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14-05-2005, 06:27 PM
Have you got a sense of humour? Can you write a funny story? Your story must be about a new habbo who has just discovered Habbo Hotel. It’s their first day on habbo, they haven’t met or made any new friends as yet awww. During this their first day they are going to meet 3 very different habbo’s. A Habbo staff member, a Habbox staff member and finally a scammer, so be sure to include all three. Try to make it comical but please keep your story clean. The maximum number of words allowed for this competition is 500 and NO MORE. Any entry that is disrespectful will instantly be disqualified.

The Prize:-
Your article published in the Articles on Habbox home page plus one month free VIP for the forum and a HC Sofa kindly donated by lukeisok

To enter this competition you must be a registered member of our forum. Habbox is giving all its members (NOT STAFF) the opportunity to enter this competition; click on the post reply icon below.

Your entry should look like the example below:-

Habbo Name: MissAlice
Habbox Name:
Followed by your entry:- HOTEL DISCOVERY

And remember to enter this competition you must be a registered member of the Habbox forum.

Follow the link below to go to the competition entry page and click on the post reply icon, leave your habbo name and your entry.

This competition will run until 16th June unless otherwise stated. After that Habbox Writers and MissAlice will pick the best entry and the prize will be handed over in Habbo.

One entry per Habbox Member ONLY.
Please read the terms and conditions at the bottom (In Black)

Terms and conditions: To prevent foul play, we only allow one entry for each pc. If more entries are sent using the same pc all the entries will be discarded. You can send in your entry until the competition is closed at some time on June 16th 2005. Please be aware that some competitions may be extended, or even closed early due to the number of entries. The winner will be announced on the site and in this forum and will be contacted by MissAlice to collect the prize. Habbox has the right to close the competition at any time before the competition ending date and the winner will be judged from all the entries received up to that point. Habbox Writers and MissAlice will be judging the competition any harassment or attempted bribery will see you disqualified and could even get you into trouble on the Habbox Forum. ALL Habbox staff are excluded from participating in Competition, unless Competition states they may.(This includes habbox.com habboxforum.com habboxtv.com and habboxradio.com staff), and also includes trialists who become staff before this Competition closes. Any entries that break the forum rules in anyway will also be disqualified. Prizes must be claimed within two months of the winner/s being announced. Unclaimed prizes will be used again in a future Competition.

When in the competition forum only post competition entries - Do not post questions or comments it is not the place to do so. If you have a question or a comment regarding any competition then please send a pm to one of the Competition Moderators.

Winner Announced - 21st June 2005
Winner - Syd
Prize handed over - 24th July 2005

14-05-2005, 07:43 PM
Habbo(x) name: Jon606


Jason had heard that Habbo was a good thing, so he decided to go on it himself. He made a habbo called x75-Jase-75x and made him look real smart.
'Man, this is gonna be good!' he said, as he made his UK habbo.
When he logged in, he saw the welcome lounge- the place for all new habbos.
'Hey, that'll be a good idea', he thought.
In the lounge, Jase sat down. Then a habbo called TheSid606 came up and sed 'hi'
Jase replied back 'hi. how are you?'
Then SEC (a hobba) arrived.
'You must be new. I'm SEC.' SEC said. 'I'm a hobba!'
'What's one of those?'
'A hobba is like a police officer,' he explained.
'cool!' Jase replied.
Then a message popped up on screen 'Visit Jon606 for the best quiz ever!'
'Hmmm.....' Jason thought. 'I'll go there!'
He searched Jon606 and went to Jon606`S ROOM! The message said: QUIZ TOURNAMENT NOW ON!
For a newbie, he did well. EXTREMELY well, in fact, winning a birdbath, throne, and a trophy with 'YOU RULE! WELL DONE x75-Jase-75x ON WINNING QUIZ TOURNAMENT 2005!'
'Cool!' Jason exclaimed.
Then he saw DJ-3000, and asked him a good question.
'wat does [HxHD] stand for in your mish?'
DJ replied, 'Habbox Help Desk!'
'Cool!' Jase replied.
'I g2g now Jase, c ya l8r' DJ replied.
'bi' Jase replied
Then a habbo called Mr.606! came up.
'GO ON www.cheesyfeet'r'us.com (http://www.cheesyfeet'r'us.com/) 4 500 CREDS!'
'ok' Jase sed.
He went 2 the site, but it had a message on that said 'YOU LOSE! HAHAHAHA!'
Weird site, Jason thought.
Then his habbo screen restarted up.
'Must've errored,' he said.
Then he entered his details, and played good clean games until he logged off at 19:46:24 to do his homework.
At 20:46:30 he went back on, but something looked different. His habbo was a girl!
Then he went into a room, and checked his hand. NOTHING WAS THERE.
'OH NO! MY FURNITURE! GONE!' he screamed.
Then a console message from Mr.606! came.
'I'm not going back on that again!' Jason angrily announced.
Then a few years later, he re-joined as BigBadJase75.

Shows how much encouragement it takes to come back on here, eh?


15-05-2005, 05:45 PM
Habbo name: Grabbed
Habbox name: reeski10

Hotel discovery

'habbo hotel is gonna be so cool' Jamie thought as he clicked 'check in!'
'I am so glad my mate told me about this!'
When Jamie created his habbo, Jamie3545, he had no idea what the day had in store for him...
He curiously looked at the navigation, wondering what room he could enter.
Eventually decided to click on 'The theatredrome' because the picture looked fascinating to him. He loaded up the room, and looked around.
'Dis room is soo kwl!' He typed. He thought if he sat down someone would sit down next to him and be his friend. All of a sudden a load of other habbos came in and filled up the stage. One of them actually sat next to him. he was called MOD-IT. When jamie clicked on him, next to his picture was a small badge saying 'habbo staff'. Jamie asked him;
'whats ur badge about?'
MOD-IT replied, 'It shows people that I am a member of habbo's staff. I help people out and get rid of scammers who may want to take your furni.'
'wow' said Jamie. 'this is mi first tyme on habbo, and i met a habbo staff. kwl!'
'Enjoy your stay Jamie, and stay safe!'
jamie decided to go into a guest room to see habbos up close and furni that everyone had told him about. he saw a help room called habbox help desk, and thought;
'the habbos in there will be able to help me with my questions about furni'
When he entered he saw a habbo in a white bobble hat called Seacat sitting behind a desk.
jamie walked up to him, sat down and asked 'hey wat do u do here? im new'
Seacat answered, 'welcome to habbo, and habbox help desk. habbox is a fansite dedicated to helping people out, and entertaning them too. I work here, and i am happy to answer your questions.'
Jamie said, 'wow seacat! i tink u told me enuf lol! im gonna make a room'
seacat asked, ' would you like some furni to get you started?'
Jamie nearly fell off his chair at this proposal!
'Not a problem jamie, you can have a tv, and a few chairs.'
He opened the trade box, and jamie got the furni.
'bi seacat. habbox rules im gonna come here all the time!'
'Bye jamie'
a few hours later, when jamie had his room sorted and was relaxing in front of the tv, a habbo came through his door.
'cool more ppl mite come' said jamie.
The habbo sat down next to him and said;
'add me 2 m.s.n and ill b ur friend'
Without asking questions, jamie took the habbo's email and started speaking to him over msn messenger.
The habbo offered to send a file called 'free furni.exe'
On his habbo browser, seacat entered the room and asked
'hey jamie, hows it going?'
'Great seacat! im getting a free furni cheat on m.s.n' said jamie, avioding the bobba filter unknowingly.
Seacat dropped his juice, and ran over to jamie, shouting;
'Noooo, dont accept it! Its a keylogger!'
Jamie clicked cancel on his msn window.
The habbo, whose name was mr.helper4 said;
'what are you talking about, u get free furni from it stupid!'
A vision of MOD-IT came to jamies mind. MOD-IT was saying,
...'get rid of scammers who may want to take your furni.'
Jamie looked at the habbo.
Immediately, he clicked 'kick' and mr.helper4 was booted out of the room.
As an extra precaution, jamie put a password on the room.
'Thanks so much seacat! i wud have lost my account if it wasnt for u.'
'dont worry jamie, your not the only one who has run into a scammer before.'
Jamie had had a very busy day, but this was three years ago. Now, he and seacat are very good friends, and jamie has a lot of furni, and knows much more about habbo.
Discovering habbo is a very exciting thing. but too much excitement and not thinking clearly, can ruin the adventure.

