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15-03-2005, 06:13 PM
There has been a lot of talk about the new version of habbo. Until it’s released we can only imagine exactly what will be different. If you were able to invent your very own new habbo hotel version, what features would you have, what alterations would you include, and why would it benefit the hotel. Let’s see what improvements/changes you consider to be possible. Tell us in your own words ;) Keep it simple, not too long.

The Prize:-
Your article published in the Articles on Habbox home page plus one month free VIP for the forum and a HC Sofa kindly donated by NoobForcer.

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Habbo Name: MissAlice
Habbox Name:
Followed by your entry: - Habbo Vision

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Follow the link below to go to the competition entry page and click on the post reply icon, leave your habbo name and your entry.

This competition will run until 15th April unless otherwise stated. After that Habbox Writers and MissAlice will pick the best entry and the prize will be handed over in Habbo.

One entry per Habbox Member ONLY.
Please read the terms and conditions at the bottom (In Black)

Terms and conditions: To prevent foul play, we only allow one entry for each pc. If more entries are sent using the same pc all the entries will be discarded. You can send in your entry until the competition is closed at some time on April 15th 2005. Please be aware that some competitions may be extended, or even closed early due to the number of entries. The winner will be announced on the site and in this forum and will be contacted by MissAlice to collect the prize. Habbox has the right to close the competition at any time before the competition ending date and the winner will be judged from all the entries received up to that point. Habbox Writers and MissAlice will be judging the competition any harassment or attempted bribery will see you disqualified and could even get you into trouble on the Habbox Forum. ALL Habbox staff are excluded from participating in Competition, unless Competition states they may. This includes trialists who become staff before this Competition closes. Any entries that break the forum rules in anyway will also be disqualified. Prizes must be claimed within two months of the winner/s being announced. Unclaimed prizes will be used again in a future Competition.

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Winner Announced - 17th April 2005
Winner - Mr.Mity

Below is the HC Sofa in the winner's room.

15-03-2005, 06:23 PM
Habbo(x) name: Conflictuous


I would add features where you could delete furni and get your credits back, a bank. I would add some of lilchloedarlin's alterations 'coz they are great, and I'll even make an official fansite, a public room!

Thats what i'd do =]

15-03-2005, 06:46 PM
Habbo Name - Dj_dude007
Habbox Name -
Entry -
I would make a ban list for the rooms so people go onto Modify Room and type in the names of people who are not allowed to come into the room. I would also add a feature to the Giant Hand so you can search for the furni you want to put down or trade. Finally I would add a category to the Hotel Nav called 'Fan Rooms' where people can put in the rooms that they want to dedicate to people.

15-03-2005, 07:03 PM
Habbo Name: KegOak
Habbox Name: Kezzo
Followed by your entry: If I were to make my own version of Habbo, I would...
Try get rid of lag
Have more clothes for all Habbos (HC get special+ original)
Give everyone a Month of HC free
Give out a seasonal rare to each IP adress
Abolish the current clothes
Get new room layouts
Give a new dance
Be able to choose the colours of the furni you get (like choosing plasto)
Make working lifts in public rooms
Get a new public room or 2 (maybe a park with swings and a Theme Park)
And change the look of like HC badges and stuff!

15-03-2005, 07:48 PM
:eusa_danc :eusa_danc :eusa_danc :eusa_danc :eusa_danc :eusa_danc

I would add some more deals on the catalogue.
Also add music to the new habbo.
and for the new version when habbos speak and put :D it will show a face thats happy.
:eusa_danc :eusa_danc :eusa_danc :eusa_danc :eusa_danc :eusa_danc

15-03-2005, 08:25 PM
Habbo Name: MC.Matt
Habbox Name: MC.Matt
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

My version of habbo would let habbo users toggle with the views in different rooms, I also think that we should choose are detail options so slow computer users can have a low graphics detail but there will be less lag and it will be faster. I would change the console to a mobile so if you ring someone on it you can have an instant meesage chat with them privately. We would be able to change and choose or maybe even make ringtones.
There should be room ban lists so people banned are actually banned and cannot get in the room. There would be more public spaces like the maze shown in the hotel view. There would be more clothes and at night the window view should change to a night-time one.

15-03-2005, 08:37 PM
Design your own clothes in paint put them in habbo
you can build your own room size
choose size of char
have profiles
choose weight
have in room games like basketball

15-03-2005, 09:37 PM
habbo name. ginger5433
habbox name. funkygirl
Entry. habbo visions
I would have:
The actual habbo club furni gets repeats, afta a certain month, so i owuld have different rares once that haopens!
Choccy machine! You cna get choclat!
In clothes, i would have the brands on them like nike or addidas!
Every month or anything a radio station would get choosen to be the best, and a link to it would be on actual habbo.
I would also makke, different room paints and carpet eg different texture and colours

Thank you

15-03-2005, 10:04 PM
Habbox Name: Mr.Mity
Habbo Name: Mr.Mity

My Version: It would include a new section in the catalogue which would be storage spaces! People could buy certain sized storage boxes :p, U would be able to buy a small a medium or a large one depending on how much furni u would like or have and would want to put in. Secondly i would have different room sizes and I would have a different max of habbos in each room depending on the popualrity of the room :)... More Popular = more people, but not to many because of how much room there is :p, I would also have inscriptions on teles (sort of like stickys that are on the teles) where people could write where his tele leads or anything else they would like. All you would have to do is clik on the area the writing is, so a pic will pop up showing what the owner wrote. I would have more CLOTHES! Because so many habbos have so many different tastes! I would have preppy clothes, punk and rock clothes, gothic clothes, and southern clothes, and diva and GQ clothes! I would also have furni for rooms such as: a hockey/soccer (Futbol) net (sports collection), a climbing plant (that can cling to walls :p)and definately I would have a few endorsement deals from some major companies! :) Like cokemusic is based on coke, I would have habbo have some particular things based around some companies (like how the b-ball hoop was a lego hoop) :p And one last thing i would have would have to be gameing rooms! that would award habbos daily or weekly! They would have a game room in the public room navigator and they would have tournaments or high scores. The winners in high scores or tournaments should recieve creds or rares! and to make it fair, it would be one player games and there would be lines and each habbo would have a max of one play until they were kiked off the game and they would have to get back in line! :) Also I would have colored Photos :) and give habbos the abilities to use emoticons in habbohotel :) and Finally I would have more colors for stickys

So these are a few of my ideas that could be added to habbo and I hope habbo will do Some great things in Version 7!

P.S. I hope my ideas were original :D and completely different :D

15-03-2005, 10:08 PM
Habbo name: Jamie33

I'd want a Prezzie colour chooser, since I always get the horrid ones :(


16-03-2005, 01:51 AM
Habbo Name: Jenna9876
Habbox Name: Jenna9876

If i could make a new version of habbo i would change it a lot. First of all i would like a new set of furni...maybe like this :] (click for a larger view)http://img177.exs.cx/img177/4785/woodset8vq.th.jpg (http://img177.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img177&image=woodset8vq.jpg)

I think there should be 2 ranks of rights. Rank 1 is you can move furni aruond, open hatches, and kick people, and rank 2 would only be given out if you truly trust the person. They have the ability to give out rights!

There should be a video camera, which looks like the camera when you shoot pictures, except bigger and more detailed. You can film a certain amout, depending on how much film you have. You can then watch it on your television! You can now save that tape and keep it on a table/bookshelf :].

I think habbo should get in touch with one of the donating companys, perhaps Livestrong. You could buy the real livestrong bracelets, and get to wear one on habbo too, for maybe an extra dollar. It could be enabled or disabled like an HC bage...you could turn it on or off :]. It would add a nice touch to your habbos look, and you could be fighting cancer at the same time
:]. A Happy Habbo is A Healthy Habbo :] Live..STRONG :D
could be the slogan :D

Also I think for habbo pets, you could have a leash and bring your pets to other rooms! When you modify your room, you could make a NO PETS rule, or Enable the pet rule! So when you have it in your hand, you click on it when your in a friends room, and a message pops up, like it does when you click the camera. It says..
Send Home or Put on Leash

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my ideas.
Remember..Speak Out..Be Heard...
Wear a band..Live strong <33

16-03-2005, 02:01 AM
Habbo Name: Redstratocas

I would add a "Go through" Button to make you go through people if they are standing in the way of the door. Also add levels of rights (Able to bann, move furni, open, close doors). Make more customizable furni (Not only colors. Like make neon signs and able to write what it says) Customizeable room layouts: Making it so you can make your room any shape as long as it stays within the limit of amount of squares. New HC furni. A better looking hotel. The UK, although it is the original, is the most borring looking hotel. Time for a change. More colors for HC badges, or new styles.

