View Full Version : Tell me an article

12-11-2004, 12:35 AM

This competitions is to write an article for Habbox.

It must be Habbo related and can be a story, a news that you go more deep into it, etc. and has to be at least 4 lines long, wich can form a paragraph

I am sorry but I ran out of Habbo furni so I will give out the prize in coke music furni, wich I ran out too, so I will give you about 16 pieces of furniture (mostly separators sadly :( My rares are given)

-Do not post comments that can offen others
-Do not post inapropriate language
-Respect the Competition's steps
-Do have fun :)
-Do try your best

The chozen person will get their article posted in the Article section of Habbox, wich everybody can read.

The competition will end November 29th

And for the best of all, I wish you a good luck even if the prize isn't that great.

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