15-05-2005, 07:05 PM
Habbo Discovered!!!

Becky randomly typed in words on her computer when all of a sudden www.habbohotel.co.uk came up!!
She logged on as a new user called xo-bj-ox!
'Wow, this looks cool,' She Shouted.
She went down through the public and found a place called 'The Welcome Lounge'
She went in there.
She looked around and saw lots of new habbos.
She walked up to a habbo called jac.88.
'Hi,' She said.
'Hi,' The habbo replied, 'r u new?'
Suddenly a ! came up in the console in the bottom of the screen!
Becky clicked on the ! and accepted jac.88's friend request.
'Um..what,' xo-bj-ox said, 'Oh yeah i am.'
'Accept my friend request please,' jac.88 said.
'I have,' She replied.
'I'm quite rich on habbo,' jac.88 said, 'But i'm looking for easy, priceless ways to get more furni.'
Becky igonored that sentance, like any new habbo would!
'I g2g,' jac.88 said.
'Ok, xo-bj-ox replied,'Bye.'
xo-bj-ox left the room and went to look for more rooms.
bj found a room called habboxradio party!!!!
'That looks good!' Becky exclaimed.
bj went into the room.
It was crowded and in the middle of the room was a habbo called darter21.
'Why's everyone crowdin that habbo,' bj said.
'Because its the habboxradio dj!!' A bunch of habbos shouted!
'Ok ppl,'darter21 said,' Theres another lil competition now.The prize is a hc sofa, blue amber lamp and a silver nelly!!!
The habbos all cheered.
'The competition is the 30th friend request sent to me will win these prizes!'darter said, 'Ok u can start sendin f/r's now!
As the time passed all the habbos in the room were sendin constant f/r's to darter21.
Bj took her time and sent 2 f/r's to darter at different times.
About 3 mins l8er darter had a million f/r's comin thru.
'Ok, darter said, There's enough f/r's now so stop sendin them!!!'
A minute later darter said that xo-bj-ox is the winner!!!
A trade box came up with 1 hc sofa, blue amber lamp and a silver nelly/elephant!!!
'Wow, bj said, 'This is amazin.'
'Congrats to xo-bj-ox, said darter.
Bj left that room and created a room called Becky's space!!
She went inside and put the prizes in the room.
'De duh dun.'
A messege came up in the console!
Bj read it.
It was from jac.88.
It said: Meet me in your new room! I have to show you something.
Bj waited in her room and eventually jac came.
'Hi jac,' bj said, 'What u got 2 show me?'
'Wow, nice furni!' jac said.
'I can get you more!' jac said, 'All i need is your password to habbo and in 1 hour you will have 100 credits 2 spend!'
'Ok,' bj said!
Bj shouted out his password to jac and then jac ran off!!!
A message came up sayin an error occured.
She logged back on and had no furni.
'Be more careful' Said Callie

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15-05-2005, 07:55 PM
Habbo Name: KegOak
Habbox Name: Look up ;) Kezzo :p

Benjie decided to go onto this website that his friend recommended to him. This website was called Habbo Hotel. Soon Benjie made a Habbo called BenJJ. Soon enough Benjie found himself lost in Habbo.

"Oh dear" Benjie said, "Which room first?"

Eventually Benjie chose a room called 'Welcome Lounge'. He was so excited to meet some new friends. He went and sat down on one of the chairs and sat there say 'Hi I’m new' and pressing various buttons to see what they did. Eventually someone called Mr.Naw came and sat next to him and said.

"Hi, do you want to be my friend? Mr.Naw said

"Yes!" BenJJ exclaimed

"Don't forget to accept my friends request!" Said Mr.Naw as he smiled oddly.

"I won't." BenJJ said as he accepted the friends request.

BenJJ decided to go to a room that was on the popular list called 'Callie's Big Meeting'. Intrested to see who this 'Callie' was he went into the room. He was excited to get into the room. He saw this woman Habbo sat on top of this stand sort of thing called the Speaker. He went up to this woman habbo and said 'Hi I’m new, who are you?' BenJJ asked.

"I’m Callie, the Hotel Manager." She said smiling. He then saw a Habbo in the corner drinking some 'java' so he went up to her and went.

"What is java?"

"Java is coffee, it comes from that coffee machine over there.” She said "I’m BenJJ, who are you?" He asked

"I’m .x.!Anita!.x. (http://www.habboxforum.com/member.php?u=15), Nice to meet you." She replied.

"I’m new! What's Habbo like?" He asked sitting next to her.

"Really cool, like living in a hotel. You can even make your own room and you can make it like a cupboard if you like!" Glitz replied

Benie gasped "A cupboard!?" He gasped again

"A cupboard." .x.!Anita!.x. (http://www.habboxforum.com/member.php?u=15) said smiling

"I’m doing a competition on Habbox radio, www.habboxradio.com (http://www.habboxradio.com/) open a new page in your Internet explorer and put it in the address bar." Anita said.

And that's what Ben did.

"Who is the hotel manager? Send it in a request and under the scroll down menu select competition" A voice presumably Anita's announced

Ben knew this he typed it in the request area under competition and he put 'Callie'.

"We have a winner! And the winner is.... BenJJ! The voice announced. "Your prize is a HC Sofa an Oil Lamp and a Hammock

When Benjie went back to the Hotel page he saw that Anita opened a trade box and she had put all the furni in it, he quickly accepted. He then hobbled off and made a room called 'The Cupboard' and he put all his furni down. He then saw his friend, Mr.Naw.

"Give me your password and I can triple this furni!" Mr.Naw said

"Cool!" BenJJ said and typed in his password

Then suddenly he got errored and he had to restart habbo, he typed in his name and his password and found that his Habbo was a female, to make it worse he thought it was very very ugly he went into his room and found a bright pink sticky on the wall but no furni. The sticky said; "Ha ha ha I scammed you bad loser! From Mr.Naw"

Then Benjie said he'll never go on Habbo again

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Sorry- Done now :) Kezzo

16-05-2005, 02:05 PM
** Habbo Hotel Discovery **
Habbox Name: AngelAmberz
Habbo Name: .Amberz.

Amber had heard a few boys from her class talking about this fantastic site named Habbo Hotel, after ages of wondering what it was. Amber deicded to ask one of the boys the address to get on this Habbo Hotel. He told her that it was www.habbohotel.co.uk and that night she went on it. She made a habbo, and at first she thought it was cool to had brown messy hair. The first place she visited was "Habbo Lido" she thought it was great, but she didn't know how to get into the Pool. There was a Habbo there, he was wearing gangsta black hats.
"Whats wrong?" The habbo said.
"Erm, I can't get into the pool..." I replied.
"Oh, right." The habbo said.
"How did you get in?" I asked puzzled.
By this time, the other Habbo was begining to think, and then he grinned at Amber. Amber was sure he was going to answer her question, and within seconds she'd be in the pool.
"You have to pay furni to get in the Pool." The habbo said.
"But, I have no furniture?" Amber said.
"Then no pool." The habbo said.
"But, thats..." Amber said moaning.
"No buts, look, If you want to get in the pool, theres another way. You have to give me your password." the Habbo said quietly.
"Ok then" Amber said.
She gave away her password and within minutes she had got disconnected. The mean old Habbo had got in as her. But he hadn't changed her password, so she was able to get back in.
Amber stood there all bored and glum in her bare and boring room, then suddenly someone was at the Door... Who was it? IT WAS THE SCAMMER!
"Mwhahahahahaha!" The scammer shouted from the doorway.
He left, because Amber kicked him. Moments later, someone else had entered the room.
"Go away, Go away, SCAMMER!" Amber shouted angrily.
"I'm not a scammer, I'm here to help you." Said the Habbo at the door.
Amber clicked the Habbo, and it had a badge saying "Habbo Staff" she was totally surprised.
"Habbo staff?" Amber asked.
"Yes, my name is Callie, I've been watching your conversation with this Scammer, we must hit him on the head with a Hammer!" Callie said laughing.
"Yes, why not?!" Amber replied.
"So, you've been scammed? Good thing your password hasn't been changed, and that you had to furniture. How long you been on Habbo Hotel then?" Callie asked nicely.
"Only about 15 minutes." Amber replied sadly.
"Oh my! Well, come here, heres a Duck, keep it. And ignore people which call you a total Noob" Callie said winking.
"Whats a Noob?" I asked.
"Boy, Amber, you have a lot to learn... But in months to come, you won't be Noob. I'm sure you'll have changed from that to a Rich habbo."
"I wish!" Amber said laughing.
"Next time when someone tries to Scam you, click blue question mark, and press call for help, and there you go, we've busted that Scammer." Callie said smiling. "Cya later, Amber, got to go to work."
"Work?" I asked.
"Yes, I'm the Hotel Manager" Callie said, then went out the door.
"WOW!" I thought, I'd just met the fantastic Hotel Manager Callie! While walking through Public rooms, I came across the Habbo Gardens, I parked myself on a bench, and this girl which her mission "Army HQ Owner" sat next to me.
"Hiya, want me to double your furniture?" She asked.
"I only have a duck" Amber replied.
"Yeah, I can make 2 of them, I just need your furniture 1st" She said.
"No, thats a SCAM!" Amber shouted. "SCAMMER! SCAMMER!"
Then a notice appeared on Ambers computer screen from Callie the Hotel Manager saying "Wow, congratulations, you know a scam. Your no Noob, Amber. And You never was."
Amber was very proud. But anyhow she called for Help, and a Hobba came into the Gardens and banned her, she was very pleased with Amber for helping her bust another Scammer. Later on, Amber visited Habbox Forums, she was reading through the safety tips etc and one of the Forums Moderators was searching though the Forums. Amber added a article about the scam she just had, and how to avioid it. The Moderator sent her a Private Message saying "Wow, thanks to that, some Habbos won't fall for that scam, well done..."
And from that day forward, Amber was helping Habbos when they got into Scams, and she never wore the brown messy hair again!

