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07-11-2004, 11:22 AM
Do you remember your first day on Habbo? I do, like it was yesterday, even though for me it was probably two or more years ago now. Everything seemed strange. How much can you remember discovering? Try and tell your story from true events. What are you waiting for, tell me something interesting :)

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The Prize
1st - One Tubmaster & One Dicemaster kindly donated by Bugz1
2nd - One Mochamaster kindly donated by jack20012002

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Habbo Name: MissAlice
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Winners Announced 19th December 2004
1st Prize - anonymous_fool
2nd Prize - Congregate

anonymous_fool has the name of pickled-beats on habbo.

Below are the prizes in the possesion of the winners.

07-11-2004, 12:03 PM
Habbo Name - Congregate

I joined habbo because my school mates said it was great and fun. At the time I didn't even know what it was. Anyway i registered like every other habbo. As soon as i finished the process i found a funny coloured hotel and a list of words. They appeared to be rooms. After 45 mins of intense guessing I finally entered a room! It seemed to be a falling furni room owned by Properclone. As a 'newbie' I didn't know what furni was. Anyway i went into the room and i found loads of cartoon characters wandering about and magical chairs suddenly appearing. I learnt how to move and eventually it was my go. I shouted out "How do you play?" to the guy behind the bar who seemed like the owner. He told me the rules and that i had to keep sitting down before everyone else. I enjoyed it thouroughly and after five or so game i won my first piece of furni, a plasto chair :D. After that i met some new friends in properclone's room and they taught me how to make your own room and everything. From that day on i got more and more experienced in the world of habbo!

07-11-2004, 12:34 PM
I added a mate from school on MSN. And we were looking for chat rooms, none of them impressed us, then I remembered what another friend said, about Habbo Hotel so I recommended it. I had to go to my mum's house for tea but when I came back I asked my friend what it was like and she said it was really good. So I made my first habbo (my first habbo was lauk04). And I really liked it, I was afraid to go into guest rooms for some reason because I may be invading their room, so I stuck to the public rooms, a few days later I started going in guest rooms. I didn't have furni until about a week later, but I asked people for furni, no-one ever gave me anything... So I started playing games like falling furni and revenge and won stuff. I since then have made my own mafia, shut it down, made a new habbo, got rares and stuff like that. :D

07-11-2004, 02:10 PM
When I went to my friends house, he went onto this website (www.proboards.com) and made his own forum, I asked him what it was. He said it is a forum for habbohotel.fi (He was Finnish, so am I!)So, he made it he said it was bling bling, but it wasn't. It was help by one of his mate and they shared the admin account on his forum, and on habbo, when he went on his habbo and forum account, he couldn't get on, so he used forgot password, he done all of it and ... and he couldn't get on to habbo or his Admin Account.

Moral: NEVER Share any account!




07-11-2004, 03:26 PM
Habbo Name: Hippygurl101

I first saw little old habbo advertised in a magazine, and logged on.. after a 20 minute long pause i decided on my very first account Hiphannah (very original, you will agree..) Anywaay once i logged on i decided to go into the first public room I saw, Club massiva and walked around in a daze watching how people talked and danced to each other. After 10 minutes of talking to the bot I realised.. It only served the drink. I had to move on and instead moved to habburgers. Ah my first habbo meal.. i then sat down and a girl approached me and asked how I was. She helped me through my first day, and although she is long gone.I will never forget the kindness she showed me, wish i always try to repeat in my own actions. I Then finished of my day in the dirty duck pub, not ready to venture to private rooms, enjoying a well earned lemonade with dave and promised to return the next day. And here I am years on still going back to check how dave is.... Hey gotta Let the old in with the new ;)

07-11-2004, 03:36 PM
Habbo Name: 8Marcus8

Ahhhh..... i remember it like it was yesterday (btw it wasn't yesterday)! I was viewing a friend of a friends website who had a friend who went on habbohotel. So i clicked the link and found myself there :eusa_danc At first i was confused but after pondering then discovering that the button "go" meant go to a room i decided to go to the hotel kitchen.
Of course i was extremely confused when many little people were going around. I came across a man with a beard, called Piers :rolleyes: Of course i was confused and tried to ask him questions, i got REAL confused when he started saying "if you want to rot your teeth go to habburgers, i don't have coke" lol.
Then some girl came along and told me he was a bot which in a week i found out was an automtic habbo thingy. he explained to me how the beggings of habbo worked like the nav, public rooms and console. She f/r'd me and i accepted it the next day :$ But she never came online again!
In the end i kept my account the same name to this very second :eusa_danc
That is my first day!

07-11-2004, 03:58 PM
Habbo name hidcilll

Joning habbo was the best thing that ever happend to me.I could remeber it like yesterday it was the first day the game came out i decided not to play it
until i was 13 when i came to that age i started playing!I would always go to a friendly help center and i was totaly clue less. I could yell yea it was much more fun than now not knowing a thing finding out stuff and geting excited my ghost when i stated i didnt even know what the mish was for i put mishion to be a cheer leader lol
but than i stumbeld along a hobba from there on it was my dream to be a hobba and i was never banned since than.And thats when I met my first friend jessy317 shes great and never let me down and she is always gona be in my memory no matter what! so that one day i was confused and than my day shined all thanks to one girl! :D

07-11-2004, 04:07 PM
Habbo name: Steph=04=

my first day on habbo was about 2 years ago or just over. I had to get one of my friends from school to tell me what to do and how. i found my way into one of their rooms and we jsut talked alot. It was very boring. I never got to see the rooms the first few hours but as soo nas they went i started going into every room i cud find. The first public room was the dirt duck pub. I remember seeing alot of pople there. I got a few friends but i wasnt sure because i never trusted anyone only people i knew in real life. It was ok in my friends room but i was happier walking around having a look at everything :) it was brilliant. The graphics and the point perspective work was great. :)

07-11-2004, 06:37 PM
Please not this may contain sarcasam

Habbo name djotto1991

I joined habbo because it seemed like a freindly environment until i spent a week on there and relized is this the world biggest scam to promote pixels in a room but then i thought its only fun and games so i stayed now i realize how good i feel to be a habbo wer onlyy losers swear at you and get banned thanks for reading luv u all peace out

07-11-2004, 07:19 PM
Old habbo name: thaMax (banned :( )
New habbo name: .:N-Joy:.

