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27-10-2004, 08:38 AM
anyone else (other then me) own this game yet? yesturday was the first day it went on shelves, it's pretty wicked but muscle is too easy to gain, same with fat, it's soo easy to lose. and you can swin for hours without ever dieing they should have added something to make you die if your swimming too long, like a cramp or possibly a shark in the water :D there are jellyfish and squid but they don't hurt you... which is pretty unrealistic becuase they can electrocute you in real life. still a pretty sweet game though.

ahem, to correct the mod, GTA:SA is not a computer game until 2005. so there is no "correct forum", so I put it in the closest forum I could find, OTHER game is closer then computer game if you think about it

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