Your Superpower? ~Ends August 19th
  226. [HxSS] Who's That Pop Vinyl? ~Ends August 18th
  227. [HxSS] Super Search ~Ends August 20th
  228. [HxSS] Your Favourite Joker ~Ends August 18th
  229. [HxSS] Rescuing "Iron" Man ~Ends August 19th
  230. [HxSS] What is your favourite HxSS memory? ~Ends August 27th
  231. [HxSS] Thor Adventures ~Ends August 20th
  232. [HxSS] What Superhero would you marry? ~Ends August 22nd
  233. [HxSS] Who is your favorite superhero? ~Ends August 22nd
  234. [HxSS] Scarlet Witch Crossword ~Ends August 21st
  235. [HxSS] Spot The Loki Differences ~Ends August 22nd
  236. [HxSS] Habbo Superhero Generator ~Ends August 21st
  237. [HxSS] Loki Puzzle ~Ends August 25th
  238. [HxSS] Superhero Art ~Ends August 22nd
  239. What Is Your Part In A Circus ~Ends September 6th
  240. Finding Your Twin ~Ends January 14th
  241. What Habbo Game Are You? ~Ends December 1st
  242. Who's Your Friends? ~Ends December 8th
  243. Can You Dance? ~Ends January 12th
  244. Upcoming movies ~Ends September 3rd
  245. Autumn Word Search ~Ends September 20th
  246. School Supplies Unscramble ~Ends September 12th
  247. Write a Poem ~Ends September 18th
  248. Staff Stories ~Ends September 25th
  249. Guess The Breed! ~Ends September 28th
  250. How Cool Are You? ~Ends October 4th
  251. Ridiculous Red Flags ~Ends October 12th
  252. Which Mr Blobby Are You Today? ~Ends October 24th
  253. Create Your Halloween Horror ~Ends October 17th
  254. Halloween Cast Members ~Ends October 26th
  255. Spooky Costumes ~Ends November 1st
  256. Halloween Trivia ~Ends October 18th
  257. Dracula Colouring ~Ends October 27th
  258. the Haunting of the Comps Dept Pt. I ~Ends November 2nd
  259. the Haunting of the Comps Dept Pt. II ~Ends November 5th
  260. Thanksgiving Dinner! ~Ends November 26th
  261. Pick the Actor/Actress! ~Ends November 12th
  262. [Hxmas] Christmas Cookie Decorating! ~Ends December 24th
  263. [Hxmas] Christmas Trivia ~Ends December 22nd
  264. World Cup Predictions
  265. [Hxmas] Christmas Tree Jigsaw ~Ends December 24th
  266. [Hxmas] Christmas Unscramble ~Ends December 23rd
  267. [Hxmas] Christmas Movie Quotes ~Ends December 21st
  268. [Hxmas] Create Your Own Snowman ~Ends December 26th
  269. [Hxmas] Christmas Quiz 2022 ~Ends December 25th
  270. [Hxmas] Christmas Choices ~Ends December 22nd
  271. [Hxmas] Christmas Cracker Jokes ~Ends December 25th
  272. [Hxmas] Dress as a Snowman or Elf ~Ends December 23rd
  273. [Hxmas] Snowmen versus Elves! ~Ends December 21st
  274. [Hxmas] Word Search ~Ends December 27th
  275. [Hxmas] Christmas Memory Game ~Ends December 28th
  276. Celebrating the New Year ~Ends January 2nd
  277. Travel Bucket List ~Ends January 16th
  278. Freaky Fears ~Ends January 19th
  279. Pick Me Up! ~Ends January 17th
  280. Chinese New Year Quiz ~Ends January 26th
  281. Chinese New Year Sliding Puzzle ~Ends January 24th
  282. Favorite Movie ~Ends January 23rd
  283. Cracking Crackables ~Ends February 9th
  284. Let's Play a Game ~Ends February 14th
  285. Romantic Getaways ~Ends February 20th
  286. I Spy ~Ends February 16th
  287. Habbo Love Island ~Ends February 25th
  288. IWD Inventors Trivia ~Ends March 10th
  289. IWD Trivia ~Ends March 12th
  290. Pi Day ~Ends March 17th
  291. IWD Trivia Pt. II ~Ends March 14th
  292. Pi Day Word Search ~Ends March 18th
  293. St. Patrick's Day Unscramble ~Ends March 23rd
  294. The Ides Of March Quiz ~Ends March 19th
  295. Easter Quiz ~Ends April 12th
  296. Easter Puns ~Ends April 10th
  297. Bunny Maze ~Ends April 14th
  298. Summer Quiz ~ Ends July 5th
  299. Halloween Quiz ~ Ends October 24th
  300. Christmas Quiz ~ Ends December 13th

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