I was the first to find out about habbo, no1 in my town ever saw a chat room like habbo. I saw an article in a magazine about habbohotel opening in 2003 (that was about habbo.nl) but they gave the wrong adress so i ended up in habbo.co.uk. I made a habbo and the nav popped up, I didnt no wot happened so scrolled down and took Hallway.
I pressed my arrow keys but my little habbo didnt move :o
So pressed all buttons on my keyboard :P Finally after pressing almost every button i found out i had to use my mouse, i sat down on one of the sofas in the hallway. I started talkin to a guy and he walked away, so did i...then i took a drink from the drink machine thing in the hallway asked some ppl how this 'game' worked. Short after that i went to guest rooms. I met a guy named [email protected] He said: As you see I am rich. I can give you a job, you have to get people to my 'falling furni'. He never paid me and i never worked but he teached me some stuff, the coolest thing i ever saw was a 'wardrobe' (the teleport) I went to the Lido and saw alot more people then in the hallway. [email protected] is the first person i really spoke to, as most of the old habbos he never came back. But i never got bored. I opened the catalogue, saw the dutch flag :D clicked on buy, and had no credits..:s
That was my first day at habbo, i told my friends but no1 still plays it except for me...

07-11-2004, 09:11 PM
Habbo Name: Cool-Dude03

My friends at school were talking about Habbo, so I thought I would check it out. By the time I got home, I totally forgot the name. So I went on another chatroom and asked "ANYONE KNOW A WEBSITE CALLED SOMETHING HOTEL?!" they replied with HabboHotel.com so I went there. I was hooked, it took me a while to understand the game and during my newbie trips I had many experiances.
One was the first room I went in, the Hotel Kitchen. I asked Piers for a job and he replied with "Didn't get that, no time to listen anyway!" so I started arguing with him.
The second one I remember was when I first bought credits. I went in my room and started furnishing. I called for help as one of the furnitures went in the walls. My room was locked and Becs walked in I accused her of being a scammer, as she entered my locked room. Then she explained too me about Habbo, what to do and how to stay safe. :)

Thats about it really.

08-11-2004, 01:15 AM
habbo name: : DRIVER: <--(without space)
I never really used my computer I only played "The Sims" so I was telling my sister about it and she started to talk to me about habbo hotel, that it was like that only live, and with a lot of other people. So I got on habbo, registered, and was looking at the public spaces and I didn't know which one to go in so I asked my sister which room she was in she told me the habbo lido with my cousin so after hours :p looking for the room I went to the lido and I was so excited because it looked so cool. like 3 days later I went to see what a "guest room" was and I was Woah! the habbos are bigger in here so after I made my room I started visiting all the guest rooms and I finally earned furnie!, I started to make friends in public rooms,then I invited my friends and they too liked it and still play right now, only my parents are mad at my sister for telling me about it because I always want to get on

I haven't played "The Sims" since then :)

08-11-2004, 03:15 AM
Habboname: just?forgive

I remember it too well, my Cousin hade interdouced me to the game when I first entered I found you gotta win to be the best I hade enter'd some rooms
and one caught my eye Race room, I entered getting mad it was full and I kept clicking and clicking intill I entered, Someone had been saying Ready set go So I hade wonder'd and asked him the question what do I do? he did not replie and so I watched closely as game by game went by I hade notcied what was going on and seeing ppl with running shoes so I quickly went to my hotel view changed my shoes and went back into the room having trouble as the room was full again.After three to twenty minutes It was my turn to go in to the race My heart was pounding as it was my first time I quickly clicked on the chair and clicked again and I won I hade been givien something like a barrel I hade asked what it was the owner hade told me it was something u can add to your room as I amased I was happy
and left the room soon after that I was called by my dad to get my runt off my computer and go to bed I logged off with happeniess as my first furni

08-11-2004, 06:50 AM
[Habbo name: Felayne]

It was about May 14, 2001. My friend told me about Habbo hotel, she told me a lot of times but I just didn't want to go. After I told her I didn't want too, she posted the address on my forum. I went and registered. I loved it.

I loved the designs of public rooms, I loved figuring out what on earth was a private room ,(Now called Guest room) I loved everything about this game. Months went by I got bored of it I left for months and months but then I missed it.

I went back so many new things happened. It was 2002. So I thought I'd stay to see new things happening and it did happen. Things as rare catolouges, a new manager, new staff, new hobbas, new furniture! (Like the lodge, iced, corner bars and gates) I will stay as long as possible. To see new things of Habbo!

08-11-2004, 03:55 PM
What can i say? My first day was very....interesting! I registered in 2002 cos a friend recommended it. I went onto the log in screen and saw this big orange 'building?' i typed in the first name i thought of, thinking i could change it later, i typed in...pooper. I registered, the ornage building was still there but there was this big oblong with lots of writing and as far as i could tell, hotel kitchen, theatredrome and welcome lounge (plus the others) were some kind of room. i sat at my PC for about 5 mins b4 i worked out how to get in lol. I went into the theatredrome and to my amazement there were loads of the funny little ppl! i had no clue :s where i was so i just shouted out HELLO IS ANY1 THERE? And som1 called back to me..NEWB!! And me, being me shouted out THANKS!! I went into a link called 'guest rooms' and saw a room advertsiing falling furni. I went in and told the owner he had spelt his room name rong. He went into a rite stress and finally i ended up back at hotel view, i cudnt think wot i'd done to get back there! then i went into one of jibbi's rooms where she was having a discussion on sumthin or other. i disagreed with sumthin she sed and shouted out U R SO LYING, LIAR!!!! :@ obviously not knowing who she was. at soon as i sed it the audience were silent. and jibbi sed 'ok, as u disagree, out plz' :eusa_hand and AGAIN i ended up back at hotel view! i really cudnt think how i kept ending up back :$ at hotel view!

09-11-2004, 03:58 AM
My first day on habbo is a proud moment for me, as I am a revenge freak.
My friend would always go on some other thing, and I found it really boring. So on google, I searched - Virtual Chat Sites. And the first thing that I noticed was "Habbo Hotel". I made my account, [[[not big-mistake]]] and started wandering around the guest rooms. I found several rooms on the navigator which were named "Revenge". I thought it might be like, a fight were you get revenge on your habbo family or something. So I went in, and all of these fast typers were there. I quickly picked up on the rules of the game, answer the questions, then pick a person to be out. So when it was my turn to play, I decided to watch for a bit, then join in a few questions later. Well, turns out, this guy got a piece of furni. I think it was candles on a plate. Of course, I later wasted it p2sing in races and stuff. Lol. But yeah, that's how I got to like habbo, and revenge!

