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16-02-2005, 11:01 AM
Could you write a story about how 2 Habbox Staff fell miraculously in love on Valentine's Day, tell us how they spent their day together, and what made you choose those two people. It can be any Habbox Staff, must be a male and a female, try to be as descriptive as possible. Humour is allowed as well, but don't take it too far (keep it clean). Ideally your story will have between 150 - 300 words.

The Prize:-
Your article published in the Articles on Habbox home page plus one months free VIP for the forum and a HC Sofa kindly donated by FiftySeven.

To enter this competition you must be a registered member of our forum. Habbox is giving all its members (NOT STAFF) the opportunity to enter this competition, click on the post reply icon below.

Your entry should look like the example below: -

Habbo Name: MissAlice
Habbox Name:
Followed by your entry: - Habbox Valentines

And remember to enter this competition you must be a registered member of the Habbox forum.

Follow the link below to go to the competition entry page and click on the post reply icon, leave your habbo name and your entry.

This competition will run until 15th March unless otherwise stated. After that Habbox Writers and MissAlice will pick the best entry and the prize will be handed over in Habbo.

One entry per Habbox Member ONLY.
Please read the terms and conditions at the bottom (In Black)

Terms and conditions: To prevent foul play, we only allow one entry for each pc. If more entries are sent using the same pc all the entries will be discarded. You can send in your entry until the competition is closed at some time on March 15th 2005. Please be aware that some competitions may be extended, or even closed early due to the number of entries. The winner will be announced on the site and in this forum and will be contacted by MissAlice to collect the prize. Habbox has the right to close the competition at any time before the competition ending date and the winner will be judged from all the entries received up to that point. Habbox Writers and MissAlice will be judging the competition any harassment or attempted bribery will see you disqualified and could even get you into trouble on the Habbox Forum. ALL Habbox staff are excluded from participating in Competition, unless Competition states they may. This includes trialists who become staff before this Competition closes. Any entries that break the forum rules in anyway will also be disqualified. Prizes must be claimed within two months of the winner/s being announced. Unclaimed prizes will be used again in a future Competition.

When in the competition forum only post competition entries - Do not post questions or comments it is not the place to do so.

Winner Announced - 17th March
Winner - Emicat

Below is the prize in the winner's room.

16-02-2005, 12:03 PM
Habbo Name: Trixeh
Habbox Name: Lilchloedarlin
Entry:-: Habbox Valentines

Hyperghost Woke Up. He sighed and a Lonley little teardrop rolled down his cheeks.It was Valentines day.
"I Still Havnt Got a Valentines" He Cried Miserably.
He walked down His habbo corridor and decided to go get a coffee at Cafe Ole. He Trudged down the stairs. He peeked in through all the window's he passed and realised nearly every habbo had a valentines. More Tears Trickled down His Face. He went into cafe ole and got a coffee. Hyper was still sleepy and tired and hadnt realised he still had his pjs and dressing gown on. Without Noticing he slipped on a old bannana skin and bumped straight into Crying-angel. Spilling all His Coffee over her.
"omg im so sorry" Cried Hyperghost
"Ohhh its ok, Im not hurt" She smiled at him sweetly
They both got a table and started chatting. Hyperghost really really liked her,But didnt want to make a fool of himself again.The secret was that crying-angel really liked him aswell.
"so, You havnt got a valentines Either Aye ?" Said Crying-angel
"Nar, Never have done" Sighed Hyperghost
"Oh. Umm Me Neither" Said Crying-angel, Evan tho she had but just wanted to make him feel better.
Later on that Day. They decided to meet in the habo gardens,By the Fountain
Hyperghost really really liked her so, He got his best shirt on, Bit on a mint and stared at himself in the mirror.
"Oooooh You Hadsom Thing, You!"
Then He spun around and went bright pink. His Maid was there and she suddenly went bright pink.
Hyperghost quickly left the room.
"Oh Hyperghost Youve done it again !, Embarrising Yourself Like that!" he Muttered.
Then He Suddenly Bumped into Crying-angle again.
"Not again!" He Sighed
"Its Ok , wow You Look Nice and Smell Minty Fresh"
He Smiled at her and she smiled back.
Then She was going to say I love you but hyperghost said I exactly the same time. They Giggled and Hyper let Crying-angel first. Evan Though He Knew what she was gonna say.
She was about to But didnt need to, She Threw Her arms around Hyperghost and Hugged him and Kissed him.
It was The best Valentines ever and They agreed That they would get married under the stars that very day :)

16-02-2005, 12:07 PM
Habbo Name: Gallerys. (With dot!)
Habbox Name: Gallerys. (With the dot!)
Entry: -

"I'm here, and ready to work" DJ-3000 shouted to all the [HxHD] Help Desk Workers.