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20-05-2005, 05:34 PM
Habbo Name: hellzfrost
Habbox Name: hellzfrost
My Entry:

Hotel Discovery

It was a Thursday when hellzfrost dicovered Habbo Hotel. At a party somebody had told him about it. It was exciting to be playing a cool new game. hellzfrost made his first room and bought his first ten credits. There was only one thing he didn't have - friends. So hellzfrost decided to go to the Welcome Lounge. Suddenly someone was typing "Add Me 2 ur freinds list for free credz!" really fast. hellzfrost added him to his Friends List and got a message, it read.. "tell me your pass.word and i'll give you loads of free credszz!" Things were going really well for hellz, he ws going to get more free credits and his first friend! hellzfrost so happy he shouted out "wow somebody will give me free credits if i tell them my pass.word!" However a Hobba called MADAME!!! came rushing in. "Don't tell anybody your pass - it's a scam - they will steal your account!" But hellzfrost had already gave the scammer his pass... Soon he was disconnected and when he came back online all of his precious furni was gone. He was annoyed and upset. Rushing into [HxHD] Helpdesk he shouted "help ive been scammed :(" Luckily for him somebody called lukeisok was there. lukeisok asked hellzfrost what had happened and hellzfrost told him everything. lukeisok was very nice to hellzfrost and told him not to worry. "why?" hellz asked. lukeisok then traded him putting a HC Sofa into and accepting. He soon explained it's value to hellzfrost and he was over the moon. hellzfrost thanked him over and over again and then finally left. lukeisok was the kindest person he had ever met and he was a true friend, not like that nasty scammer. hellzfrost knew that lukeisok was a kind, generous person with a heart not of Bronze, not of Silver, but Gold...

20-05-2005, 10:22 PM
Habbo name: djotto1991
Habbox name: djotto1991
My entry :

A new habbo joined the hotel his names was banana
His sister followed her name sultana
On their first day they bought lots and lots of furni
All part of their mystical habbo journey

The next day a dealer made them a deal
He said if you give me your password ill give you a wheel
Wow thats rare he said
Before consindering the deal and going to bed

The next day the Dealer saidif you give me your password youll have 500 credits
So he said to everyone i can tust him its the way he said it
But it was all a scam
A shock for little banana when he found out the scammer was sultana

So he made a new habbo all dressed in pink
And to make his bathroom he bought a kitchen sink
Which made everyone think
Who is this guy why doesnt he blink

The next day he said how happy am i
im a moving pixel just like the sky
A new community a new life
A new habbo family with a new habbo wife

Then his second week came when dionysus announced
a new competion to increase your bank balnce
banana entered the competion with glee
and is now the little rich boy you may all see

22-05-2005, 08:02 PM
Habbo Name: Em1nemD12
Habbox Name: Em1nemD12

Steven checked Into Habbo for the first time under the name Iluvcheese and stared at the massive array of rooms.
"Whoooooooa" He gasped and went to a room named Save The Bunneh's where he met a small yellow duck.
"Hey Man Whre U Live ?" He said staring down at what he thought was another user.
"Anser Me Dood, Or Your Stoopid* He Was Now Poking The Duck With A Large Stick.
"OMG YOU STOOPID PURSAN OMG" Steven Kicked The Duck Against The Wall, Unfortunately It Was A Power Duck, It bounced back and hit Steven in the eye.
"OWWWWW YOO CHEETER FIGHT LIKE A MAN" He was now grabbing his eye desperatly when he tripped over a stool and fell right next to a person called MOD-IT
"Hey Dud Wid Da Shiny Badge Why Wont Dat Stoopid Dood Talk ?" Steven Yelled Almost Screaming
"Because Its Not A Person ... Its A Rubber Duck and that so called shiny badge is on me because im Habbo Staff !" MOD-IT Said staring at Steven gormessly.
"Wow Habbo Staff ! And the duck ................ I thought it looked like a pig." Answered Steven looking over at the rubber duck behind his back.
"I suggest you go to the Habbox Help Desk I messaged my friend Seacat she's expecting you."
"Ok ... will I get free cookies there ?" Steven smirked and remarked, but when he looked up, MOD-IT was gone ...
Just as Steven was about to leave the room a guy called Scammeer came up to him and said.
"Yo Dude Gimme Yo Password And Ill Make You Habbo Staff." Scammeer silenty giggled.
"Must ... Get ... Shiny ... Staff ... Badge ... Pass ... Is ... Cheeser0xors" Steven replied stuttering with his jaw wide open.
Just as he was about to thank the scammer he disapeared in thin air.
"WTH WHY DUS EVERYBODY VANISH, THEY CUD SAY GUDBI"Steven exclamed angrily and he marched off to the Help Desk.
"Hello Iluvcheese I've been expecting you" Seacat called over to Steven who was admiring a photo of an army of ducks sorrounding an unexpecting Bunny Lord.
"Ello U Must Be Seacat" Steven exclamed joyfully.
"Sure Am, And Im Here To Tell You About Scammers And To Never Trust People Who Say They Can Make You A Hobba Or Staff."
"OH CRUDD" Yelled Steven as loud as he could when he got disconnected, bothered about that and the fact he got tricked into giving his account away, he had to change his password and fast ... but when he tried to log on ... his password was wrong !

Thank You For Reading This !

22-05-2005, 08:53 PM
Habbo name: sophiemeakin
Habbox name: sophiemeakin
Hotel discovery

Habbo was going to be great! thought sophie as she pressed the "Create a habbo" button, she read the rules and pressed that she agreed, named her habbo, put in a password with loads of capital letters, numbers and somethings really tricky to guess, and she made a habbo and made it look awesome! Sophie decided to visit [HxHD] Habbox helpdesk first, she thought it was a really good room with lots of furni and friendly people in it, she went and took a seat at the helpdesk, someone called :.bex.: came up to her and asked her if she needed any help, Sophie said yes, she needed to grasp the basics of habbo, :.bex.: told her all the basics of habbo and a few more extra tips, like how to avoid getting scammed and what a scammer is. Suddenly a habbo walked in the room called n00b and started flooding:
Say your pass it comes out as stars!! LOOK **********
Sophie was just about to say her pass but then she remembered what :.bex.:'s advice was and she didnt say it... she just avoided losing her habbo to the hands of a greedy hacker, but no one yet had noticed mizki hiding in the corner, except the scammer who was enjoying a nice IP ban from habbohotel :)

24-05-2005, 07:29 PM
Habbo Name : Hippygurl101
Forum Name: Hippygurl101

- Hotel Discovery

Jen logged on to the colourful frenzy that was habbohotel that she had spied while reading her 'smash hits' magazine.. Something she would later deny because well smash hits.. Do I need to spell it out?
After loading the homepage she racked her head for great names.. She tried them all 'funkyduckie' 'Jentastico' and the evitable 'Cookie monster’. But as usual they were all taken so she settled on Jen999.