10-11-2004, 12:26 AM
My Habbo Name: Alexjohn321

One morning about 8:30 i went on the internet to talk to one of my friends when she said she has find a really cool reality chat room where i can meet new friends and get furniture. Well i didnt know what furniture was untill i met a nice habbo called TangoGirl who told me all about it, i learnt how to buy credits and to buy furniture and to trade! :D
It was so fun my first day in habbo because i met people from Canada, Australia and other countries. Thanks you Habbo i have some real friends... :) :D ;)

10-11-2004, 04:20 AM
Habbo: c5545347

I remember the first time i was on habbo, cokemusic was closed and my friend invited me to come. I was really disappointed about the game cause you had to pay money and i didn't know any of the console controls. I didn't come back on Habbo until a year later

10-11-2004, 07:21 PM
My m8 had been on it and he told me to go on. i cliked on havent got a habbo? get one here! and named my very first habbo. i tried all sorts of good names like hannah and amy and charlotte but they were all taken. i thought about the name hannah and made a name out of it. i did all my details then logged on. its was really weird. i looked in strange rooms where these pictures started moving and walking and little bubbles became over their heads saying things. a lttle box was on the bottom of the screen. i started typing hello and started making a conversation with someone. i told them i was new and they explained habbo was a virtual chatroom and if we click on the squares on the floor we would move.
'are you real?' i asked and she said yes. i started going into other rooms which were different shapes and different furni. by then i didnt no what furni was - or credits so i asked my lovely friend who was now on my console and she explained. a person gave me a friend request and i excepted it. he started flooding on my console about free credits. i new they costed £1 for 10 credits so i thought it would be a good idea. he said i had to type in a special code so i typed it in my phone and asked for credits. i wastched my poor old purse but nothing came. a message came through on my console
'Thankyou for my credits! you've been scammed!' i didnt no what scammed was but i new i had been set up! that costed me £1 and i wasn't allowd to pay for credits. my friend told me all her scams and i watched my back and always told habbo's when they were being scammed![/COLOR]

11-11-2004, 12:04 AM
habbo name : !!!!pink!!!!

my first day
in the afternoon when i 13 i was at my mates she showed me how to play habbo
so i went home dead excited and went and made my first name franny2k4
i first found myself in some mad casino with people talking spainish(which was not it was LOL and tht ) PMSL!
so i was like confused so i left that room after tryin to get out the door (took me prob about 10minz)
and found myself lost in hallway1 :o
but i was a lucky habbo
i admaired a habo with a badge tht was nice :) and it was a hobba(cant remeber which one)
i asked how i cld get out of this maze LOL and he told me how to and told this girl to show me round :o after about 2 hours and 1 ban l8r LOL i kind of got a hang of habbo only the public rooms but
guestrooms are another story :p

11-11-2004, 01:00 AM
Habbo Name: Char14613
I remember the first day i tries habbo was about 2 and a half years ago. I found out about it by my cousin, which found it on a different website. Anyways, I opened the window, dowloaded shockwave, and registered, which took me awhile since i couldnt figure it out. I liked hwo you could pick out different otufits and hairstyles and at the time you could have any color hair you wanted. I remember my first public room was something, but now the room is called Welcome Lounge. It took me awhile to learn how to walk and talk. I met a few people and they helped me a long. I had a lot of fun and played games with the friends i met. I didnt know how to add them since i just began, but they taught me how. I remember my first message scared me because it came out of no where. Habbo has chanegd a lot since i have joined but it is still great like it was. :D

11-11-2004, 07:31 PM
Habbo name: Sammy63
I also remember my first day at habbo like it was yesterday and what a day it was. It all started while I was at the local library after school hanging around. I saw some older kids playing it and became fascinated. I was a little far away so I thought it said hobo hotel. :lol:. Anyway, I went home that night and after 20 minutes of navagating the site, I created my first habbo, Sammy63, witch I am still using now (along with many more). Anyway, the first room I went into was the coffe place. I was such a noob that I did not know where my speech bubble was and had no clue why some peoples bubble were coming up with little dots. I began to get the hang of this and then my first real surprise came....Jibbi walked on in (this was when she was a new HM) and all the habbos in the cafe crowded her. I had no clue who or what was going on so I walked on over myself. Well as the story turns out, fromm that moment on I became one of the thousands of Habbo Hotel addicts. I was hooked :eusa_droo .

11-11-2004, 08:02 PM
habbo name: starbabe10
tale: My First day on habbo was 2 years ago today, i found out about it by my best m8 who was always annoying me about it and makeing me jelous cuz i didnt have a computer bck den (lol sound like an oldie der) so when ma mum finally gt me a computer i tried it out and i first logged on making a stupid name (ffe) but now have a new 1 (starbabe10) and i had horribel clothes and i think ppl knew i was new cuz of that and they kept on shouting NEWBIE at me and i wud just say were actually i dont think i knew they wer on about me anyways so i made my trip to a habbo room what was a called "Habbos 4 Sale" i thought that habbos wer pets then but the wired thing is i neva knew i was a habbo lol and they jst kiked me out when i said i wanted to buy a pet so i cliked on where it said own rooms and i knew how to make 1 as my m8 had tld me so i went in my new room "gstfhvfh" i wasnt in the mood to put anything else lol and i started lookin at the icons along the bottom first of all starting from the consel and reading the help area on it. then onto the navigator but i knew what that was so i just clicked it again 2 make it go away. then i went onto the purse and when i saw that you needed to buy credz i just started crying lol and same thing happend on the catalog when i go to the hand i thought this was to shake hands with it to make ur habbo smile so i jst pressed it then it really upset me when it dissapeared then i got onto the big blue ? and i pressed the call for help and sed i needed help of getting used to habbo but next thing i knew was two hour bann for me (u see i thought it was for help with how to play habbo lol) anyway i went back to school the next day to tell her what happend and she was sat there crying cuz her computer was broke and cudent get it repaired or get a new 1 but when i tld her what did happen she thought me how to play it so now im a star! lol eva since she told me about habbo i've been on it 24/7 and started annoying her about it :P thats ma story bubi Kirsty XXX

11-11-2004, 11:43 PM
Habbo Name: pickled-beats

I can remember my first day on Habbo Hotel. It seems like just an old thought trapped within my mind, determind to stay within my pile of thoughts. Habbo was a very different environment when I first created my account, almost a year ago this day. I remember when I first created my character; full of colour and imagination. He was like one of those action figures or dolls we have all looked apon in our early years.

When I first logged on I was confused at what to do. This new place of mystery that I encountered was hard to grasp. I realized within a few moments that the hotel navigator sent you to different rooms within the hotel. Without knowing that there were guest rooms, I scrolled through the list of many public rooms. I thought for a moment, then decided I would try my luck at the "Welcome Lounge" seeing as I was new and thought I would receive some help there.

I tried asking some of the wondering characters for some help that could point me in the right direction. The people I was asking did not help me. Moments later someone came up to me laughing, stating that I was talking to a bot. They asked me to add them to my friend's list. Not knowing what it was, I asked him. He explained how to use my console and told me many other things about the hotel.

I later made friends with another girl I had met in one of the public rooms. She told me we could meet it her room. I didn't understand that there were seperate rooms for individuals in the hotel. She explained to me how to navigate the guest rooms. I was very glad now, after my first day that I was able to apply myself, and perform the functions other habbos were capable of.

After being on habbo a year now, I have realized all the changes made within the hotel. Some big, some small, but all noticable. Whether it be from furni values, to the change of hotel versions, I have noticed them all. Now, with all the information I have acquirered, our knowledgable habbo users should be out there sharing their skills with other habbos, and helping them with their problems. Knowing how I felt when I first checked in, I know that others will feel as much appreciation when you help them out, pointing them in the right direction.

