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25-03-2005, 07:13 PM
Well, how would you like to get your hands on a rare or two and a special mention at a future HxHD Theatre of Dreams show if we use your script? You'll also be a VIP there for one night only, so you will be able to get in, before it gets full up.

All you have to do is write a script for us. There can be around 3-6 characters and we suggest you don’t make the script too complicated or long. Think about it from an audiences point of view...would YOU like to watch this being performed, would you enjoy it?

The theme you must write your script around is “Spring”, but within that theme you have endless possibilities, from safety tips, famous comedy references, and little parts from well-known films, to a completely original idea - pretty much anything. (Obviously containing nothing rude or offensive or anything which breaks the habbo way/avoids filter)

1st prize = Throne sofa kindly donated by TooClose
2nd prize = 3 Samovars kindly donated by Tidus
3rd prize = Nordic Table also kindly donated by Tidus

To enter this competition you must be a registered member of our forum. Habbox is giving all its members (NOT STAFF) the opportunity to enter this competition; click on the post reply icon below.

Your entry should look like the example below: -

Habbo Name: MissAlice
Habbox Name:
Followed by your entry: - Your script

And remember to enter this competition you must be a registered member of the Habbox forum.

Follow the link below to go to the competition entry page and click on the post reply icon, leave your habbo name and your entry.

This competition will run until 25th April unless otherwise stated. After that DJ-3000 and the help desk events team will will pick the best entry and the prize will be handed over in Habbo.

One entry per Habbox Member ONLY.
Please read the terms and conditions at the bottom (In black)

Terms and conditions: To prevent foul play, we only allow one entry for each pc. If more entries are sent using the same pc all the entries will be discarded. You can send in your entry until the competition is closed at some time on April 25th 2005. Please be aware that some competitions may be extended, or even closed early due to the number of entries. The winner will be announced on the site and in this forum and will be contacted by MissAlice to collect the prize. Habbox has the right to close the competition at any time before the competition ending date and the winner will be judged from all the entries received up to that point. DJ-3000 and the help desk events team will be judging the competition any harassment or attempted bribery will see you disqualified and could even get you into trouble on the Habbox Forum. Theatre of Dreams staff reserve the right to modify your script if we choose to use it for a show. ALL Habbox staff are excluded from participating in Competition, unless Competition states they may. (This includes habbox.com habboxforum.com habboxtv.com and habboxradio.com staff), and also includes trialists who become staff before this Competition closes. Any entries that break the forum rules in anyway will also be disqualified. Prizes must be claimed within two months of the winner/s being announced. Unclaimed prizes will be used again in a future Competition.

When in the competition forum only post competition entries - Do not post questions or comments it is not the place to do so. If you have a question or a comment regarding any competition then please send a pm to one of the Competition Moderators.

Winners Announced - 28th April 2005
1st = Ceremony
2nd = -sFusion-
3rd = Eric

Below are the prizes in the winner's rooms.

25-03-2005, 08:07 PM
Habbo Name: Jenna9876
Habbox Name: Jenna9876

Someone: Hi! Welcome To The Theatre Of Dreams! :o Easter may be over...but heres a show to remind you of it!
Someone: Please turn off all console ringers, alerts, and most importantly... Your mouths! :x
Someone: To avoid getting autokick please wave constantly.
Someone: Oh and 1 More thing...
Everyone: Enjoy the show!!
Someone: And now a short skit by 2 of the habbox members to show you the dangers of scamming!
DJ-3000: I wish I was a hobba -sighs-
- Bunny Appears Out Of Nowhere -
MissAlice: Hi! I am the Easterbunny! I love spring :]. I hear you want to be a hobba!
DJ-3000: yes...
MissAlice: Well all you have to do is give me all your rares.
DJ-3000: DONE!!
DJ-3000: am i a hobba yet??
MissAlice: -leaves-
MissAlice: -returns- mwahaha now i am rich!
Hobba: -enters- give him his rares back or I'll ban you!!
MissAlice: -gives rares back-
Dj-3000: Phew I'll never do that again
[All Actresses and Actors Go To Front Of Stage and bow]
Host: Remember to not be like dj *points* and get absorbed into a scam :o To lighten things up after that dreadful scam by the evil missalice *whispers to audience say boo!* :] lol missalice we all love you, we're going to hear a beautiful easter quote written by Jenna9876, and recited by the beautiful, Cally-Star!
Cally-Star!: Even though Christ gave his life, an ugliness still stalks the earth, so we must cherish his rebirth, through beauty between man and wife, each soul must replicate the dove, redemption feels like our love.
Host: :] Happy Easter Everyone :]. Now a few corny spring jokes to put pixelated smiles on your faces :]
How Do Bunnies Stay Healthy? Eggsercize! What is the easter bunnys favorite state capital? Albunny, New York! Wow I'm funny! Why didnt i go into comedy? :P I can see your faces... you obviously want something a little more entertaining :P so without further ado, heres Anita and the bunnies!!!!
-clapping- -Anita and 3 bunnies come out-
Bunnies: Bunny Style?
Bunny: This song is to the tune of Since you Been Gone, By Kelly Clarkson.
Anita: Heres the thing, St Patties days ended, It was cool but it felt all pretend..Yeah Yeah
Bunnies: Since its been gone!
Anita: Bunnies are dedicated they take their time, it wasnt long till i called em mine..Yeah Yeah
Bunnies: Since its been gone!
Anita: And all I'd ever doo that day, was wear green with you...This is all you'll ever hear me say
Anita: I cant breathe for the first time, EASTER IS HERE...YEAH YEAH!
Bunnies: Thanks To That...Now She Gets...All The Eggs She Wants..
Anita: Since its been gone...
-bows- -clapping-
Host: And that was Anita and the bunnies! Good Job Guys! To wrap up the night, we'll have "A Tribute To Love". Dedicated to dave and anita. GET UP THERE YOU LOVE BUGS :]. -people wearing red and pink enter stage surrounding dave and anita- -Singer comes out- -surrounders give them a little space to dance as singer sings-
Singer: Love Me Tender, Love Me Sweet. You Have made my life complete, And I love you so. Love me Tender, Love me true, All my dreams fulfilled, For my darlin' I love you!
-2nd singer comes out [opposite gender]
2nd singer: Love me tender, Love me long, take me to your heart, for thats where I belong, and we'll never part. Love me tender Love Me Dear, Tell me you are mine. I'll be yours through all the years, till the end of time!
Singer: When at last my dreams come true, Darling this I know, happiness will follow you..everywhere you go!
Host: Aww How Sweet!! Well thats all for tonight folks. We'll see you next time in..