16-03-2005, 02:54 AM
Habbo Name : Tattle
Habbox Name : Z

MY Idea: I think I would firstly put the habbox game clothes onto habbo, and then we'd have a great selection of stuff, like skateboards.. Etc. I would also like a prezzie chooser [as jamie said] because sometimes you may need certain colours. And I think also About giving rights, there should be two buttons. Rights 1 - able to kick, mute {flooders/advertisers/scammers} and rotate stuff. Rights 2 - able to give rights, rotate furni, mute flooders scammers advertisers and ban people from the room. Lastly I would create the Music Box, featuring local radios which you could choose, as UK/Canada/France/Mexico Etc. And tune into the local radio. Finally, there would be NO LAG On habbo!

16-03-2005, 06:20 AM
habbo name and habbos: Evilbrandon

i would like to change the option to turn lights/tubs/candles/ off and off, only the owner can no one else!

16-03-2005, 11:47 PM
habbox forum name:doxes
real game: doxes
i think there should be a competition sort of lottery page where you enter and try and win a prize (if you win your prize should be deliverd in a week)

17-03-2005, 01:00 AM
I Would Have A Bank And Whenever You Need Crdz You can Go To Bank And When Your HC You Can Have Your Own Bank And Stock Your Crdz So That You Don't Have too Share With The Other Habbos That Are Not HCs =] :eusa_clap

17-03-2005, 07:47 AM
Habbo Name: ---MAD---
Habbox Name: MAD

Followed by your entry:
Heres my entry:
When you first log on to habbo a screen pops up in the game, telling you when you last logged on and the ip it was from. If you got hacked, mods can trace the ip and EASILY get the your furni back.
I would make the messages on the photo bigger because there is hardly any space on it and same with the trophies and presents.
I would make a present chooser, ban from room thing, and ban from room for a set period of time (say 2 hours).
I would also add new furni, new fridges, new chairs, new sofas and nice new dj decks.
I would like to see new pets like mice, fish, birds and also able to buy kittens and puppies (they start of as puppies then slowly grow).
I would like to see bigger rooms and differnt looks to them, it gets boring, every1 chooses the biggest.
I would also add a 2 door room style and a seperator half way in the room. To get through 1 of them you just click go, to go to the privite door you click privte and you have to type a pass to get in that section.
I would also LOVE to see ranks in the rooms, so say rank 1, able to open hatches, 2 kick people, 3 ban people for a period of time, 4 able to give others rights and move furni.
You know when you want to see the room options (your own room) and want to add a pass or somthing, well, maybe you could see the list of people WITH rights and what rank and people that are banned completly. Also, add a reset furni button, this button picks up ALL the furni and puts it directly into your hands. This is so that if some1 put furni in the walls, you dont have to suffer and wait for a gold hc or hobba or even a mod.

I would also allow 2 floor rooms, at the bottom there will be 2 arrows, 1 point and 1 pointing down, you can click these to switch floor views.

Maybe you can add bots to your room? Buy them for like 60 credits, make them answer set questions and keep the door block free? Wouldnt that basically make habbo the BEST?
How about a bot that you can buy for 100 credits to manage your casino bets and everything? Might be hard to make but its suluke they can do ANYTHING!

New habbo clothes, we are BORED of the SAME clothes, yes i am hc, but still they are boring and not unique enough. I think they need to make 2 or 3 more clothes and 2 or 3 more hairstyle for male and female players. And give some of the bad hc clothes to the non hc people and give the new ones to the hcs.

Bored of the normal way of moving around habbo?
Well buy new roller blades and skateboards!! They cost 25 credits, and you have to buy wax to wax them and keep them shiny (wax will be like 4 credits). If you dont wax it enough you cant ride it and you will keep sliding and stuff. Maybe even add some basic tricks to the movement (ollies etc) :eusa_danc

New dance type, why not add another type of dance? romantic and the normal habbo 1? The romantic basically dances with another habbo, not too important but more interesting :P:P

New rares is a MUST lol, how about hc grills and hc bars and hc tvs?

Speaking of tvs maybe you could switch to another channel?

Well we can buy nearly everything in presents right? Why not Habbo Club? I think that should be able to be done. I also would want to be able to trade coins if you have any in your purse.

Speaking of presents? Present chooser, a great alt made by some1, i think that should definatly be used.

I think that we should be able to actually sit on the funri that is in the air, would make it more original. Also i think habbo should make new sticky colours and maybe bigger sizes, so small is 2 credits medium is 3 and big is 4. (for a pack)

I think that we should have all the habbo fansite radios on habbo uk. Doesnt need to actually be IN the game, maybe on habbo home page theres a radio link, you click or search the radio your after and listen to it. But all the habbo fansite radios must be on there. The people that own the radio just email the team with there code for the player and the request page and thats it. The best music, with request system that obey the habbo way should all be listed!

Another important big step i would add is allowing the furni to be turned 360 degrees, so that the main bit DOESNT have to face you. Its annouying that you cant make teleports face the door if the door is at the top left.

Last but not least, a casino auto deal, if your at a booth and some1 wants to bet, they click trade then a tick box with BET on it. You both put the furni you will be betting so say 1 hc sofa, the guy in the booth puts 2 hcs if its win x2. After you finish the game, the system auto matically gives the winner the furni. But the thing with this is that it only will work with 2 games that you must choose, "21" or "14".

Remember, suluke RULES, they can make anything if they want to, dont think about somthing beinging "hard to make".
Hope you like my ideas
Anyway thanks for reading :P
:eusa_danc :eusa_danc :eusa_danc

17-03-2005, 09:43 AM
habbo name = burny-boy1
habbox name = burny-boy

if i was to make a habbohotel i would alow people to buy cars from the catalog that come with a garage. you would be able to drive round the hotel in style with rare Mercades Benz's and i would also allow people to have a telecome so that when you stand near it you can hear and talk to people in other rooms. In case of you being hacked then i would let you build a safe from the "create a room" button and teh safe would have a pass.word that you must type to get in. There would be a option to buy pet food for 10 credits which means you get 1 piece of pet food each day till it dies and they should have puppies or kittens which they would care for. So the pets have more access i would but cat/dog flaps on the doors so that they can teleport between rooms.

19-03-2005, 02:03 PM
Habbo Name: xsaucy-stephx
Habbox Name: xsaucy-stephx
Entry: Habbo Jail/ Prison Cells

If i could add something to the hotel, i would also add a bank and present chooser...
but id also add a Jail/Prison
So those habbos that are banned can keep their habbo all alone in a prison cell, the cells would be silent no-one would talk, and if you had a ban then each time you checked in you would only see your habbo in a prison cell eating or sleeping, and hobbas could then ban you and send you too different types of cells, like if you swore then the jail-room could have DO NOT SWEAR posted all over the walls and the same with DO NOT SCAM. It might even stop people from scamming and swearing.
So even if they didnt like their habbo in Jail and decided to check in on another account straight away your IP address would be recognised and you would be faced with your habbo in Jail all alone.
I think that would be cool, you'd have to have your habbo in black and white stripes chained to a wall with a barred window and door it'd be funky!
dont you think?

Ps woooot i leave for France on the 15th and get back on the 18th!