12-11-2004, 11:06 PM
Well, when I first went on habbo hotel I kinda didn't realise you had to register, so I kept typing in a name and a password, it kept reloading because the usernames I kept typing in obviously didn't exist and I got really frustrated, eventually my friend made me habbo, (I don't remember the name) and she made me a room which I called 'WICKED DANCE COMP', I got very stressed out because my friend told me the hand had furni in it, I tried and tried to get it to 'pop up', I went to another room, and someone tried to trade with me, the hand popped up, :D and I got all excited and went back to my room, but the 'furni giving hand' had somehow disappeared, I managed to get it back up and tried to put furni in my room, but of course I didn't have any, I got really fed up :@ , I told my friend that it was confusing and the furni never comes onto the hand, and she laughed and told me of course it doesn't you have to pay for it....
And that was my first day ;)

13-11-2004, 04:17 AM
I reamber its just liek it was yesterday. I was serching and i saw it and then clicked on it. I had i look at the front page then i saw the *Check In,* so i clicked it and I had to download shockwave. After it was loaded i saw you have to register a habbo so i did. When i finsished rigistering i didnt now what to do, what anything was but i found out soon enough. Habbo was a new world to me, it was all i ever wanted. I starting playing the game to try and get furni cause i thought furni and credits are what habbo is about but then i found out what really habbo is about. Habbo Hotel is about making new friend, meeting your own friends and most of all HAVING FUN ! I then didnt care about having furni and all i did was talk to friend i made and play fun games. I then got some furni from working at a mafia and the furni doubled then that furni double and now got lots of furni. But i really dont care about furni that why i always give some furni to new habbos. I really just still talk with my friend and play fun game and have fun because that what habbo is about.

All habbos if you dont have any furni it doesn't matter cause habbos not about that, always reamber that habbo is about making friend, meeting friends and most of all HAVING FRIENDS.

-Thanks from you number one habbo and habbox fan Evil-Kane

16-11-2004, 02:19 AM
Habbo Name : Kaser

Well, I joined habbo because my friend shawn told me that his friend left habbo, and had "furni" that he gave to shawn. So me and him where registering our guys, and trying to figure out how to acctually work habbo. Finally we got it, and shawn got the furni from his friend. We made a mafia, then when someone would ask for pay we'd fire them :].Then we made a wrestling place since where obsessed with wrestling.So we did that and then shawn got scammed with the "Fake Habbo" Website. Then he gave me the little bit of furni he saved on a clones and I got hacked because of the "****** Password" scam.

After that, about a month after I went to a casino and someone said i'm leaving habbo and gave me a throne. This one guy asked me if I wanted to trade and I really didn't know how much rares where worth because HABBOX SHOULD OF BEEN OPEN THERE SO I CAN CHECK. So I ended up trading my throne for a hc plasto.

Those where basicly my newb days.... And Now I am a total l33t. :P *Wink Wink Nudge Nudge*

16-11-2004, 05:31 PM
Habbo name : RockinOn. P.S ( with the full stop )

My tale:

My girlfriend came around to my house and i was a bit eery about habbo, or as i called it 'Habba Hotel'.
I had heard that people do dirty things and i was all freeked out by it. My girlfriend told me it was safe and plus she knew how to use it so she showed me. We went onto the site and i was said ' Adri we shouldnt be doing this' she just told me to shutup and then we clicked on SIGN IN! My face went pale and i gasped i scared i would get well told off because my Mum didn't like that sort of thing. We started to make an account ' R..o..c..k..i..n..o..n.' I remember look at the little man and thinking ' he looks weird, in a good way' we clicked on the arrow on the head and his hair style changed to bald. We started to laugh ( no offence to bald people ). We chose the hair clothes and shoes we wanted and by now i was eger to get signed in.
A little man popped up and waved and then we clicked on a room. I looked at the room and i said ' This is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool '
We went up to this girl for a laugh and i said ' will you marry me ' she said yes and then my girlfriend had to leave. I was instanly addicted. It was better than MSN! Only thing was you had to pay to get those chairs and things. I got a bit dissapointed but it wasn't long till my pocket money came.


16-11-2004, 05:34 PM
Habbo Name: Revex (but back in the day 2 years ago it was robbielow

I remeber my first day, it started when i was talking to this girl at school she said she has a job for a hospital, i was like, What? your only young you cant get a jobyet, she said no i dont its real life but its not real life, i was confused after about 1 hour of telling me about her job she said go to habbohotel and i said ok, when i went home i tried to go on it but i kept getting error reports and about 2 hours later i got on!, i made my account and everything, i had no furni and i was not sure how to get furni or anything i had a lot of friends from my school on habbo so i asked them, some of them gave me furni to start me off, i remeber my first furni was a mode chair a z table and a duck i was like yay!, after a while i had no furni so i shared a room with my friend from school lots of my friends on habbo that i just got where leaving and was holding giveaways so i went and got some of that, when i done by the end of 1 day i have about 10 furni a bed and some other stuff, i toke my furni back from my friend and made my own Inn called "the fishy inn" it was a great success and i loved it anyway that was my first day on habbo about 2 years ago.

16-11-2004, 06:00 PM
These are so funny.. :)

17-11-2004, 01:23 AM
I remember this moment as if it were yesterday(isn't that how all good stories start?). I was playing the Ninja Gaiden demo for the billionth time and it was driving me craaazzyyy. The same people and the same scenes over and over and over again can do that to you. With desperation(and annoyance), I whirled my head around and saw in a glow of heavenly light(it was getting dark you know) my cousin's computer. He was at a virtual pool-type thing with virtual people walking and swimming around. My heart beat wildly- there might be something to do after all. I darted to his computer and watched as he talked, walked, and swam in awe. He got me signed up and I embarked on a life-changing experience(literally). Then he took me to the pool called Habbo Lido and I gaped at the virtual dreamland. I saw vibrant colors and mind-boggling graphics. I found out that Habbo is less talk(unlike chat rooms) and more action! My cousin showed me how to change into swimming trunks and off I went! I walked, I talked, I swam, and I made new friends- and I never had to leave my chair. How's that for cool. Plus, Habbo is really, really, really, really,(one more time) really addictive. And FUN. It's an AWESOME experience and I'm glad I found that... heavenly light.