She entered the hotel and scanned the brightly coloured homepage, 'Where to go first' she pondered to herself, and as she began to decide her arm slipped and her elbow hit the keys sending her straight to Habbo lido. She sauntered over to Chloe to see if she could seek refreshments, but after 5 minutes of asking for milkshake, Chloe announced wether she could go 'skinny dipping' afterwards...
"Don’t worry about her" a female voice cut in "she’s always on about one thing or another aren’t you Chloe? It must be the heat." Jen turned around "Hi, I’m MissAlice, Are you new?” "Sadly" Jen replied "Its all a bit confusing".. "Wouldn’t worry about it, you'll find your way eventually.. Happy hunting" and with that she strolled off..

Jen decided the heat was a bit too much, and decided to head inside for some low lighting action, and with that she whisked off to the club chromide. She headed straight for the dance floor and strutted her stuff, and then a boy sidled and joined her.
“Hi” he said “I’m Ben, are you new?”
“Yeah I am, It’s a hard life Bit I just got loads of credits and cant wait to make a room, God Its going to be fabulous.. Green walls..”
“That’s sounds great” he butted in.. “Wanna be my girlfriend?” he persisted.
“Wow, Sure” and she smiled.
“Hey could I have your pass then, girlfriends and boyfriends always share accounts..” “Really, well ok then.. its…”
“STOP right there!” a voice spoke from behind. Jen turned around to see a guy behind her staring at Ben..
“Scammers like you go in the slammer boy” and with that he clicked his fingers, and would you know it? He disappeared.
“What Happen…” Jen stuttered
“Its simple really” The Guy with the mysterious badge explained, “He was going to steal your credits, you had a lucky escape. “Well you were lucky this time, but remember to keep safe… Us superheroes cant be everywhere at once” and with that he walked into the sunset.. well the bright lights of the club blinded it as much… “Wow” remarked the girl next to her, don’t you just love those Guys. Looks like Ste471 has done it again and she danced away.

Well so for a first day she had fell in love, fell out of love, nearly been scammed been saved by a mysterious stranger and knew much more about a habbo bot than she could imagine. Imagine what could happen tomorrow?

26-05-2005, 07:02 PM
*This story is rather fantastical but I couldn't resist!*

Habbo Name : captain-sin

The Manager Of Habbo (496 words!!)

After choosing my little character; a girl with plaits, a blue outfit, and bright red shoes, I skipped off happily into the ‘Welcome Lounge”. An army of Habbos scurried across the room like hyperactive ants, all talking and chatting cheerfully.
“Hi there, my name is Wicked-Habbo-Of-The-West. I’ll be your friend.”
”Really?” I asked, my eyes widening, laughing at his funny name.
“Sure, and you know what, I like you so much, I’ll give you are rare piece of furni. Just give me a normal item in return.”
I looked into my bag, staring at the lonesome little pod. It would be great to have a rare, I thought, imagining all the friends that I would have then.
“Ok.” I answered, handing over my only chair.

But before I could say another word, he’d gone.

“Did that little what-sit just steal from you?” Asked a sympathetic looking girl, in a pretty red top.
“Yes he did!” I said, my lower lip wobbling with sadness.
“Well we’ll have to sort him out! My name is Alice, Miss Alice. I heard about someone called the…“Manager”. People say she can treat nasty scammers a lesson or two!”
“Really?” I said
“Yep, all we need to do is follow the yellow-roller-road, all the way to her grotto.”
“The yellow-rolly-what?” I questioned, thinking the girl had gone utterly mad.
“The yellow-roller-road. You step on it, and it takes you right to her!”
“Wow! Lets go!” I said, once again flooded with excitement.

After a long time of searching from room to room, we found the yellow-roller-road, just as Alice said it would be. We stepped onto it gingerly, and it suddenly started moving like a conveyer belt! Passing by extraordinary sights, we sang happily as loud as we could.
“We’re off to see the manager, the wonderful manager of Habbo!”

After a long time of zooming along the yellow-roller-road, she suddenly stopped in front of a large teleporter. My new friend, and I both looked at each other nervously, before stepping into the strange little telephone box.
“What brings you two here.” Asked a girl on a speaker’s corner, when we entered the room.
“Are you the…manager?” We both asked, brimming with excitement.
“Yes. They call me Callie.” She replied, giving a wise little smile.
“Is it true that you get rid of scammers.”
”I sure do. Who was it this time?”
“He was called Wicked-Habbo-Of-The-West”. I answered hopefully.
“He must be the cousin of Wicked-Habbo-Of-The-East”, she thought out loud, “Right, here what you are going to do. Tap those red shoesies together, and say ‘There’s no thing like safety. And he’ll never walk the floors of Habbo again.”
So I looked down at my glittery red shoes, wondering how on earth this would work. But despite my doubt, I clicked them together, and repeated the mantra three times.

Suddenly, the familiar naughty Habbo appeared before us, he looked around the room manically before suddenly melted into a glistening puddle.
“I’m melting!”


30-05-2005, 02:38 AM
Habbo Name: Afrobran
Habbox Name: Afrobran
Followed by your entry:


The following is a recreation of what went on from the beginning to the end of a ficticious character that we will call Bill96493 and what he went through in his short visit to habbo hotel. It all began when the doorman said Congratulations!...

(Note-Any typing that has astrisks around it are Bills thoughts)

*Where should I go....Guest rooms!Games! I want to win some of this so called 'ferni' I have been hearing about*

Bill clicks on a room called WoBbLe SqAbBlE owned by another ficticious character named Dana. The following is the conversation had in this room.

Bill96493:Hey guys Im new here.

Dana: Hi, I run this room. I hope you have a good time, read the green stickie above the door to learn how to play.












Little did he know, this site was a scam. Bill decides to play wobble squabble to try to win some ferni before he gets some creds so he can start the room he wants to make.

Bill stays in the room for around 4 hours, becoming the Ultimate champion of all Habbo UK and wins 5 Thrones and a Trophy with his name on it as a prize from all the room owners of all the rooms champions he has beaten.

Justin almost forgets about the site that scams, but back from the ban he got earlier, guess who was back...










Bill realizes that he forgot to get his so called 'free creds'. He opens a new window to go to this site.

*Wow, I have alot of ferni now that I traded off a throne. This game is really fun, maybe I can buy the new rare with the creds I get from this site.*

Just as his internet browser locates the page his habbo window becomes blank and starts displaying code,that looks liek the scripts from habbo! Oh no, he is going to get scripted! Justin exits out of the habbo window and the other window, but it is too late. All Bill's ferni is gone, except for a Duck. Man, is this bad.

Later that day Bill once again decided to look on habbo to try to get this guy in trouble and get his ferni back. After pestering the Hobba staff for 3 more hours, he gets a hobba to come into his room. The following is the conversation.

Bill96493:Hello, I got scammed by a guy named Mr. Creds. He took all my room ferni along with all 4 of my thrones and left me nothing but this duck.

Hobba: Hmm, we have been having trouble with him. This last report of trouble will mean we will have to IP ban him, but we cannot give your ferni back to you.

Bill96493:Well, thats nice. I worked hard for that ferni. bobba YOU YOU bobba ING bobba bobba NOW!

Bill later gets banned from the hotel under his old name. He later becomes a scripter himself because of the lsot he made, and later scripts Mr. Creds because of his greediness for creds.

Moral of the story:Dont fall for scams.

30-05-2005, 05:53 AM
Habbo Name: Kardan
Habbox Name: Kardan
Followed by your entry:- HOTEL DISCOVERY

Mike had found a cool site his cousin showed him.
Habbo Hotel. Sounded Foriegn.
He clicked the "Check in" revolving logo...
A screen came up...
The Sulake bar filled up... And so on and so forth until he made a habbo called "Mike5000" [43]

He had been on his cousin account before. He looked at the console.
"Beep Beep!"
The welcome message came up.
He deleted it and went to the Welcome Lounge.
There he met a "Cool" habbo called Richydude05 [80]
Richy told him all about habbo and gave Mike a HC sofa.
So he played on it days after days and Richy mesaged him. [104]
"Mike, Go to my Free Credit room"
So he did. He never thought about credits and furni, Even though it was one of the main aspects of the games besides making friends. [136]
Richy told him to ring a number on his phone, So Mike did and he typed in a special code. Richy told him it was free, The call was free. [165]
So Mike bought 100 credits! But they didn't appear in his purse. Richy told him that the special code dosen't work some time. So he bought another 100. 200 credits still not there.
Richy ran away. [201]

Richy was now gleaming with 200 credits in his purse.
Mike went to the nearest help desk...

