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29-05-2005, 04:34 PM
Have you heard of big brother? Well our very own Lerf a member of the Habboxtv staff is planning his own style of this show and would like to present to you: Habbig Brother.

To begin the process Lerf and I will need 8 contestants, and this is where the auditions will begin.

The contestants MUST be available for the following dates and times:
Friday 17th June: 8pm-10pm (UK time)
Saturday 18th June: 8pm-10pm (UK time)
Failure to turn up within 5 minutes of the start time on both of these nights will mean an exclusion from the whole competition and an automatic eviction.

Next: In order to be considered to be a contestant you must do the following:
Post below your Habbo name, a brief description of your personality, and why you believe you would be good in the house.

The winner of Habbig Brother will win themselves anything between 0 – 90 credits, plus a majestic chair and a trophy from Lerf.

To enter this competition you must be permanent staff when the winner is announced.

Your entry should look like the example below: -

Habbo Name: (If different to your habbox name)
Your Description:

What are you waiting for?

Follow the link below and click on the post reply icon, and remember to leave your habbo name.

This auditions will run until 8th June unless otherwise stated.

One entry per Habbox Staff Member ONLY.
Please read the terms and conditions at the bottom (In Black)

Terms and conditions: You can send in your entry until the auditions are closed at some time on June 8th 2005. Please be aware that some competitions may be extended, or even closed early due to the number of entries. The housemates will be announced in this forum and will be announced in the final post of this competition. Once the 8 housemates have been selected, a few judges will be asked to witness the events as they happen in the house.

When in the competition forum only post competition entries - Do not post questions or comments it is not the place to do so. ANYONE COMMENTING WILL ALSO BE UNABLE TO ENTER ANY COMPETITION IN THIS FORUM FOR ONE MONTH FROM THE DATE OF THEIR COMMENT.

29-05-2005, 04:40 PM
Habbo Name: Roller-Adam
Your Description: Very Alodramatic And Laided Back But I Never Take Any Jip Of Any One And When I Want Something Done I Meen It And If It Aint U Better Run :8

the wombats
29-05-2005, 04:42 PM
Habbo Name: :-Mystical.Craig-
Your Description: i can be kind ( make sure i am half asleep first ) if i am not ired i could end up snapping and biting your head off :D i can also get along great with people. i also like to just relax

29-05-2005, 05:44 PM
Habbo(x) Name: Mr.Comedian
My Description: I am funny and I get on with others. I love big brother and Would love to star in A habbox one. I really want to win the prize and I hope the other people will be a good competition!

29-05-2005, 05:45 PM
Habbo Name - Tomush
Description - Very Cool and Smooth ;) Stands Up For What I Believe In and If Someone Starts On Me, I Would Give Up :) Other Than That, Very Nice and Caring Guy :)

29-05-2005, 06:03 PM
Habbo name: Hayley.Girl

Description: Well where to start, I'm a mad female who has escaped from the mad planet (hence my location)

I'm kind, get on with people well and love to take part in things. I also love to try out new challenges. I have a bubbly attitude but at times I can be very quiet and shy. What you could say is that I have a 2 sided personality. I can get on people's nerves at times but doesn't everyone? I love watching Big Brother so I think that wraps it up? -horn blows- :o

29-05-2005, 06:36 PM
Habbo Name : Rareoid

Description : I get on well with most people, but if i don't get on with someone i make sure they know. Make sure you put me in house because i'll be a team player but a great individual competitor. My birthday is also very near those dates so winning would be a great present.

29-05-2005, 06:36 PM
Habbo Name - HotelHealth

Personality - Freak, Social, Kind, Funny, Sometimes Annoying, Team member, Listener, But I Warn....Touch My Cheese Or My Hair Ill Kill

Im Small Minded And Very Easy To Trick And Confuse

29-05-2005, 06:39 PM
Habbo Name: Sabra
Your Description: I am a 'person' who doesn't like to be walked all over. If I feel threatned I will attack ;) But the 'other' side of me is a great caring person who likes to help out; and doesnt expect things in return :)

29-05-2005, 06:40 PM
Habbo Name : x!x.Emily.x!x

Description: here goes ... :p Mad,crazy (same thing i guess) hyper like nearly all the time! always up for a good laugh. Like getting to know people :p i never shut up! and err FUNNY! yeah thats the word :D