20-11-2004, 03:13 PM
like anybody else i was playing runescape and my good friend tom advised this game for me habbo it sounded kinda sad and then i registerd like any1 else would and it was so strange how diffrnt it was with how the people show so much chacrter any i got to my navigation and i was stuck not a clue what it was or had to do so after a minute or two i started cliking serouisly until this room started to load. i was in a guest room and this person said move up + i dint know what 2 do so i left :) and went back to runescape came back a week later and tryed again my friend told to to buy some credits and become a habbo(what ever that was) i figured out how to do it by reading the home page and i got my present next day and gambled :eusa_booh it away and now im here :rolleyes:

20-11-2004, 04:00 PM

20-11-2004, 07:41 PM
HaBbO NaMe: frontslide

My tale: Once upon a time (2002) in a Easy everything internet cafe far far away i was "surfing" the web when i turned around and was shocked like this pic ----> :o
I witnessed some one logging onto this pixelated view of a big building and moving clouds. I was flabergasted and i HAD to go on that site. I went on with my friend and we loved it. I made a really really stupid name (sharksfin)( dont know why) and my friend made something as well ( i cant remember) as soon as i logged in i knew i was hooked and every time i got on the internet i was straight onto habbo. I reguarly bought creds and was seriously getting addicted. From then on i have went on habbo basically every day! (R.I.P. sharksfin who was keylogged on 7th of september 2004)

20-11-2004, 08:44 PM
my habbo name was oliverr (now is cyborg-30)

When i joind habbo i thought it was like real life ppl wer askin me stuff lik a.s.l and all the txt talk and i thought tht i was goin mad but thn some 1 asked me if thy wanted free credz so odviosly i said yer so thy took me to there room and sayd give me your password and thn i sudenly got disconected thn i made a new habbo and tracked them down thn i sad can i have my habbo back thy say f :o :o k off thn i reported them then i got all my ferni back which was 5 ducks tht my best friend gave me as a starting preasent coz he was the 1 tht introdused me to habbo so tht is my storry about my first day on habbo a verry exsiting 1 lol :D


20-11-2004, 08:58 PM

my first day on habbo was about 2 years ago and i can remember goin on and seeing peeps trading so i bought my first credits i was so dum then i traded all my stuff for duks lol.
but then later on i found my self being a better trader and gaining stuff so now im happy and ive found the best mate to have on habbo the-giver he has helped me so many times and given me stuff or traded me stuff cheap thx the-giver

21-11-2004, 01:41 PM
Habbo Name: Jacko2kn3
I can hardly remember my first day. It was all the way back in 2001, somehow I discovered Habbo Hotel, a new fansite, so I thought I'd have a look. I clicked "Check In" and it loaded. As I struggled to think of a name, I thought Sean89 (my name and my year of birth).
Now I realise that name was rubbish, so nowadays I'm known as Jacko2kn3 (or Jacko toucanthree MIZKI!).
I mooched about the public rooms, and spent most of my time there mostly. Until one person came and asked if I wanted to join his mafia. I was very n00by, and thought "Why not"
After a few hours of working there I realised I could do a better job at making a mafia, so I made my own, Red Dragon Mafia (Very common name). Mine was better, but then just failed after a week or so of working, so I left habbo behind...

I came back in late 2002, and made a habbo for 2003, the one I use now, Jacko2kn3. A MISTAKE at the deleting of old habbo names meant someone got Jacko to spite a friend of mine, who was checking if it was still available, so I'm stuck with Jacko2kn3 for a while. I've worked at Habbox TWICE before *grin* and who knows, I might come back again ;)

If you aren't sick to death of me of course ;)

21-11-2004, 02:03 PM
old old habbo name:footielad123(gt banned)
old habbo name:footielad12345(gtscammed)
habbo name:footie12345

my first time on habbo was quite hard to start with gettin used to the old navigater meetin freinds but an hour later i know where everythin was soo i went to get a room in the iced caffe and a girl went up to me and sed asl
i didnt know wat she meant so i said "wat" and she went away for some reason :(
soo a boy went up to me asnd sed "want to join my club" and i said yeh soo a couple days later i made a call on the habbo credits order line and i brought 100 credits and i maked this COOL! club
p.s:its still there search my name
and it was goodm like wen i startyed my friend cam eand invite 23 peeps to come to my room then i gt along with peeps :). soo peeps treat me well and im ready to make some friends :8 .

21-11-2004, 02:09 PM
Habbo Name:Kieran-boy

The 1st thing i done was try to make friends with hc,s they always said stop wasting my time so I was left in the corner with nothing but my friend XxU.S.A.babexX came to my aid she became my friend and she also bye,s me credits shes the best friend on habbo iv ever had i wish there were more people like her :D :eusa_ange thank you for reading this.

Over people should have a chance too please think it was you I have been there dont make yourself sad

THIS IS WHAT I LEARNT ON HABBO "give people a chance"

23-11-2004, 07:01 PM
My first day of habbo hotel was a...lets call it a learning experience. When i first got to the homepage, I was frantically reading everything on it, trying to see if there were any words of wisdom that could tell me what to do. Then I saw the Check In button and got to the sign in. I started making a habbo when i realized that these people had really funny looking hair, eyes, shoes, and clothes. Anyway, I finished making a habbo and finally saw the hotel. How can a little hotel like that fit so many people? I wondered. A pop-up square then came at me and I saw a list of rooms. I clicked on one and went to the Welcome Lounge to see if I could get my own room. To my surprise, I had to make a room myself. So I make a room and then clicked on the weird little yellow thing at the bottom. It looked like a messanger thingy. After that, I went to a room called "Trade" and watched all the habbos as they traded "furni". Later, i found out that furni was furniture. Late at night, I called my friend and told him about Habbo. He started a character and we both had fun! That was the best first day a habbo could ask for! :8 :D :8 :D

23-11-2004, 10:26 PM
[B]Well i joined Habbo i sounded really fun!!! i found out it was so i was really happy about that :) i see all my freinds there and finding out about new rares and new hotel managers made me really excited :) my ideas on habbo are to get rich offcourse :) and make loads of new freinds!!! i joined about 6 months ago and i really like habbo alot YAY!!! I LOVE HABBO!!!

24-11-2004, 01:33 AM
lmao, I remember my first day on habbo like it was yesterday I was checking all of the computers in my school's computer lab to see if there were any that weren't frozen then came upon a computer which seemed to have a very strange website on it called Habbo Hotel. I wrote down the URL and went on it, It was very strange for me, I went on the website at ome then clicked the "Click here" button and saw a picture of a hotel then I registered. Since I was a nerd back then, i read through ALL of the FAQ's, guides, articles, everything on the site. I still didn't get anything though. Furni?!? Credits?!? I registered with the name hrh12336. I saw that I had to dress myself I was like "what happens if I dont dress :D " then just saw me in those ugly clothes that theyalways start you off with. Then I heard a "bing-a-ling" and jumped up, I looked all around the room then saw something flashing on my screen, so I checked it and saw "Habbo Console" after seeing that it said 1 New Message I figured it was an emailing thing. The message was from jibbi, so I read it and then was like "whatever." Then I saw the navigator and was like "now what on earth is this :o " and clicked on it. I saw the words "The Welcome Lounge" and clicked on the words go. Then i said "where are they taking me" then saw pixelated furni and people screaming "HELP ME WHAT IS THAT YELLOW THING" So I got annoyed and left :) I was supposedly stuck in the door ways because I didn't know how to move or talk. Then I noticed the box where you typed and went up to the bot in The Den where i went next and I was like "can you help me?" and someone said "it's a bot. It doesnt talk. Are you new here?" So when I said yes the girl showed me around and taught me all about everything I needed to know. Since then, I've been trying to do the same with little n00bs like good ol' me

24-11-2004, 10:23 AM
Habbo: silence.is.easy.