19-03-2005, 04:01 PM
Habbohotel.co.uk Name: guitarfriend
Habbox Name: guitarfriend
My Entry-
The new habbo should have new ideas of furni
new colors for furni
10 free credits for all new habbos
new clothes and colors for them
new dance because the old one is kinda weird
a place where we can post our ideas of new furni ideas
new features on the hotel ordering food and drinks by using a phone in everyroom

19-03-2005, 06:52 PM
Habbo name : Emicat


If I had the choice of changing the hotel, this is what I would do:

Posters: The choice to send images into habbo to be made into posters.
Ducks: Be able to modify ducks, like change the colour.
Accessories:To have the option to wear habbo glasses, tattoos, necklaces, braceletts, ect.
Donations: To be able to by something from habbo to help charities. (Example: red noses for red nose day) And all the money will go to the charity
Graffifti: To have the option to draw on walls in selected rooms.
Furni: A gravestone that you can give a mesage to, like a trohpie.
Adding furni: The option to add alterations into compitions to be put into habbo hotel if you win.
Scripted furni: Any scripted furni will be have to be payed for, and if not a perm ban will be given to the habbo owning it.
Credits: The price will be cheaper by 5p, so if you want 10 credits, its only 50p

19-03-2005, 09:51 PM
habbo name:dasher10
habbox name:movemaster
entry:habbo vision

hi i think they should put the picture of all of the hobbas waving when you sign in,i think u should have icons,i think there should be a new public room called bowlarama more furni more clothes and i think when you get a message it should come up straight away and i think that thy should remove all the public rooms droppers so you can see all of them so it isn't to comlicated thank you for reading i appreicate it :werock:

19-03-2005, 10:14 PM
Habbo Name: Hippygurl101
Some Great features I would love to see would be:
- A pop Up notepad on habbo so that could write down any notes to yourself, To do lists etc that can be saved and used again.
- A habbo organiser with Alarm service. Im forever finding i miss meetings and events because I forget so a planner for each individual would be a good idea.
- And Of course Lots of new clothes, a good idea would be a Desinger internship letting habbo clother alterators, aswell as furni and other alt artists to get a chance to submit and see there work on habbo.

24-03-2005, 09:32 AM
Habbo Name: Zoopie
Habbox Name: Zoopie
My entry -

If I were creating my own version of habbo i would:

1. Make a wider range of clothes and hairstyles to choose from.
2. Create more pets - seasonals like bunnies and reindeer, and others like monkeys, parrots, and hamsters.
3. Make the trade boxes 3 squares bigger so you can fit more stuff in when trading. :rolleyes:
4. Make it possible to give other habbos cheques - like a habbo with credits could buy a cheque for 30 credits and then trade the cheque with a habbo who has something rare which you cant buy in the catalogue :p
5. Make a new public room "The Zoo" or the "Theme Park" :eusa_danc
6. Put faerie_girl's blinking poster in the catalogue - it really blinks at you! :8
7. Get some more candy furni. There is not enough. :p
8. Bring out some new rares - we havnt had a new one for ages.
9. Create a new range of furni - see my punky sofa! (I know its not very good)
10. Make it so that you can chose the scenery you see from your windows, like a space or a shopping centre scene! :o
11. Make it possible to rotate the rooms so you have more views

28-03-2005, 09:38 AM
Habbo & Habbox Name; Staceh

If i was to change habbo.. i would do the following things.

Add a script that support's anti script.

A script to block any IP's that have previously scripted.

A series of new catalogue categorie's such as; Salon Accessories, Kitchen Accessories, Modelling Accessories etc.

And last but not least, a better room limit.


28-03-2005, 09:58 AM
Habbo Name: XxRIZZLAxX

I would have different camera options, like the sims (1 not 2) so you can see the rooms from 4 different angles, and depending on which angle you look at, depends on which walls you see and how you see the room.
So every time you go left or right, one of the walls disapears and another one apears on the other side, or something like that ;)

Also i'd have room bans, so you can keep people out if you don't want them in.

I'd have an option in which you can choose which powers people get when they get rights, so they can kick, open gates, write on stickies, move stuff, and adding to my last one, give them the ability to add people to the room ban, and you can choose which ones they can, or can't do.

28-03-2005, 01:17 PM
Habbo name: holtnick
Habbox name: holtnick
The ability to turn on an IP lock that means only ure IP can log onto ure account. It could be turned off by emailing in ure habbo name, email adress, password and birthdate that is on ure ID. It would improve security alot because if the IP lock is on hackers would either have to try and disable the lock, or scramble their IP to the same as ures, or go to ure house and go on ure computer

29-03-2005, 10:26 AM
Habbo Name: Steph=04=

i would make a new public games room. The game would be crazy golf. it would cost 2 credits too get a ticket but only 3 credits to play with a friend :) Crazy Golf would have a number of different holes (about 10-20) and would be fun for everyone :)

29-03-2005, 12:43 PM
I would make a swimming pool with loads of slides in it and it would cost 3 credits for 3 goes :-)

Edited By MissAlice - Competitions Manager

30-03-2005, 07:55 AM
Habbo name : x!-=cherry=-!x
Habbox name : x!-=cherry=-!x
My Habbo Vision :
I think if the hotel was having some changes i think they should add music because it does say something about music on a page they might of deleted it so dont look so confused ;) . Also how about a couple more public rooms such as : Theme park, A park with swings,slides for people who like adopting on habbo , a Mcdonalds , football court , tennis feild , Bowling and when you make a character they should get to choose if they want 20 creds or a type of furniture that you can double click on and a box comes up to play music in your room and has a little comment section for people to write what songs they want you to play/download.. some new furniture like alterations of here (habbox) There great!!! :D And a beach .. ;) a new look for the hotel ??. there is lots more because i have been on for so many years i just cant say them all so ill say a couple more : different clothes (looks) if there is special occassions or at anytime really :p there could be like bunny *Full* costumes and reindeers - Eggs lol :eusa_danc also how about when you make a character you make yourself a *animal* so we could actually play RSPCA instead of habbo characters dress up as 1.. lolz because no-one adopts pretned animals :P so we could be animals choose are colour and name . but if people want to stay on habbo as there character there can be a special pet section so u can keep the name but be a animal :) - a full rare section because its not very fair i think for people who dont want hc.. and could just buy rares! also because a girl :P if boys or girls have a room there could be a little link on a poster and they click to go to a special part of the hotel : Girl part for girls : Boy part for boys but there is a secret pass.. :) so the boys cant get in!.. also someone else has said this so atleast i am not pretending to cover up something.. but i did think it was a great idea before i read it : i was thinking about more things for pets.. maybe a lead and we can tke them fora a walk on the hotel and they can talk propely so we have a friend!!..*** - I think ill get on posting! ByeZ!

30-03-2005, 04:25 PM

One thing i would definetly add is a password to your furni hand xD so its twice as hard for hackers to get hold of your furni.
Also i think new habbo pets maybe? Erm... and a habbo music player! xD

30-03-2005, 06:15 PM
habbo(x) name: top.hat

my idea:

I wouldent change a thing, i think sulake are doing a great job. Actually there is 1 thing i would change is i would get habbox back on the official fan site list because its the best fan site in the world, well it gets my vote anyway :) But also i would incorporate everyones ideas and alts into habbo hotel cause i think there great :)

01-04-2005, 03:05 PM
Habbo Name: Infrangible
Habbox Name: Infrangible
My entry - I would definatley add a habbo skating rink, just for my friend who's always wanted one. I would also add a basketball court =]
Last, but so far from least - Candy machines. We NEED candy! Nothing can go wrong when you have candy - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v432/Winterbliss/Begining-CandyMachine.bmp

01-04-2005, 04:50 PM
Habbo Name - :Ceremony
Habbox Name - Ceremony


If there were to be some new features on Habbo, I would have...

1. A Habbo Investment Room. You put some of your furniture into this room (Which is owned by the hotel manager so it's in safe hands ;D) and, after a few weeks, you come back to collect your furniture and, low and behold, it's doubled! You could even get a sticker for your top that says ' I'm in the Habbo Investers! [You don't have to have one...]

2. A new piece of furniture called 'Food Container.' It works like your average pura fridge, except the options are endless. Instead of just having milk, carrot, blackcurrant and ice-cream, you can actually tell the Food Container what you want and you'll get it! Ingenius!