29-05-2005, 06:42 PM
Habbo Name: Clearmint

My Brief Description: I am a bubbly outgoing person who loves everyone around me. I enjoy Being Talked to and I do Not Like People Being in what way Harsh or downright rude to other people. I stand up for what I believe in. In A Matter Of Fact, Many people call me their best friend because I am kind and Generous, And I hope That Everyone Get's The Chance To Be What They Want To Be. I would bring fun and much laughter into the house, I would Just love to say to everyone Good Luck! :D

Good Luck Everyone :D

29-05-2005, 06:46 PM
Habbo name - x.Glitz.x

Description - well! i get on well with most people. up for a laugh and take some things seriosly, im hyperactive! andddd i give good advice! so i think i would be a great housemate!

29-05-2005, 07:21 PM
Habbo(x) Name: Snowboarding

Description: A teenager from Canada that enjoys Habbo Hotel, and his friends online. Snowboarding enjoys eating pasta, and cucumbers. He gets along with mostly everyone and is always trying to help others out, Snowboarding enjoys electronics such as the computer, and his Xbox.

I would like to join Habbig Brother because I want to have a fun time with the other housemates, and enjoy myself as much as possible doing it. I hope that I am picked as I would love to participate in such a wonderful event. :)

29-05-2005, 07:21 PM
Habbo Name: A4AOwen

A Bit About Me: Im a typical teenager. My name is Gary and i like being part of a group. If I feel left out I will make sure the group know. If anyone is being annoying and annoys me ill make sure they know! I like being an idiot and I usally do anything to make someone laugh. I like group work and I perform outstanding when I communicate with others. I also like helping out people and i am a generally nosey person. I like gossip and i like messing around.

If I got chosen to go in the big brother house I would have afew objectives:
- Entertain People
- Help People Out
- Make Some Friends
- Be Friendly

29-05-2005, 07:25 PM
Habbo Name : Urges

Description : I like to make things interesting, and stir it up a little. Im a mysterious type of character who can lash out at any time. Im a good person to get to know, and am very slef-confident. I also rule.

29-05-2005, 07:25 PM
Habbo Name: A::N::G::E::L
Brief Description: I'm a very bubbly and friendly person and I try hard to get on well with everyone but I find it really hard to get along with some girls. Don't ask me why! Some just annoy me! :p But to make up for this I try my best to give everyone a laugh and cheer them up. :)

29-05-2005, 08:06 PM
:eusa_danc Habbo Name: chilloutrich

Description: Hmm you want a description? *looks at self* How can i describe myself? Pfft, dont look at me!
Ok so i guess im on my own here. My name is Richard and i like having fun in life and funnily enough on habbo, i enjoy messing around as it is fun, however i know the boundaries so its safe to mess about.
oh urm, i dunno, i guess im just a random person and when something comes out its when something is happening, put it this way i cant describe myself, now your just confusing me! i like using big words- haha i sound stupid which is why urm, i havent a clue!
Lol, youll be thinking- what a goon! Its probably true!
keep rockin out and urm, ill get back to you ;)

29-05-2005, 08:32 PM
Habbo Name: Soyers
Description: 'Start' *Sits down on stool and waves at the camera*
Hola, Bonjour, Aloha, Hi and Hello. Im Soyers.
I am rather mad *puts on party hat and goggles*. Im prone to random outbursts, crazy talk comments and generally confuzzling people.
Ill happily complete any task, no matter how gross, and i am very very good at staying awake *pokes open eyes and looks all googly*.
I dont like to be quiet and i will often break into song if i run out of things to say. I love making people laugh and will out-crazy myself to do so.
Im a people person and love getting into conversation with anyone anywhere. Also im a nice person so i wont be taking part in any bust ups ;)
Anyhow thats me :D 'End'
*falls off stool*

30-05-2005, 12:09 AM
Habbo Name: Shadowrock! same as habbox and habbo
Your Description: fun
loves tuna =) mmmmmmm tuna!

30-05-2005, 12:06 PM
Name: Mongole-hehe

Description: I am bubbly Charcter I show my opinion if someone bugs me i don't let it go i tell them I am a bit hyper and love causing a arguement haha But i can control my sides i have a hyper argumentative side & a friendly bubbly side Therefore i think i would make a great characcter Ill do whatever the big brother tells me to do no matter how grose ill get my pixel self dirty!.. Ok girlfriends

30-05-2005, 12:42 PM
Name: !xx!kyle!xx!

