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28-12-2005, 03:36 PM
Christmas day has gone and im sure we all had a great time. We all would have had a different christmas and a different holiday from others. Some may have went out, some may have stayed in, some may have went to church and others might not have. Was your holiday filled with christmas cheer, and joy? What were your favorite presents and your favourite moments, and what did you enjoy? Well if your holiday's were fun and packed with adventure, we would like to hear about them. So, what are you waiting for, get writing!

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29-12-2005, 08:25 PM
Habbo Name: Mattseh
Habbox Name: Mattseh
My Entry:
The word Christmas to me means a lot of different things. It means to me a time of giving and receiving, laughter, fun, holiday’s (off school, yeah), never being hungry (well pigging out actually) and family. This year like the rest there was just me and my mum as my dad had worked away ever since I was young.

Well it started off when I woke at 5am and so wanted to go downstairs and open my presents. I thought I better not just yet and somehow and I don’t know how but I nodded back off to sleep and woke again at 7:30 and this time I just couldn’t resist it. I had to wake my mum before I went downstairs. So I just had an urge and I ran and jumped on my mum and sure enough she got up. PSP, bike, pool table, chocolates, clothes, trainers and many more things were unravelled as I opened my presents. Dinner time came and by 2:00 we were stuffed. Then I was enjoying the fun of playing on my PSP when I heard a knock on the door. There I looked at a total stranger and I didn’t have a clue who it was. I started to look more closely and as I did I realised he had similar features to me. After a while I clicked it was my dad who I haven’t seen for 5 years as he has worked away. ‘Hello son’ he said and I jumped into his arms. My PSP was left untouched as were all my other presents as my new best Christmas present was my dad. My mum had knew that he was coming but had kept it from me. It was the best Christmas present ever.

31-12-2005, 03:06 PM
Habbo name: Muppet

Habbox name: xxHayley_Hxx

Christmas just seems like every other day to me, except I get to see all my family at once with a party to go with it. I don't like roast dinner, so I never look forward to that. The presents don't get me excited enough anymore.

No particular good memories this christams, but the chirstmas I will always remember is the one when I choked. I ate too many sausages wrapped in bacon and the bacon fat got stuck in my throat. Put me off bacon for life. Luckly my dad is a fireman and knew how to get it out, by hitting my back real hard? and yes my whole family was around the table and saw most of it all. Embarrasing but lucky I guess.

It's nice to spend time with your family but also very boring. I got lots of hair products this chirstmas, also a lush ipod namo, so it's not all bad.

02-01-2006, 12:39 AM
Habbox name: LewstherinII
Habbo Name: Locksly

The night was quiet and mysterious.
Two figures stood back to back in the strange landscape. They were short, round and fuzzy-looking. One was blue; the other, yellow.
And advancing on them were two tall, muscled men. They each wore baattle gear; helmets, armour, and gloves.
Suddenly one of the men punched out at the fuzzy blue one, a wreath of flame coming through his fingers.
It came towards the blue round creature at a ferocious speed...
Just as the blue creature took off!
It looked slightly comical; a blue round balloon expanding to fly over the top of the man. It looked friendly, not in the slightest irritated by being attacked.
What it did next was just mean.
Unfair. Havoc. Destruction.
The blue creature turned into a brick! Yes, a brick!
And landed full force on the enemy, knocking him backwards. The blue creature moved quickly, landing, and rapidly punching the man with superhuman speed.
The last thing the man saw was the blue creatue grabbing him like a martial artist, taking him high in the air, and dumping him on the ground, the force of which simply knocked the man through the air again, deep into the abyss on the other side of the landscape.
The yellow creature hadn't been idle either. As soon as the SECOND man attacked, it had simply walked, yes, WALKED, [I]under the man's attack!
Time stood still.
Then the creature slammed his whole body into the man, who went flying off the edge of the other side of the landscape...

"Ah come on, Fred," I told my younger brother. We had to prepare for our party - we were having guests over.
We were at my house in Sydney. Fred lives in Gosford, now. But every time he comes in for a visit, we always remember old times and play Super Smash Brothers. Even though it's been outdated, I still consider it to be the best of it's time, and now.

Christmas had been great! After finishing an IT degree in Uni, I had relaxed. Fred and I had gone waterskiing, swimming, fishing, and rockclimbing! And now we were having a Christmas dinner with a few of my Uni friends, and a few of his too. For Christmas, I'd already recieved a motorbike from my parents, which I had yet to acquire a license for, and Fred had bought me a helmet.
Team work!

Feeling sorry that when I moved out, I got the old Nintendo system that kept us entertained when we were lads in highschool, I bought him a nintendo system from Ebay. And a few controllers AND a new Smash Bros game so he could keep his rep up!

I could tell this Christmas so far had been quite enjoyable...and the party to come was even better!

05-01-2006, 08:06 AM
Habbo UK Name: Iamme66
Habbox Forum Name: Iamme66
My Christmas present was actually a two-week trip to Japan since my parents couldn't think of anything else to buy me. We went there on the 21st and saw all the Christmas decorations. I have never been to Japan for Christmas before though I have been there for 21 times (not including this one) in other times, normally Summer. My first Christmas in Japan was fantastic. It was the best Christmas present I've ever received.

05-01-2006, 03:55 PM
habbo name-ally0124
habbox name-ally0124
Christmas means fun time with family, time to spoil ehe also miss school :) And to have a great day with your family, to be happy open presents eat christmas dinner, perhaps go on holiday? But i didn't ;) I stayed at home as it was Christmas Eve i couldn't sleep, Soon later i eventually got to sleep and i woke up at 7:30am & i opened my brown eyes and screamed and woke everyone up and i ran downstairs, and waited for everyone to walk down with joy and happyness, and when they got downstairs we opened the beautiful wrapping paper wrip wrip wrip!
And i put all my wonderful presents next to me and i used my presents, i put the top i got and put on my boots. And put on my golden hoops with the necklace and watched all my family use there wonderful presents. And dinner was ready we got to the table and ate the magnificent meal.
Then the day after we went out for a meal.
And on the 27th i went town with a few mates.
Then on 28th we went cinema and throughout the christmas holidays, it was fun laughter joy happyness getting together with the family, excitement missing school xD and making sure everyone was happy :)

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