3. A new public space called 'Habbo Theme Park.' This is not just your usual theme parks that you might see under Chill rooms, oh no no no. This is a special theme park. Once in this theme park, you can choose a ride to go on (Do 60 foot rollercoasters sound ok to you?) and once you've chosen one, an eye-view video will appear on your screen showing what it would be like if you were on the ride, so you can really feel like you're soaring through loops.

Oh, How I do dream...

01-04-2005, 05:05 PM
Habbo name:MYKE!
I would add the feature to make ur habbo even more individual.
Have you seen on some console games you can create ur own charater in loads of detail? It would be sorta like that.
I'd also make it possible to play pool in the den.

01-04-2005, 05:18 PM
Habbo Name : Rich.Boy

If i were to make my own version of Habbo Hotel, I would add the following features:

Ability to ban habbos from your room for a certain ammount of time.

Make it so guests in your room cant do things such as open/close parasols.

Make 3 different types of rites :
Minor rites : Lets you open/close gates
Medium Rites : Lets you open/close gates and kik habbos (They would have to put in a reason which would be sent to room owner.
Medium 2 : Same as above but without the reasons and also ability to delete writing on stikies.
Major Rites : Ability to move furniture around and kik and ability to delete info on stikies.

Have a command that lets you kik all habbos (Useful if your closing)

03-04-2005, 06:13 PM
Habbo name: Jamie::Jamie
My new version of habbo would have music and the clothes and hair and stuff would be updated so they look cooler. also you would be able to rotate rooms (good for mazes :P) and you could customize who is banned from your room and who has rites when you modify it. There would also be different rites, where when you give someone rites a box pops up and you can tick boxes to say if they can kik people, move furni, open hatches, pik up furni etc. I would also have an official SCAM FREE loan company were u can borrow furni, and a furni bank too. also the same for credits. We need new pets !!! :p a habbo gold fish, mouse all soorts!!

04-04-2005, 11:22 PM
Habbo Name: Frolicsome
Habbox Name: Frolicsome
This Is What I Would Do...
1. Put An End To Console Lag By Deleteing Users That Haven't Been On For A Year Or Two. :eusa_danc
2. Instead Of Just Having A Catalog To Buy Things. Why Not The Opposite To Sell Things. :(
3. More Habbo Competitions That Happen All Year Round And Not Just On Important Holidays. :)
4. Have LESS Rares In The Catalog, As All The Values Drop Majorly, Or Pretty Soon The duck Might Be A Rare :o
5. A More Secure Safety Section As There Are Some Flaws That I Could Point Out. :(
6. More Chances For Habbo's That Live In The West (Canada And USA) To Attend Events As I Am Canadian And I Miss All Events I'd Like To Attend.
7. More Clothe Options For Non-HC's AND HC's.
8. Maybe Introduce Some New Cool Up-To-Date Types Of Norms And Rares.
9. More Room Layouts.
10. A New And Cooler Console! :D

All My Idea's Would Definately Improve The Site! It Would also Make It Funner And Safer For Habbo's To Enjoy!

05-04-2005, 09:54 AM
Habbo name: thebusyman
Habbox name: thebusyman
I think more, interesting furni should be introduced like rocket ships and baseball courts. Also there should be different games in the cunning fox game hall like snow boarding (SSX style) and maybe some kind of friendly shooting game... paintball perhaps. And something should DEFINATELY be done with the room views. I think a more 3D perspective will add more fun into habbo. And last of all, furni should have different features, instead of just sitting down, turning on etc. you should have more interesting things like a r/c car game or you could have 2 options to do on a couch: either lye down or sit normally! sounds a bit like sims :D

05-04-2005, 12:09 PM
habbo name: .:krazy.katie:.
habbox name: .:krazy.katie:.

I would add more hair styles and hats also more clothes.
And as well as trophy's there would be medals that you can hang on the wall of ur room
Add more furniture to the catalogue eg.a bubble gum machine :D
When you get to the second year of hc u would get a super rare
thts wot i would do :D

05-04-2005, 06:45 PM
Hab Name : =-robby-=


You should be able to wear tattoes , or make ure own and upload them

You should be able to change the channel on tv

You should have a machine to blow up (make bigger) ure photos to psoter size so u dont have to click on them to see them

When it is nighttime hotel view is dark ( and so is looking through a window )
Also when it is a holiday the hotel view and window is different
Eg : Christmas , Snow through window and snow and snowmen on hotel view.Halloween , Pumkin Moon on view and window , and witches goinbg past the hotel and window

If you join a mafia they should be able to make a badge and you can upload it and wear it like a hc badge

Skateboards , Skates , Rolla Blades Going roudn the hotel faster

When you buy paint you control the brush so you can paint it all or just paint a bit or even write names or draw patterns on the walls

You can take ure dog on a leash to habbo gardens

Wear colour banneds like livestrong style things . they would be good for mafias/gangs as different jobs can wear different colour bands

06-04-2005, 04:06 AM
Habbo Name: Helloe34334
Habbox Name: -
Entry: Frist i would make it so the when put down a poster or picture you have the options to pick it up or move it so u dont have to pick it back to replace it on the wall. Then i would make it so you could sort your fruni in your hand in to groups like iced, lodge,mode ect.. I would also add new furniture in to the old groups like come up with a lodge sofa and in the deals section i would new deal option like mabey a set of bars one of each kind. Then i would give the non hc some new wardrobe options plus in the room layouts make it so you could have more than one story. In the rooms i would also have it so you can ban certian people so they cant even enter your room at all. Then with console have it so you can click a button that selects all the people online on ur list to make group messaging easier. But Habbo is just on the furni aspects I would up date the gamehall adding better verison of the games and mabey new games like checkers. i would also arrage a couple days every month of meet the staff and hobbas but i would but a few spread out in differnt rooms so that everyone couldnt get in at least one room give everyone a chance to meet the staff.

06-04-2005, 06:57 AM
Habbox Name : G-flow

Habbo Name : Frontslide

Vision : I would make walls available to modify, to add extra little spaces etc, which would mean you could have 2 rooms in one! Oh how cool.

06-04-2005, 11:28 AM
Habbox & Habbo Name: finolastar93

If I could change habbo I would...

Make it so when you buy a dog or cat he/she starts off as a puppy/kitten then grows up, I think it would also be good if there like as soon as you begin habbo you are a toddler then you grow and grow but only to the point where you get to what we look like today!

I thought what would also look great is if, when you change your clothes, you have a selection of clothes types (80s, 90s, modern, 70s etc) so you could choose out of all of that! I think a radio player for when you are habbo-ing would be cool and if you ever fall for a scam, the hobbas will know and straight away give you your furni back and ban the scammers.

A new Public room would be cool, thinking of an arcade, with the grabby things, I hope you know what I mean! With the teddies and that! If you win one you keep it :)
Also you can get one of those things where it takes a picture of you (like a passport booth) but then an artist draws it out in pencil then prints it! (I have one of me!) It would be good if, once you have got a picture of your habbo, it could be printed as a poster!

I think some of the money that is rang up for credits should be donated to a charity or make poverty history or comic relief (which is still going on). There would be cool furni, and I would even have a computer! Which would be worth about 25 credits and you could go on it and play games!

I also think there should be a lock on your hand so if anyone hacks into your account, they can’t take any furni! I think there should be more clothes, it would be cool if we could design them in paint and have more patterns on it! It would be interesting if we had a waitor/maid and if we wanted to talk to someone who wasn’t on our friend list, we could get the waitor/maid to send an alert or message to the person saying what they want :)

Finally I think you should be able to get your dog on your leash, because I feel they get lonely and dont have much fun on there own in your room! The tv should have different channels and the photo's should be coloured!

06-04-2005, 07:17 PM
Habbo Name: hedgeog
Habbox Name: hedgeog
It would be cool if u can change ur furni for creds..
More furni... like Lodge Sofa's :D
If u can have a choice for presents...
More Guest room layouts..
More better hc furni...
If u can have a banned list and u can choose when u can let them in..
More choice of clothes....

