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08-01-2006, 12:18 PM
We all know who our hotel manager is. She (callie) helps keep habbo safe, she introduces new teams to us and she entertains us with her great games and events. However, how would you feel if you were hotel manager? What changes to the hotel would you make? Would you fire or hire anyone? Get writing and tell us all about it!

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Habbox Name: ---MAD---
My entry:-

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08-01-2006, 12:22 PM
Habbo Name; vRyan
Habbox Name; vRyan
Entry; Hmm well first i would hold a big staff meeting to let them know who i am. I would re-open HabboX applications to hire more HabboX's and i would release the red amber into the catalogue x]

08-01-2006, 08:00 PM
Habbo name: Tin
Habbox name: Tin

I would re-hire some hobbas, the ones that are trusted and on regulary so the hotel doesn't become over corrupt. I would stop releasing every rare possible and have some given out in some competetions so we could could have some more super rares. I would get some more norms made up and have a completly new norms section.

09-01-2006, 05:53 PM
Habbo name: LimePucca
Habbox name: LimePucca
My entry:

If i were the hotel manager than i would hold a big meeting with all the habbo X's and all the habbo staff!
We would talk about things in habbo and my ideas.

I would bring out a new catalgoue Rare
and send special trohpies to all my mates!
I would make a free habbo diving and wabble squabble day
I would also have loads of my own party rooms so we could all have one big party!!
w00t :)

LimePucca <3<3<3:angel1:

09-01-2006, 06:44 PM
Habbox name: cramop01234
Habbo name: cramop01234

If i were Hotel Manager, I would hold staff meetings, with the Habbo Staff, Moderators and Habbo Council Members. We could all discuss ideas from the Council, and actually make some of them happen. I would open an e-mail for Habbos to submit aspects of the Hotel they would like to see and we will try our best to make them happen - after all, the Hotel Managers job is to make Habbos happy ;)

11-01-2006, 09:21 AM
Habbo UK Name: Iamme66
Habbox Forum Name: Iamme66
If I were Hotel Manager, I would first put something on the website for Habbos to put their thoughts and feelings and what they would like on Habbo. I would then hold Habbo Staff meetings and decide with the staff whether to do that or not. I would also hold giveaways every month and give 5 free credits every Christmas. I would create more furni and put Supers or normal rares in the Catalogue for 25 credits every week for 2 hours (you might get them if you're lucky).

16-01-2006, 07:56 AM
Habbo name: Dupion
Habbox name: R
My entry:

What would I do if I was hotel manager? Well firstly, I would stop releasing every single rare, maybe one every 2 months. Also the rares I would release would come out on time instead of 3 hours later. :$ Also, hold more applications for the habbo council, not just people who were famous could pass, but people who were genuine. I would hold more competitions around the hotel, for example when I am in a room I may give a few norms out or do a competition to win a few rares ;) I would make the newbies welcome in the welcome lounge, and kick the people who are not new as it would not be fair. thanks

16-01-2006, 11:08 AM
habbo(x) name: trunks.15


i whould re hire loads of hobbas
bring out a badge for ppl that are more then 2 years in hc
make new cloths for hc and non hc ppl
make hotel view lime for a day :p
bring out the old mountain dew machine and habbo cola

:) ^_^

16-01-2006, 02:50 PM
habbox name:bobbles
habbo name: Phasers
I think I would first hold an event where habbos could ask me questions about being manager,I would not release rares at 3 in the morning and I would not release every rare that came into my head (though I suppose that's sulake) I would have some more fun events for Habbos,and maybe a givaway or 2 :) I would try to get hobba's back,and I would make a section on the homepage for people to send in thoughts and get regular Habbos a little more involved in the hotel,instead of a choice few

16-01-2006, 05:58 PM
Habbox name: Lawrahx
Habbo name: :Reef:

If i was the hotel manager i would first look at some alterations and see if i can make them happen. I would also hold MORE competitions for people to win rares etc. I would definately create more public rooms and maybe get rid of some of the less popular ones (creating more space) The public rooms would hold games ( Still needing tickets ) and maybe change a few things like in habbo lido, if people think you are good enough, Vote and the person who gets the highest will actually win more tickets or furniture.

I think i would auto-create everybody a room with wallpaper and floor as its only fair on those who can't buy credits.