HxHD - DJ-3000 [219]

"HELP! HELP!" Mike shouted flooding the room.
"Sit down please, Mike5000" Said DJ-3000
Mike sat down and talked about it.
Somehow the conversation turned to:
"And then he thought, It was my WIFE!"
But then they got back to serious matters.
DJ-3000 told Mike to contact Habbo Staff.
So he went to do that, But he didn't know the CFH option so he set out to find staff online in the hotel. [281]
After a long battle, He found Glitterkat.
"And then he thought, It was my CAT!" Glitterkat laughed to the people around her.
Mike went up slowly and spoke to Glitterkat. [310]
After a 5 minute conversation, Glitterkat said she could do nothing. But gave him a duck instead.

And then... The next day, Mike's parents looked at the phone bill, And saw that 20 pounds was missing.
Mike got banned of Habbo forever (by his parents) and the computer for 2 month.
Richydude05 spent all the creditson junk but then got banned after being caught out by a Hobba.
DJ-3000 never met Mike again...
And Glitterkat relised It actually was her Cat.

The end Around 350-400 words.

31-05-2005, 08:35 PM
Habbo Name: xx.glitter.xx
Habbox name: xx.glitter.xx
Hotel Discovery
One day there was a new Habbo called Jimmy. He was new to habbo hotel and he was lonely so he decided to go and find some friends. He wondered into the Theatredrome where he got talking to a habbo, her name was Callie. Little did he know that she was the hotel manager. “Hello,” said Jimmy.
“Hi,”replied Callie.
“What is your name?” asked Jimmy.
“That is a confidential question, I cannot answer,” replied Callie who was a little angry with Jimmy.
“Can I add you to my friends list?” asked Jimmy.
“Sorry I don’t accept friend requests,” said Callie.
Poor little Jimmy walked away, he was feeling rejected so he went to join another group in the Theatredrome, he was surprised because all these habbos were bobbing about in bunny ears. “Hello Bunnies!” Shouted Jimmy
The bunnies said hello. Jimmy went up to a bunny eared Habbo called Mizki.
Jimmy did not realise that Mizki was a hobba and a Habbox DJ.
“Hello Mizki” said Jimmy. But Mizki was too busy DJing so she did not respond.
Jimmy was feeling left out again so he wandered off and sat down next to a habbo called Mr.Rich.
“Hi,” said Mr.Rich
“Hiya,” said Jimmy.
“Come to my room,” said Mr.Rich. Jimmy was confused an her scratched his pixellated head. “How do I do that?” asked Jimmy.
“Search my name on the search area on the room menu,” replied Mr.Rich.
So the two went to Mr.Rich’s room.
“Now Jimmy. I am a hobba and I know that you want a friend and some credits right?”
“Oh yes! I would :)” said Jimmy
“Now what I need you to do is tell me your habbo pass word.”
“Oh, ok then, it’s jimmy123”
“Thanks. When you come back on habbo you will be as rich as me with 1000 credits” said Mr.Rich cunningly.
And Mr.Rich stole Jimmy’s account but little did he know that Jimmy was new and had no furni whatsoever.


01-06-2005, 01:42 AM
Habbo name: Calisse
Habbox name: Calisse
Hotel discovery

Im new and i dont understand
I have nothing else in my hand
Just leave me alone
I dont want a lone
Of your free credits because Ill get banned

I could not help but cry
When this scammer came by and said he could make me rich
I fell for it you see
And now look at me
My rooms the habbo version of a ditch!

Didnt know what else to do
So I got up and I flew
In my grief to Habbox Hotel
And I met a nice fellow
Who was half green and yellow
Called trunks who gave me tissue.

"Oh trunks.15! oh dear!"
"You have nothing to fear
You've told me nice and early.
Just hit that blue button
And dont make a fuss an
That scammer wont bother you no more"

I stared at the habbo in the pixel creation
I was sad and lacked imagination
"Scammed - Scammers name" I wrote to the hobba nation
oh such jubilation!
When a hobba, (blackmaggot) did appear in the room.

They asked me who what and how
And had a pow wow
With trunks, who apparently eats bread.

And they went off with biscuits
I had coffee and leaflets
Called how to knock a scammer dead.

02-06-2005, 01:46 AM
Habbo Name: =Flash=
Habbox Name: -sFusion-
Hotel Discovery:

The psychiatrist starts to write. "Now tell me your dream."

"Well, I was standing in the midst of a virtual computer game and this girl came up to me.

She asked me, 'Are you lost?'
I answered yes and she told me, 'You are at Habbo Lido. You should go to the guest room Habbox Help Desk for advice.' I was feeling dazed, but I managed to find my way there. I took a seat and met a really nice guy named Cypher-. The room was amazing and I wondered if he owned it.
Cypher- must have seen my expression and said, 'No, it is not all mine. I just work here.'
So I asked if I could make a cool room just like it.
He smiled and a box appeared in front of me. He put a sofa in a smaller box and it appeared in the palm of my hand.
He replied, 'It is possible and I would be honored to start you off.' I thanked Cypher- and he told me I could get more 'furni' by playing games. And so I left the room," said I as I gazed into space.

The psychiatrist nods. "Ok, take a quick break."

The boy took a gulp of his glass of water and continued.

"So I ventured off and stumbled across a room named 'Furni Doubler' and innocently went in. What a mistake! There, I met a shady looking guy and a hysterical girl.

She told him, 'I am reporting you immediately!' and stormed off.
But I still showed interest and asked the man if I could get more furni there.
He said, 'Yes, just give me one furni so I can enter my cheat code. Then, I will give you two sofas back.' I thought for a moment and then placed my sofa in the trade box. It sounded fishy, but I pushed the thought aside. I was about to agree with the trade, when I saw someone appear.
I cancelled the trade, turned around, and saw a girl with a shiny badge named MOD-Flaxy.

At that moment, the other guy said, 'Oh bobba,' and vanished. I was very confused until MOD-Flaxy explained what happened.

'It is a good thing that I got here when I did. That scammer could have taken your furni and run.' I had no idea that I was so close to losing my only furni. I thanked MOD-Flaxy and asked her who she was.

'I am a moderator. I monitor the hotel and try to prevent scams.'

And with that, she vanished."

"Ah, so that was your dream? I understand it perfectly!" my psychiatrist exclaims, twitching uncontrollably.

"Really? Please explain," I shifted in my seat uncomfortably.

"Well, it is quite simple," he says with a menacing grin.

The psychiatrist rips off a facemask and reveals a multicolored skull face.

"Ooogaboooogaaboo!!" he shrieks.

"Aaaahhhhh!!" he hears himself shout.

The boy opens his eyes to darkness. Dripping with sweat, he realizes it was just a dream.

500 words exactly :o
Sorry about the formatting, but I thought the story would be easier to follow this way

02-06-2005, 03:46 PM
Habbo name: LadyLyn
Habbox name: LadyLyn
Entry: Hotel Discovery (401 words)

I've always loved Habbo, even when I first joined. Ahh, the olden days, so old but yet so foolish. It all began one Spring morning....

"Oi! Lyn! Here, I found a new chat room we can chat on. It's called habbohotel.co.uk, meet me some where, ok?" A friend yelled.
"I will!" I yelled back, confused.
I had no idea what she was talking about, but that night I decided to give Habbo a try. I made my first ever account, MarinaJoe. I was lost but I decided to go to a guest room.
"Hmmmm, which room should I go to?" I closed my eyes and clicked on a random room.
"Fallin Furni? I suppose it's a game. I should be able to learn how to play soon enough." I thought to myself.