25-03-2005, 09:19 PM
Announcer: *~ Welcome To The Jerry Springer Show! *~ Your joining us Live in the HxHD Theatre of Dreams show with the man himself, Jerrrry Springer!

*Audience - 'Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!' *

Jerry Springer: Hello everyone, you join me on our special springtime edition of the show - 'Someone spring clean my man Please!' In todays show well be hearing from a housewive who just doesnt know what to do with her man anymore, Sherice tell us about it

Sherice: Well jerry, it started when we got habbo club a couple of months ago and we got a brand spanking new mocha... well he couldnt drag himself away from the thing and I ended up clearing up cups all over the apartment.. But then even worse he tried to go and 'free creds' for a tubmaster and ended up losing al our savings!

Jerry: Well i think we better invite in the man himself, Heres andy.

*Audience - Booo, Boooo Booo!' *

Jerry: So andy whats the story?

Andy: All I wanted was to provide a better life for our Sherice and was tempted with free credits.. I see I was wrong.. I should of listened to the warnings but i guess I was blinded by the love for my wife..

Sherice: Really, So that wasnt you I had to drag away from the Dirty duck pub at 3am as you flirted with sandy?

Andy: What I never, Sherice Beleive me she was nothing!

Sherice: I just cant stand it anymore..! You ate all the eggs I hid away for the kids and laundered all our money in casinos.. Ive had enough! Ive met someone else... someone new

Andy: What? How could you.. I dont beleive this you.. Thats it..

Sherice: Jerry treats me better than you ever did!

Andy: Ill get you springer.. Ill get you yet! You Liar! *Fade out to music..*

Jerry: Well I think you can see that Easter is a time for new beginnings, Andy and his gambling annonymous meetings, and me and his wife.. and thats my final though.. Happy easter Everyone! :)

25-03-2005, 10:39 PM
Habbo name: mcmurtrie
Ashleigh: theres a rumour going around that its spring in a few days is this true
Anni: im not sure
Ashleigh: well, we'll have to see whta habbo does
Next day.....
Message from mizki : guys spring is getting near easter furni is now in the catoulougue and the easter theatredrome is done
Anni: looks like the rumour was true
Ashleigh: it doesnt feel like spring yet
Anni: well i kno but get ur easter furni and eggs stocked up
Ashleigh: i will and you have a nice easter :)
Anni: yes and you dont eat too much :P

26-03-2005, 03:35 PM
Habbo Name:Angelschick

Habbox Name:Angelschick


Easter Bunny:OHNO! Peter Kay has ate all my easter eggs what am I going to do now!

[Stage Directions] Out of now where a cherry with a face appears

Cherry:Hello Bunny i believe you need some help

Easter Bunny:Yes i do! Peter Kays stolen all my easter eggs and hes eating them with Ant 'n' Dec right now! Easter is ruined for everyone :(

[Stage Directions]Cherry has a flashback..

Along time ago...

Cherry's Uncle: :@ get to work Cherry right now

Cherry: No you can't make me :p

Cherry's Uncle:Right thats it now your not getting that bath time with barbie doll you want from Toys R Us

Cherry: Noooooooooooo :(

Back in the present

[Stage Directions] Cherry has an evil grin and magics his uncle to him

Easter Bunny:What are you doing Cherry

Cherry: Childdren want Easter cherrys not easter eggs ;)

Easter Bunny:What a great idea their HEALTHY!!!!

Cherry:You'll regret never buying splash around with barbie when i was 13 :p

Uncle Cherry:If you eat me now you'll take away the biggest part of me ohwooooo baby please dont....

Easter Bunny:Too late :)

26-03-2005, 07:05 PM
Username: peterwill (on both)
All the characters are dressed as rabbits. Gregor and Marrianna are Grey, Englebert is White and Cynthia is Black/white. Samia is Pink.

Gregor: Marrianna, Marrianna, COME QUICK!
Marrianna: What is it i am buisy!
Gregor: Quickly there is something here.
Marrianna: Very well then!
Marrianna and Gregor go to some plants. Inside them they see a lumpy thing wrapped in a sheet.
Gregor: What do you think it is?
Marrianna: I don't know. We better get Englebert.
Gregor goes over to Englebert. Englebert is sunbathing under a parasol.
Gregor: Englebert, you must come now we have found a thing.
Englebert: What is it?
Gregor: I don't know
Englebert: Fine then
Englebert followed Gregor.
Marrianna: Your here. What do you think it is?
Englebert: Isn't it obvious?
Gregor and Marrianna look at each other? They both say :s
Englebert: It's a baby!
Gregor: A baby what?
Englebert: I think its a rabbit.
Englebert takes the baby to the village. Cynthia is playing with a holodice.
Englebert: Nurse Cynthia come here.
Cynthia: What is it?
Englebert: We have found a baby!
Cynthia: I love babies.
Cynthia looks at it. She gasps!
Cynthia: Its a hare!
They all gasp
Gregor: A HARE!
Marrianna: We can't have a hare in our camp. They cause trouble!
Cynthia: It's only a baby. How can it cause trouble?
Englebert: As King i am pulling rank. It may be a hare, but we can't leave it to die! We have to look after our fellow animals.
Cynthia: Yes we have to!
Cynthia looks at Samia
Cynthia: Aww arn't you cute
Samia: Gargles and laughs
Cynthia: We need a parent for it. Oh please can i be it mother!
Englebert: Yes. You must teach it to be nice to all fellow rabbits, and bring it up to be a rabbit!
Cynthia: I will. Now let's think of a name for it!
Marrianna: How about Polly, after my mum.
Gregor: Bunny says No
Marrianna: How about... um... Ethel!
Gregor: Bunny says no
Marrianna: How about Samia
Gregor: Bunny says
Cynthia: Thats a lovely name. Baby Samia.

So they all lived happily ever after! :D

26-03-2005, 07:40 PM
The set starts with a dark room (dark floor and walls ) ,skull candles surround the stage and one solitary betting booth is in the middle with dice turned off.

habbo one enters from teleporter to sit on the chair in the betting booth

habbo two enters from side of stage (or doorway) to sit in casino
Narrator: Oh, can u smell that spring air! But habbo wasn't always like this i remember a time when it was quite different......

Habbo one: Welcome to my casino.
Habbo two: Its a bit dull here, i mean wheres our petal patches and your purple parasols and pop-up eggs? Wheres your easter spirit!
Habbo one: This casino is not a park or habbo garden, however, Do you care to bet?
Habbo two: ye sure, can i bet my freshly-bloomed aloe vera?
Habbo one: anything you want mate!
Habbo two: there you go!
Habbo one: lets go!

habbo one rolls dice
Habbo one: sorry you lose!
Habbo two: No i didnt!
Habbo one: muhahaha Eat my spring shorts!
Habbo two: Do'h!

