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21-11-2004, 01:34 PM
Could you in less than 300 words write an introduction to Habbo Hotel, which would encourage a friend to make a habbo ? Here is your opportunity! Remember to tell them as much as you can. ;) ;)

Entries that contain more than 300 words will instantly be disqualified.

To enter this competition you must be a registered member of our forum. Habbox is giving all it's members the opportunity to enter this competition, click on the post reply icon.

The Prize
1st Prize - One Tubmaster and one Speakers Corner kindly donated by icebox12.

This competition will run until December 23rd unless otherwise stated.

Please read the terms and conditions at the bottom (printed in black).

Your entry should look like the example below:-

Habbo Name: MissAlice
Followed by your introduction.

And remember to enter this competition you must be a registered member of the Habbox forum.
Follow the link below to go to the competition entry page and click on the post reply icon, leave your habbo name and your entry.

Terms and conditions: To prevent foul play, we only allow one entry for each pc. If more than one entry is made using the same pc all entries will be discarded. You can send in your entry until the competition is closed at some time on 23rd of December 2004. The winner will be announced on the site and in this forum and will be contacted by MissAlice to collect the prize. Habbox has the right to close the competition at any time before the competition ending date and the winner will be judged from all the entries received up to that point. MissAlice will be judging the competition any harassment or attempted bribery will see you disqualified and could even get you into trouble on the Habbox Forum. Habbos named on the About Habbox page as part of the Habbox Team before the closing date are excluded from participation. Any entries that break the forum rules in anyway will also be disqualified. Prizes must be claimed within two months of the winner/s being announced. Unclaimed prizes will be used again in a future Competition.

When in the competition forum only post competition entries - Do not post questions or comments it is not the place to do so.

Winner Announced - 28th December 2004
Winner - Mendonky

Below are the prizes in the winner's room.

21-11-2004, 02:09 PM
edit:lissen to the girl lol also withdraw me from the comp

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21-11-2004, 02:37 PM
Habbo Name - !Hyper

Entry -

Have you ever wanted to party? Or maybe just meet some friendly people? Well heres your chance! Just sign up to www.habbohotel.co.uk and let your wildest dreams come true! There is a wide range of pixxel clothes and hairstyles from a skinhead to and Afro! Boys and girls are welcome but you have to be over 11 to join. Also, you can buy credits useing a credit card, text,cheques or by phoning the habbo company. There are many competitions that you can enter and win great prizes from credits to Super Rares! If you live in Norway or Japan then there is your own hotel which you can join. You can create your very own room which you can fill with whatever you want wether you want to party, or just a chill room were you can chill with all you mates. I can surely say that this is the best online game if you want to have a good time! So Join Now!

21-11-2004, 02:55 PM
Habbo Name: Zepello


If you are bored on the net. Just go to Habbo Hotel, it is a small, friendly chat room/game where you can have fun, dress up, party, meet friends and just hang out. You can also buy credits (http://www.habbohotel.co.uk/habbo/en/credits), read the newsie (http://www.habbohotel.co.uk/habbo/en/community), look at habbo fansites (http://www.habbohotel.co.uk/habbo/en/community/fansites/), join habbo club (http://www.habbohotel.co.uk/habbo/en/community/habboclub/), do all sorts! It is aimed at 11-20 year olds in UK. But you can come whatever age or nationality. There are 12 Hotels at the moment: UK (http://www.habbohotel.co.uk), USA (http://www.habbohotel.com), Canada (http://www.habbohotel.ca), Germany (http://www.habbohotel.de), Spain (http://www.habbohotel.es), Finland (http://www.habbohotel.fi), Netherlands (http://www.habbohotel.nl), Switzerland (http://www.habbohotel.ch), Italy (http://www.habbohotel.it), Norway (http://www.habbohotel.no), Sweden (http://www.habbohotel.se), Denmark (http://www.habbohotel.dk), Australia (http://www.habbohotel.com.au), France (http://www.habbohotel.fr), Singapore (http://www.habbohotel.com.sg) and Japan (http://www.habbohotel.jp). And that's not it! There's going to be more! Such as Poland and Austria. The hotel is moderated 24-7 by Moderators (Each identifiable by the 'MOD-' at the start of their name), Hobbas and Staff who are always willing to help (http://www.habbohotel.co.uk/habbo/en/help/faq/faq_category/?id=5#6). In the hotel there are many rooms to explore, filled with Furni. A virtual furniture to decorate your room with. Although you have to buy credits to buy furni. Or you can win it in one of many competitions in the hotel. Come join the fun, and register today