16-01-2006, 07:34 PM
Habbo (x) Name: Boject

My Entry :-
Well if i was hotel manager, i would first release a new rare, not a recolour a new one. Then i would hold some events and post competitions on the site. I would hold talk shows monthly and wouldnt be behind on Funky Friday or Newsletter. I would probably also hire some of the hobbas back. And i would sometimes do giveaways and if someone lined up and had no credits i would buy them something small.

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16-01-2006, 07:57 PM
Habbo Name: Jon606

If I 'twas Hotel manager, I'd release a rare that is actually USEFUL (like a new teleport or a credit bank or summut), I'd make a habbo bank (like on neopets), I'd contact Sulake HQ in making guns for the REAL-HARD mafia people on Habbo UK (LOL), I'd also contact the HQ to see if they can make real furni of alts people have made, I'd get associated with USEFUL companies (like a sportswear giant or something else worth doing stuff for), make applications to Habbo Council for everyone, release every rare and norm. furni (including floors & wallpaper) for 0 creds (bad idea...lol), make all rooms have a choice of wallpaper & floors when you 1st make them, turn the filter off and fire all the staff so that loads of abuse can happen, let ALL scripting come back, have like 5000 clothes 4 both HC & N-HC, make it so that every habbo gets 2 Purple dragons for no reason, then I'd get fired cos I ruined Habbo.
LOL- hey I wanna do that. I wonder how'll I'll do it though...

16-01-2006, 09:21 PM
Habbo name: Kobi626
Habbox name: Kobi626


If I was the hotel manager i'll do the following things:
*) ReHire new hobbas
*) Make a 'Pokes' tool where you can poke your friends :p
*) Make a 2nd year HC badge
*) Fire Dionysus >=]
*) LISTEN to the habbos's emails and calls.
*) Set up a new anti-scam system ( robots which will look&copy prints of rooms to get proofs of scams )
*) Release more new pets
*) Starting USE the tons of money HabboHotel get, and spread it around making more advertises around UK.
*) Calling sulake to make an Israeli hotel :p ^_^
*) Changing the homepage layout
*) Changing the hotel view layout
*) Adding large public rooms where 100-200 habbos can get in.
*) Make missions box longer & Rooms names
*) Fix filter
*) Release new rares
*) Release more tools for HCs & non-HCs
*) Make a competition where habbos will design new clothes for the hotel, winners clothes will get to honor to be on habbohotel.

*) Change the name of the hotel to KOBIhotel :) :) Mwuhahah!

17-01-2006, 06:43 PM
Habbox name: Lukeisok
Habbo name: Lukeisok

If I was the Habbo Hotel Manager, I would bring back some famous people like; RoomFairy And EasterBunny as these two people held amazaing events. I would make a new badge being given to any habbo who has helped a new person. I would hold a comp to give away 50 sky blue dragons as like what was done with spyro event and also make a public room called: The chill Lounge where you could meet new habbos and old ones alike!

17-01-2006, 07:06 PM


25-01-2006, 08:55 PM
Habbo[x] name: Syzlack
Wow, hotel manager, well, the first thing I would do, is fire Callie and Dionysus. Callie is just really annoying and Doinysus is just wierd. I would then let everyone know who I am. Then I would release and keep all those New Habbo Public room, the Sport room and the other ones etc. I would have a poll, of everyones favourite/top rare. (DJ Decks etc). And then I would release it for a week, so its not so stingy and not just a coupleh hours. AAnd I would visit most norma, rooms, and hang out like normal people. I would have a party room to celebratemy new managment, and I can't think of anything else I would want to do. :)
- Syzlack