Habbo three (hobba or person acting as hobba) enters

Habbo two: Yes a hobba, they will solve my problems!
Habbo three: Stop right there!
Habbo one: Do your worst hobba!
Habbo three: One ban coming up!
Habbo one: Aye carumba!

hobba kicks scammer

Habbo three: Heres your Aloe Vera, mmmm... smells nice
Habbo two: Cheers! Im never betting away my furni again!
Habbo three: loads of casino's are scams, best to stay away from them , and remember no ones quicker than a HxHD worker! No matter if its christmas, Hanukkah, Atuamn or even Spring!

Narrator enters from teleporter or side of stage
Narrator: And so the moral of this story is not to bet in casinos, but to keep you furni with you. This habbo was lucky, but you might not be! If you ever need help just type in DJ-3000 on the navigator and pop on down to Habbox Help Desk! Where the staff will be glad to help you, no matter how big or small your problem is.
Thank you, come again!

actors go to the front of stage bow and leave accordingly.

The actors can know their times to enter using clones and console. If its chosen as the winning entry (not likely :p) and you needed some help on choriography, i'm always free :)


29-03-2005, 10:25 AM
habbo name:raza786
habbox name:raza786

partie2:welcome to the theatre of dreams
raza786:yes this place is full of dreams
sierk:i dreamed that i can see a place like this for spring and its true
dj-3000:well yes on habbo
partie2:this place is so romantic so dreamy so so so springy full of flowers
i wish the easterbuny could see this place it's so springy
callie:yes you are right i have brought all the hobbas to see this place and the mods oh i forgot to tell you i brought EASTERBUNNY aswell
easterbunny:yoo hoo i was hiding behind callie oh look at this place would you its so cool what should we call it?
everyone:the bunny hole!
easterbunny:yes the bunny hole so its a home for me tehe
everyone:yes its funny hahaha

a crowd comes rushing in

crowd:this place is wonderful
raza786:yes its a good you have discovered partie2
partie2:yes i could not have found this place wothout you pepole
everyone:you could have

cally-star! comes rushing in

cally-star!:what have ypu pepole found oh wow!
everone:yes isn't it cool
cally-star!:it certianly is
dinoysus:lets play a little easter game
quarterBack:but what game
easterbunny:hehe i know
callie:what do you know
mod-neo:a game
sierk:yes tell us
dj-3000:we are willing to know
everyone:yes tell us please
easterbunny:well if you are willing to know ok its called catch the bunny
callie:how do you play it
easterbunny:i move the bunny i square forward each time and the other pepole run after it and try to stand one square beside it then say "loosa2
everone:lets play it here
dj-3000:easterbunny dose not have rites
easterbunny:callie can give me rites she is a hobba

callie gives easterbunny rites and they all start playing.

29-03-2005, 09:13 PM
no1: ladies and gentleman, ok face it not many men are going to show up to this i think. anyway thankyou thows who botherd to show up and those who dindn't,lets say your friends,tell them they now owe the money for monstro campaign.now we have the brand new rap artist ,eminems brother smarties(CHEERING)

smarties:guess whos back, back again, easters back ,tell a friend.
now everybody make some noise,some noise,some noise, now every body
make some noise for JESUS!!!!(CLAPPING, CHEERING)

no1: ok, thanks smarties,ok then did you like that (SAYING YES!!)
oh good ok,now i'm sure you'd want me to stay but ive got to go tape little brittain while ypou lot stay here listening to this noisy bunch see ya!!!

no2: ignore him were good really,next give it up for the easter bunny joker!! (CROWD STILL QUIET)

bunny: ok er im not very clever in this sort of thing im supposed to say a joke eerrrm..
i no a ma walked in to a bar and said ouch (SARCASTIC LAUGHS)
thankyou thankyou i am good arent i.


GUY ON MICROPHONE: this production was made by monstro smarties is a act of monstros imagination and therefore he is not very clever and should be looked out for!

31-03-2005, 05:22 PM
In the sleepy town of HxHD, DJ-3000 slept in the middle of his petal patches as the clock turned 2:00pm. Suddenly, a bunny ran through the door and stood next to DJ-3000 and shouted:
Bunny: Wake up! Wake up! We have to help all the poor Habbos out there, you know?
DJ-3000: Huh?
Bunny: I do not have time for your stupidity, up! Get up!
DJ-3000: Ok, ok, calm down dear... It's just a helpdesk
Bunny: Just a... Just a... (Deep breaths by the bunny) Just a helpdesk! How can you speak about it like that! What would the Habbo's do without us, look, there's a lost, confused looking Habbo right now!
(Bunny points at Bob, a confused looking Habbo sitting in the corner)
Bob: Hello.
DJ-3000 looked at Bunny, then Bob, then back to Bunny, bewildered. He got up and walked to sit on one of his many Thrones, when suddenly there was a loud cracking noise coming from the Imp. DJ-3000 looked inside, closely followed by Bunny. They saw Jrh2002 standing in the Imp, looking at it with big eyes
Jrh2002: Marvellous, absolutely marvellous
He slowly walked out of the Imp
DJ-3000: What's so fantastic?
Jrh2002: Well, it seems I have made a new exciting discovery. During summer, the Imp didn't make a noise at all. During autumn it made a popping noise, during Winter it was... Well, I can't seem to remember. But in Spring it makes a cracking noise... How odd, how very odd.

Jrh2002 now sat down. DJ-3000 was now more confused, Bunny was silently giggling to herself and Bob was now pacing the room
DJ-3000: What's so funny bunny? Hey that rhymes...
Bunny: Yes, it does rhyme. I'll just send him in.
DJ-3000: What?
But before he had time to be even more confused, a huge bunny walked in. He wore white sandals, white pants, a white hoodie and a huge pair of bunny ears.
Bunny: I'd like you to meet Brutus
Brutus: It is a pleasure to finally meet you Mr. 3000. A true honour it is.
But as Brutus put out his hand to shake DJ-3000's, Spring itself [Yes... Spring itself] came charging into the room with a big bell and started clanging it shouting ' Let's get rrrrready to ruuuuuuuuuumble ' And she threw all the furniture across the room, sending thrones flying and poor petal patches floating out of the window.
DJ-3000: No! What are you doing?!? Bah! Stop this madness! STOP!
And suddenly all was quiet, he found himself lying on the floor, he got up and looked around. The room was empty. It was just him. Had he been dreaming? Surely not... He got up and walked to his Throne, sat down and just caught a glimpse of Bob, Bunny, Brutus and Spring 'Going over tzar.'

