View Full Version : Runescape

x CaCa x
03-08-2004, 05:51 AM
I have lots of runescape stuff like
santa hat, p hat, rune armour ,mask and ect..
im lvl 91 --- v1et 4 life
i have lvl 64 pure with plate --- a s i a n

Rye1088, Rye1088, Rye1088, Rye1088, Rye1088.. What u need on Runescape..? and what u have on habbo?

and my habbo name is
so add me and we can talk about some stuff that you have for trade
But first you Have to private msg me on here and tell me what ur habbo name is and ya.. so i no to add you cuz lots of noobs try to add me for nothing....

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