06-04-2005, 08:38 PM
Habbo Name:Raza786
Habbox Name:Raza786

If I Got The Chance To Make A Version Of Habbo I Would....

Let Pepole Design Their Own Clothes And Wear Them

Let Pepole Band Pepole From Their Own Room

Let Pepole Ignore Other Pepole

Put Aoption When You Modify Or Make A Room What Type Of Room It Should Be Like Racing Track Or A Sports Club .ect

Make A Beach On The Hotel

Let Pepole Buy Vehicles From The Catouloge

Give Fan-Sites A Help-Desk Full Of Stuff

Put Elections For A New Manager Every 6 Months

Make A Airport On Every Hotel So They Can Go To A Diffrent Hotel

Make A Bank

Sell Spades In The Catouloge

Make A Digsite Where You Can Go And Dig But You Need A Spade

Make A Room Called Wild And If You Enter Pepole Can Kill You And Get All Your Stuff That You Are Holding

Make A Shop On The Hotel And Then Sell Real Stuff On It Delivered Right To Your Door For Example A T-Shirt With Habbo Hotel Written On It But For Real Money

Do Missions

06-04-2005, 08:49 PM
Habbo Name: Braddpop
Entry: I would make the hotel safer from preying child abusers thing's like A/S/L will be bobba'd and any number of 3 digits I would have a new hobba system were a hobba can IP ban there and then. I would hold more events like hide and seek.
I would add more furni like real life furniture. I have a computer chair Which could be added I would have more things like MP3 habbo players that you CAN listen to music on.
I would have more X-mas things like flashing lights and i would also have habbo DAY AND NIGHT.

07-04-2005, 03:44 AM
Habbox Name: CarolineQT2774
Habbo Name: CarolineQT2774
Entry: If I could change Habbo, I would make it so that you could interact more with objects. For example, with a Refridgerator, you could choose what drink or food you would like instead of randomly getting something. I think it would also be cool if you had Hobbas sit in a watch tower over the Habbo Lido. These would be "life-guards" and could watch out for things, like people begging for tickets, etc. I would also make it so that you could buy instruments from the catolouge, practice, and finally perform. Habbos could listen and possible tip credits. I would also love to have some officially run games on a daily basis, so that you would get your Furni without the owner of the game running away. I think it would also be neat if there were some "official" jobs. Wouldn't it be fun to actually work for a robot, doing something like a mini-game and the better you do in it, the more you get payed? And HC Members could get better job choices. I would also add some moce Self-Interactions. Wave and Dance? Come on! What about Hug (Both Habbo users would have to accept, and you could totally block the user from using this interaction on you), High-five, Run, Sit (On the floor, and/or on a rug). You could also have a Habbo Journal, where you write daily entries about your Habbo experience. A lot more Mini-Games, besides Wobble Squabble and Diving, would be appreciated. You could have a Skatepark, buy a Skateboard for like 5 credits, and then you could practice on the ramps. Samething for Snowboarding. There could be other Public Areas based on different things, like the Wild West, Deep Ocean, Sky High, ect. I also believe, that, for a safer Habbo Community, there could be a "Habbo Profile". This would state "Male or Female," and, "How many times he/she has tried/suceeded in Scamming (Hobbas confirm)". This could be like "Reputation", except instead of Habbos adding Rep points, it would be added by Gold Hobbas/Habbo Staff/Mods. I hope you enjoyed my selection of interesting ideas, I really think they will make the Habbo Hotel environment more suitable for Habbos alike!

07-04-2005, 10:23 AM
habbo name - xboxmad!
habbox name - xboxmad!

if i could design habbo i would use the best ever fire walls :eusa_wall
i would have new furni evry 2 months, comps tht are free to enter and win rares. i would never put rares in the cat as this spoils them, i would make it easyer to become hc by giving evry1 it free for 1 month. i would have a feature were if u want to go in a room the owner gets a pic up of you and urr name and he can also see wat trouble u have caused if any. possibly make a second habbo hotel for older ppl so tht the arnt 11yr olds and 20+yr olds together. i would definatly make credits cheaper as when i was yonger i couldent afford to buy them sometimes mayby like 1p each or summin like tht. i would make the habbos look more realistic and rooms and furni realistic. i would have a shopping center with real habbos there were u pick wat u want and they get it like a real furni shop, but still have the cat for home shopping. i would have a comp put in evry room with free games on them. i would give evry ip adress tht is registered and has been active in the last 30days a birthday present, and finally i would make music machine and games were u can win credz :eusa_danc :D :eusa_pray :eusa_clap

07-04-2005, 04:16 PM
Habbo(x) name : Hayzee
I would have the opportunity to play music in the background in certain rooms. i would also add a 2 story room, whether that be as the rooms are now just with another floor or another door to go in which take you to a seperate upstairs i don't know.

07-04-2005, 11:02 PM
Habbo name: H0liday
Habbox name: JoshlovesKatie

Changes to habbo:
I would make a holiday resort, with incredible new furni, and have someone like Jem from Rooftop Rumble to manage it with others, and it has to cost 10 credits per habbo to come, and have servants.
I would make rooms way bigger, so that they can fit more than 25, becuz when in Callie's room some people cannot get in which ain't fair.
I would make more new cool rares, and new furni, which can have choices of colours, including the presents.
Well I have alot more what I want to do, but I think I wrote a bit too much considering its meant to be short. :8
Bye <3
Good Luck all.

08-04-2005, 01:36 PM
Habbo Name: Kobi626
Habbox Account: Kobi

I would like to be on habbo:
1. A Drinks Chooser where you can grab your selected drink without fighting with the minibar :D
Here example of my alts:
OR A Food Chooser where you can grab your selected food again without fighting with the fridge :D
Here example of my alts:

2.I'd like a option of trading credits and option to buy more then 150 credits on a day.

3. I'd like a tool system on habbo which you can show your statue - AWAY;BRB;AFK;HERE; etc..
And a system which you can controll options on you -
trading with you - off/on, sending you friend-request - off/on.

4. More habbo faces, clothes and much more.

5. If you'r two years HC you'll be MEGA HC, I'd like to get after year of HC NOT again the same rares. I'd like new and cool other rares to giveaway to more then one year of HC membership.

6. Public room - Valuer Bot.
A Bot in a public room, 100 habbos can get in.
This bot can tell you every rare value.
what mean that habbohotel should make their values to rares, and not fansites.

7. Camera controll on habbostaff's accounts. Each habbo staff can know what is happening on each room he want, without going in.
This tool can help to stop scamming, hacking and much more.

8. Universal Hotel. One hotel which will speak all the langueges. This hotel will be special. And will be open for all the other hotels, and this will get people from around the world closer.
Also, Daily every year - Competition between the hotels! this can be amazing! some competiton between hotels on the Universal Hotel - Winner Hotel Get to all his habbos rare... or I dunno :D lol

9. Telephone - New kind of connection for the habbos. Habbo can call his friend on other room, he can save his friend's numbers on his phone, much things.

10. New kinds of pets - Bunny;Snake;Fish;Monkey;Frog;Rat;Horse/Pony.

08-04-2005, 04:17 PM
Habbo Name : Paragraph
Habbox name : Paragraph

Basically habbo is kinda jam packed with the whole lag thing
and I think you should get a little button which says 'Lag refresh' which
clears the lag and if it starts to get worse you just press it.

Another idea was to have a street public room
Ok that sounds dumb but the room was like a street with a chip shop and stuff and lamposts and it got bright and it went dark at night and the chip shop bot was called Alma, another idea for a room would be a skatepark but you dont have to skate as that would cause lag but that is where the 'Lag refresh' comes in handy :)

I also like the idea of having sunglasses as you would look very 'HIP & COOL'
As some people want to be 'HIP & COOL'.
also new clothes as some of the new habbos all look the same and it gets annoying.