"How do you play?" I said a few times.
"Marina, it's like musical chairs." Replied a Habbo.
I played my first ever game of Fallin Furni.....and won! My prize was an Xmas duck, but way back then I was a foolish little girl, so I used it as p2s and lost. I kept playing games. Races, Fallin furni, fridge races, the whole lot, I thought my whole life would be full of games, games, games.
I was scammed and hacked many times, so I made my 4th account, LadyLyn. I thought I would be scammed again, but I took my chances.
But then, one day I saw the results for the Habbo awards, I saw Mr DJ-3000 and Ms Mystique! with prizes. I also saw Think Help. I decided to visit them, or their helpdesks at least. At Habbox Help desk I saw my old friend, Mr partie2.
"Hello! I haven't seen you for ages, how have you been?" I exclaimed.
We had a long chat, when I found out he worked at Habbox, my life changed. I left my gambling life behind and started a fresh, clean, helping life. I visited help desks more often, I made much more friends than before. I was more happier with my new life. Before, I thought I'd never be happy, but now look at me; I work at three helpdesks, I have my own helpdesk, I have Hobbas and Staff on my friends list and best of all, I have so many heart warming friends. I hope my story has taught you all a lesson.

02-06-2005, 07:23 PM
Habbo Name: Syddeh
Habbox Name: Syd

Hotel Discovery

A voice bellowed out of the TV and Johnny leapt to his feet!!!
"Come to Habbo Hotel, virtual network for teenagers aged 13-21!" the television gave an outburst of energy to Johnny.
He saw the website at the bottom of the screen, so he ran as fast as he could to his computer! He clicked on the internet with a buzz of excitement and began typing in the address for the home page.
He opened up a mini log and thought to himself "What on earth is this?".

He eventually got onto the Hotel View and created a habbo, a very grrovy new habbo, with blonde spiky hair and a football shirt with blue jeans on!
He had NO idea what he was doing, but he clicked on "The Library" "GO" button and voila, he was inside the brand new hotels room. But it was empty.
"Can I help?" said a voice from across the room.
Johnny clicked on the persons speech box......
"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm new I didn't know I wasn't allowed in here.....I'll just -" startled Johnny.
"No need for that sweetheart! My name's DollEyes, I can see you're new, so if you need any help just click the blue question mark in the bottom right hand corner of your screen." said DollEyes with a beaming smile on her face.
"Oh thankyou, thankyou very much" he smiled back at her with glee.
Soon Johnny had become familiar with his speech options, and began to socialize with other habbo's.
Suddenly, a massive array of speech bubbles from one boy came on the screen, all repeatedly saying.....
Johnny thought, how clever, that is so efficient....
"Wow, let me try it!" he said with enthusiasm.
"No! Don't, he's lying he's a SCAMMER!" bellowed a voice from the other side of the room.
"Huh? Whats a scammer?!" Johnny exclaimed.
"A scammer will take all your credits and your furniture that you've bought!" the mysterious voice said.
"I have no furni or credits......" Johnny said fiendishly.
"Yes, that may be OK to you, but he will take your habbo too so you cannot get on it!" explained the habbo.
"Oh dear, well thankyou - Oh I'm sorry I don't know your name" said Johnny giggling until the end.
"Ha ha, my name is-" an angry face came upon him as the scammer had come back!
"LOOK HABBO ACTUALLY BLO - " the scammer disappeared.
"Oh I'm sorry, I had to kick him, he was being a foolish little boy :P, oh no, I have to go to work. Check out our website if you like, it'll give you all the tips you need for Habbo Hotel. www.habbox.com it is kid. :)" the mysterious lad ran off into the night and Johnny searched the URL immediately and up popped a website with absolutely EVERYTHING on it. He looked back in the room and looked at the bottom left hand side of the screen. The owners name was exactly the same name as the lad who'd gone.
"Room Owner: sierk" said Johnny to himself.
He checked the website, saw sierk sat on his throne and squealed to himself...
"I've just met a legend, a KING!"
After a couple of months, Johnny had made a little room of his own and learnt that with Habbox, nothing can go wrong!
http://img245.echo.cx/img245/3900/sierk9ww.png (http://www.imageshack.us)


02-06-2005, 08:34 PM
habbox forum name: MENTAL NUTTER
Hotel Discovery (492 words):
On the 9th day, of the 9th month of the 2005th year, Little Tommy was searching the wonderful web. Last night at the 'Lil strange people' club, Tommy saw Donny on Habbo Hotel. He saw the guest rooms, the oasis and the pixels....somehow. So today, he went to habbo hotel. He clicked on the, what he calls: 'the big 'ol check in button'. When the box came up, he clicked on 'make a new habbo'. Thinking long and hard about hid his habbo name he finnaly chose his dogs name: Mandrake123

After completeing all the extra stuff, he was finnaly a habbo! HE WAS A PIXEL! AND NOW, AS HE WAS A HABBO...HE HAD ONE GOAL...AND HIS GOAL WAS TO ASK SOMEONE..'what am I meant to do now?' So, he thought his first stop should be...A race room. After being thrown out saying he doesnt know how to move, he visited Dionysus, who happened to be eating cheese in the lido.
Mandrake123: Hello dionysus
Dionysus: Why hello little mushroom! Care for some cheese?
Mandrake123: No thanks. Can you be my friend?
Dionysus: I'm sorry little man, i can't accept your f/r, but pelase enjoy the cheese..I mean the hotel

So, little tommy left, Feeling dionysus was no help, he clicked habbo services in the guest room menu, and went to habbox help desk. In the room, he saw DJ-3000 and went up to him. Once again, little Tommy went into a conversation:
Mandrake123: Urmm, hello
DJ-3000: hello! Need any help?
Mandrake123: Yes, can i get a job?
DJ-3000: Sorry, you have to get reccomended.
Mandrake123: How?
DJ-3000: Help other habbos out, and if you get two recomendations, you get a trial
Mandrake123: Well, can you be my friend?
DJ-3000: Sorry, I can't.

And so, little Tommy Left the room, feeling down in the dumps.. The end
*cough, err, you still have 3 minutes left*
...Ok...But i get a free hot chocolate! Well, Tommy was having a bad time. After being on habbo for 5 days, he only had 5 friends on his friend list. Then, it went from bad to 'AHHHH! EVIL PEOPLE!'. Tommy walked into a games room, and someone started shouting 'Hey! Look what happens when I type my pass: ***** WOW!'. Now, poor Tommy didnt know about this scam, so, unfortunatly, he typed his pass, and his pass came out as, yup, his pass!

The next day, Tommy realised he had had his account stolen. Poor little Tommy didn't know what had happened. So, poor tommy had no more account, but he made a new one, one with such a scary name which will make all pixels fear it: CrAzY.FrOg! And he had a new mission: To figure out how to make pie with an oven.

Moral: Never fall for scams! If you see someone saying any of the scams above or others, hit that blue question mark and get that scammer banned!
Thank you for listening......I mean reading!

03-06-2005, 08:24 AM
Habbo Name:Afterhour
Habbox Name:Afterhour


Corrion was playing Runescape until he heard a message.
"See you at Habbo on habbohotel.co.uk!"said dashcool1
Corrion quickly typed the URL in the adress box and appeared at the homepage."Wow! This is twice as much fun than Runescape!"Corrion gasped.He quickly clicks the Check-in button and started making his own Habbo. He put his Habbo name as battledawn. When the Navigator popped up,he said "Whoa! I don't know which one to start with! Hmm.....maybe Habburgers!"
He clicked the Go button and appeared in Habburgers. He walked towards the register until he bumped into a female carrying books. The books fell down.
"Oh I am soooooooo sry! Im new here and I..."
He looked up.
It was a female.
"Hi! I'm Callie!"she said.
"I'm..er...battledawn."Corrion replied.
Quickly Corrion ran away hastily.He went to check some guest rooms and he clicked on Habbox Radio. When he arrived there,he saw lots of Habbos dancing mad. He saw a Habbo wearing a headphone with a turntable in front of him with Habbo girls surrounding him. He approached a Habbo and said "Who's that retro Habbo? :eusa_eh: ?"
"Are you a noob? He's the most famous DJ at HabboxRadio!"the habbo said.
"Wow! That's amazing!" battledawn replied.
He partied so much that he decided to go to another room.
He went to Habbo Gardens and found lots of Habbos gathering up on a Habbo.
"Who's this guy now? Some sort of staff member?"battledawn asked himself.
The Habbo shouted "Give me your password to me or my gang for 400 credits!"
He quickly dashed to the Habbo when he spotted a suspicious-looking Habbo with a badge on his shirt. The suspicious Habbo took out a radio and said a few words.Suddenly,lots of Habbos with the same badge ran in the scene.
"Freeze! Hobba squad!" a Habbo shouted.
"Your scamming days are over!" said the Habbo he saw.
The hobbas handcuffed the scammers.
"Curse you!" said the scammers.
Callie went in the scene."For breaking the Habbo Way and scamming 550 Habbos,you are sentenced to be banned for 200 years."Callie said.
Corrion approached Callie and said "What are you?".
"I am the Hotel manager silly!" Callie replied and laughed."Now that you have stopped a strong Scam organisation,I turn you into a Hobba!"
"Wow!!!!!! I AM right! Habbo is great!"battledawn shouted.
battledawn is now doing his job to stop scammers.

