View Full Version : Project stealth rumour :D

02-11-2005, 06:24 PM
Hmm.. Im sure you all know about thorpe park's new ride project stealth ;p
[if you dont, its on the thorpe park website I think :)]

But ive heard a rumour that its going to be called Hotrod [bad name if you ask moi:eusa_danc ]

im not sure if its true or not, just heard it off a few people...

If I hear anything more, I will post it :)

Im not sure again, [I dont even know if this is on the website or not.. Or if it is a rumour. blah. confused.] but ive heard that its going to be opened in the middle of the summer hoildays [haha thats going to be fun for queuing isnt it! :)]

I dont know if these will be true or not, ahh well... rumours are rumours! They're not in my head for any old reason, they're for me to tell people! :p

edit-ness :o:
got a good link with good construction pictures on it, the cars look identical to those on rita ;p just a darker shade of red...

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