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20-01-2005, 04:41 PM
On the home page of Habbox you will find Articles written by several Habbox Writers. How would you like to see your article written there? Here is an opportunity for all members (NOT STAFF) to write their very own article which involves the newly formed Habbo Council. Your article must include the following:- You can add up to 10 habbos of your choice that you think would have something to offer the council, you must tell us how effective this council will be, what you think they should do, give your opinion on the pros and cons about it, and finally your article MUST have no less than 150 words and no more than 300 words. Any entry that fails to meet this criteria will automatically be disqualified.

The Prize:-
Your article published in the Articles on Habbox home page plus 20 reputation points for the forum and a dicemaster kindly donated by jack20012002.

To enter this competition you must be a registered member of our forum. Habbox is giving all its members the opportunity to enter this competition, click on the post reply icon below.

Your entry should look like the example below:-

Habbo Name: MissAlice
Habbox Name:
Followed by your entry:- Councillor Habbo

And remember to enter this competition you must be a registered member of the Habbox forum.
Follow the link below to go to the competition entry page and click on the post reply icon, leave your habbo name and your entry.

This competition will run until 18th February unless otherwise stated. After that Habbox Writers and MissAlice will pick the best entry and the prize will be handed over in Habbo.

One entry per Habbox Member ONLY.
Please read the terms and conditions at the bottom (In Black)

Terms and conditions: To prevent foul play, we only allow one entry for each pc. If more entries are sent using the same pc all the entries will be discarded. You can send in your entry until the competition is closed at some time on February 18th 2005. Please be aware that some competitions may be extended, or even closed early due to the number of entries. The winner will be announced on the site and in this forum and will be contacted by MissAlice to collect the prize. Habbox has the right to close the competition at any time before the competition ending date and the winner will be judged from all the entries received up to that point. Habbox Writers and MissAlice will be judging the competition any harassment or attempted bribery will see you disqualified and could even get you into trouble on the Habbox Forum. ALL Habbox staff are excluded from participating in Competition, unless Competition states they may. This includes trialists who become staff before this Competition closes. Any entries that break the forum rules in anyway will also be disqualified. Prizes must be claimed within two months of the winner/s being announced. Unclaimed prizes will be used again in a future Competition.

When in the competition forum only post competition entries - Do not post questions or comments it is not the place to do so.

Winner Announced - 24th February
Winner - BLuweesH

Below is the Dicemaster in the winner's room.

21-01-2005, 04:25 PM
• Habbo name: FiftySeven
• Article:

Herd of school council? Well if yes, you'll know about Habbo Council, it has members such as DJ-3000, Sierk, MoonGlowGirl and alot more, including habbo staff! For those who dont have a School Council, here is what they do,
They take other peoples suggestions like, mine which was 'Can you help me with my homework, I need alot of help', which they helped me, with my homework, They also help alot of people in trouble like someone saying to the Teacher 'I got kicked by Bob' (or someone :P). The council are very effective, they help and be good to us!
Goods and Bads about the council:

Goods -
• They help all the time
• They dont be nasty.

Bads -
• No normal habbos who dont work at any site or have HC, work there
• The council members are not always there
• Sometimes the most famous aren't there

If you need any help, just want to see the whole list of people who work there or even just hang out, search Callie and go to ''Habbo Council Drop-In''

4 Habbos who SHOULD of been in the Council:


They are very effective for example:
Me: Help!!!
MoonGlowGirl: Whats the problem, Sir?
Me: I got asked by Fred to add him on msn
MoonGlowGirl: Dont he may send you a virus keylogger or even the virus worms.

See what they do?! They tell you about all different viruses, and they help you WHEN YOU ASK.

I think they should also have more Habbos to help - not habbo staff.

Just to help you out - There is 245 words and 1549 Characters (Letters) In this post!

21-01-2005, 05:13 PM
Habbo name: :Kader
Habboz Name: Mr.Ben


Ever felt like you voice hasn't been heard?
Ever felt like giving up?
Well, think again! Because the Habbo council is here! It has members such as our wonderful DJ-3000, Moonglowgirl, sierk, DollEyes, just to name a few!
Give your suggestions to them and get yourself heard! This talented, experienced and helpful bunch of fellows will help you out and get your ideas to Habbo, to make it a better enviroment for everyone!
They don't just help with Habbo, maybe bullying, friendship even homework horrors!

IE. If a Habbo wanted like a new idea for a quest say, they would tell a member of Habbo council, and they would put it forawrd to Habo themselves to take into account.

DJ-3000-Has a help desk, well known, helpful.
Moonglowgirl-Miss Habbo, well known, friendly.
DollEyes-Hobba, mature.
sierk-been on Habbo long (experience)

Good points:
Helpful, experienced, most importantly kind and generous.

Bad points:
All the council members will always be online.

It's going to be effective because Habbo has never seen anything like this before.

What are you waiting for? Get your voice; TODAY!