21-11-2004, 03:32 PM
Hello and welcome to habbo hotel! You may be thinking, what is this weird game and what's the point? Well, I can show you! In this game you can actually create and personalize your own person! You can have a friend list where you can contact your friends no matter where you are! They can tel you where they are, and by using the hotel navigator, you can actually meet up with them!! You can use habbo as a chatroom, a game of life, or both. You can get a job, play games such as "fallin' furni", go to restaraunts, make your VERY OWN ROOM, and more! Habbo Hotel may seem a little odd at first :eusa_snoo but belive me it tends to get addicting! :p Believe me you will love it! Play with people from ALL over the world and someone that could be your next dor neighbor! Bring friends along and together, use it as an instant messager and a fun game! Try it out, believe me YOULL LOVE IT

21-11-2004, 04:28 PM
Habbo name: Corey787
Do you want something fun, free, and a way to make new friends to do with your free time? Well, Here is a place that offers many features including the following: HabboHotel allows you to create your own habbo to express your feelings or what you look like in real life. Choose from a number of different hairstyles, shirts, pants, shirts, skirts, and shoes! Your habbo can look like anything you want!
HabboHotel also offers a chat service that allows you to meet up with friends after school and relax and just talk. Habbo gives you the oppurtunity to create your own room and furnish it with "Furni" and decorate it with wallpaper and carpet/tiles.
There is also a Trading service that HabboHotel offers. You can trade around with normal furni OR if your a real trading fanatic, you can trade around RARES that few habbos have!
HabboHotel is a virtual chat service available in the following countries: United Kingdom, Japan, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, France, Australia, Norway, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, and more coming soon!
Most hotels aim at teens from about from about ages 12-20.
The Hotel Offers free usage to chat with friends, play cool habbo GAMES, and trade. However, to obtain credits/coins (the hotel currency) which is used to buy furniture, there is a small fee of about 10p, $.22 CAD, or $.17 USD. This is very little for what your getting though!
The hotel is moderated 24 hours a day by volunteers called "Hobbas". They will alert moderators of any unacceptable behaviour and deal with the harasser to make the hotel safe.
You can always be sure that you will have a great, fun, and safe time while Visiting HabboHotel!

25-11-2004, 05:22 PM
habbo name: footie12345
like to go to a realy cool place whats filled with laughs and jokes? well go to www.habbohotel.co.uk but you got to be more than 10 years old to register .chattings free and swimming is free but if you would like more fun you could buy furniture. how? well go to buy credits on the homepage and decide if your using home phone credit card or mobile phone .wen you get your habbo you can have funky hair cool cloths .BUT!!!! if you would like betta cloths and hair styles you have to be a HC OR HOBBA OR HABBO STAFF, if you like to be a hc member you have to have 30 cred wit you and wen you sign on there will be in the corner a bagdge click on that and it says 30 days of hc. click on the buy HC and you get hc for 5 days and you have 5 creds spare and you get a HC sofa! wow sooo get on to habbo.

p.s HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26-11-2004, 11:10 AM
undefinedundefinedundefined[Join Habbo Hotel]
Habbo Hotel a place of friends and fun.
This is the place
Where all my adventures begun.

Let me guide you to the different places.
Such as the private rooms and the public spaces.
I'll show you the way in there
And let you see the fun we share.

First stop is the public spaces
Where we have cafes, lobbies and outside spaces.
Meet the friendly working staff
Who will entertain you until you laugh.

Next is the the guest rooms which we all have
Grouped under many different names such as
Chill rooms, trading rooms and sporty rooms
Are the few examples of private rooms.
Last but not least - the recommended rooms
which are praised by hobbas and habbo staff.
Before you leave , don't forget
To create your own hotel room.

That's the end of this interesting journey.
I hope you will come back and play.