He looked into .x.!Anita!.x. 's eyes, staring like he loved her. .x.!Anita!.x. started to look into DJ-3000 eyes aswell, like she loved him. She could see a woman who looked just like .x.!Anita!.x. . They wanted to kiss and then snog, but DJ-3000 looked away, from what he could see in .x.!Anita!.x. eyes which was him getting undressed, ready to bed in his pants. DJ-3000 loved .x.!Anita!.x. . He wanted to snog her until they had a baby, but this was just what DJ-3000 didn't want, a baby, he thought they got on his nerves, with their crying, wanting a bottle. When DJ-3000 logged off habbo, and so did .x.!Anita!.x., in DJ-3000 's dream he saw .x.!Anita!.x. getting naked in bed with him, he woke up, thinking that .x.!Anita!.x. was getting in bed naked with a different person, but then, he realised, that it was him who she was getting in bed naked with, the room was the same as the room he was sleeping. The next day, DJ-3000 went in to [HxHD] Habbox Help Desk, all quiet, exept for with .x.!Anita!.x., because they were talking about them loving each other, .x.!Anita!.x. suggested that they got married, DJ-3000 agreed, because they loved so much, but, he heard that everyone was whipsering to each other, about him and .x.!Anita!.x. getting married, that was fine for .x.!Anita!.x. but not for DJ-3000.

243 Words Above :')

(Not including Habbo Name: FiftySeven
Habbox Name: FiftySeven
Entry: -)

Sorry if this offends DJ-3000 or .x.!Anita!.x.

I chose those habbos because the really do love each other!

16-02-2005, 12:54 PM
Habbo Name - Gazahu
Habbox Name - Gazahu

Entry - A Tale Of Two Habbos


Walking across Slice of Life, two pairs of eyes met, sparkling as they saw each other in the dull light of the old white candles. These eyes belonged to MissAlice, competitions manager, and none other than Sierk, Habbox’s very own site owner. These two kindred spirits knew it was love at first sight, but realised it would be unprofessional and downright ewwy to go out with each other. So, as one walked towards the other they kept as quiet as the love they held inside. It was not meant to be.

Later that day they met again, this time in the foliage of the Habbox Party, shy looks and uttered giggles were on the agenda, but as they shuffled towards each other on the lodge bench, MissAlice was called away to a Habbox Quest gone awry, their love had to hold on that bit longer. MissAlice clicked as fast as she could to get back to the party, but, alas, it was over, Sierk had gone again.

As MissAlice returned to the Habbox Donations room, she found a love sticky, and on that sticky was this message:


So, as the sticky instructed, MissAlice brought up the hotel navigator and click on Habbo Gardens, as she entered she saw a little habbo boy standing with a juice in his hands.
As they gazed into each other’s eyes, they knew they had found true love, and as they danced the night away, their hearts gave out a warm glow to all habbos everywhere.

These two habbos where chosen by cupid (i.e. me) because of their long serving time to Habbox, they deserved some happiness.




16-02-2005, 02:15 PM
Habbo Name: Finolastar93
Habbox Name: Finolastar93

The night before 14th of February, DJ-3000 shut his eyes thinking of his secret love. The night was quiet, stars shining brighter than the moon, love was on the rise. DJ-3000 was upset he had no valentine for the next day. He dozed off after thinking of his 'hope to be' future girlfriend.

Early the next day, DJ-3000 got dressed and ready for his hard working day down at the Habbox Help Desk. Behind the desk was .x.!Anita!.x. he tried to hide and stare at her; this was obviously the person he loved so badly. .x.!Anita!.x. spotted him hiding in the teleporter and smiled.
"Up to your old tricks again I see" she laughed. DJ-3000 blushed and took a seat.

