View Full Version : Selling over 250 USA HCS/100 HCS worth in OTHER RARES -- TRUSTED -- ALL NEEDS TO GO -

29-01-2007, 10:09 PM
Selling over 250 USA HCS/RARES

Will get vouches from trusted people -

I have never scammed, clean record, therefore you go first -

Heres Pictures:


I have 4 more rooms of full HCS, just didn't feel like putting them all here -



Thats my pictures -

So here are my Rare in Numbers -

-230 HCS
-Snow Floor
-11 Snow Globes
-7 Petal Patches
-13 Dicemasters
-4 Aqua Smoke Machines
-9 Mochamasters
-5 tubmasters
-1 Gold Plasma Gate
-1 Doric Teracotta Pillar(Chinese Pillar)
-1 Majestic Marquee
Thats all FOLKS!

I sold about 150 HCS for 100k each in Runescape to FOLT

We can discuss prices but I'm sure Usa HCS are about 2 UK HCS or 100k Each in Runescape -

Although I have plenty of UK HCS -

So I'll be mainly looking for Super Rares -

Maybe I'll be giving all of them for a Green Mask or Santa Hat in Runescape =]

If you want to check my Furni:

Habbo Usa: Teok

Also Selling An account with 400+ HC DAYS and 37 coins -

- I live in US

Also our Timezones are Far Apart, so you'll have to be on really late, or in the weekends, I'm on during your afternoon -

This week is also Mid-Terms and Finals, so I'll be really busy with that and work -

*VOUCHES and Sucessful Trades in my Sig -

Thank You!

29-01-2007, 11:10 PM
Trusted =]

I vouch for Enterpriser

Weve dont 50mil + in trades

Thank You!

30-01-2007, 01:41 PM
70k/ dice master sound fair? And I live in the US as well so time zones will be easy to manage.

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