It all began a year or so ago on the 12th of January 2003. Outside it was snowing heavily, quite like today. My friends and I were huddled up against the computer screen, looking for some good sites to entertain us and warm our freezing cold fingers.
After hours of searching, my friend suggested we visit habbo hotel. A hotel over the hills and far away in cyber space. I thought I would check it out. I was welcomed byan orange and blue hompage, welcoming me to this whole new experience. I clicked on the "check in" button and up poped a new world. A large building was before me, with lovely green grass and clouds moving around...turning corneres!?! I didn't know whatwould be inside, all I knew was that there were two cars outside, at least a couple had turned up.
I registered my habbo, silence.is.easy. and entered the hotel. I was really confused, a whole list waited to be explored on the right of the screen, rooms i thought. I clicked on one, it was the trade room that buddy owns and entered into a bright room, filled with chairs, sofas, flower patches, and what looked like dices in cabinets...There were many people in the rooms, all different in their own unique way. Green hair, red hair, brown hair...Purple hair?? Well this is a new experience i thought ;) . What was all this, speech bubbles? what? Woah! whats that (a trading box had appeared) *very confused look*. ok stop...what do i do?
I soon came to love the hotel and joined the habbo club bout 1 month after I had joined. Everyone welcomed me with open arms and for once i felt accepted. I could exist without being judged about my appearence. Habbo has given me so much freedom and a hobby i will never give up. I now have a lovely room (visit me) and am in my third month of being a hc member. How far I had come, and yet the journey was only beginning.....

Hope you enjoyed my account of my first ever vist. I am glad I ever found the hotel.
Habbo rox my sox (so does habbox)
Thanks for reading! :)

27-11-2004, 11:15 PM
Habbo name: -=XORN=-

I started on a average day of being boerd. So obviously i started to look for games to play on the net. I was searching for RPG's (role playing games's)
and i stumbled across "HABBO HOTEL" at first I thought it was like any other cheap game i found. Well i decided to join up. and i was glad i did. I couldnt have been happyiar. I looked around the public rooms first and thought they were great. I then moved onto the guest rooms. I first went to a modeling room. I was not sure what was going on around me. I then realised what i was doing, but by then it was to late...
I had been entered. Later i realised what i had to do. well i thought to myself "ye i can do this" (thinking i looked quite smart in my tux ;) )...
well i was wrong. i was kiked out in the second round.

still in the amazment of losing i went to the games section. i entered a room titled
I watched what was happening whille i waited in the que(not sure if i spelt that right)
i finally got in the arena.
i did not know the person, so i was not going to hold back.
i unleashed hell on my opponent.
after 1 minute of straining my hand with rapid cliking. I WON THE MATCH :eusa_danc
i then went on to win another 4 matches and won something called furni.
when i recieved my prize i realised what it was.
(this was right after i was called a noob clicker)
i then went to a xmen rpg and used my furni to become my favourite character: XORN.
i then recomended it to all my freinds on that same day.


28-11-2004, 12:14 AM
habbo name: .:.miss-t.:.

One day i was told by a friend to go on habbo hotel, the chat room so we could talk and i was on that about 2 year then she gave me alot of furni and i was happy then we broke up and she wanted her furni back and i sed no in the end i gave it back to her and she was happy i was sad but then another friend told me alot of websites half of them were scammin websites but when i came to look at this one i thought wow ive got to go on this and ive been on ever since. I told all of my friends to go on but they all thought it was a scamming website, but i proved them wrong now we all come on here, well we all joined just a coulple of days ago and my bro is on too im having a gr8 time and hope i will win some comps. :eusa_danc :D

28-11-2004, 12:17 AM
habbo: gregzilla

my first day on habbo was fantastic and bitter,
it all started when i created my first habbo- stu!
as soon as i entered the hotel about 4 year ago i was joyful as...........
watever is really joyful. lol
but then this person came up to me and explained to me what furni was.
then after a little discussion, he gave me a plasto chair and a shelf!
but then the time of horror came!
the next hour i was so tempted for more furni i was willing to steal
(which some how doesn't make any sense lol) to get furni
so another dark skinned person comes to me in the main lobby and tells me
that i can get free furni and credits by telling me his password,
and in which case i was so stupid i did!
i had to get my next habbo after that which was rotm
and then i got really rich with a splash plastic until some one hacked me!
so here i am on habbox forum entering comps for fun and furni
to reclaim my rightful glory! :eusa_danc

28-11-2004, 06:56 PM
Name: PinkBubby


I remeber the first day that I had found habbo, The week before i had been playing coke studios and then one person asked me if i had played habbo hotel I had ansered "no". I had wondered what it was like so i went to the site to check it out, i registered rather quickly and before i knew it i was in a giant world of people, Some Mexican, some English/UK,some Canadain it was a big mealting pot. I was so dazaled it was like moving from a small town in to a great big city. The first room i had ever entered was a race room back then they didnt have "fallin furni" or "dice races". To my surprise i had won the furni it was the most exilerating thing EVER. So i had entered another room later on it was a Casino and like a noob i didnt know how to play so i was wondering if this person would scam me for the cute duckie i had won in the race room. I had said lets play 13 and so i did i have gotten 2 sixes which is 12 and he busted i had double my furni and i was so happy the glow on my faces was just like this :eusa_danc. After a while i had had enough furni to start my own race room so i did and i made more and more furni.

29-11-2004, 10:57 PM
habbo name: Stanfordstud

One day i came home and my brother was playing this wierd pixelated game called cokemusic. i thought nothing of it and kept playing x box, but then it started to interest me. so for a month i thought i was playing cokemusic. little did i know, it was actually habbo! one day he was talking about how much furni he has, and i said, "DID YOU SCAM OR SOMETHING??" he said no...i just made alot of accounts. feeling stupid and confused i made anouther account. nothing! made anouther...nothing! I asked around and i found out that you have to pay! knowing my brother, i told my mom about it. she found it strange because she didnt give him use of her credit card so i asked him. "whered you get the money for creds???". he said "you dont have to pay, just make multiple accounts!". so i went back and...made one more. nothing
two days later he was talking about coke couches, i said "dont you mean club sofas?", he said "thats habbo stupid!!".
haha i laughed for a bit and then he started playing it alot...we only got to buy 50 creds each but it was enough. stupidly, i traded my first club sofa for a mocha, but it was all good in the end, because habbo is great.