08-04-2005, 06:25 PM
Entry Habbox Vision
I think that Habbo furni should be different colors:P many Habbos could get the same furni just in a different color. I'm talking about the norms that are only one color. Also, I would make a 'quack' filter instead of the bobba filter we have now :P

09-04-2005, 02:10 PM
I would change lag and i would make scammers pay harder and i would stop alot of danceing so with danceing i probbaly maxium it in on one room and then more on another room and for scammers i wouldnt just banned them i would want them to give us an email saying why they scammed and tell them what should they do next time and i would choose pressie selections as many people say they dont like getting some coloured pressies and i would add more pets and allow more names add more long names also i would like to put more emotichions on there like flirt or crying not a sad face but i would make more exspressions as i would like that and i would put on a rocket cafe so people can go to 3 different cafes and also update more hair styles and outfits people would enjoy and i would do a load of different activites going on at one time like dionysus doing soapbox and DJ-3000 doing a kick wars so people have a better chance getting places and my last one would be haveing more rares because we could add stuff like a microwave or a silver t.v or more parasols as i would like that and thats what i would do.

habbo name: bloodkanekiller
habbox name: bloodkanekiller

09-04-2005, 07:32 PM
Habbo Name: =Flash=

Here are some of my improvements to Habbo-

Ban annoying habbos from your room
Transfer creds from account to account
Tradeable pets and pressies (pressies can be transparent so u see what is in it)
The TVs could give special Habbo news updates and events
Zoo pets like pandas and giraffes
A free monthly 'lottery' where every IP code on habbo is entered and winner gets credits or rares
A sports public room where you can play and watch sports
Outdoor looking wallpaper and floors like stars, trees, grass, etc.
Interesting lighting like disco balls and spotlights
Furni you can use in theatrical performances, such as stages, costumes, curtains, etc.
Different furni colors
Take your pets on a leash for walks in outdoor public rooms
When you delete a room, furni automatically returns to hand (a good way to get furni stuck in walls)
Submit furni or alterations that have a chance to become new furni
A web-based Funky Friday, like a poll
New clothes for both normal habbos and HC
Accesories like sunglasses, purses, earrings, necklaces, etc.
Arcade games in Cunning Fox Gamehall, like pacman and tetris

Thx :eusa_clap

12-04-2005, 03:56 PM
Habbo name: MagicHell
Habbox name: MagicHell
Entry: If I was manager, I would...
Be able to exchange furni for creds,
Be able to trade creds for furni,
Be able to hire bots, or buy bots,
Add more clothes for the non-hc folk,
Be able to design your kind of space in room,
Be able to play old skool games as arcade,
Be able to get wedding bots/priests,
Be able to get churches,
A free yearly contest. Every habbo is entered and you can win dino egg,
Habbos can shake hands,
Get a single seated hc sofa,
Be able to play music in your rooms that other habbos can hear for clubs,
Each week I would put a different item on sale for cheaper.
Add more disco items such as.. disco ball, dance mats and radios.

Like it?...

12-04-2005, 04:46 PM
Habbo Name : Skibs

My habbo vision....

Lag wouldn't be so bad,
The blue hobba button would actually work!
Habbo would have a public help desk.
The dancing wouldn't look all stupid , you could choose like different dances, like
night fever ;)
Hobbas ages wouldn't be so high,
Supers wouldn't come out in the catolouge!
Habbo wouldn't say they where goign to do something. Then just not!
Give your furni back and get credits for it when you don't need it!
If you are on habbo for 5 years you get a super.
Would be able to Ban people from room
More pets!
When you buy a pet you get some free food!
New games in public rooms!
Windows.. say yes to windows!
Door Frames!
New teleporters!
More people allowed in room.. about 40!
Be able to buy extra squares for your room for 1 credit each. Allowed to buy 10 maximum!
And more!

12-04-2005, 06:36 PM
Habbo Name: Cloudclone
Habbox Forum Name: Cloudclone

My New Habbo Idea's I would Implent

Well, let's see, the first Idea I would implent into Habbo would be one of the obvious ones... Clothes.
Everyone loves the range of Habbo clothes, right? YES! But the thing is, 4 years 3 months later, they still have the same ones! (Witht he exception that Habbo Club came along, but thats 2 years on and theres been no change has there?)

Idea 1 for clothes: New clothes completely! They have so many people that sponser them and Habbo has the rites of alot of companys to advertise their products, (Such as Ribena, Spyro the dragon and others) Why not take advantage, eh? We've probably all seen on the HabboForum and here in the Alterations sections/Idea sections that theres people that could make designs for Habbo, in my opinion Habbo are a bit tioo lazy to do anything. "We have enough", they say. Maybe a nice Goth section, belts, skulls on the shirts, riped trousers, baggy trousers and more gothic looks like piercings or tatoo's.

Idea 2 for clothes: Let us choose, like a 'self spray clothing machine' which lets us choose from different colours (on the FFFFFF-000000 chart). It would be cool to be able to change our clothes to almost any colour.

Next idea; has to be the furniture in Habbo. They're re-releasing Super rares, like the Orange Parasole because they have no other furniture to release and when they do, (Like the posters (New ones)) they were only availible for a limited amount of time (I'm sure they will be added again but, it's taking the mick. :p))

Idea 1 for furniture: They should implent a clothes section in Habbo for Habbo Club members so they can buy clothes in the Catalouge. A bit weird you may think, but it would be perfect for Habbo, they love taking peoples money. ;) (Just look at the Habbo pets thing, it made 67,000 pounds in the first month!) If they put new clothes in the catalouge, people would buy them like THAT!.
Maybe a Goth clothes set, Skater Clothes set, Alien even! like costumes that are already made up, so on the clothes selection screen there could be a new section called "Full outfits", when you click on it it could take you to the Full Ourfits and you can select one.

Idea 2 for furniture: A bigger catagorie of furniture availaible to all Habbo's.

. Sword Hangings on walls. (Katana's, Samurai swords etc... Everyone would love them!)
. A bigger bath section with a more bigger range.
. Machines that did 'things' Like a bubble maker for instance, or a juke box, vending machines, etc...
. More 'bars' Like the lodge, mode, iced, etc... Maybe a garden themed one, or a brick one, marble even?!
. Baby toys, (Okay, I know Habbo's hate babies, but it would give adoption rooms, daycares, more realistic!)
. Books that you could write in, leave messages in, etc...

My next idea is: to have an automatic ban option from someones room, that bans the I.P of that persons user from entering the room, Say you have someone comming in shouting "TYPE YOUR PASSWORD OUT, IT COMES OUT LIKE ******, WOW!", you can kick him and select an option called "Ban from room" which would ban all his characters from comming in the room. Simpe but yet very effective!

Another Idea: Lag, yes, we hate it don't we... Well, dancing seems to help add to this and there we always ahve unwanted people dancing away in your room when its the most laggiest of times, right? yeah well what about if you had the option to turn off dancing in your room! Wouldn't that be great! : )

Idea: Habbo accumulates so many visitors, on peek, 9k! this also causes major lag, Habbo knows it, we know it, but what can be done about it? I'll tell you what can be done about it!
Having two seperate UK servers that are connected to one another.
You sign up for a Habbo account and you either pick Server 1 or Server 2 You can change any time you like to go to another server, but you can't take your furni with you, you could also have an option which allows you to 3 times a year, change servers with all your furniture and then on your old server (Say server 1) you would get a complete transfer to the other server and start there. (If you had 4k peopel on each server, that would reduce lag by so much!)

Last Idea: Habbo names are getting increasingly difficult to make witout having to put a Kazilion numbers in or ':.-' in. What if Habbo names had spaces allowed? Wouldn't that like so help Habbo's with their names? You could Have a much wider Variety of names etc...

Well, thats all my ideas of the top of my head.

Hope you like them. <3

12-04-2005, 06:42 PM
Habbo Name -: Eckuii
Habbox name-: Eckuii
My idea was being able to get in your own full room, also being able to mute a room in a specific category. E.g Gaming rooms. For when you are doing quizes e.t.c.
You should be able to ban people from your own room so that it shows a lock when they try opening it.
Also the room owner should be able to kick people from hotel view by pressing "shift" like on public rooms

12-04-2005, 07:43 PM

if i could make a habbo i would make the guest rooms bigger and make a public room which is like a competition room where you super rares will be up for grabs and other rares

13-04-2005, 12:17 PM
Habbo Name: Confession..
Habbox Name: Confession..