Description: Well I don't like writting about myself but okay. I always say what I think don't care much about what other people think about me. I get angry easily but I don't like fighting too much. I have my hyper moments, like once a month :P but when I'm hyper nothing can stop me. I always fight for my rights till the end :D
I'm sure the house won't be boring with me in it. ^^

30-05-2005, 12:52 PM
Habbo name : Eckuii

Description:- Like to make sure people know im there. Fat slob. Love Carrots!
Like to put my view across to others. Bossy! Dont care what people think.
Get on well with people. Very Sarcastic like to joke and fool around. :D
That is all from me!

30-05-2005, 01:31 PM
Habbo Name: dadofdamatrix
Your Description: Well, what can i say apart from im a natural born leader. I was destined to be the boss and run things. I am very organised and smart for my age. I am very mature and hate children *in a nice sense*
Im sort of a Misogynist but not in a gay way ;)
I am an adult stuck in a childs body.

30-05-2005, 02:46 PM
I'll JOin

always avalable 8-10 and i love big brother and habbo :D

Habbo name: jammy06
Forum name: Jammy06

Description: Funny mad and scary and 100% Staright :D and sometimes EVIL!

30-05-2005, 02:52 PM
Habbo name: Redstratocas

Description: Knows everything about music and rock and roll, and somehow gets irrelevant topics into music. Always has headphones on ect. Get over-protective of my music, angry when insulted about it.

30-05-2005, 04:24 PM
Name: 2hd.
Description: wild, time to get some staff feuds going xD erm ready to defend/fight back for someone / up for a laugh/ will do anything for popularity/ready to annoy someone eg. trash on bb's command xD/ will cross dress if asked... :p

30-05-2005, 05:11 PM
Habbo Name : :-Mystical.Dave-

Description: Im that weird guy always featured in the reality show. You have the normal people, and then that one really weird guy who does crazy things! I am funny and can make others laugh.

One thing. On June 17 it says 8-10 pm im ghtinkign that that is GMT time so from 6-8pm GMT i will be having an exam at school ( 1 pm-3pm for me).

30-05-2005, 05:34 PM
Habbo Name: Photographed

Description: Well I'm a Dare Devil (doing ANY dare ANYONE throws at me), can be kind yet snappy sometimes, just really crazy ( or that's what I'm told ), likes cucumber, up for a laugh, funny having the latest jokes and in real life people have wet themselves laughing at me :p Can be a bit of a mood-switcher, one minute shy the next really mouthy.

Thanks for this audition-interview-thingy and this is a great idea, I'd definatley like to see it happen some other time :)

30-05-2005, 05:36 PM
Habbo Name: NekkLe

Description: Well, Funnny,smart in a dumb way :S relaxed most of the time however if I get annoyed (preferably by noobs) I get really mad! Sporty,Musical,Entertaining. Slap my head your dead! And basically to top it off: A KooL Relaxed person whilst with others in discussion, (bit quiet). :rolleyes:

30-05-2005, 07:40 PM
Habbo Name - Infrontation
Description - Likes all things computer, very loud and irritant :p Insult me and i'll pretty much never shut up.. Like to be a bit of a funny man :8 Hmm..
Like to talk for long conversations on the most irrelivant things.. [Pancakes, Muffins .. etc] Hates people who think there "Thee One" ^_^

30-05-2005, 09:44 PM
Name: FiberShadow
Description: Well as you my know, i am a gay. I soooo dnt take no nutin no frm no1 and i do wot i want wen i want, and like ooooo my gosh, i soooo cant believe you are even making me fill this form out, i am sooo much better then this and i like soo can't be bovad with no more forms. So u soooo better get my in dat house and with LOOOAAADDS Of DE CAKE

30-05-2005, 10:25 PM
Habbo Name: therutlishboy
Your Description: Ok.. to cut a long story short (coz I can chat) - Im very loud and I talk too much.. also if the convo is dry I love to make it like soo loudly and like yeah I wld love to do this. Only thing is Im honest and I love to say my opinion Im not FAKE! and sometimes it does upset people so like I hope I get picked