Thank you for your kind attention
Thank you very much! :eusa_ange :D :p

26-11-2004, 02:17 PM
Habbo Name: Snapshot

When you're surfing on the net & you're bored, why not try www.habbohotel.co.uk?
It has everyting you'd ever need; friends, online community, making your own room, and cool games!
Why not buy a pet and you don't have to take it to the vet neither, you can make some fantastic rooms with chairs, beds, minibars or if you get lucky in some of the competitions you could have thrones and throne sofas in your room, if you really love habbo try getting habbo club membership, it gives you awesome clothes, and a rare every month.

www.habbohotel.co.uk can change your life, and give you more friends than you could imagine, it also has some of the best sites on it www.habbox.com which gives you help and advise on how to stay safe!

So it's Safe, Fun, has awsome Competions, games and friends, what more would you want!
Well you might want some bars and cafe's to goto yup habbo's got them too :D

26-11-2004, 03:55 PM
Habbo name: frontslide

habbo hotel, The best place to hang out in the World Wide Web!

Fancy a good day out? then why not visit habbo hotel!
Get a nice, warm welcome in the public rooms and extend your holiday break cause we know you'll wanna stay! Take a stroll down Habbo Lane and buy yourself some Funky new Habbo Club clothes! Or just chill out in Habburgers and get a bite to eat!
Ready to go out on the town? Get your best clothes on and even change your hairstyles again and again and again!
So, what will it be? Ca$ino's or out clubbing? BOTH! Gamble at many different rooms with different atmospheres in every one! Will it be your lucky day?
Time To Party! Tune into www.habboxradio.com and go to the dj's party or club at The one and only Club massiva!

Had enough? Tired? Then buy yourself some furniture and make your own room to settle down for the night! Decorate it and customize to make it your own little, unique space.

Like this hotel? Then why not travel over to one of the many hotels across the globe. Japan, Usa , Australia , Finland , Singapore , Spain! The list is Goes on! So why not visit us at habbohotel. 24/7 365!

26-11-2004, 04:02 PM
Can't afford the sims?
Well, theres an even better option and its free to join.
www.habbohotel.co.uk (http://www.habbohotel.co.uk/)
You don't have to download it, you join up, and you don't have to wait for your account, it all happens nice and quickly.

You're probably thinking, whats the catch?
To make your own room, you have to pay a small amount for furniture, there is a catolouge with lots of different types of furniture.

But if you don't want to make your own room, you can visit other peoples, or even go in the public rooms, e.g. Habbo Lido, you can go swimming, and your 'habbo' (which is your person) gets a little swimsuit. :)

So join today,
Don't fight the temptation,
Be a part the habbo population.

26-11-2004, 08:17 PM
Habbo Name: Confiscate

Dear friend,
I am writing to you about this new virtual game. Habbo Hotel is a virtual Hotel where you can hang out with your friends, meet new ones, create and decorate your own personal space, and take part in a wide variety of activities and competitions.

26-11-2004, 09:21 PM
Habbo name: =Godish=
Dont worry i know your bored and you really dont want to hear a 300 word advert so let me make it short and simple
3 words Fantastic Fun Addictive...
Break the habbit try habbo... go on u know u want to...

27-11-2004, 08:47 AM
Habbo Name: Painiac

Hi (insert name here),

You've seemed quite bored recently and i think you deserve to know about what could be the answer to your problems. HABBO HOTEL..... now you're confused I bet.... you are, aren't you? Thought so... I bet you wanna know what Habbo Hotel is, don't you? Sure you do... Habbo Hotel is an online, what's the word? PARADISE! Whether you want to hang around with your mates or even make new ones, Habbo Hotel is the place. If you wanna play games or get a fun job, Habbo Hotel is the place! I joined Habbo Hotel about 4 months ago and I've never gone a day without going on it at least twice... There are loads of cool staff working hard to keep you safe from scammers or hackers. The best reason of all though for going on Habbo is that if you don't go on Habbo, you can't go on Habbox.