31-03-2005, 05:25 PM

Nick: Hello, and welcome to the Theatre of dreams! Or in short, how Albert calls it, 'T.O.D'. As you know, it is a special time of year. Do you know what it is Albert?
Albert: Err, don't tell me! Is it...Spring?
Nick: Yes!
Nick: an easter egg :). *gives Albert an easter egg*
Albert: YAY! *runs off stage eating egg*
Nick: Anyway, today we are going to talk about..well...spring!
Jake: Well, that was obvious.
Nick: Jake, why arn't you rounding up our guests?
Jake: Well one of them hit me on the head with her handbag, and the other screamed and ran away.
Nick: .....Ok then, well it was a good idea i went out and got guests.
Jake: Did they run away?
Nick: Nope. So ladies and Jelly-totz, please give a big clap to DJ-3000 and Sierk! *Crowd goes wild*
DJ-3000: Thank you! Thank you very much!
Sierk: Yes! What he said!
Nick: Well. The crowd loves you, so will you help us with our sketch?
DJ-3000: Of course my little friend.
Sierk: As long as i'm not the bad person ;)
Nick: Well, ok. Go and get ready. We're gonna show you dangers of casinos, or as albert would say 'CASI-NOS'. *Crowd yawn* Yes, well. Please enjoy.
**AT 'DJ-3000'S CASINO***
*Sierk enters*
DJ-3000: Yo! Welcome to my casino, wanna play some 21?
Sierk: Wow, this room is full of rares! How you get them?
DJ-3000: Look, you want to bet or not?
Sierk: Yer, But it's spring. So can I bet a pop-up egg?
DJ-3000: Yer whatever just hurry up.
Sierk: Ok *gives pop-up egg to DJ-3000*
DJ-3000: Ok, you roll the dice, then i have to beet your score, if either of us go past 21 then the other person wins, ok? Ok, roll the dice
Sierk: *Rolls dice, gets 21 right on* Cool, i might win.
DJ-3000: Ok, and i roll. *rolls dice, gets 13, Exits room*
Sierk: Eh? Where did he go? Wheres my pop-up egg? AHH! I know who can help me! *calls hobba*
Nick: Hey, i'm a hobba. Whats wrong?
Sierk: DJ-3000 took my pop-up egg, can you help me?
Nick: Of course :), *sends message to DJ-3000 saying 'you have been banned for scamming'*
Nick: DJ-3000 is now banned and *gives pop-up egg to Sierk* Bye! *leaves*
Sierk: YAY! I have my pop-up egg! Now i'm going to eat some Easter eggs!
**Sketch ends**
Nick: So, everyone shout the moral of this sketch!
Nick: Close enough. Well, now I need to go find Albert. We hoped you enjoy the show! Goodnight!
***Show ends***Crowd cheers***

03-04-2005, 04:12 AM
Habbo Name: Genius-Kid
Habbox Name: Eric

- Scene One: Everyone Sitting Down (Like A Talkshow) -

Narrator: Welcome to the Spring Theatre of Dream’s Show! I will be the Narrator of the drama that will be going on tonight! First, I would like to introduce our crew:

*[StaffOne] acting as Alice
*[StaffTwo] acting as Cameron
[StaffThree] acting as Alice’s father
[StaffFour] acting as bunny #1
[StaffFive], acting as bunny #2

*shows key parts

- Scene Two: Inside A House With TV And HC Sofa, Alice and Alice's Father -

Narrator: Our scene begins in Alice’s house, where her father is sitting lazily on the club sofa while his daughter walks around, doing nothing.

Alice: Father, can I-

Alice’s Father: What now? You know what season this is, it’s Spring. This is where you gave out our security password to that scam site, and we lost all our credits.

Alice: Father, you know I’m sorry…

Alice’s Father: Shut up, the show’s back on. Go outside and lock yourself out. I’ll open the door after this show’s over.

Alice: But it keeps showing different episodes for seven hours!

Alice’s Father: Bring a watch. Set it for seven hours. Go.

Narrator: Alice sighs and steps outside and obediently locks the door. She doesn’t bother to bring a watch.

- Scene Three: Petal Patches, Outside, Bunny 1 and 2 Walking Around -

Alice: To think, I once loved Spring. After being so gullible…

Narrator: Alice breaks down in tears, while a person named Cameron walks over to her from a distance.

Cameron: Are you all right?

Alice: Far from it. Not to be rude, but who are you?

Cameron: I’m from next door. My name is Cameron. The snow kept me from ever meeting you. I did meet your Father though…

Alice: Oh dear. Isn’t Spring just terrible?
Cameron: I don’t see why.

Alice: It’s just horrid. It’s the lead of bad things.

Cameron: It’s the lead of the blossoming of plants; it’s the lead of new colors. It’s a gorgeous season, I think.

Alice: The plants are lovely, the colors are lovely, but my heart still feels a burden. Did you hear about the credits?

Cameron: Your Father told me. I think the only way to recover from something like that, is just to not look back. When you’re scammed of your possessions, instead of anger and despair, I think it’s best to just start over, don’t you think? It’s not worth making a burden in your heart.

Alice: Maybe you’re right…I never looked at it that way. It feels so good to be rich, though…

Cameron: What’s the point? In this world, we’re just to be whatever we come out to be, and make the best of things. We don’t need the throne of England to make us happy. We don’t need the fanciest birdbath.

Alice: Brown plastic chairs aren’t real attractive.

Cameron: I think, in this world, we should just be grateful for what we have, and when we don’t have anything, we just look at the better aspects of all this – friends.

Alice: I think you’re right. I really haven’t ever looked at it that way. Maybe Spring isn’t that bad. It shouldn’t always be ruined because of getting scammed once during this season.

Cameron: Alice, spring leads to so many new things. You could make new friends, new adventures, and new fun. Furniture and riches are just – extra. I think we all should try to meet a new friend this spring.

Narrator: Before long, Alice and Cameron are best of friends. They’ve met new friends during spring and Alice no longer dreads the spring season. It just goes to show that everything goes better if you look at it in a more positive way.

Narrator: This Spring Theatre of Dreams show has been brought to you by Habbox! I hope you learned the moral that has been hidden in this script. Thank you for watching and we hope to see you in another Theatre of Dreams coming soon!

- End Script -

Note: [StaffNumber] parts stated in the beginning of the script will be replaced with their Habbo names depending on which Habbox Staff would like to use them. For example, [MissAlice], acting as Alice.

Good Luck To Everyone Else! :)

03-04-2005, 08:05 AM
Habbo name: rachel-100
Habbox name :hob.****

Narrater: Hello Every body and welcome to our show!We have a couple of scary looking creatures here today so watch your back! Oh yeah and watch out for miss alice! She can be so much trouble!Well lets get started then and enjoy the performance of Spring day dream!