[Search Callie and go to the drop-in room to see the whole list and put your ideas on the stikies inside]

Edited By MissAlice - Competitions Manager
Your article must include the following:- You can add up to 10 habbos of your choice that you think would have something to offer the council, you must tell us how effective this council will be, what you think they should do, give your opinion on the pros and cons about it, and finally your article MUST have no less than 150 words and no more than 300 words. Any entry that fails to meet this criteria will automatically be disqualified.

24-01-2005, 08:01 AM
Habbo name: BLuweesH

Need your idea or opinion to be heard? Believe you can change Habbo? Well, Habbos. The Habbo Council is here! And they want to hear what YOU have to say! This is your chance! As there are 14 members including one moderator, one Hobba and Mr. and Ms. Habbo 2004 and many others, they will be around in each parts of the Hotel, collecting what you need to say, what you want in the hotel, they need your feedback, and so forth to make the Hotel a better place!

What is good about the Council?

• Good and bad opinions count, so they’ll need all necessary information from Habbos like you.
• They all have unique and special abilities to assist with your needs.
• They are punctual, and helpful.

What is bad about the council?

• Certain members might not be online at certain times, because of e.g. Timezones
• Council members might have not had previous experience
• Some members might not be able to assist with your query

10 Habbos I recommend that should be in the Habbo Council are:
- Aikin
- AngelBlood
- Askme87
- Existentialism
- Importz
- Jettles
- oni.the.lost
- Sabra
- Strangle
- Zimish


Note that is my first article. So don't tease me. :'( Oh my this competition ends on my Birthday! Hehe

06-02-2005, 07:30 PM
Habbo Name: LukeyLukey
Habbox Name: LukeyLukey

The new Habbo Council isn't a get rid of Callie fast scheme (which some one you hoped it would be)
Its one of Callies 50/50 ideas it could flop or it could be top.
The idea of the Council is to help Callie improve habbo without her beeing there all the time to answer and talk to habbos and keep them entertained,
Some of the Council members are DJ-3000 (Habbox's Own) Budy (Mr Habbo 04) and moonglowgirl (Mrs Habbo 04)
If you really need to see the drop-in Just search Callie and it should say 'Habbo Council Drop-In' and its also a mix of Callie with her GREAT furni so drop in sometime.
As i type im talking to rareboy in there,
Personally i would add a few hobbas etc. GlitterKat and a few of the Habbox Staff (MissAlice!)


09-02-2005, 07:38 PM
Habbo and Habbox name: pink@fluff
Article -

The thing to remember about the Council is:

They are here for YOU!

They must be able to submit the views and ideas of the 'ordinary' habbos truthfully and they must have the ability to express clearly their beliefs, suggestions and new concepts previously un-thought of.
A good idea is to have a contact form for the Council. Everybody could then express their opinions and ideas and the best ones brought up at meetings.
After each meeting, a minute should be sent to all habbos to get people more aware and involved with using and contributing to the council. It should discuss the main points, problems and suggestions brought up by the councillors.
Sometimes staff might find it hard to look at the hotel in the view of an normal habbo so habbos need to be encouraged that this is THEIR council, to be used by THEM and most importantly to always be looking for ways to improve the hotel. People mustn’t think that the habbos on the council will ignore them and mustn’t be at all hesitant about contacting the council with what may seem a foolish idea; as it may change the hotel for the better.
So many ideas are floating around in heads all over the hotel, these ideas need to be brought into the open and it is the hard and valuable job of the councillors to do this.

Ideal Council
2 'ordinary' habbos - to have good balance of people.
2 HC Habbos - as above.
3 'main' fansite owners - e.g. sierk and Exercet (HabboFM), contribute on behalf of fansites.
2 Hobbas - able to express larger problems in the hotel.
2 Habbo staff members – needed to moderate/listen to views.
2 'famous' Habbos, e.g Budy and Moonglowgirl. To put forward views of wealthy/wellknown habbos.

300 words!!

12-02-2005, 10:08 PM
Habbo & Habbox Name :- HotelHealth
Entry :-

Hotel Standerds Going Down.
You Think There Should Be A Toilet Or a Beach.
Well Have You Say With The All Mighty
*+*+**+*+*HABBO COUNCIL*+*+*+*+*

Have Your Say.
This Hotel Is Staying Up Thanks To You.
So Think
And Wait For That Sunny Location On Public Rooms Or That Good Looking Restroom
( After All Habbos Need To Go Too :S Holds In :p)

You Need Furni Because Your Parents Think
*+*O Great More Wasting Of Money NO You May Not Buy Credits*+*

The Council Can Do Regular Giveaways And Stuff To Make Sure Everyones Happy As Habbos

The Council Members Are Good But The People I Could Put In Are Better :p

For Example :-
MotleyFool :p

The Council Should And Is Spending More Time On Scammers And Seting Up Certain Ways Of Stoping Them So Keep Your Eyes Peeled For The Next Meeting Because Chances Are Your Ideas Up With Those Councilers Right Now

The Councils Good The Councils Great Habbo Councils There To Help

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