04-06-2005, 11:57 AM
Habbo Name : =-robby-=

Robert was bored , so he decided to search google for something to do , Habbo Hotel pop-ed up , Wow that looks cool thought Robert.
He went on and made it told him to make an account , "hmm" what should my name be , i know Rob , but it was took. Hmm , robert! But it was took . Maybe this website is quite populaur , ill have =-robby-= . So Rob enetered the hotel . Cool , habbo lido , that looks fun .
As he entered he saw someone called Chloe serving drinks . "Hello can i have coke please?" "Sure here you go :) " And the drink appeared in his hand, Cool .
Then a man came up to him called Sierk , " Hey " "Hi im new , can you give me some furni please?" "Sure " And sierk give him some furni and left .
Then a man walked over called RichRichRichyRich , " Hey do you want to get that furni doubled? " "Yes Please!" "Ok come my casino and bet it and you will win 30 thrones" So Robert went to bet it , he was good at betting and won , "Yay" he shouted . " Ok ill go and get the prize." Rob waited for half an hour but he dident come back . " No! Hes took it! " Rob dident know what to do , so he went to Chloe at the lido . "Chloe iv been scammed!" "Sorry I cant understand what your saying". "Its not a real person robby" Robert turned around and saw someone called Yatwice . " Hi im a hobba , so youv been scammed?" "Yes the guy was called RichRichRichyRich ." Ok ill go get him banned"
Wow ! A hobba , a robot , habbox staff member , and a scammer met in one day! Im definatly staying on Habbo Hotel ! :) =-robby-= went on to become a hobba , then habbo staff , then finally co-manager with Callie. He made his own guide that pops up for new habbos to warn them about Scammers , and teach them about Hobbas and Habbo Staff

05-06-2005, 04:07 PM
Habbo Name: Braddpop

James checked In to habbo. He just started and was fresh born the day before. He had an invite to a party. He kept thinking would the phone ring and his habbo friends call him. He was dancing away when suddely he blurted out "Doesa my habbo get hungry???" He stared at afish and wondered why he couldn't eat it!

He got another invite via console , to go to falling furni. He was in the qeue (sorry for spelling!) when suddenlt he ducked down! "What a crazy habbo" MissAlice said. "Get DOWN!" Screamed James! "Furni is about to fall!!!"
He then learned that it wasnt that and he got it into his head that the room owner puts down the furni and you have to run to it.

As he was walking through the hatch he eyed it closely because he thought it might fall on his tiny pixel habbo head. He then met a hobba Jrh2002 who then talked to him about habbo. As Jrh got an ice-cream from the fridge James in real life started to drool ! :P

He went to James Pad his room and slumped into the chair. Suddenly a scammer walked in. James dosnt know what a scammer is and when he sai give me your furni I will clone it he did. Scammer said "what a n00b" "you gave me your furni!" James thought what Jrh told him Call A Hobba! Jrh came and banned the little scammer. James said " Im glad you banned that prune!"

Jrh then said scammers smell of socks (:p) and with that James logged off thinking of all the wonderful things of habbo. (And the ice-cream!:P)

The end

10-06-2005, 10:05 AM
Edited By MissAlice - Competitions Manager

habbo staff: Callie
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10-06-2005, 04:17 PM
Habbo name: :.Undead.Jonny.
Habbox name: JonnyT3hReap3r

Hotel discovery

wat u doin?
Homework, u?
I'm on habbo
Its a chatroom with pictures!
My mum said I'm not allowed to go on chatrooms
Its ok, only kids play on it!
now wat?
click on the sign in
Create a habbo
click on create a habbo
i gtg
aw. bye

As soon as that was over, Jon created a habbo, it looked nothing like him but he liked it. The name Jonny was taken, and he was sad, so he settled for Jonny083892.
It signed him on automatically, and he played around with the navigator, and somehow he ended in the Lido.
He was just standing next to the waters edge, when Callie walked up to him.
‘hi’ she said.
Jon said 'hi' back.
Callie danced, and said 'lol',
'what does lol mean?'
Callie replied 'laugh out loud'
Then a window popped up on Jon's screen, and in one of the left boxes was a diving ticket. 'wats dis' Jon asked.
Callie replied 'a diving ticket, you go into the line on the other side of the screen, and dive' she explained.
'follow me'.
Her habbo walked to the diving line.
Jon followed.
They arrived there, Jon was second after Callie.
She disappeared.
'wher'd u go???' Jon screamed, then he saw Callie falling from the sky, and 10.00 appeared on screen. His screen went black, and he was standing on the diveboard, and before he knew it, he was falling!!!!!!
He thought his habbo was going to die...just like on runescape. But it didnt, he splashed, a 0.00 appeared.
He looked for Callie everywhere after that.
She was gone.
He found the Habbo help desk by clicking furiously at the navigator, and met SeaCat at the desk.
Seacat said 'hi'.
Jon said 'hi' back.
'need help?'
'no thx'.
Then a trade box appeared again, a green sofa was in it. Jon clicked accept, and the box closed, and a giant hand appeared with a tiny sofa in it.
Jon got really scared, a giant hand was in the screen!!! he shouted 'HELP!!!!!!! THERES A GIANT HAND!!!!!!!!!'
Seacat replied 'click it' and Jon clicked it, and it went away.
Jon accidentally clicked on the door whilst clicking furiously on the giant hand, and he was back on the hotel view. Then he got a message saying ' search moneymaker12 and get loads of credz!!!!'
Jon searched it.
Moneymaker said 'hi thx for coming'
and Jon said 'its k'
' if u want free credz type ur pass, press ctrl and m'
Then Jon just tried out ctrl and m, it was enter!!
Jon called for help saying 'help!! someone tried to get my password’ as soon as he sent that, Callie rushed in and permed moneymaker12, and Jon just closed the window, sighed, and went back to homework.

Ty for readin :D

I went into ms word and done a word cound on that story and its exactly 499 words, plz tell me if you make it 2 a different number, so that i can edit it.


10-06-2005, 06:25 PM
Habbox Name: SilverDino
Habbo Name: SilverDino

Welcome To Habbo.

Jamie had heard good things about Habbo hotel from his firends. He decided to pop on to see what it was like.
He made a Habbo called Jamie99. He went into the Habbo lido and saw a Habbo walk over to him. She said 'Hello , I'm GlitterKat , a Hobba. I'm around to keep the nasty Scammers away. If you think you see one message me :)'
Jamie heard a strange sound. GlitterKat told him to scroll down the page and click the yellow item. She then told him to click accept near the friend request.'
Jamie said thank you and left the lido. He created a room and bought some credits. He bought a Red pod chair and a iced hatch along whith a rubber duck. He messaged Glitterkat telling her that he was Ok.
A Habbo came into his room named !Key!. He told Jamie to go onto a website. Jamie did so. It said 'Type your Habbo name and password here for 500 credits!'
Jamie asked him how he does this. He says it's magic. Jamie doesn't beleve him. He calls GlitterKat. She comes to the room and bans the Habbo.
A while later Lukeisok barged in saying that he heard about Jamie and he was so clever that he didn't use the website that he would give him a Dj deck. Jamie is now enjoing himself on habbo , doing competitions and games. Glitter Kat and lukeisok are both Jamie's new best friends.