Deep voice: Please turn all of your mobile phones and pagers! Still back and relax! And enjoy....

-music plays and curtains open with cally-star standing behind them with dj-3000

Cally-star:It is just not fair!
Dj-3000 :Whats not fair my dear?

Cally-star:Oh nothing!

-Gets up and stomps of to the chair to sulk-
Dj-3000 :Fine then dont get your birthday present!

-Cally-star turns round with a bright expression on her face! She gets up off her chair but gets her leg caught in between the table and chair and falls over-
-Audience laugh-

Cally-star:See! Im always having bad luck since i met this girl the other day!Miss alice!
Dj-3000 : What did she say?
Cally-star:Well its been along time from now!

-They both gaze up into the sky and walk off stage-

Narrater:It was a boiling hot spring day! The grass was growing and the birds were singing it was great!Until a nasty little arrived and scared all the birds away!And then it was quiet!

Miss alice:Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!Im going to take over the world of habbo one day and become the hotel manager! Muhahahahaha !

-Cally-star enters on stage -

Cally-star :Hello :)
Miss alice :Who are you?
Cally-star :I'm cally-star! Who are you!
Miss alice :I'm your worst nightmare!
Cally-star :Ahhhh! Dont hurt me! Im to tasty to die!

-Audience laugh-

Miss alice:I'm the great cause of bad luck! Once ive touched you,you will become very accident prone!

-touches cally-star then runs away-

Cally-star:Gosh i feel dizzy!

-falls over-

Cally-star:Its blurry to? Omg! Ahhhhhh!

-Creeps of the stage-

-Cally-star and Dj-3000 enter back onto stage-

Cally-star : And thats what happened! Now ill have bad luck on easter!
Dj-3000 : Im sure you wont! And I hope that miss alice dosent return here!

-Miss alice creeps onto the stage and hides-

DJ-3000: Whats that noise?

-audience shout " shes behind you!"

DJ-3000:Where theres no-one here apart from me and cally-star!I think!

-Audience behind you!-


-behind your tubmaster!-

Dj-3000: What here?

-Audience Yes!?!-
-Dj-3000 serches for miss alice! she jumps out! and grabs him!
-Cally-star grabs dj-3000-

Cally-star:Im not scared of you!

Narrater: What will happen next ?

08-04-2005, 11:45 PM
DJ-3000-Hello Nice day aint it and is that a dafadiele
FRISC0-Yes it is why do you wanna know
DJ-3000 i dont really i just dont see alot these days
FRISC0-guess who says this
FRISCO-i jue i jue to you and you and you
DJ-3000 Easy sound of music
FRISCO-Yes that makes me feel of spring
Miss Alice-Hey guys what you talking about
DJ-3000 dafadiels
Miss Alice-Thats summer stupids
DJ-3000 who made you incharge
Miss Alice- i aint
FRISC0- Look at the leaves on the trees
DJ-3000 Yea lovely

Miss Alice- ok you too stop talking about this and lets go and whats that about sound of music

DJ-3000&FRISC0-Nothing *giggles
Miss Alice-oi you too get back here now

08-04-2005, 11:46 PM
habbo name:bloodkanekiller habbox name: bloodkanekiller
DJ-3000-Hello Nice day aint it and is that a dafadiele
FRISC0-Yes it is why do you wanna know
DJ-3000 i dont really i just dont see alot these days
FRISC0-guess who says this
FRISCO-i jue i jue to you and you and you
DJ-3000 Easy sound of music
FRISCO-Yes that makes me feel of spring
Miss Alice-Hey guys what you talking about
DJ-3000 dafadiels
Miss Alice-Thats summer stupids
DJ-3000 who made you incharge
Miss Alice- i aint
FRISC0- Look at the leaves on the trees
DJ-3000 Yea lovely

Miss Alice- ok you too stop talking about this and lets go and whats that about sound of music

DJ-3000&FRISC0-Nothing *giggles
Miss Alice-oi you too get back here now

Audience-*Claps guys guys what you talking about you got it all wrong its not summer and sound of music dont make me feel summer its SPRING!!!!!!!!!

09-04-2005, 08:22 PM
Habbo Name: =Flash=
Habbox Name: -sFusion-
My Entry:

Narrarator[enter stage right]- "It is a fine spring day, but OldJoe [stage left] sits in the corner of Habburgers, slowly chewing on the remnants of his fries. To his left, he hears two men talking."
[LittleTom and BillScam enter stage left] LittleTom- "So you can help me out?"
BillScam- "Yea I can help you. I just need your password so I can... uh transfer the thrones onto your account."
LittleTom- "And all you need is my orange para? That is all you will take from my account?"
BillScam- "Exactly. Its for my Spring collection." [grins mischieviously]
Narrarator- "OldJoe knew what was coming. All this young boy's hard work was about to disappear into thin air. He needed to act quick." [exit stage right]
OldJoe- "Hey um, Tom, can you help me out over here?"

[LittleTom cautiously approaches OldJoe]
OldJoe- [whispers] "I need to tell you something before you make a decision you will regret."
LittleTom- "Umm ok i guess." [frowns]
OldJoe- "Good, good. Let me take you back one year..."
- - - - - - - - - -

[YoungJoe enters stage right]
YoungJoe- "Oh yeah! I am sooo rich! I've got every rare ever produced. If I don't got it, it's not furni!"

[JimSlick enters stage right]
JimSlick- "I don't think so. Check this out. I just received a rare that hasn't been released yet!"
YoungJoe- "What??!! That's impossible!"
JimSlick- "Oh no it ain't. Let's just say i have friends in high places. But I'll make you a deal. If you give me the full set of parasols, a typewriter, AND a golden elephant, I'll let you have one."
YoungJoe- [smiles] "That would be sweet mate. I owe you one."
JimSlick- [laughs] "Yea you do. But there's a problem. This item in non-tradeable. So if you put my requests in my room, I'll put the rare in your room. Deal?"
YoungJoe- "Deal."

[JimSlick and YoungJoe shake hands and exit stage right]
- - - - - - - - - -
OldJoe- [shakes head] "Well I followed through, but Jim didn't. That day I lost my only set of parasols, my only typewriter, and my only golden elephant. I never got those rares back or the 'rare-to-come.' And I see you are about to be scammed as well. Let me just tell you from experience that you should think it over first."
LittleTom- [surprised] "Wow! I almost made a huge mistake. Spring must have me in a daze. It took me forever to save up and trade for an orange para. Thanks, mister."
OldJoe- [smiles] "Anytime, kid. Here is a good rule to go by - if it sounds too good to be true-"
LittleTom- "It probably is!"