After helping a few newbies to the hotel he paced over to make himself a latte. On the way there, he didn't see that .x.!Anita!.x. was going to make herself a cappucino at the same time! DJ-3000 and .x.!Anita!.x. touched hands while they were about to get their refreshments. They didn't let go for a while; holding on tightly to each other, looking in each others eyes.

"You can go first" DJ-3000 blushed.
"You sure?" whispered .x.!Anita!.x.. They stared into each other, blushing, falling deeply in love. After a while and once the refreshments were made they decided to meet up in the Valentines Theatredrome next to the blinking panda, Ralph.

Later on that day they met up next to Ralph, baffled by the way they both felt.
"Well I would like to say -- said DJ-3000
"I love you" whispered .x.!Anita!.x. , piercing DJ-3000's lips. DJ-3000 was shocked, his first valentine.
"I love you too" cried DJ-3000.

From now on they have had a great relationship together and would wish valentines day could come round for them once again!

17-02-2005, 01:29 AM
Cupid Came down and sprayed everyone with love juice then everyone died...except two Habbox Staff. and they lived happily ever after as the only two people left of the earth. Cupid sprayed everyone with the wrong spray. He meant to use the Love Juice but instead he used the Death Juice. And then god fired him and sent him to the shadow realm where he wouldnt never get to wear red underwear ever again.

17-02-2005, 02:32 AM
H/n: Evilbrandon
Story thingy
Hx/N: EvilBrandon

(wish i was still a mod :p)

this story is about Arcanum and :********

As it goes, they met on habbox two best friends now, one who looks like a maxim model and the other one a beyonce nowels look-a-like...

When a small rabbit named evilbrandon joined habbox, so did his human friend :******** , Arcanum joined a few months later (i think).

Arcanum who was a mod at the time lost his job then got another trial and passed, then :******** (formally knowned as +*+*****+*+ or was it ****.***** hmmm i wish i can have some pepperoni pizza but i want to write this story.), then Evilbrandon became the first habbox v.i.p and so did arcanum a few months alter anywho... Arcanum thougt Evilbrandon was sooooooooo cool with :******** and begged them to be their friend, so we became friends and it was september 14th but it still the 14... and this february we became friends again after a fight. The end

and thats how we became valentines The end

the person im talking about is actually a staff member but wants to be called something else so:******** will be known as SMURF

17-02-2005, 03:02 AM
On a Habbo day,when all was active and in motion. Callie And Dinoysus were doing they're duty,when they were patrolling the V-day TheaterDome. Dinoysus Looked around. He saw alot of Habbo's flirting with other habbos. They all seemed to be haveing alot of fun! But Dinoysus got mad. He saw GlitterKat and SMASH together! And he thought it was no fair for everyone but HIM to have a V-day date. So Dinoysus,being very tricky,Snuck up and started to hold callies hand.(:o!) And Callie looked at him and gave him a very beautiful smile. He Fell in LOVE. with Callie. He really did.(:o!:o!) And He gave a big smile back to her :D. And They were walking In the Habbo Cinemma (still holding hands.) And there was UkChareseal. She gave them one look and went :o! And they quickly tugged they're hands away from eachothers.(phew i thought it was never going to be over!) But then,Callie smiled at Dinoysus. And he smiled back. UkChareseal got the msg. She left the room. (OH NO. :\) Then Callie grabbed Dinoysus's hand and They dashed to the Dance floor. All the sudden Dinoysus started to have soo much FUN! ( :D ) And Callie was haveing soo much fun.

The The next day,Callie and Dinoysus were caught holding hands by some habboians. :o! And Then The habbo's started to tell rumors. BIG rumors. Callie,thought that this was bad for the hotel. So she told Dinoysus That she cant see him anymore. "It would ruin the Hotel" She said. Dinoysus shook his head. And left Callies Room. He understood. A week later,naturally,The habbo's forgot about it. But Callie and Dinoysus didnt. Callie always smiled at him when he was walking past. :)

The End.