01-12-2004, 11:38 PM
habbo name : hooperzman
ma 1st day was actually 3 dayz ago i remember it like it was 3 dayz ago lol a well i ad no furni :( :eusa_booh then a guy offered me a job his name was jvl hes a really cool guy man now ive worked my way up the chain and got 3 rares it was hard at 1st i didnt no how 2 move lol i finally after many houres of thinking wat to do i said EUREEKA!!!!!!!!!! :) :D i got it itz now really really fun.

02-12-2004, 11:41 AM
Habbo name : McForesT

"The Story" :p
Well, I got of school early and headed home. I walked, so I went by a few shops to pick some things up. The day was 1 of those where you just knew EVERYTHING would be great, and indeed, everything was great, I had just met the girl of my dreams in my real life (Still with her :p) and I knew NOTHING could ruin this day, so after the shops, I was on my way home. I got home, grabbed something to drink, and was on the way to the computer. I sat infront of it, and after checking mails and so on, I realized that I need something real to do, something with helping people and stuff, so I went to google and searched for chat, well like I expected it was dating services and all those things, nothing that really "kicked tho" and make me think "Wow nice". But after I awhile on messenger and some talks, a friend came up with "Habbo Hotel", and knew nothing about it, but sounded interresting, so I got the link and went to the site.
When I got to the front page I was like "Oh my god, not yet another 1 of those kids sites", but my friend talked me to sign up, and I did. After a few minuts of fooling around, I found out how to join a room created by the users, and I got to a party room. There was something really nice about this feeling, the mood of the people, the way they handled spamming people, and the seriousness in people, really >playing they're rolls<, so I played with them and got addicted, and now I'm a loyal user of Habbo, and visit several hours daily, but sad enough, I can't order credits so I can buy furnitures.

Just my entry :)

02-12-2004, 04:05 PM
Habbo Name: XxRIZZLAxX

My First habbo name was Rizzla7689
and i made my own bunch of rooms like a house, but i had more than one room so the main room was a main room, then i would have rooms going off of it through teleports to other rooms, but i got bored and didn't see much point! so i traded most and bought some more furni and made a mafia! before i made it i saw a mafia room and i saw all the workers in co-ordinated clothes and when i saw the owner lookin' really smart i wanted to join! but being a n00b at this time i foolishly said something n00bish and got kicked so i didn't bother going back, then i made my own!
After a few days of it being up someone called XxJONNYxX walked in my door, i have no idea how he found it! but he did, and he asked me if i wanted to own his club! ( :s ) so i asked "what's the catch? what do you want in return" and all he said was "protection" (:s) so anyway i accepted he became a massive part in the mafia, running it whilst i was away and stuff. One day my password got guessed and someone went onto the acount and took some of the furni, still leaving some. XxJONNYxX was already in the room when i arrived and he asked me what was going on, but i had no idea!
He told me to change my pass so i did, but in the olden days when this was the hacker had put her E-mail in, which i sent of to habbo saying she hacked me. I changed the pass but not the E-mail ( :s ) and so the person went back onto my acount and took everything else i possesed.
XxJONNYxX told me to make a new habbo...called XxRIZZLAxX. i felt quite honoured actually at the time, him letting me have the same style of name, i though it would be great! we could make a totally new mafia or something else and everyone could know our names and recognise us.
But one day, and i don't know why, he left and had a massive grudge against me, he said it was because he thought i took all my furni and made it look like i got hacked, so after i could get him to give me some and scam that too...which of course i didn't do that at all.

and that's how i got my name! which i use for absolutely everything!! so all thanks to that guy who i can't even repay my gratitude.

sorry for that being so long but you didn't have to read it now did you!

anyways moving on...
i've got a couple of pets on habbo, one of which i got the first day they came out, a dog called Rover, but i didn't know that it was such a popular name and then one day on the habbo website i saw it was an example name on habbo! My other pet is an orange cat called Garfield :p .

not long after XxJONNYxX left, i made my own Club, called Rizzla's Club House 2004! which even got to the top of the pops once or twice, and i still own that same room but it now has a different name, it's called The Malibu and it's the longest running room that hasn't been taken down and become something else!

Once i had made quite a few rooms i figured i should make a name for them all, then i came up with RizzLand, Left Of The Happy Hills!. But again i made more and more rooms! so i decided on RizzWorld, and i also came up with a slogan, The Origonal Roll-Up Maniac! for my rooms i came up with a tag [X:R:X] which i put infront of every room and each room has a pattern of pictures (lightning, diamond and star) either side, so The Malibu would be:
(L = Lightning pic. D = Diamond. S = Star)
[X:R:X] L D S The Malibu™ S D L

03-12-2004, 01:56 PM
http://torax.outwar.com/page.phhttp://torax.outwar.com/page.php?x=113472 p?x=113472 http://thttp://torax.outwar.com/page.php?x=113472 orax.outwar.com/page.php?x=http://torax.outwar.com/page.php?x=113472 113472 http://torax.outwarhttp://torax.outwar.com/page.php?x=113472 .com/page.php?x=1134http://torax.outwar.com/page.php?x=113472 72 http://torax.outwar.http://torax.outwar.com/page.php?x=113472com/page.php?x=113472