What are you waiting for? Im waiting to get picked :p

rut xxx

31-05-2005, 07:10 AM
Habbo Name: Paralympics
Real Name: Rach "The Ho"
Description: I Am A Lively Person And I Am Sure That I Would "Boost Your Ratings" If I Was Picked As A Contestant In The Big Brother House :D
I Absouletely Love Big Brother So Being A Housemate On Habbo Would Be Terrific. I Am Loads Of Fun, I Shall Make You Laugh :8 And If Requested I Could **** Some People :)
Yours Faithfully: Mrs Rachel - The Ho - Good In Bed :)

31-05-2005, 07:12 AM
Habbo Name: Paralympics
Real Name: Rach "The Ho"
Description: I Am A Lively Person And I Am Sure That I Would "Boost Your Ratings" If I Was Picked As A Contestant In The Big Brother House :D
I Absouletely Love Big Brother So Being A Housemate On Habbo Would Be Terrific. I Am Loads Of Fun, I Shall Make You Laugh :8 And If Requested I Could Do Some People Over :P
Yours Faithfully: Mrs Rachel - The Ho - Good In Bed :)

31-05-2005, 09:40 AM
name = Prevxpro

Description = i think i would e good for the habbig brother house becuase i can tend to be a bit argumentative :badgrin: also i can be know as the joker as i tell funny jokes :P and basically everyone will love me :D

also if i was to describe myself with neone who is in the bigbrother house atm it would have to be maxwell cos i support arsenal and i like alchol and maxwell decribes me best :D

31-05-2005, 07:24 PM
Habbo Name: .:.:.Sammeth.:.:.
Your Description: Well, I follow the 3 K's! Kind, Kool, and Krazy (Not to mention illiterate) I'm always up for a great time, and love to play around! Anything you throw at me I will try my best to complete :D:D

01-06-2005, 02:37 PM
Name: Rupsssie
Description: Well Ime Gay [Like Serouosly] Ime Usually Gossiping And Gettin Drunkkk And Stuff

01-06-2005, 05:26 PM
Name: Tilly-Lou
Description: I have worked for habbox a very long long long long time i have enjoyed every moment of it its just recently i decided to spend more time on habbo as i did before i would jump at the oppourtunity and i would love to be in the big brother house i think i have a good sense of humour a kind nature and i enjoy making friends :D

02-06-2005, 01:25 PM
Habbo(x) Name: Ted-crilley

Description- we could play the whole description game were i say im 6"2 dark hair :p but i guess not, Ive been on habbo and habbox a very long time, mod on the old forum aswell but were not here to talk about jobs :) I think that im friendly and funny I do a lot of work with the TA and soon to be in the regular army. Im quite well known on habbo so could have that entertainment value.

I have the big brother theme tune that i play on habbox radio does that give me extra brownie points?? :)

02-06-2005, 01:32 PM
Habbo(x) name - lauralol

Descrip: Im lively, up for a laugh, love a challenge and I LOVE BIG BRUVA so please pick me pick me cause I am just the best housemate u could ever want <3
I also dont mind an argument now and again so if theres someone in 'the house' I dont like then i wont be afraid to show it >: D

02-06-2005, 01:38 PM
Habbo Name - Blacky04
Why should i be chosen?- Im Funny , Crazy , Up for a laugh , Confident and approachable
And I would add a certain crazyness to the show thats for sure. And plus.. I have a pickle on a stick! :D

02-06-2005, 09:05 PM
Habbo Name:xoxrachaelxox

Description: Alot of the time fun!! xD if someone snaps at me i snap at them back in a heart beat i dont take stuff from people and i like to show my style and i also like to be funny when i can and sometimes if im sad im glooomy and i also like attention :D and i act like a princess :D :p :p ;)

02-06-2005, 10:31 PM
Habbo Name: -Wonderton-
Description: I'm a nice, kind hearted person, who enjoys a good laugh & would be able to get on with others, I respect other people's views, even if i do not agree with them. Also I am a BB fan & love the idea of starring in one on habbo. :)

03-06-2005, 11:11 AM
Habbo name: -whiteflame-

description: im very indecisive. or maybe not. but i probably am. but there is a possibility that i'm not as indecisive as i think. however i beleive i am. but maybe that means that im not.