23-02-2005, 02:32 AM
Habbox Name: Jenna9876
Habbo Name: Jenna9876
My Entry:

A long time ago,when habbos were judjed by HC or NON Hc, in a town along the ocean lived a girl named Sabra. She was working on a speech for school. Her friend sunshinecutie was over. "How does this sound..." said Sabra, "The Founder of Niagra Falls was named after his great great grandfather.." Sunshinecutie waited for more. "Thats all i got..." Said Sabra. "Well you must be disctracted by something..." She said. "Erm..its the new kid..." "WHICH new kid" sunshinecutie asked surprised. "umm you know.. :James!" "BUT HES A NON-HC!" screamed sunshinecutie. "shhh keep it down will you!" said Sabra. "I just don't know if he likes me..." Sabra said sadly as she put her feet up on her nordric and watched her digi tv.
On the other side of town, the "non-HC part of town" was :James, with his friend NIKES. As they walked into the house they patted :James' duck named Scott, and put their coats on the z-shelf. "Theres this girl I like..but shes wayy outta my leage.." "who?" questioned NIKES. :James whispered, "Sabra" "THE HC GIRL!?" shouted NIKES. "shh keep it down will you!" said :James. "I just don't know if she likes me..." :James said sadly as he put his feet up on his z shelf and watched his black and white little red tv.
2 different habbos, 2 different homes...What will happen next?
On lunch break at school :James wasn't used to this new school so he accidently stepped into "Hc Lunch table territory". People screamed and sprayed disinfectant, but Sabra Stayed. Their eyes met across the crowd. People stared but they obviously didn't care. This event went down in history, when Sabra, and :James...crossed the line in the cafeteria, and crossed the line of predjudism. People were shocked but they did. With 1 Kiss,
that was it..the begining of love and the begining of equality.

07-03-2005, 05:13 PM
Habbo name: =Godish=
Name: dreaming of a lover

Lukeisok was wondering around habbo lonely on a bright valentines day when his eyes glanted over to see mizki, he instantly fell in love, beliving in true love lukeisok was sure he had been stuck by cupids arrow on this day of love, despite his efforts mizki wouldnt talk to him because she was crowded by fans, though in the deepest part of her mind she had notised him the second he entered. lukeisok still totally dazzled by her personallity was drawn to follow her untill he could speak to her alone, Mizki finally made her was through the crowd where she confronted lukeisok " please stranger come to my room so we can talk" she stated to lukeisok, totally stunned by this proposal he instantly went to the room where she was waiting.
"hello stranger i must say that i think i love you"
The second that those words had been said lukeisok woke from his computer desk surrounded in drool.

07-03-2005, 06:30 PM
Habbo Name: pink@fluff
(MissAlice and Spectate)

February 14th was a breezy, frosty day. Everyone in the Habbox office had gone home early, desperate to put their feet up after a long day's work. All that is..except MissAlice and Spectate who had to stay behind doing paperwork. MissAlice and Spectate were in love but their story is classic, neither knew how the other one felt!
MissAlice dropped her ruler and both habbos bent down to get it, Spectate felt MissAlice's hand on his and blushed crimson. "I just..." He started shakliy, "Thanks" MissAlice said hastily, avoiding his eyes. Any form of contact set butterfly's through both of them, it was so awkward having to work on such close quarters but thrilling all at the same time. Spectate looked back at MissAlice as she settled down to her desk again and scolded himself for not being able to confess his feelings for her. But everytime he came close, the words came tumbling out of his mouth making no sense whatsoever!
Unbeknown to them, one silly member of the team had left a window wide open and a sudden gust of wind sent papers, stationary AND both staff members toppling to the floor. MissAlice fell with a THUD! onto Spectate. "Oh! I'm sorry, it was the wind, it..", "No harm done, it's no matter" said Spectate hastily, but as they both stumbled to their feet, Spectate thought: *Time to be a man Speccy old mate, it's now or never!* And with that he planted a tiny kiss on MissAlice's cheek. She turned in suprise and gave him the sweetest smile he had ever seen. "Thank you" she said, "It's about flippin' time!" They laughed and strolled home from the office hand in hand. This was a Valentine's neither of them would ever forget.
Hope you like it :D, it's 294 words.

07-03-2005, 07:09 PM
habbo name: Emicat

A habbox romance
DJ-3000 had listened to his crush on nearly everyone of her broadcasts and sent in romantic messages while she was on air: No reply. But this only made DJ-3000 more anixous, he had fallen in love with Mizki. He kept this to himself, as several of his previous girlfriends found out about his wandering eye, and broke up with him. Yet, this did not bother him. His heart longed for Mizki.

