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  1. [READ] Bug Report - Template Thread
  2. [Resolved] Registration Error
  3. [Resolved] radio / redirects
  4. [Resolved] a few bugs
  5. [Resolved] Habbo Imager
  6. [Resolved] Two
  7. [Resolved] Password
  8. [Resolved] HxL Jobs
  9. [Resolved] Habbo Imager
  10. [Resolved] Display Error
  11. [Resolved] Page Headers
  12. [Resolved] A few bugs.
  13. Version 7 of Habbox.com!
  14. [Resolved] V7 Multiple Bug thingys
  15. [Resolved] Bugs
  16. [Resolved] Current Event
  17. [Resolved] Grammar error
  18. [Resolved] Link Twitter
  19. [Resolved] Boxes not attached
  20. [Resolved] Staff List - Bottom of Page
  21. [Unresolved] Register is unstyled
  22. [Resolved] Error, Bug? Help?
  23. [Resolved] HxHD Text Misplacement
  24. [Resolved] Assistant managers for events dept is wrong
  25. [Resolved] I BEFORE E BUT NOT AFTER C.
  26. [Not a Bug] LRhys is in management on staff list
  27. [Resolved] Submit button
  28. [Resolved] Not really a bug per se

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