04-12-2004, 11:46 AM
Habbox Name: Rt7
Habbo Name: Rt7

Well, I remember my first day on habbo, as if it was yesterday. I didnt know how to move, when i finally got into Habbo Lido II. I shouted out, 'How do you move,' and to my surprise, someone replied. He came up to me and said, 'Click on the squares on the floor, where you click, you will move :)' So I did. It worked, and I said, 'Thanks :)' then he said, 'Come to my room, I always have something for newbies.' So, I said, 'How?' and he replied, 'Click on the little icon on the toolbar below this big picture. It will look like these blue bars surrounding a piece of paper, then click Guest Rooms, and you will see a drop down list, select search. Type in my name and come to my top room, by licking Go next to the room name.'
I did exactly that. I came to his room, and said, 'What did you want me to come here for again?' and he replied, 'Here you go, your first piece of furniture. Don't trade it, as it is rare.' This box came up and a little red chair with H came up on it. Then a little box appeared and it had a tick in it. He said, 'Click agree!' and I said, 'How?' and he replied, 'click on the empty little smallest box on the right of the BIG box,' and I did.
He said never to trade that, so I kept my word, i would never trade it. Later on he shown me how to trade, taught me about scams and hacks, and everything. He gave me around 50 credits worth in furniture too! Later on that week, i logged on, and my throne was gone. And all the 50 credits of norms, and the 10 credits he bought me. I messaged him, as he shown me how to. 'My throne and my normals have gone, what shall I do?'
He immediately replied, 'Go to my room' and I did what I did before. He gave me around a quarter of his furni, and that was alot. It included 4 thrones, and 6 holopods, and over 100's of credits of furniture. He also, gave me... my very first green sofa. The Club Sofa. I accepted, and said, 'Thanks, wanna make a race room together? Your room?' He replied, 'Ok,' and we were up all night making it.
After a couple of weeks, he was hacked, all his furni was gone. I offered him to take all the stuff I earnt, and he still rejected. 'No, that stuf is yours. I don't want to take it, its yours.' And I replied immediately, 'But if it wasn't for you, i wouldnt have all this stuff.' After a while he still said 'No, it is yours.'
After a week he gave me rights to his room, and I dropped around half of my furni in his room. I thought he wouldnt mind, and he came up to me. 'Thanks for that furni, but I dont want it.' He gave me half of it back, and finally, we made a race room together. This time, it was using my room, and I gave him rights, He was joint owner with me. After that day, i lost contact with him. I couldnt stand habbo without him. I was in my race room, just sitting there, and i searched his name. He was sitting on a sofa in his room, and i said, 'Do you want your furni back?' and he replied, 'No, but now you got back in contact with me, please, accept my friend request.' From that day on, I was friends with him forever. The next day, he came to me, and said his brother had died, and he wasnt going to be on for a while, because he was going somewhere for the funeral. We got back together again, 4 months after. He also gave me his brothers account, it had 137 days of HC, and I said, 'Thanks. You are, the best.'
Soon after, I made a new account, Rt7. He bought me a month of HC, and then I got another green sofa. I learnt before what all the furnitures names were, and found it was called a 'Club Sofa.' A while later, he said he was leaving habbo. He gave me his remaining furni, and bought be around 730 credits. I was really pleased, and said, 'Why are you leaving habbo?'
He said it was a waste of time. Though I didn't agree.
'But... It isnt!' He replied instantly, nearly interrupting me, 'Yes it is! Or... to me it is. Maybe not to you.' He gave me his account, and I went on it and got the last of his furni, in his donation rooms. I didnt change the password, incase he came back on one day. After around 8 months, my race room was very popular. I was a very very rich and popular person on habbo, mostly to newbies, as I had shown lots of them around the hotel. Ones I knew that definitely were newbies, I gave them a club sofa each. Then, that friend I had had for ages, came in, as he still had rights, he came into my room and came into the judges area. I gasped as I saw his face. 'I have come back' he said. We were GREAT friends from there on, and both of us had our share of the furni. Once the 4 races in my room took place, the winners went through the teleporter, and into his room, for the finals. They just talked until all 4 came in. It was really fun, and we are friends, even now.
The end.

05-12-2004, 06:19 PM
habbo name: -lonely-rain-

Strange (yet fortunate) things have always happened to me on Habbo. I remember my best friend telling me about it, so I decided to check it out one day. As far as I remember, I've been addicted ever since. I even remember where I got my first piece of furni, and who I got it from. Back then I was known as firepixie89, but I changed my habbo name for certain reasons I'd rather not say. Then one day I got sick of being poor and only having a doormat, so I joined the london mafia. I was the only person in that mafia to get 11 promotions on my first day. I remember how incredibly rich the owner was (though I didn't know the worth of such things at the time.) Her name was Loopie_Lucy, and she had dozens upon dozens of thrones. I believe I lasted about a week in that mafia, then one of the higher ranks got mad because I'd had so many promotions and demoted me back to rank one. Although the matter was fixed, and they offered to promote me even higher than my original rank was, I was too insulted by it, and I refused. The next few months I was just getting to know the hotel, walking around and learning the rules to fallin furni. You know, stuff like that. Then one day my brother (who had bought creds) quit and gave me all of his stuff. It wasn't much, but I did have enough to create a race room and start gaining income. I had been at a giveaway earlier that week, where (in a prezzie) I was given my dog, whose name is CRAZY. I needed to make a race room, so that maybe I could make enough in p2s and what not to buy him food. Then one day, something incredible happened. While I was hosting a race, a hobba came into my room. This sounds impossible, I know, but what I'm about to tell you IS true. The hobba dropped about 10 rares in the middle of my race room. Everyone was shocked, and some thought I was doing it. The room was in chaos, and everyone was asking "WHO'S DOING IT?!?!" That was when the hobba told me it was her. I wasn't sure what to do....I was too much in shock. The hobba gave me lots of norms as well as rares, so I gave a poster to everyone playing. From then on, I had been semi-wealthy. I changed my name and kept all of my furni, then gave the other account to my friend's sister. Since then, I've been happily playing as -lonely-rain- , and I'll soon be starting a mafia. I owe most of my success to my brother and the hobba (whose name I don't remember, but maybe she remembers me). It seems I've always had luck on habbo, and I don't think it's even run out yet. :)

08-12-2004, 03:40 AM
lotza strange things happening to people, eh?

08-12-2004, 03:40 PM
I remember I was a habbo around 2 yrs ago, It started from when I joined cokemusic I was very rich Untill..... I got my first IP ban. I was so bored. Untill my friend from cokemusic over AIM told me to go to www.habbohotel.com. I tried it and I won't lie at first I thought it ****ed compared to cokemusic.I mean the graphics and everything. But I kept habbo in mind, one night I was bored of cokemusic and got on habbo not untill then Did I realise how much better Habbo was than coke. Its more realistic More secure and it has better rooms and better furni. It wasn't till then I ment my first friend his name was cubanboy810. As time went on we got farther and farther apart I ment new friends. Well after I ment my new friends I got more furni not untill then did I meet my first ........ :evil: SCAMMER :evil: he hacked me and took all my furni so I changed my name to zites. I lost all my friends that day Cubanboy810 including. But if you search cubanboy810 he still has me in his name.

08-12-2004, 04:00 PM
Habbo Name: devildan1

I can remember 1st joining habb it was a great day for me because i finally had something to do on my pc. My friend had told me it is rubbish but i still went and had a look and WOW wasn't it great. I just had to Join so i did and and the first day it was a great feeling i even found a friend who i had known from school and a friend from my old area far away from where i live now i was in tears of joy because i had not spoken to him in years. Today still going on habbo i think i will tell all my kids/grandchildren about this special place.

08-12-2004, 04:59 PM
Habbo name: Multi-coloured
forum name: Multi-coloured
At first my friend from school told me about it so I thought chat room Hmmm and heard all the stuff on the News about chat rooms so I just spentabout 15 minutes going around all the FAQs and moderators because I didnt really want to tell my mum but then I plucked up the courage and asked my mum and she said Hmmm im not sure and then said "yes only If you dont tell people were you live and dont give out your details" so I didnt and went online and made a habbo called jokamoco I can remember the first ever thing I did was go into hotel kitchen and I was talking to piers for a bit and he was coming up with all weird things and then I got a friend request from a boy so Itold him this is my first day on the hotel please can you help me out when I fall over and he said Yes Course! a nice welcoming to the hotel :)

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