Mizki was on air. While she was telling Emicat off for flooding by accident, she was on habbo staring at the habbo version of the hotty she had longed for. The sad truth is, they liked each other for quite a while. Neither of them had the courage to tell there secret lover about there true feelings. Also, they were great friends and they didn't want to seem like they were using their friendship to get to know each other first.

DJ-3000 sighed while he watched the happy couples on habbo chatting and pretending to kiss (Its habbo, they can't really). Then, out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a mob of habbos shouting at someone in the middle.
"I wonder who it is this time..." His speech bubble read. Then, a desprate habbo shouted "ACCEPT MY F/R MIZKI!".
"Great, now I can't even be next to her because of that mob let alone ask her out" He moaned.
Mizki DJed in the corridor like she normaly does, and she put up with all the stress of habbos flooding, friend requesting and requesting songs. She was buying a trophie from the catalogue for a winner, and spotted a familar face.
She walked over to him with a following crowd and whispered to him "meet me in my room, the pass is pass".
She said on the radio that she was seeing a friend in private and can't stay in the hallway because of the crowd. Mizki then signed off and asked Dj X to come on, he agreed.

They got to the room, Mizki sighed as they met. "I've been meaning to tell you something for a while......" she sounded like a boy outside the principle's office. " I'm adopted? My flyer is undone? I have three heads?" He smirked.
"LOL Thats what I like about you, you can laugh at anything" she replyed.
"Like about me? OMG, she,she,she...." He thought to himself. She continued "But I never wanted to say incase it ruinned our relationship, but the thing is..." Mizki goes quiet. She then twiddles her thumbs and looks at her feet. " I sorta, kinda, maybe, erm....... like you" She looked up "and I mean like like".
This is what he had been waiting for, he can't mess it up. "Mizki, I've always wanted to say this, will you be my girlfriend?" DJ-3000 then blurted out "I LIKE PIE". Mizki gave him a strange look, DJ-3000 just messed it up "D'OH!"
Mizki stared, laughed, and smiled "DJ, you have a way with words I could not resist even if an army of cheese tired" DJ-3000 and Mizki stared into each others eyes, and then shared a passinate kiss.

They met at a cafe called Punk Cafe and ordered some pie. "Typical" Mizki said " My first date with my boyfriend, on valentines day, and he orders pie." She smiled as they played footsie and knocked out Chaz the cat. "Erm, wasn't me" DJ-3000 blushed, but Mizki helped the cat to its feet and gave it some fish as the owner reasured her it was ok. Mizki and DJ ate some yummy pie and danced.
They were loved up, DJ-3000 told Mizki to meet at Awsomashford's Health and Safety place as it would be empty as he wanted to say something to her. As Mizki slipped on a red HC outfit, DJ-3000 waited impatetionly and bought some roses. She appered in the door, DJ-3000 gazed at her beauty drooling a bit. Mizki shooed the dog, Bonzo, away and sat next to him on the love sofa she had donated a while ago.
"This used to be mine, yah know" She boasted. DJ-3000 smiled, and traded her.
"Flowers? For me? thank you :D "Mizki seemed pleased, but he smiled even wider "and thats not all."
He went infront of her and spoke " Will you marry me Mizki, on habbo?"
She nearly died "YES, OF COURSE!!!!" Mizki was over the moon.
And at the same, they shouted "THIS IS THE BEST VALENTINES DAY EVER! :D "


Mizki, DJ-3000, Emicat, Awsomashford and DJ X.

Bonzo the dog
Chaz the cat

Story by: Emicat

NOTICE: Mizki DID acctually donated love safo's and other stuff to my friend and boss, Awsomashford. She DID acctually tell me off for flooding the inbox, it was an accident. ANOTHER thing, I couldn't cut it short enough but I hope you like it anyway.