10-04-2005, 05:59 PM
habbo name : Skibs
habbox name : skibs.

Trisha : Hello, And on todays show we have a habbo who is just too lazy to get up and spring clean!

Audiance : OOOOO.. AHHH

Trisha : Yes thats right. Lets here it for our guest!

Audiance : OOOOO.. AHHH

Trisha : is it right you are too lazy to spring clean?

Guest : Aw Trisha. Its true. I just can't get up out of my seat, it was hard getting here. OUCH -leans over- My back!

Trisha : Thats soem problem you got there babe :rolleyes:

Guest : Excuse me.. are you takign the micci out of me. Audiance, is she takign the mic outa me?

Audiance member 1: YES SHE IS!

Audiane member 2 : SLAP HER ONE!

Trisha : Now, sit down. No need to get angry -backs off-

Guest : -runs at trisha- U cow! -slaps-


Security : -grabs guest and pulls off stage-


Trisha : You can talk! Ok folks. I think that enough for todays show. Thankyou. And Bubye!

10-04-2005, 06:25 PM
Habbo Name- !-.scammed.-!
Habbox Name- !-.scammed.-!

The POA [Sunny Person-SP Dark Person- DP Actors name-AN]

Setting- One Person on a dark side of a room and another in a field of petals singing.

Dark Person- Mwahhahahahahahahaha, my plan is now COMPLETED!
[Shakes Fist In Air Laughing]

Sunny Person- Teehehehehehehehehe, my plan has now been finished and I can make the world a safer place!
[Smiles giggling and dancing]

Dark Person- I can now take over the world FOREVER and can smoosh that [Actors Name (sunny person)] Home!

Sunny Person - I can now spread some sparkle and joy to that [Actors name(Dark Person] hovel!

(Both Laugh And Go Off)

Narrator- Well, as these two different people laugh and laugh, I shall fill you in
with what is going on in this story. [DP AN] is trying to Kill [SP AN] and [SP AN] is trying to make everything all better for [DP AN]. They have failed miserably for over ten years and they think they have finally cracked it, but I doubt It!!

[DP + SP Come On]

Dark Person- We meet again [SP AN]. I SHALL SMOOSH YOU!

Sunny Person- Oh well I would like to see you try!

[They Come Together and start fighting]

Someone- People Please! This Is A Help Desk! Not An Arena!!!!

[Sunny Person And Dark Person Keep On Fighting]


[Kicks From Room but DP+SP Come Back]

Dark Person- [Strangling SP] I HAVE YOU NOW!

Sunny Person- [Throws A Coffee Over DP] Tee He He!

[Keeps On Fighting As Narrator Come On]

Narrator- Told You It Would Never Work!

[Bow And Leave Stage] :eusa_clap

12-04-2005, 08:06 PM

SUPBRO: Wooohay I am so excited it is now warm and the days are gettin lighter, I love spring but I can't wait till summer.
DR.EVIL: There will not be summer I will cast darkness over the world on the 1st June.
(1st of june comes and the sun does not rise)
SUPBRO: I never thought he could i should of told someone i shall phone the police.
SUPERHABBO: No need son.
SUPBRO: Wow it is superhabbo.
SUPERHABBO: I will find DR.EVIL and bring the summer back.
(SUPERHABBO lys over to DR.EVILS layer)
RANDOM PERSON: Whats that sound.
SUPERHABBO: Its me, lead me to DR.EVIL.
(They get to DR.EVIL and the RANDOM PERSON ran away)
DR.EVIL: I've been waiting for you.
(They both pull out guns)
DR.EVIL: Now I will blast you out of habbo.
(Unluckily for DR.EVIL he has no ammo)
SUPERHABBO: Now you bring back summer and I will spare your life.
(DR.EVIL presses the button and light is back)
SUPERHABBO: Your coming with me to habbo jail.

16-04-2005, 09:14 PM
Habbo Name: Jordzo
Habbox Name: Jordzo

.+* The Spring Theatre Of Dreams *+.

DJ-3000: Hello All And Welcome To The Spring Theatre Of Dreams, Im DJ-3000 And I'll Be Playing A Character In Our Script So Watch Out For Meh!Now Lets Get This Show Underway! w00t *Runs Off Stage*
Jrh2002: *Walks Onto Stage* >:) Im The Evil Habbo Here To Destroy Spring, So Have A Bad Spring, Mwuhahaha ! >:) *Runs Away*
.x.!Anita!.x.: *Walks Onto Stage & Looks Around* Wheres The Easter Bunneh? ;(
EasterBunny: *Hops Onto Stage* Hey Anni Don't Feel Down Ill Turn That Frown Upside Down ! *Gives Egg* There Yoo Go, Enjoy ! :)
.x.!Anita!.x.: :O Thank You So Much Easterbunny.
Jrh2002: *Runs Upto EasterBunny & Steals The Basket of Eggs* >:)
EasterBunny: Now Im Gonna Go Deliver More Eggs :) *Looks For Basket* :s My Eggs Where Are They? :(
DJ-3000: *Runs Onto Stage With Eggs Dressed As A Bunneh*
Easterbunny: >:( Oi Thats My Eggs *Snatches Basket* >:(
DJ-3000: Miiiiiine *Takes Back*
Jrh2002: *Bangs Into Bunneh* >:( Move
Easterbunny: >:( Moi Eggs *Takes Back*
Hobba: Stop Arguing Or I Ban !
Jrh2002: NO! >:(
Hobba: Make It A Good Easter & Not A Bad One !
Easterbunny: Yeah Make It A Good One !
Jrh2002: No!
Jrh2002: Okay
All Of Them: Remember Have A Good Easter !

P.s. Sorry ABout The Long Boring Script :D

17-04-2005, 08:22 AM
A voice: We would like this oppourtunity to ask everyone to please switch all mobile phones off and would kindly ask people not to smoke in the theatre.
The theatre of dreams presents: Spring time scam.