These are a few features id add to the Hotel:

Room Ban - Meaning that I can ban people from my room if they broke any of the rules so they could not return.

More Items Of Clothes - Such as, Sunglasses, normal glasses, more shirts and trousers.

Build a pool in a guest room - Meaning you can buy sqaures and fill them with water so you can swim in your own room.

Build you own room layout - Meaning you can customize your room. More corenrs, more windows and have lifts to go from one of your rooms to another one.

A Royal Theme - Like mode, iced, area, i'd make a royal theme. Bars would be red ropes, red carpet. And as a gate, the door with stars on them.

Take a loan - Like a bank, taking a loan to buy rares before they leave the catalogue and then pay them back day by day. If not payed for, the item would be taken back.

More Habbo Actions - Such as, lying down, sitting on the floor, Holding hands with partners.

13-04-2005, 05:37 PM
Habbo name: Killer.Monkey
Habbox name: Killer.Monkey
I would make more clothes e.g. punk clothes with rips etc.
More designs of shoes.
More expressions like tongue sticking out etc.
Different dance.
Be able to make yourself fat by eating to much etc.
Personalize your HC badge. (Change the colour etc.)
Mix to colours together on clothes and hair.
More public rooms like an indoor swimming pool, library, gym, car park, Zoo, picnic area.
Being able to get muscles by training.
More pets (goldfish, bird, snake)
Change the design of the hotel.
Able to block someone from your room so they can't get in.
Able to ignore f/r.
Add more furni like gym kit, soda machine, computer, lava lamp.
New furni like garden stuff ( fence or a wall as a bar )
Able to scroll two ways on the hand.
Able to move your furni left or right.
More stickie colours.
Tattoos ( Make a tattoo parlour like 5 cred a tattoo )
A trade your furni for creds machine.

13-04-2005, 05:40 PM
Habbo(x) Name - HotelHealth

Entry -

Id Make Room Ban Lists, New Public Rooms Like A Beech
The Room owners Should Do :RoomShutUp And Prezzie Colour Chooser Coloured Camera Pictures More Rares More Cars On Hotel View [ Lmao ]
More Hobbas Added And Hobbas Promoted To hotel Staff And MODS
New Room Catergorys Furni Be Able To Use Smilies Instead Of Just Face Movement, Be Able To Win Credits In Public Rooms Annual Hotel Staff And Mod Givaway Cultural Furniture Ideas [ Idian Jewish Christian Buddist ]
More Chance Of Meeting The Hotel Manager
Be Able To Take Moving Screenies
Habbox On Fanlist [ Lmao ]
New Food Out Of Fridges And Mini-Bars
New Clothes Personalized Hc Badges
New Furni
A Habbo Messenger [ Talk Across Console ]
More Ways Of Finding People In Room Furni In Room And Things In Peoples Hands
Re-Coloured Furniture
More Pets
A Habbo Bank To Take Credit Loans
[ If The Loan isnt Payd In A Certain Time Furni Is Taken ]

Habbo Shops
Musical Instruments
New Wall And Floor Colours Eg.Brick Wall

Hope You Enjoy Reading This As Much As I Enjoyed Writing It
New Hc Badges
1 Throne After 2 Years Of HC
A Prezzie Every Christmas
A Gym
Fold Out Sofa Beds
Puplic Games
New Alt Codes
Games Over The Hotel
Like Hide And Seek
More Dances
More Buttons Eg.Kiss Hug Sleep
When Away Zzzzz Comes Out of Your Mouth Every 2 Mins
Habbo Scales
Merchandice Like Habbo T Shirts And Hats
[On And Off Habbo]
Habbo Phones
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13-04-2005, 06:40 PM
habbo usa name: Misscalifornia
habbo uk name: chrisk

Hcs can have a choice of hc rares once a month
Hc's can change they're skin color to pink, blue etc.

owners of the room can ban people from their room
Habbos can walk on walls.
habbos can write on walls
Habbos can have a choice of one furni every 2 months but only up to 10 credit price
habbos can auction their items on the home page.
Habbos can dance in many ways besides the robot lol.
habbos can decide what drink they want with out clicking the fridge many times
habbos can play music in their room
habbos could have a hug button
habbos can be able to shake hands

Furni arrangements
habbos can be able to get under the covers on the bed instead of on top.
HAbbos can beable to lay on the couch
habbos can choose what kind of sheets and covers they want for their bed

Habbo diary
pull out bed couch
vending machine
dresser (for bedrooms)
dishes like plates forks knives, spoon
computer lol
garbage can
hot tub
piture frames for you pictures
dinning table
plasma tv
beable to add more window to room
curtons for your window

and more

be able to play games in your room like battle ship etc.
a wedding chapel as a public room
a class room for a public room
a icecream shope for a public room

13-04-2005, 07:23 PM
Hi evry1 can any plz send me a prezzie on habbo my name is -superdev-

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13-04-2005, 07:24 PM
Hi Im new i was wondering how do u get a picture next to ur name on the bit where it sez ur name cud u plz tell me

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13-04-2005, 07:27 PM
yo can any1 tell me how to get picture nxt to ur name plz


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When in the competition forum only post competition entries - Do not post questions or comments it is not the place to do so. If you have a question or a comment regarding any competition then please send a pm to one of the Competition Moderators.

13-04-2005, 08:08 PM
My Entry For My Habbo Hotel

Habbo Name - Hautenz
Habbox Name - Hautenz

For the Habbo Hotel of my 'so-called' Dreams.

I would try to add new Alterations that have been made, and use them to my advantage on the Hotel.

- More Clothes, Rooms, Furniture, Social Interactions etc.

I would also add more sections to the Catalouge, such as :

Chinese Section

Dragons, Pillow Seats, Kneel Down Tables, Chinese Food.

Italian Section

Italian Food, Mini Leaning Towers (Of Pisa), Roman Bars.

Indian Section

Pictures/Statues Of Indian Gods, Mini Indian Temples.

Egyptian Section

Pyramid Backround Wallpapers, Sand Flooring, Camel Statues.

Using this will let people have more choice, and choice lets their imagination run riat, and it would show more enthusiasm throughout the Hotel, therefore providing less stress for the Habbo workers themselves and also new rooms and how they're created with this new furniture.

13-04-2005, 08:23 PM
Habbo Name:Jon606
Habbox Name:Jon606

My choices, for the nu habbo:

Public Rooms!
Have notice boards in the public rooms saying about events
NEW &/OR IMPROVED!: Footy Stadium (Habbo footy teams would go crazy!)
Olympic Stadium (The 2008 Olympics anyone?)
Outside the hotel! (Go to the beach or park!)
A shopping center where you could ACTUALLY buy furni (no more catalogues- do it how YOU do it in real life)
Games arcade (YAY!)
Internet café (This would enable you to chat to other habbos- ON OTHER HOTELS!)
Wrestling Arena (with ACTUAL wrestlers & unique actions that can only happen in the arena)
HabboSk8! SkatePark! (Wanna do a Melon on a QP? You can!)