IF USED GIVE CREDIT- IF NOT USED DON'T BOTHER and I hope you enjoyed it :eusa_clap

07-03-2005, 08:34 PM
"So have you got a date for the BIG dance?" Mindi asked anciously.
"No...Nobody has asked me out yet *Sigh*" Samantha replyed.
"ask sombody out ya self gurl!"Mindi said cheering up Samantha.
"Allright i`ll give it one shot....but if he says no you know i`ll be depressed..sad...in a state of awe.. Right?"Samantha said.
"Yeh I know but its worth that isnt it?"Mini replyed giggling.
"No not realy"Samantha said as the bell rang for class.Samantha hurried down the hall praying she would make it in time to class :eusa_pray . Samantha stared at her crush from across the room. She knew he didint have a date so as soon as the bell rang that would be her chance". *Ding* Samantha hurried to ask her crush out. "H...H....Hey"Samantha said shyly."Do..Do you have anyone to og to the uh.. dance with next week?"Samantha continued. "No..why?..Are you asking me out or somthing?"Nico replyed."Erm...Yeh..."Samantha said trying to smile."Well if thats the situation..Sure...When should I pick ya up?"Nico said smiling widely."Uhm...how is 7:30?..That gives us time to get a smoothie"Samantha replyed now smiling widely."Sure"Replyed nico as he waved bye and ran off to his next class."Ive got a date na na na na na yehh!"Samantha said dancing around her room on the phone with Mindi."Yeh...you have only told me about what 1000000 times?"Mindi replyed laughing. :eusa_danc "Have you thought about what your going to wear the dance is tomorrow."Mindi asked."Oh OH MY GOD I HAVENT"Samantha slammed down the phone not thinking that Mindi was still there.She hurried off to the mall to buy a dress.She searched and searched but nothing was perfect enough for tomorrow night.Everything had to be perfect!Who knows maybe she would have her FIRST KISS.Finally she came to the last clothes store in the mall :( I hope i find somthing she thought.And wanna kno wat? SHE DID. She found a perfict dress it was a long hot pink and black dress.Its just like she pictured it to be.She bought it right away and went home called Mindi and said "Mindi ive solved my clothes problem and it only took 3 hours this time!" Mindi laughed.The next night Nico picked up Samantha for the Valentines Dance.And she had her first kissed.She beemed with excitement on her way home.From that day on she has been going out with nico and they are like to love birds...inseprible.. :o omg come to think of it they are bf and gf!! Like omg *Girl sitting on floor:YOU HAVE BEEN WRITING THIS STORY AND LIKE YOU DIDINT EVEN NOTICE? OMG YOUR HEAD IS LIKE MESSED.." :wav:

08-03-2005, 12:13 AM
there was a new habbox staff member his name was Brett. All the girls adored him but he had his eye on someone special her name was melissa..Brett was deeply in love and could not stop thinking about melissa.Everyday he would email her just to say hello. Melissa thought Brett was the most wonderful man in the world because he was sensetive and caring and thoughtful, she loved his personality. One day Brett's friend Sam decided im gonna tell Melissa about Brett's crush. So he did. Thats how the found out they were both in love they never stop talking and going out and having face to face meetings it was magnificent the best couple to hit habbox. And u know what is even more amazing. it happened on VALENTINES DAY!!!!! The more amazing part is eventually Melissa and Brett fell deeper in love and got married and have a house and 2 kids...


09-03-2005, 03:59 AM
Habbo Name - Mongles
Habbox Name - :Mongles
Entry : Habbox Valentines

Love becomes apparent by Mongles

It was a normal day, and sierk was looking around the Hotel to see what he could report on. He found a room and MissAlice was in it, a tear came to his eye as he said "Hello". MissAlice walked over to him and pecked him on the cheek, "Hey sierk, have you got anything good to tell me?" she said. "Not much, Callie's slept in and forgot about the hotel, dionysus has finally lost it and I....". sierk really wanted to tell MissAlice about the feelings he had for her, her muttered under his breath and it finally came out. ".....I have feelings for you MissAlice, everytime I see you my heart just has butterflys, I don't know why I feel like this, I think I may be in love!". MissAlice blushes and is overcome by what she has just heard, she replies "sierk, If only I knew how you felt about me earlier... I have a confesion to make myself... I feel the same way!". sierk and MissAlice's heads grew closer the each other, they both closed their eyes and kissed.... >Max< walked in, They both jumped back and pretended that nothing happened. "What areyou just doing sierk" he said, "Nothing, we are... just... looking for..... things to report... about". As >Max< left the room, sierk and MissAlice looked at each other, They duscussed what they would do and came up with the idea that they will forget about it and just be friends, only >Max< knows and he may not of seen everything......