Jo: (Walks onto stage, shivering) Ooh eck! It's chilly out here can't, I wish winter was over...
Magic Season fairy: You wish winter was over, eh?
Jo: Er, well yeah. Are you a real fairy.
Magic Season fairy: Shh... no time for that, I've come to grant your wish...
(Waves wand) *Ding*
(Winter turns suddenly to spring)
Jo: :o Ooooh... Thanks fairy
Magical Season fairy: Hey! It's Magical Season Fairy to you! >:D
Jo: Ohh.. Sorry Magical Season Fairy. So are you a REAL fairy then?
Magical Season fairy: No, I just dress like this because I want to *Rolls eyes* What do you think?
Jo: Hmmm...
Magical Season fairy: Well time to fly... Goodbye and enjoy spring.
Max and Sarah enter on stage
Max: Woah... Serious global warming going on here...
Sarah: Well, it was about time it was spring it was nearly Easter!
Jo: Hiya guys!
Max and Sarah: Hiya Jo.
Jo: The most amazing thing just happened to me! You won't believe me...
Sarah: Since the last thing you told us about I don't think I will but go on.
Jo: Well, it was winter, right. And I was out here freezing and I said, I wish it was spring and HEY PRESTO! A magical season fairy came and granted my wish.
Max: Oo er..
Sarah: *Rolls on the floor laughing* Jo, you seriously don't want us to think that's true do you? Fairies? Ooooh, *Laughs*.
Max: Yeah Jo, what's next the easter bunny coming to pay you a visit?
Jo: Hey! How did you know about that!?
Max looks at Sarah and they both fall about laughing
Jo: To show you how honest I am, I'll give you both a rare each.
Max: You'd do that to make us believe in fairies?
Sarah: Yes, if you're that sure it's true then go on. I've had my eye on that orange parasol!
Max: Yeah, I'll have your bronze nelly.
Max and Sarah: Gee, thanks Jo. You can have them back when you PROVE that you saw her...
Jo: But Hey! No! You said you'd believe me if I gave them to you! :(
Sarah: See you Jo!
Max and Sarah leave
Jo: I thought they were my friends? What sort of friends scam you and tell a lie, why was I so stupid? Fairies aren't real...
Magical safety fairy: *DING*
Jo: Magical Season fairy?
Magical Safety fairy: No! She's my sister. Hey kid, that was mean what your friends just did there.
Jo: I know :( They were my best rares.
Magical Safety fairy: Hey happy easter *Gives a chocolate egg*
Jo: Thanks, I needed that.
Magical Safety fairy: Hey! That's no chocolate egg! It's a magical egg! Go ahead open it!
Jo: *Opens the egg* Wow, well, what's that?
Magical Safety fairy: It's the little blue question mark, when you get scammed just alert a hobba on it.
Jo: Shall I report Max and Sarah?
Magical safety fairy: Yes, you must. I got to fly! Bye! *DING*
Sarah1: Hey! Jo! We got banned. :(
Max1: Yeah, :( can we have some furni?
Jo: No. I got you banned because you scammed me. Bye. :)

17-04-2005, 04:41 PM
easter is over,we know of that,but it still lives with habbox,just like a black cat.

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17-04-2005, 05:29 PM
narrator: welcome to the show of 'where has spring gone?!'

(29 feb 1889 victorian times)

Grandma: i can't wait until spring! all the lovely flowers and the wonderful
green green grass!
Young boy: yes, wat an amazing season! i wish it was all the time!

Young girl: and it starts in a few days! jolly good!

Grandma: well, have a nice time with ur mother and father! i hope u had
a nice time staying here :D

(grandma gives children sloppy kisses)

Young boy: love you!

Young girl: me too!

Grandma: bye bye now. And jessica (young girl) i dont want u workin in the
in chimneys! it is far too dangerous.

Young girl: But i have to for the money, sorry. Bye!

Young boy: bye bye!

(children get off tram and walk home)

Mum: glad ur back! :D have a nice time?

children together: yes of course!

mum: well its getting late so off to bed now. :D

young girl: do we have to?

mum: yes!

young boy: oooh :@

(12 march 1889)

mum: where is spring?!

dad: i know, it is normally full of flowers by now! it is just dirt and

mum: oml, the kids are still gonna be upset! they were really lookin
4ward to spring. it is the nicest season of they year!

dad: wat a shame

(kids come down stairs)

young girl: that is it! no spring yesterday and no spring today! i am fed up!
jimbob (young boy) we have GOT to find where spring is!

young boy: Spring isnt a person or a thing, we cant fing spring! :eusa_wall

young girl: well there is got to be some flowers somewhere and maybe if
we found some we could get the easter bunny to spread them
around so Earth is full of spring once again!

young boy: that is a good idea but how on earth are we going to get the
easter bunny?! he probably doesnt exist!!!

young girl: well, if he doesnt exist then who gives out the easter eggs?! ha!

young boy: mum and dad! dur! :eusa_wall

young girl: wateva, it is worth a go!

(they go outside and search thru forests and fields)

young boy: this is no use!

young girl: oh yes it is! look wat i find

young boy: wow! a petal patch! oml!

young girl: well, how are we going to get the easter bunny?

young boy: HE ISNT TRUE!


young boy: dont get in a stress now dear sister! ok, we will find the bunny
but i honestly think that isnt such thing!

young girl: hmph

young boy: wow! look ova here! u neva guess wat!

(young girl walks ova)

young girl: oml! but but... he is sleeping!

(young boy prods bunny)

easter bunny: wa.. huh... wat?

young girl: look around u! where is the spring!

young boy: all we can find is a small petal patch ova there (points)

young girl: we were wondering if u cud spread the petal patch with ur magic s
spring is back?

easter bunny: err i will try!

(tries and... he does it!)

kids together: wooohoooo! ty easter bunny! ur the best!

easter bunny: np, u cant hav easter without spring! ty for waking me up
cos i hav woken up a few days late which meaned that i cudnt
change winter to spring. god, i told father christmas to wake
me up! pay back time!...

(kids go home and get praised for their work)

young boy: and i didnt even believe in the easter bunny! how cud i?!

young girl: lol :eusa_danc

narrator: and they all lived happily eva afta!

ps. i promise on my mum's life that i did not copy this of a book or internet or anything else. ty :D

17-04-2005, 05:39 PM
Habbo Name: Nerdx.x
Habbox Name: nerdxox1


Somone :(walking ont the stage shaking his fists) ARRGH why cant he see MY idea is the best one? I mean HONESTLY what kind of a name is "The David Letterman Show"?? I LIKE MINE WATT BETTER! I LOVE "The New and improved Dave Lettermen duplicate and better then The David Letterman show Coperation" ISNT IT AWESOME?

Someone:(a little girl comes in) Father Father! Whats all this racket? I do not think it is appropriate.

Other Someone: Hello.. What are you doing in here..? On a nice sunny day. Why dont you go and play with bugsbunny or something?

Little girl: BUGSBUNNY? I PLAY WITH HIM EVERYDAY! -starts to cry-

-someone thinks- "gosh. What does it take for your daghter to leave you alone??"

Later that day the girl got taken away from her dad and he goes into a state of depresion. :D then he sees bugsbunny and bugsbunny called him a disgrace.

