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16-07-2004, 05:51 PM
www.slimevolley.com (http://www.slimevolley.com)

this is the BEST online game ever. (yes this could also be placed under the games section but it also has nothing to do with habbox...)

there are 5 levels, apparantly (but i've only got up to level 4)

you basically have to block your opponent and score points by either
a) aced serves (the best are ones that appear to be going directly down but you then knock it over your opponent's head)
b) slam shots or
c) very low shots.

here is a guide that took 5 minutes of spare time to make.

LEVEL ONE: pathetic white slime.
not much to say here, just play well and you should win. he is difficult to ace serves with but slam shots work 90% of the time.

LEVEL TWO: angry red slime.
more difficult but as most of his serves go straight down to the closest edge all you need to do is hit back at him and he will miss it.

LEVEL THREE: master slime.
he is very hard for beginners, but all you need to do is hit your serves low (by moving back and hitting it forward) and keep ALL your shots low. when he is serving, be prepared to lose.

LEVEL FOUR: psycho slime.
he's faster and more skilled than you, and be prepared to lose 6-0. all you can hope for is that he will mess up.

LEVEL FIVE: unknown
pray for mercy from..

Edit from Gamaya: well thanks for moving it, butcher.. now i'm NOT embarassed!

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