28-11-2004, 01:17 AM
habbo name: .:.miss-t.:.
habbo hotel is a chat room, but its different from other chat rooms like msn, you can make your own personalised person changing the hair styles, clolor of hair, tops, color of tops,bottoms, color of bottoms ,shoes and color of shoes.
There is two types of rooms public rooms where you go into a big room and lots of ppl can go in those rooms also there is guest rooms witch any habbo can make you pay for furniture e.g. chairs, beds and sofa's theres alot more, but you dont need furni to go on habbo. Meet loads of ppl and you can ask them to be your friend and msg them on your habbo console witch is a pop-up on the screen it alows you to msg your friends. you can play games on habbo like fallin furni where the furniture is put down you sit on it if u dont sit on one then your out of the game.you will have alot of fun on this chat room and meet alot of new friends but remember... dont give your password to anyone, dont tell anyone your email adress and most certainly dont tell anyone how old you are or were you live! hope you enjoy.

01-12-2004, 11:03 PM
habbo name:hooperzman

habbo a great place to meet
to get credits and furni and lots of new friends
and lots of habbos in games u can beat
i love rooms that are like dens

guest rooms,public places
how can this not be fun
lots of bright over 11 year olds faces
if you didn't go on habbo id say ure dum

theres all ways to get ure furni
one is is to buy credits
the other is to play games e.g falling furni

i am only 12 and i really enjoy habbo
and i havent mentiond competitions like funky friday
and its soo cool u can win nearly anything
and well the last rule is be safe so,dont scam or get scammed

be safe,meet friends,get furni,enter competitions
dont break any rules u will get you are perm banned in repititions
and people and places to go
on the hotel we call habbo

04-12-2004, 12:14 PM
Habbo Name: Rt7
Forum Name: Rt7

Habbo Hotel is a wonderful place. You can join for free, and create rooms. You can call the credit line, to get 10 credits. You can buy furni with them credits. You can trade all the furni you buy. When you get used to it you will get hooked to it, and you will figure out how to make falling furni rooms. If you create a room, have lots of furni, you can make other rooms too. You can also join HC, get a rare every month, and get extra hair styles and clothes too! You get extra room layouts, get wonderful tools, a HC badge, and a different one once you have been HC for a year, and when you cant see a person you want to click on, just type type type :chooser away! Them stuff you can only get with HC, but trade, create rooms, call credit line, get furniture, buy furniture, and all sorts without HC aswell!

05-12-2004, 02:48 AM
Habbo name: -lonely-rain-

There's this site called Habbo hotel. It's THE best place to be on the net. You and all the rest of your friends can play there for free! Want furni but can't afford the creds? Play some of the awesome games people make in their private rooms! If you get enough furniture for your room, you could even make one of your own! If you're there to make friends, they've got rooms for that as well. If that isn't your thing, then why not check out the lido? You can dive and swim, hang out, and judge the dives of others. They've got loads of other great rooms to hang out in, with THOUSANDS of people in the hotel just waiting to meet you! You could even play chess with someone in a different country! There's always something new happening in Habbo hotel. On the holidays, there are special events and competitions that all the habbos can participate in. If you play there long enough, and are 18, then you could even hold the coveted position of being a HOBBA. It's every habbos dream to become a hobba, but you've got to earn it by obeying the habbo way. There will always be someone there to help, and you should always help the rest of your habbo mates. So what are you waiting for? Get in there and make a habbo! :D

05-12-2004, 10:50 AM
Habbo name: Multi-coloured
Hi Come on habbo hotel Its Great and its fun Its just a virtual Hotel In which you can buy credits for furniture/decoration for your room for just a small sum of money and a phone call but you dont have to buy credits. You Chat to your friends Its free! Play games Go To clubs But how much more can there be!? Well theres Gardens, Swimming pools, Pubs, Cinimas, a theatre And Habburgers Its great its fun as you can see So just click the Click here button And enjoy! Go and See!

Never Judge a Chatroom By its cover, Judge it by whos inside

05-12-2004, 05:42 PM
:mas_snow:Habbo name: multi-coloured
Hi Come on habbo hotel Its Great and its fun Its just a virtual Hotel In which you can buy credits for furniture/decoration for your room for just a small sum of money and a phone call but you dont have to buy credits. You Chat to your friends Its free! Play games Go To clubs But how much more can there be!? Well theres Gardens, Swimming pools, Pubs, Cinimas, a theatre And Habburgers Its great its fun as you can see So just click the Click here button And enjoy! Go and See!