*please let me win :)"
Then the story goes on from that. :)

17-04-2005, 05:48 PM
How did u get that pic next to ur name? sorry, i just had to ask that

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18-04-2005, 07:24 PM
Habbo name: hedgeog
Habbox name: hedgeog

Theatre of Dreams:

* Person comes up on stage *
Person: Hi!, Welcome to the Theatre of Dreams! :D
Person: My name is Bob and i hope you enjoy the performance!
* Runs Off *

* Curtains Go Up *

2 habbo's are drinking a coke in the 1st habbo's room, filled with petals and parasol's

1st habbo: Wow, thanks m8 for giving me a a mode bar!
2nd habbo: No Problem.
1st habbo: Can i get you anything?
2nd habbo: No need.
1st habbo: Ok

While the day goes on, the second habbo thinks about the first habbo's rares and furni.
2nd habbo thinks: Maybe i can trick him to get all of his furni, i would be very rich! :D. besides he got the petals and parasols for free from a friend.

Nxt Day, in 1st habbo's room..

2nd habbo: Hi m8 i will be willing to give you something special....
1st habbo: Really? Like what?
2nd habbo: Il give you furni, just tell me your password so i can put some on it...
1st habbo: Ok, i trust you.. and your my friend!! so here's my pass.. ********
2nd habbo: Ok, just make sure you dont go on habbo for at least 1 day and il get back to you.
1st habbo: Ok

Day pasts:

1st habbo: OMG my rares are gone!!!
* Calls for help *

* Show ends *

A bit of a sad ending..... *crys*
The moral of the performance is that do not give your password to anyone else, even if they give you something!

18-04-2005, 08:25 PM
I hope you enjoy my habbo script!
Habbo name: Emicat
________________________LITTLE HABBO_____________________________
Voice over guy: Habbo, Habbo, Habbo. Population 9, rare value, chair, monkey. But what of the habbos that make the lightblubs and those that can see doork****? Over the next Duck Convention, we will mafia, oh my sweet lemon!

As the many habbos sign on, Andy and his friend, Lou, are chatting about the easter furni as spring aproaches.

Lou: Now, you know spring is coming right? Well what piece of Easter Furni do you want?

Andy: Parasol.

Lou: Thats a rare, Andy. There very expensive. How about the Easter Duck, you like Ducks. You said that ducks are the healer of poorness and war.

Andy: Yeah, I Know.

Lou: So what will it be?

Andy: Parasol.

Lou: Are you sure? Because when I buy it, I can't buy anything else because I wont have enough credits for anything else.

Andy: Yeah, I know.

Lou: Are you sure?

Andy: Yep.

Lou: Ok, then.

*Lou places parasol in room*

Andy: I don't like it, I wanna duck.
__________________________________________________ ________________

Voice Over: Vicky Pollard has been caught by a hobba for scamming a new habbo. Now where has my Typewriter gone?

*Enters court-like guest room*

Hobba: Vicky, you have been accused of hacking a new habbo by telling them that you could give them habbo vodka for their pass and name. You stole a whole set of spring furni and a packet of cigarettes.

Vicky: Yeah but no because Tanya said that she was going down Harmony's guest room but she didn't and Chris was there and he gave me a scripted easter bunny and I said " OH MY GOD I SO CAN'T BELEIVE YOU JUST DID THAT!" But anyway destaniy reported a hobba for saying "hello".

Hobba: *stunned* Ok, but did you hack, did you?

Vicky: OH MY GOD this whole other fing happend because you know sarah? Well she acctually typed in bobba and every one was laughing because she put 3 a's in it but anyway don't listen to her because she stole money from Callie.

Hobba: Yes or no a straight anwser!

Vicky: Anyway I would never of done that because Rochelle, IDIOT!, scammed me by saying that she would give me 3 HUNDERED CREDITS! But then she did but she didn't cause she went into this room and reported everyone.

Hobba: Vicky, you will reseive a permantant ban because of this.

Vicky: Yeah but no cause I'm not allowed on habbo anymore cause I swore at Impetuous and then she SO told the police but anyway don't listen to her because she kisses her Johnny Squabble posters!

Hobba: Right, Vicky, anymore and you will be banned for life.

Vicky: You can't say that because I'll just use my SonicMouse.

Hobba: Get out. Now.

Vicky: Yeah, I'm going, this place is RUBBISH!
__________________________________________________ _______________

VO: I hope you have enjoyed this spring Doormat. Now get a duckie and dance like a plasto. Goodpike.
:eusa_clap :eusa_clap :eusa_clap :eusa_clap :eusa_clap
__________________________________________________ _______________

24-04-2005, 11:51 AM
Habbo Name: Bluehanded
Habbox Name: Bluehanded
Narrator: Hello and welcome to theatre of dreams. We hope you enjoy our production of Little Red Riding Hood! Enjoy!
Red: Ok, my mummy says I gotta take this basket to my grandma because she's not feeling very well. I've got her lots of lovely spring goodies.. some eggs, a rabbit, a throne and some extra credits just in case!
Mummy: Now Red, don't go to any other guest rooms except your grandma's.. you know what I've told you about those big bad scammers!
Red: Yes, mummy!
*Mummy goes off stage*
Red: Oooh so many guestrooms.. I suppose I could look in one.. I'll just go to this club!
*Red goes off stage*
*Red comes in. Dancers come in, dancing in background. Big bad scammer enters, dances next to Red.*
Scammer: Say, what are you doing with all of that furni in your basket?
Red: I'm taking it to my grandma to make her feel better!
Scammer: Oh you are? Hmmm.. >:)
*Scammer Leaves*
Red: Wow I love this place! I guess I could stay a little longer
*all actors exit*
Narrator: Meanwhile at the scammer's headquarters..
*Scammer enters*
Scammer: Hmm.. I have a plan! I'll pose as her grandma's doctor! Mwahahahah! >:)
*Scammer Leaves*
Narrator: And so he set off for Grandma's house..
*Scammer and grandma enter. Grandma on bed*
Scammer: What is wrong, madam?
Grandma: I need to buy medicine but I have no credits!
Scammer: If you give me your password I can get some for you!
Grandma: Ok! Its *****!
Scammer: Mwahahahaha!
*Scammer leaves*
Grandma: Now I have hacked on to her account.. when Red arrives.. she'll give all the furni to me and I'll transfer it to my account!
*Red enters*
Red: Why grandma, what big hands you have!
Grandma [Scammer]: The better to hold lots of furni with!
Red: What a big purse you have!
Grandma: The better to hold lots of credits with! Now give me that basket!
Red: *trades basket*
Grandma: Hahahaha! I'm not your grandma! I'm the big bad scammer!
Red: I'm calling a hobba!
*Hobba enters*
*Grandma leaves*
Hobba: There you go, I have banned the scammer and got your Granma's account back. Luckily he didn't transfer the furni in time!
Red: Yayyyyy!
Narrator: The End!

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