25-01-2006, 09:13 PM
Habbox name: LewstherinII
Habbo Name: MysteriousDrX2

My Entry - In Control...
Hotel Manager day looms ahead...the end of the reign of too many Rares. Well; I wouldn't have anyone fired yet, of course. The first thing I'd do is have a small celebration where every Habbo would enter their name and email in and get 5 credits; like a few years ago.
I'd revamp the console so it's back to the old days; where you could SMS other Habbos, and send emails via console. By increasing the number of friends a normal Habbo can have; I can also add to the good of the console, a mere shadow of what it once was.
Habbo Club; while getting more benefits already; pay 25 credits a month to get a Rare and some new clothes :S and that amounts to quite a bit of money. They would receive, with a V9 update, 4 more sets of funky hair (the type everyone likes to wear!) and 4 more sets of tops and pants (or skirts) each. Perhaps 2 new eye layouts?
Gold Hcs, for their time in Habbo, would receive an extra tool and even more clothing; the tool being :rights whenever they were in a room; to check to see who has rights. In their own room; they can individually delete those with rights at their choosing!
I'd have a meeting with ALL of the Mods, and talk to them about what I want to achieve. The Mods would be told not to be a touch irritable with Habbos; but friendly when helping out, not grudging. I would say whilst a few MODs are great helpers, the others need to work on what's going on here...this is their job, after all.
And forget so many Rares in the catalog - it just isn't funny anymore. I'd host a Competitions month; with at least 10 running at the same time. A completely new Super Rare would be the prize for some of these; while perhaps an existing Super Rare would suffice just one or two. Rares won't be introduced for a while; but when they do, it would be a new style of sticky, one where you can change font and have up to 5 more colours, including white!
There'd be good competetions, too. Not popularity wons where the average Joe can't win! Poetry; Old English, grammer, Habbo stories and more. The newsie would not feature one liners like "Don't forget your password, etc," and would be filled with original Habbo ideas that shine from the rest.
And lastly; Perhaps the Newsie prize will change to 3 months of Habbo and 3 HCs? I would probably introduce a poll so Habbos could vote on what they want the prize to be!

26-01-2006, 05:25 AM
Habbo Name: derek2004
Habbox Name: derek2004
My entry:- sit back while im still manager and do nothing. hire someone to moderate everything and come up with new ideas

26-01-2006, 12:12 PM
Habbo Name: dodgerdude
Habbox Name: dodgerdude

if i were hotel manager i was trash the recolourd rares but keep a few and i would bring out new rares with thier own features that the habbos want such as a evnding machine or a swimming pool XD and i would bring back the hobbas and have an official help room were you can report scams and new scams people are doing so we can combat it and i would also have continuous competitions and listen to habbos to what they want to make habbo the best it can possibly be, i would also update existing functions such as the problems with consoles i would add a send to all online friends icon so they consoleing is easier , i would also make new dances for even non hcs and add more room layouts but not huge stupid ones {version 9}

26-01-2006, 03:31 PM
Habbo Name: Dracolis
Habbox Name: Dracolis
My entry:- If I were the Hotel Manager I would release a rare for each month. This would include Laser Gate, Cola Machine, Snow Patch and any recolourings that were left over of previous rares. When I release a rare it will be at 5pm on the first day of the new month. I would introduce Free BattleBall. The winner of each month would receive a BattleBall badge to keep. If they win more than once the colouring of the badge would be upgraded (say blue, then green, yellow, orange, purple, turquoise , pink, black, bronze, silver and finally gold). Once they got to gold status (won 12 times they would receive a super rare prize. I would also introduce new games where you would initially have to pay 1 credit to play. These would be a racing game, the re-introduction of Snow War & a hockey type game. I would release special norms sections in the catalogue for different festivities (eg. the introduction of the flags of all the nations participating in the World Cup - to be released in June). HabboX's would be instructed to go to other public areas where newbies would need help such as Habbo Lido so they can teach them how to dive, and Rooftop Rumble to teach them how to use Wobble Squabble. As well as inside the hotel I would also make changes outside with the newsletter. I would create a more Fan Friendly newsletter, but I would get rid of some of the Safety articles such as the poems and introduce a clear link on the homepage to find help sources. Most probably linking to Hobtech or some help forum. I would let the Official Fansites take control over what competitions there were. I would update the Official Fansite list to include HabboGlobe, HabboMeadow, ThinkHabbo, and HabboParadise. I would put HotelViewFM back in plus introduce 2 new forums - Habbo Council Forum and HabboGossip. I would want users to be able to express their views and the more people know about Habbo Council Forum, the better. I would probably remove just HabboMania, HabboPaper and Habbos from the list as I would want the fansite list to be bigger than before. I doubt I'd be sacking anyone. If Dionysus did get on my nerves I'd just pull his ears. If someone left I'd bring a respectable ex-hobba in to take their place. For all the habbos that complain they don't have any credits I would have the occasional 'win free credits' competitions that the USA and Canada hotels usually have.