Never Judge a Chatroom By its cover, Judge it by whos inside

:mas_red: Merry Christmas Every one Mwah! :mas_red:

19-12-2004, 11:30 PM
Habbo Name: Hippygurl101

Wanna Go to a place where everyone knows your name? Well maybe it isn’t cheers, but hey if you’re looking for a friendly and welcoming environment, look no further my friend. Habbo Hotel is the hottest place on the net and waiting for you to join. Its only a few clicks away to entering a new world where it doesn’t matter about you, your life, whets going on, but what you want to do, and what you want to say. Take life and control it your way. Be who you want to be and join the 24 hour party at www.habbohotel.co.uk! (www.habbohotel.co.uk)

20-12-2004, 12:35 AM
Habbo Name: Formality

Welcome to Habbo Hotel! One of the fastest growing online communities in the world! Well what can I do here? I hear you ask, Habbo hotel is an online community alowing you and others to chat and become friends with people all over the world. There are great rooms for you to explore and you can even make you own, Why not add friends to you console and have a party? Or make a gaming room? So much to do so little time! So why not join? "Cheak IN" and join the Habbo world with us!

20-12-2004, 08:52 PM
Habbo Name: JadeLestrange

Welcome to HabboHotel, an online chatroom for young people aged 11+.
Habbohotel is used Worldwide and thousands of people log in all over the world every day! Think about it, while you sit at your own computer another person on the other side of the world is doing the exact same thing! It's amazing really.

Visit the Public Spaces and go swimming, eat and drink - all for free! Or you could visit the Guest Rooms and play games, win furni, trade furni with other users and even create your own Guest Room!

Bored of looking like every other Habbo? Join the exclusive Habbo club and receive a monthly rare furniture, loads of different cool hairstyles and clothes in various colours and receive exclusive Guest room Layouts all for 25 credits per month.

Want music to listen to as you meet new people or chill out with your friends? then tune into www.habboxradio.com for some cool tunes to sing along to! Great DJs, Great Music, Great Times!

Also,the site is monitored 24 hours a day by Hobbas (the Habbo equivalent of Police) If Anyone scams or abuses you or someone else, report it ASAP and the habbo that did the scamming/abusing may end up banned from the site.

Like the sound of HabboHotel? Then register today for free! Come and join us and have a Habbotastic time!

22-12-2004, 12:27 PM
Habboname: [email protected]


welcome to Habbo Hotel. The hotel that is designed to make a safe environment for people 10-20 years of age!

If you would like to join the hundreds of people on Habbo Hotel please click the link called "check in".

Habbo Hotel is not only designed for eople to talk, but you can do other kinds of things like buy furni, buy a pet ect.

To become a member (habbo) just simply click the link then once it has loaded click the "become a habbo" link then all you have to do is type in your details! :D

Don't worry parents there is a terms and conditions page if you look at the top of this page. :p

so don't delay join the habbo world and make a habbo!

oh yes and have a trouble free habbo life!

22-12-2004, 03:21 PM
Hello! :)

Habbo Name : Mafro.

Welcome to the World of Habbo Hotel. An Online Interactive Game Where You Can Chat With Some Of Your Real Friends and Maybe Make Some New Friends All Around The World. This Interactive Game Is Aged For Persons Aging In Eleven Years Old -to- Twenty Years Old.

All around the Hotel there are public spaces where most Habbo's go to have FUN. You can eat, drink and swim for NO COST at all. But theres some additional games that cost credits.(Ex : Wobble Squabble) Instead of going to public rooms you can go to guest rooms. In these games there are clubs, games, modeling compititions, and dance clubs.

Are you happy with everyone looking the same? Now, You dont have to be the same anymore. For a fee of 25 credits you can join the Habbo Club. It includes Cool hairstyles, Cool Clothes and Cool Room Layouts. And for every month you are in Habbo Club you will recieve a Gift from Habbo Hotel.

Hey parents if you are worried about your Children, you dont have to be. There are rules to follow in Habbo Hotel. Plus Habbo Hotel is watched over by tons of Habbo Hotel workers. Their names a Hobba's. They have the right to do what they want with a good explaination.

It is easy to sign up for Habbo Hotel. All you have to do is Click the Check In Button and Create A Habbo. It will ask for the basics from your child. They are : Email address and Day Of Birth.

Well thats all to know about Habbo Hotel. Now that you know all about Habbo Hotel, Jump Start Your Computer and Join Habbo Hotel.