Guest rooms!
Kick owners if they break the Habbo Way.
Post papers up on the walls (More text space- goodbye stickies!)
Special room actions (Wrestling fed. set up? Special 'Wrestling Arena' actions come there, by the click of a button ! :eusa_danc )
More room sizes & types (A 3-level room, or a house? You choose.)
A ban list, banning other Habbos temporarily or permanently.
Right Ranks:
Lv1: Furni mover
Lv2: Kicker & Furni mover
Lv3: Banner & Kicker & Furni Mover

Special unique actions that only YOU can choose (Includes footy, wrestling, coppers, mafias, etc. etc.)
More clothes- AND REAL ONES! (Want a Nike, Adidas, Umbro, etc. top? Well you can choose it!)
Search ANY sport clothing (Wrestling attires, footy kits, Olympic outfits, [in your face johny-footy!] Basketball clothing, etc.- using the new HabboRealKitFinder! {you know this will never happen! it'd be cool if it did and I would go :o :o :o HOLY PYJAMAS! IT'S HAPPENED! HabboRealKitFinder IS ON HABBO! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!})
More facial features (glasses, HUGE beards, etc.)
Growing hair (get it cut at a salon!)
Tattoos & piercings (1 word-cool!)
Topless Habbos (some might want it, others may not)
Height changes (Want to be a dwarf or a giant? HabboHeight could sort you out! Simply type your real height in- and HabboHeight AUTOMATICALLY changes it so that your Habbo is the same height as you!)
Breakin' the way reporter! (Report anyone scamming by clicking on them and choosing 'Report Waybreaker'. Instant Hobba access 24/7 (even though they normally do nowt)!
NO-MORE bobba FILTER! (swearing is now possible!)
New dances (the old 'un was stupid, doof (German for stupid), langweilig (German for boring)and plainly just confusingly IDIOTIC. Dance better- and have a choice of the dances!)

More plasto colours (Tried of the poo-like brown plasto?[YES SIR! :$ ] From a massive spectrum of any colour imagineable- the colour stays with your plasto- till you change it!
WAY MORE REAL POSTERS (A Hull City poster, perhaps? :D)
ALL THE COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD ON POSTERS (Want Estonia :D :D or Aruba? :s You can have 'em!
PosterCustomiser (Your unique poster with your Habbo And Habbo Name, on a poster. Nice.)
WAY MORE FURNI! (Air hockey table, footballs, basketballs, rugby balls, arcade machines, wrestling ropes & turnbuckles, pool tables, real look-a-like trophies [Barclaycard Premiership Trophy, FA Cup Trophy, etc.], hospital beds, guns (which you could ACTUALLY hold), game consoles (PS2's, Xboxes, Gamecubes, etc.), a whiteboard with 5 different colour pens (schools would be happy, wouldn't they? :D ),spray paint(do graffiti on the walls and stuff) etc., etc., etc.
More TV channels (Want sports, news or comedy? Use the NEW TV REMOTE!)
Skateboards (your own idea- unique decks that only YOU have)
Present chooser (Some1 has already done an alt for one - how about it being real?

Well, that's all I could think of- or was it? Look below this 4 more room-based new things!

Here it is!

Actual race lanes!
Starting blocks!
Finish lines!
Running outfits!
Special 'Race Rooms' with a long end for your racing!
Race trophies!
Special 'Race Room' commands- like 'Run', 'Practice', 'Jog', 'Stretch', 'Cheat', 'Bribe Race Official [CAN YA IMAGINE THAT!?]
Electronic boards with Race results & coverage on them!

League/Tournament organisers' new things-
A special 'TOURNAMENT HOLODICE', where you can select the numbers (say, from 1-64) and assign a team to each one (say, 43- Sidley Athletic F.C. [16/2/05-9/3/05- We'll never forget the Sids..... :'(]) Er..... back to the point.
Special 'Team Console 'Contacts' (search the team & friend request the owner! Simple & effective!)
Special updated standings & fixtures (As you type a result in, the sheet automatically changes the standings- TOP NOTCH BUSINESS!)

Teams' new things-
Special 'Football Furni!' (Halfway lines, goalposts, footballs, etc.)
Special Ref clothes (whatever you want for your ref clothes, you can get 'em)
TeamKitMaker (With this, any kit can be yours! Want red and blue Stripes like the Palace? You can have 'em with the TeamKitMaker!)
Real football stadia room settings (Makeshift rooms? BLERK! {stamps on ALL the makeshift footy pitches 'cos I'd like to do that} Select you stadia size, seat colours, etc.)
'Footy Commands' (Run, Shoot, Pass, Dribble, Hack, Tackle, Fight, Save, Etc.)

Real mafia-style outfits (Unique to your mafia with the MAFIAUNIFORMCREATOR! Create a Unique outfit, and only YOUR mafia members can wear them!
If you're raided by another mafia/police, you CANNOT kick them without a fight (FIGHT command automatically comes up whether you have mafia commands on/off but you're part of a mafia anyway, and for people with rights and owners, Kick disappears, and is replaced by FIGHT)
GUNS & WEAPONS! (Pythons, Colt 45's, Tec-9's, M4's, Ruger's, M16's & M60's, flamethrowers, hand-to-hand weapons, brass knuckles, etc.)
Special 'Mafia Commands' (Plan Raid, Fight, Argue, Raid [activated by sending a message to all other mafia memebers online the room name & mafia, and room owner],Shoot, Whack, Punch, Wrestle, Brawl, etc.)

OTHER GAME ROOMS! (Falling Furni, POP IDOLS, Quizzes, Name That...., Kick Wars, etc.)
You MUST give out prizes, or someone could report you scamming (which they do already anyway), and you may get banned instantly under the new 1DAYBAN system- Habbos reported- banned 4 a day- evidence must be included (speech bubbles, trade screens, true quotes [backed up by on-duty Hobbas/Habbo Staff], etc.)
For quizzes & Name That......, a special plain white speech bubble comes after the Q for a difficulty rating out of 5 (for my Q's, the majority would be 4 or 5. It'd start from 1- Easy as pie to 5-As hard as stuffing an elephant into a small box)
For POP IDOL/X FACTOR/FAME ACADEMY things, the organisers have a special card on which they can give a vote between 0-You can't sing to 10- Perfection. Complete perfection.
For FF's a special 'Trick them!' command would come up, and by clicking this, it'll look like someone has the seat, but with 'Trick them!', it'd move the object straight away to a different spot, and could only be placed by 'Place here'. This would disable the 'Trick them!' command, and the object could only be moved by the end of a round.
In Kick Wars, you have 5 tries at a kick war. Lose 5 times, you have to wait for an hour until you can try again. If you win, you get unlimited tries, but if you lose, you have the 5 tries back.
For CTKW's (Colour Team Kick Wars) There would be a number of colours (say Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Black, White), and the gate wouldn't open for people who DIDN'T have one piece of the colour on (e.g. An all blue clothed person COULD NOT enter a green section from the start).
For normal TKW's, you would have to set a team up of 10 members, 2 with HC, but not all with HC. Then you would score points by a KICKWARSSCOREBOARD (for CTKW's AND TKW's), which would change by how many opponent members were kicked.

Special 'School uniform' which only your students could wear.
Special 'School furni' (e.g. desks, textbooks & exercise books, whiteboards, educational posters, projectors, school bells, etc., etc.
Special 'Student actions' (Write in book, {A box would come up with what you would write}Hand in book, Raise hand, Spit spitballs, swear, [goodbye bobba filter!]fight, grass, {If you don't what grassing is, it's telling on a fellow pupil/person. It's stupid to grass. Only use this in EXTREME cases} mess around, pass notes, etc.)
Special 'Teacher actions' (warn, tell off, suspend, exclude, kick out of school, [These are like the ban list people have wanted for ages, except with suspend, you type in the date when they come back {If they will come back :rolleyes: } take register, (A box comes up with ' Class - (the class name) register', and it has all the names in alphabetical order.) Collect in books, help students, send out, cover lesson (like another teacher taking you for lessons), etc.
Forms (like 9A, 7C, {or my form at my school} 8R)
Canteen halls (Want peas, chips & gravy?)
PROPER schoolyards (With slides, chat areas, footy areas, [I still remember my old school's tarmac pitch on the yard]swings, etc. etc.)
Vending machines (or as we call them at my school, 'ketty' I dunno why though).

I could go on forever, telling you about hospital improvements, police improvements etc. etc., but it would take WAY TOO LONG and I'd have a HUGE POST.

If this actually happened, Habbo would rule the world. It'd be brilliant! :cry:
(Prays for this to happen :eusa_pray :eusa_pray If only this happened......Sulake would rule- there'd be loads more Habbo Hotels..... aah...... bliss.

P.S. All fake program names (HabboHeight, HabboRealKitFinder, etc.) are all copyright of me: Jon606. DON'T NICK THEM OR I'LL SHOOT YOU. Not really though!

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