28-01-2006, 02:09 PM
Habbo: ApK

Firstly, I would emphasise a feedback form. That way, we could tell what people do/do not like about the hotel or the service. I would then take the time needed to review these and make sure they happen. I would stop releasing super-rares and create new ones, to be fair on those who have earned their super rares by paying alot for them. I would treat everyone equeal, no matter however much, or however little furniture or respect they have.
Finally, I would add more user-friendly features to the Habbo Hotel interface, and also include some new ones that people would find fun or useful.

28-01-2006, 02:37 PM
Habbo Name: smallBOY68
Habbox Name: smallBOY68
My entry:- If i was hotel manger i would stop releasing every rare they posibaly can. And make some more norms. Also make some new HC gifts:P Also new room layouts/space , also some new cloths.


01-02-2006, 04:24 PM
Habbo Name: micky.blue.eyes
Habbox Name: micky.blue.eyes
- If I was hotal manager I would rehire all hobba's and test them without them knowing it, I will give them a difficult situation and they will have to do what is best, if they can't handle it, they will be fired, we don't want hobba's who can't handle difficult situations do we? ;)
- As a celebration I would give every habbo a holo-girl and a holiday romance because the holo-girl was the first ever rare and the holiday romance was the first rare that was released in the rare section, but only habbo's who have been active for at least 1 week in 2 months will get this pressent so lots of clones won't get the pressent and it'll we be more equal to all habbo's. I give those rare's not only because they were the first rares, but also as a symbol, a symbol for a new start, just like those rares were a new start for habbo, a start of a line of new items. Nobody will know if this ofcourse untill everybody has their present at the end of the second month.
- I will try to push the graphic designers and all the other people who help with creating new items to come with a new item (because I can't make one ofcourse, I'm not a pixel artist), this will be released in the first week, so that's even before people get their pressent.
I will also push those people I just mentioned to make at least 1 new room available to everybody and 1 new type of cloth for every part of the habbo (shoes, pants, shirt, hat/hair). All this will be released and created in 2-4 months, so we can spread it and we don't wan't to spoil everybody ;).
- There will be 1 day where people can ask me questions in a public room, there will be a line and everytime 10 people have asked me something they will be kicked out of the room so new people can come in, this will be announced on the homepage and I will ask some hobba's to help and write down names of people who have asked a question so if they re-enter we can kick them out again, this will be hard work and I will reward those hobba's for it. :)
- Ofcourse scammers, flooders, scripters and other rule breakers won't be accepted, so we will be permanent banning more people and faster. If somebody is advertising a room using a macro tool, he will be IP banned and account banned so the main account of that person is unable to use his account on his computer, we will also try to find out who the main account is, and account ban that account aswell. Scripters and other scammers will, when caught, be banned or furniture will be taken from them, to make them feel how it is to lose furniture.

That's about it, hope it's all clear.
And I wan't to wish everybody good luck with the competition.

01-02-2006, 05:11 PM
Habbo name: chrisk
Habbox name: kirbyc
My Entry: If I was in control of the hotel I would not change anything except 2 simple things. I would make improvements on the contact us page because most of the time they take forever on responding back. And my second thing is make more competitions on habbo so they can get involed more. Habbo's who like doing competitions are more likely to stay on habbo and do less scamming. Otherwise i would not change a thing. Everything else is just perfect.

01-02-2006, 05:11 PM
Habbo name: chrisk
Habbox name: kirbyc
My Entry: If I was in control of the hotel I would not change anything except 2 simple things. I would make improvements on the contact us page because most of the time they take forever on responding back. And my second thing is make more competitions on habbo so they can get involed more. Habbo's who like doing competitions are more likely to stay on habbo and do less scamming. Otherwise i would not change a thing. Everything else is just perfect.

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01-02-2006, 05:11 PM
Habbo name: chrisk
Habbox name: kirbyc
My Entry: If I was in control of the hotel I would not change anything except 2 simple things. I would make improvements on the contact us page because most of the time they take forever on responding back. And my second thing is make more competitions on habbo so they can get involed more. Habbo's who like doing competitions are more likely to stay on habbo and do less scamming. Otherwise i would not change a thing. Everything else is just perfect.

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