View Full Version : Does anyone speak Russian???

14-02-2005, 06:49 PM
I do!!! I think its really cool and i am takin it for GCSE! i have also done french for 3 years but actually like Russian more. I was just wondrin wether anyone else has learnt or learnin Russian at the minute coz i dont think many schools are teachin it???

18-02-2005, 08:52 PM
Is this right?
Здр*в*твулте!! Моим именем будет Jane :)
К*к вы?

18-02-2005, 08:53 PM
I dont speak russian

27-02-2005, 08:31 PM
a bit is close to russian my grandpa could speak russian really good he had to learn it because there was a famin in ukraine and he moved to white russia

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