View Full Version : Watch out

11-05-2005, 01:45 PM

As you can see by viewing the forums in this particular topic, you may realise that there are alot of people 'Offering' to buy vip.

This is not a safe thing to do - the person may be trying to rip you off, and it is something you really should look out for.

No matter how trustworthy the person[s] sound there is always a chance that they can run away with what you have given them. Most of them offer VIP Status for Furni, but think to yourself. If they would buy vip for furni, why dont they buy credits themselves?

Please watch yourselves,

Urges / Chris

P.s if you feel you need someone to talk to about this, or have any queries. Please either pm myself, moderators or an admin. Or just reply to this post.

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