23-12-2004, 01:51 AM
Habbo name: Walken

I bet wherever you live, whoever you live with, you don;t have the freedom you really want. Freedom to have a rave in your house, high dive with friends, dance in an alcohol and drug free club, meet 1000 new people evrey day. Freedoms something we all love but is more a dream than a reality. So ask yourself: Wheres a place where i can get this dream?

Habbo hotel is more than just a hotel, its a virtual home for 30,000 habbos each and evrey day. Maybe you don't have your own room in real life, and have to share with a brother or sister. Does it matter here? Build your own room, invite your mates and have a mad party! Maybe your parents don't want you out all night; You can dance the night away in chromide club without ever leaveing your chair. Meet friends, make rooms, have fun! www.habbohotel.co.uk

23-12-2004, 12:51 PM
Habbox Name: Lilchloedarlin
Habbo Name: Trixeh

Hello Come and Join the Habbo sensaition which is well Habbo Hotel !
There are Tons of stuff and you can buy credits and buy some lovely furni or some pretty flooring or wallpaper to decorate your Rooms with !
Its comepletly safe and there are no nasty words or anything that might hurt You.
There are friendly Faces you can talk to online You might evan be lucky enough to spot a hobba or a habbo staff !
Habbo is a Fun Place were you can meet new friends,Wonder around Fun Packed rooms,Play The fun games such as falling furni and there will always be friendly help centres if ya dont know what to do or were to go !
Dress Yourself From a wide range of cool clothes and Funky Hairdoo's You can evan get more when you buy hc ! So your dream hairstyle is just around the corner ! Or Have a Nice Yummy burger at Habburgers or a SingSong at The Theatredome!
there is sooo much to do From Your alouyd to Join from 11+ The fun will never stop , So come on Join us Join The fun Of habbo Hotel. There are always Friends around the corner waiting to meet you.

23-12-2004, 01:47 PM
Habbo (not mine) -!6!POW!9!

Stuck at home? Want to hang out with your friends, but your parents won't let you? Well don't worry my friend; there is a way around this!

Habbo hotel is a virtual hotel, where you can meet up with your friends and have a chat. You even get to make your own "Habbo" to suit your personality! Are the business type that will wear a suit? Or are you the wild type that will have a brightly coloured Mohawk!

It’s all 100% free, and as long as you are over 11, you can come in anytime :) just make sure you get a parents permission.

In addition to all this, there are Habbo Credits that on the average cost 10 English pence each, which you can use around the hotel for special privileges! Will you spice up your bland room with some funky furniture? Or take a dive at the Habbo lido! Or if you love standing out in a crowd, you can join the Habbo club and receive exclusive furniture every week, and get the cool HC badge as well!

Habbo Hotel is moderated 24:7 for your safety, and the Bobba Filter will stop the bad language in the room and replace it with “Bobba”

So why wait, join the Habbo Hotel (http://www.habbohotel.co.uk/habbo/en/) today!

23-12-2004, 09:22 PM
Habbo Name: prezlnielsen2

Do you know of a place where you can express yourself to the max? Do you want to do something wild with your hair but your parents won’t let you? Do you want the opportunity to meet people from different areas of your country or around the world in a safe, secure environment? In fact, I do know a place and all it requires is for you to own a computer and have the Internet on it. Habbo Hotel gives every computer owner an experience that is hard to find anywhere else. It gives you the opportunity to communicate with over thousands of people, free of cost. Furthermore, Habbo Hotel makes chat rooms look ancient. In Habbo Hotel you have the ability to walk (and dance!) around in a virtual hotel. Not only that, but you get to pick and choose the clothing, hair, shoes, and the shape of your face giving you the chance to be who you want to be. Another bonus to Habbo Hotel is that it is moderated 24 hours a day around the clock by fully trained members of the Habbo Hotel Staff. To make Habbo Hotel even more enjoyable, and to help pay for services you can buy “coins” (Habbo currency) to purchase over hundreds of different furniture in several shapes, colours and sizes. Furniture can be used to enhance every habbo’s room, be used for simple trade between habbos, and much more. So what are you waiting for? Habbo Hotel is something you will not regret joining. So open up your internet browser and sign up today at www.habbohotel.com .

Laura ^_^

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