(30 Minutes later)

sierk was loading the site do add some news he had just found out. He looked at the news on the homepage and it read...


sierk was devastated, the news was out and everyone in the hotel would know! He tried to back it up with lies on the homepage but it was just too obvious. sierk was scared so he looked at his messages to see what people had said about the kiss! People will me laughing at them he thought!...... He read the messages and they all were possitive, they all entailed that they really should be together and that they would make a brilliant couple.

(2 years later)

MissAlice and sierk are now settled down and happy with each other, they dont brag about them going out and like to keep it low key, they are the happiest they have every been and they would'nt like it any other way! :)

12-03-2005, 08:56 PM
Habbo Name: Homesrfan
Habbox Name: Homesrfan
"Ring Ring Ring!" Rang .x.!Anita!.x.'s alarm. She woke up to yet another lonely and boring day. As .x.!Anita!.x. poured her cereal she dreamed about the perfect guy. He didn't have to be much, just caring and loving. She sighed as she walked to her car to go to work. Half dazed she drove down her street to McDonald's for a bite to eat before work. Not thinking, she ran a red light. BOOM! She ran strait into a car. "Great1" .x.!Anita!.x. thought, "The perfect way to start off my fabulous day. .x.!Anita!.x. pulled to the curb along with the man in the car she hit. They both got out and walked towards each other.
"I'm really sorry," .x.!Anita!.x. said as she started the cry.
"Whats the matter," said the man named DJ-3000.
"I've.. just had.. a really... bad... day," .x.!Anita!.x. sobbed.
"Well is there anything I can do?" said DJ-3000 as he reached out to hold .x.!Anita!.x.'s hand. Anita looked down at her hand which was no clutched into DJ-3000's. She stared deeply into DJ-3000's eyes, almost mezmirized. He did the same. "Um, well... do you think you might wanna.. um.. come over to my house and we can look at your car..." DJ-3000 said.
"Sure, that would be..um.. that would be great," said .x.!Anita!.x., forgetting about her job, and that warm McMuffin at McDonalds.
So she got into her car, and DJ-3000 got into his and she followed him all the way home.
When they got to his house, .x.!Anita!.x. got out of her car and ran over to DJ-3000's. He rolled down the window, and once again they stared deeply into each others eyes. And then .x.!Anita!.x. leaned in, and so did DJ-3000 and they kissed, and they kissed, and they kissed! It was love at first site, and just what the doctor ordered for .x.!Anita!.x.

As she walked into DJ-3000's house, .x.!Anita!.x. thought to herself, "Oh yeah... he's the one"

Happy late Valentines Day to everyone. =D

Good luck to everyone else.

13-03-2005, 04:21 PM
Habbo name : ginger5433
habbox name: funkygirl
entry:hAbbox valentine
The two lovers : Mizki and dj-3000

It was a lovely winter's evening, with the tree's rustling and snow falling from the moonlite sky. Mizki was at home snuggled up infront of the fire watching t.v.Then suddenly a head popped up at the windowledge.Two lil ears flapped about and mizki crept over to the winodw to see what it was. She peered through a gap in the curtain and all she could she was was a head bobbing around dancing! She couldn't work out who it was, she was in despair!!! Then a terrible voice started to wine. Mizki couldn't handle it! So she rapidly reced up the stairs and grabbed some ears mufflers. She couldn't hear a thing but a little tweek every now and again. Mizki started to get a bit ageitated so she opened the door and goes 'Excuse me, but your dancing and singing is absoulutley .......... fabulous! but i have one bone to pick with you, your making the snow look messy!'' So you wouldn't like to watch my 'fabulous' dancing and singing then?' muttered dj-3000, miserably.
Mizki stutterd and replied ' um, no but yes but NO, I need to keep my garden tidy' :p
Without saying a word dj-3000 slowly tumbled off, miserably.
'Oh what the heck,dj get your but down here now and come in for a cuppa char' said mizki frantically.
Dj's face lite up, nearly as bright as the moon.
They walked in the house and dj started his fabulous dancing and singing again, mizki got drawn in to it, and there were two heads bobbing around now!
Both of their eyes went all mushy as they galzed at each other. Now, the two crazy dancing habbo's fell in love, just in time for valentines day tomorrow.
And the love of these two became forever and one.

The reason i choose these two habbox staff was because dj-3000, reminds me of a dancer and a dj. Also, mizki, just seems the perfect match !
no offence :eusa_danc

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