[146 words]

11-06-2005, 10:42 AM
Habbo Name: Wizards
Habbox Name: Ceremony

My entry:

On Saturdays, Tom usually went outside to play football, but today, it was raining, so he decided to go on his computer. He remembered that his friend had told him about a site named 'Habbo Hotel', he said it was 'Really cool', so Tom decided to go on that. He saw the dazzling, turning Check In button and clicked. 'First time here? You can create a Habbo by clicking HERE!'. 'That's me! :)' thought Tom happily. He made a Habbo called .:!:.Tom.:!:. and started to explore the hotel. 'Aha!' thought Tom 'I like the sound of the Dirty Duck Pub'. So Tom clicked go and there he was, in a pub with about 20 other people. He went over to the bar and asked for a lemonade, but the man behind the bar, who's name was Dave, said: "What? Talk up you muppet!". Tom was quite offended. He then saw a slightly small man in the corner drinking a cup of coffee.
"Hello" said Tom.
"Good morning, .:!:.Tom.:!:." said the man "My name is Sierk, how be you?"
"I'm fine... thanks, and you"
Suddenly Sierk blew a horn and shouted "All rise for the honourable Mr. Dionysus"
A man, with bunny ears, came through the door.
"Hello earthlings. I have had news a scammer lies among us.
":o What's a scammer?" asked Tom.
"No time for questions" whispered Sierk.
That scammer is... remmacs!, over there, in the corner!"
Everyone turned to look at remmacs. Maybe they now noticed he was a backwards scammer.
"Be gone, evil scammer!" shouted Dionysus, and suddenly, remmacs was gone.
"Goodbye earthlings." Said Dionysus, who then got on his hoverboard and shouted to infinity and beyond.
"Well, that was fun, back to work on my site then!" said Sierk
":O What site is that?" asked Tom
"www.habbox.com with www.habboxradio.com - Your number one Habbo radio station!" said Sierk, with a slightly cheesy grin.
"Hmmph, Habbo hotel sure is CUR-AZY!" Said Tom.

11-06-2005, 11:49 AM
Habbox Name : Ukrikki
Habbo Name Ukrikki

A venture to hotel Discovery

Habbo hotel. A new craze that swept Adam’s school. What is this weird and wonderful craze he exclaimed. Adam wanted to try it for him self. That night after trudging home from school, he joined Habbo Hotel. He made a name called –AdamYAH- He wasn’t to sure what to do at first, but soon got the hang of it.
The first room he went into was the theatredome. He liked the sound of it  He saw all the other pixelated people.
“HI” He shouted and waited eagerly for a reply.
“Hi there” Exclaimed someone called MOD-IT.
“Why have you got a funny badge?”
“That’s because im a moderator, I go around making sure you are all safe  and that your having a fun and safe time on habbo”
“COOOOOOOL” He shouted
“Im sorry I have to go, I have a lot of hard work to do ” The moderator said.
“Oh  Okay. Bye” He clicked the wave butten and laughed at the site of him waving.
Someone came in the room and told me that DJ-3000 was giving out FREE furniture.
Adam searched his name slowly trying to get the hang of the navigator. A great mammoth of rooms come up as he searched for the right one. `Free furni Habbox Help desk’ came up Brilliant he thought. He ran in and grabbed a Cool valentines ducky of Dj-3000 him self.
“Im new ”
“Welcome to habbo” Said Dj-3000”
“Thanks  Thanks for the furni”
“No problem, here have a bit more seeing as your new”
“wow your very kind ”
“Thanks lol, Now im going to have to kik you out of the room as more people are waiting bye”
“Okay bye”
Adam waited eagerly to see what kiking would feel like. There was no iron boot against his bum, but somehow it was satisfying.
Adam ventured round the hotel popping in rooms, he went to a trade room and someone was shouting;
Adam wasn’t accustomed to this and went thinking it was for real.
“Just type your pass and it will be debited straight away”
Adam pressed his pass eagerly in a hope for 1000 credits.
“HAHAHAHAHA you NOOOB. Your getting Hacked”
Adam wasn’t really sure what had happened but signed off habbo as he had to go out shopping with his mum. When he game back he logged in to find his only duck was gone. HE wasn’t sure what to do so he clicked the question mark and called a hobba. The hobba explained what had happened. Id like to say the story has a happy ending but Adam never used Habbo hotel again. Scammers are bullies, and that caused adam to stop using habbo hotel.

[Summit like 463 words :)]

14-06-2005, 11:27 AM
Habbo Name: .Sparkle.Fairy.
Habbox Name: .Sparkle.Fairy.
Followed by your entry:-
Emily Had Only Just Heard Of Habbo Hotel From Her Friend Who Was Addicted To It, So far so good Emily was having so much fun choosing little pixel outfits to wear but finally there she was on hotel view and not sure what to do. She started clicking some things and then found herself going into a public room called Theatredome, Then she saw an advertiser telling her to search things and when she said "What? how do I search!" He said "argh noobs!, Well you click under guest rooms and then click search and then type in this name" Before she knew it Emily was in some kind of game room called "falling furni" "How do you play this then?" asked Emily, "Shes a noob" said the advertiser to the owner "Grr well just click the stuff that comes down" said the owner, "Okay" said Emily happily. Alot Of people started doing Pay to stay which confussed her because she didnt know what it meant, Suddenly the owner dissapeared, "OMG"Said alot of people who got angry "SCAMMER" Scammer was one word that emily did know the meaning of and she was very shocked how somebody could be so mean. In the room somebody suddenly appeared, this person had a different badge with a little H on it, It was something called a hobba! They came in and interveiwed some people about the scammer and when they asked Emily "What did he do" She simply replied "He called me a noob What's it mean?". Later on she just stood in the room because she didnt know how to leave, a few other people where there but they didnt seem to talk to her or answer her when she asked how to leave the room, Later on this guy came in and said to her, would you like some free stuff? yes please Emily replied! Then he said okay all I need is your pass :) He seemed very nice so she said sure and as she was about to give him it in came Miss Alice In a shiny red cape SUPER SUPER SUPER ALICE! and then she came up to him and Shouted "Scammmeerrrr" And Chung Fooed Him! And then returned the hobba's into the room To arrest the scammer and super alice said "Oh know they shall try and steal my cape again! NEVER" And off she flew into the sky!

14-06-2005, 02:46 PM
Habbo Name : Prismlord
Habbox Name : Prismlord

The Chat Habbo

Martin, a happy, polite and friendly man was searching the internet one day when he found Habbo Hotel.
"I wonder what this is?"
He looked at the information and made an account. He was so excited. He loved chatting to people and this seemed like an ideal thing for him.
When he finally got on the hotel navigator, he looked at the public room list.
"Wow! What a large amount of rooms!" he happily said.
As he scrolled down, he decided to go to "The Den".
He made his first moves and walked over to the green sofa for a sit down. Suddenly, a large man with a green afro appeared and hugged him tightly.
"Arghh!" he yelled. He jumped off the sofa and stared at the man.
"Don't be afraid. I was just giving you a welcoming hug! Also, remember to give me your password so I can get you some credits! It is a welcoming gift" he said with a grin on his face. Martin settled down and thanked the man.As he was about to tell him his password, he saw 2 habbos walking into the room. One had a bunny mask on and the other had a grey hat on. He walked over to them, said hello and asked them their names. The bunny man spoke first.
"I am Dionysus. Welcome. I can presume you are new if you do not even know my name". Martin smiled and looked at the woman with the hat.
"Hello! My name is Sabra. I work for Habbox and I'm a graphics designer. Habbox is just about the most popular habbo fansite on the net!" she said happily.
Martin shook both of their hands and told them that he had just recently got his first friend. He pointed at the man and said that he would give him credits. As Martin said this, Dionysus frowned. Suddenly, he let out a high yell and ran to the man. He grabbed him by the legs and held him in the air by his feet. Dionysus pointed his face away from the odour.
"Yikes! What is going on Sabra?" Martin asked. "Has Dionysus gone insane?".
"It's a good job you told us. He wouldn't have given you credits. He would have hacked your account".
Martin replied with a puzzled look "But I don't have anything worth stealing on my account anyway".
"He could have accessed alot of things. Trust me, don't fall for these tricks".
Martin stared at the man, still held in Dionysus hand. He wasn't in pain but his face was in shock. He knew his mistake.
"Thank you Sabra. If it wasn't for you and Dionysus, I'd be gone!" Martin said.
Sabra smiled back and as Martin walked off, he knew he would have fun and help habbos...

(487 words exactly in the story, not including the title)

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