03-06-2005, 09:11 PM
Habbo Name : aldo121

Desp : Always up for a laugh ( on world of warcraft ( pc game ) ) i ran around in a wedding dress , a team player , friendly , tired , basically thats me :P

03-06-2005, 11:41 PM
Doesnt want to enter no more
Delete Post

04-06-2005, 08:40 PM
Well, My experience is limited, i did Footballers Wives with Rupsie (keep your eyes on your screens for that!) and i think if given a chance i can and will do fantastic! If you dont want to give me a chance, ill understand, but everyone started somewhere! :D send an f/r to HabzGuru or Smogz there my new accounts!

05-06-2005, 10:54 AM
Habbo Name: laxativepolo
Your Description: Well I consider myself extremely competitive, enthusiastic about what i do, kind and easy to get along with. I am on the computer basically all the time especially fridays and saturdays. I am up for a laugh and some seriousness and would love to take part. I watch big brother although i have missed some of the new series and I would love to have the oppurtinity to be in habbig brother. I think Im very caring and always try to help people out. At school in real life if someone is being picked on i always try to stand up for them. I am quite generous and respect other peoples beliefs. I would love to have a challenge as big as this and i would like to see if i could proove myself.

05-06-2005, 05:10 PM
Habbo Name: -x-kerrianne-x-
Experience: Dallas, Adventures of Jessica, Street Extra, Robbers, Surgeons guest...
My Description:Drama Queen!! Gets annoyed very easily, Dont like show offs! xD
Always very jokey and very sarcastic on times. Can go hyper easy xP Very caring and a bit crazeh!! Loves to be on Camera, Dont like people against me and my beliefs but I respect them. Please and thankyous are always needed :P Shouts things out on times.
Gets aggrivated if people ignore me lol.... I sound horrid dont I :P Im a vegetarian and I love animals. LOVE doing tasks! xD Online all the time!! :D
I hope to be accepted and thankyou for the oppertunity xD oh yeah... I love using smileys!!! xD xD xD :P

08-06-2005, 09:25 AM
Please don’t be offended if your name isn’t on the list. We tried to select 8 housemates who work for different departments of Habbox. Hopefully this way most have had an equal opportunity.

If your name is here, expect to receive a private message from Lerf containing the rules and some information regarding for the following dates and times:

The contestants MUST be available for the following dates and times:
Friday 17th June: 8pm-10pm (UK time)
Saturday 18th June: 8pm-10pm (UK time)
Failure to turn up within 5 minutes of the start time on both of these nights will mean an exclusion from the whole competition and an automatic eviction.



Reserve List

17-06-2005, 11:56 PM
A little update so that you people who are interesyed know what is going on:

Unfortunately, not all our chosen housemates turned up and quite a few replacements had to be made. The eight housemates that entered were:

:Craigeh, -x-Kerrianne-x-, A4AOwen, Lauralol, Mazda180, RedStratocas, Sabra and x.Glitz.x

During the second task, x.Glitz.x walked out of the competition, and was replaced by A::N::G::E::L
A4AOwen became the first housemate to be evicted
Sabra was the 2nd evicteee
:Craigeh was the final housemate to be evicted on Day 1

Now only five remain to battle it out tomorrow for the prize of the majestic chair, the trophy and what is left of the 90 credit prize fund :D A full synopsis will be available on Sunday 19th June

18-06-2005, 09:16 PM
Habbig Brother - Day 1 Synopsis

At 8pm, after a few alterations, 8 housemates entered the Habbig Brother House. They were :Craigeh, -x-Kerrianne-x-, A4AOwen, Lauralol, Mazda180, RedStratocas, Sabra and x.Glitz.x
The housemates were in the house and had a small party by dancing and got to know each other.
8.10pm - 6 doormats had been placed in the house. Housemates were told to pick a doormat which corresponded to a number from 1-6. They were told that a dicemaster would be rolled. They had to pick the doormat which corresponded to the number they thought that the dicemaster would roll on. After each housemate picked there doormat, the dice was rolled. A 2 appeared! As Sabra was the only housemate standing on the 2nd doormat, she had won a reward - immunity from the first eviction! She was told that she had to share this reward with another housemate. She chose Lauralol. So it was certain that Lauralol and Sabra would be immune from eviction # 1.
8.25pm - Each housemate was called to the diary room one afer the other to nominate 2 of there housemates for eviction. The 2 or more housemates with the most votes would face the judges vote. The votes went like this:

-x-Kerrianne-x- : :Craigeh & Mazda180
A4AOwen : Mazda180 & RedStratocas
Lauralol : -x-Kerrianne-x- and x.Glitz.x
Mazda180 : SHOCKER! Mazda180 isn't any ordinary housemate! He is a mole - planted by Habbig Brother to sabotage tasks in order to deduct the prize money. As Mazda180 is the mole, any nominations made against him do not count and he does not nominate. Instead, he finds out who everyone else voted for and adds someone else to the list of nominees.
:Craigeh : Mazda180 & -x-Kerrianne-x-
RedStratocas : :Craigeh and Mazda180
Sabra : x.Glitz.x & Mazda180
x.Glitz.x : Mazda180 & RedStratocas

The votes were all counted up. Mazda180 had a huge total of 6 votes, which do not count as he is the mole. :Craigeh, -x-Kerrianne-x-, RedStratocas and x.Glitz.x all had 2 votes each, they would face eviction. A4AOwen was the only housemate who wasn't immune that got 0 votes. However, as Mazda180 is the mole, he had to put A4AOwen up for eviction too because Lauralol and Sabra were immune. Therefore :Craigeh, -x-Kerrianne-x-, A4AOwen, RedStratocas and x.Glitx.x would all face the judges vote.

8.45pm - At this time, the housemates were informed about there second task. They'd each have to perform something to impress Habbig Brother, either in a group or individually. There could be a maximum of 7 people in a group and they'd have 5 minutes to rehearse there performances. The group - still unaware there was a mole in the house, had no idea that Mazda180 had been given a secret challenge. He had been told by Habbig Brother that if he managed to get another housemate to perform a dance routine with him for the task, then 15 credits would be deducted from the 90 credit prize fund. It took a few minutes, but Mazda180 persuaded a vunreble :Craigeh to do a dance routine for him. Disaster struck for the group when x.Glitz.x walked out of the house and informed Habbig Brother she wouldn't be coming back, however they had to carry on.
8.50pm - The performances began with Sabra and Laurlol performing a very good dance. Then Mazda180 and :Craigeh performed a less wonderful dance, unaware that it was costing the group 15 credits. -x-Kerrianne-x- gave a lovely poem and RedStratocas told a joke. A4AOwen failed to perform anything along with x.Glitz.x who had left the house. The task was judged by .:.:.Sammeth.:.:., >Max< and MissAlice with 2 votes for a FAIL and only 1 for a PASS. The group failed, which resulted in an HC Sofa, the fridge, the bubble bath and the Mochamaster to be taken away from the house. During the task, a replacement housemate for x.Glitz.x had arrived - A::N::G::E::L
9pm - Habbig Brother gathered the housemates on the sofas to announce which housemates faced the judges vote. After a silly mistake, it was confirmed that :Craigeh,
-x-Kerrianne-x, A4AOwen and RedStratocas were up for eviction. A4AOwen was not told he had been put up by Mazda180 and only Mazda180 and the group were not told that x.Glitz.x would have been up for eviction, had she still been in the house. The evictees, except RedStratocas got a quick chat in the diary room along with Sabra about the eviction before being told to gather on the sofas for the results.
9.15pm - The judges vote had ended with a tie. A4AOwen had 50% and so did :Craigeh. Habbig Brother decided to let the mole decided which of them would be evicted. Mazda180 decided that A4AOwen would become the first evictee. MissAlice announced to the house that A4AOwen would be evicted, and after saying goodbye, Owen did indeed leave the Habbig Brother House - forever!
9.17pm - Just minutes after the first eviction, the mole was given an individual challenge. If he could convince 3 of the other housemates to wave before 9.25pm then another 15 credits would be deducted from the prize fund. Within a minute of being told this, Mazda180 had got every housemate to wave apart from RedStratocas. This meant that a total of 30 credits had now been tooken from the 90 credit prize fund, resulting in 60 left. The whole house, apart from the mole is unaware that this 30 has been tooken away
9.20pm - The housemates were gathered to make an important decision! They had to elect one of the housemates to become the head housemate. They were told that the head of house would get a special privelage but were not informed what privelage that would be. Mazda180 was instructed by Habbig Brother to make sure that he was NOT chosen as the head housemate and made it clear straight away to his other housemates that he did not want to be picked. After a few minutes, Sabra was chosen to be the head of house. All housemates, apart from her were shipped off to the diary room. Sabra's privelage was that she got to re-arrange the house in any way she wished. Whilst, she was busy moving furniture around, she had no clue about the evil twist going on in the diary room....
In the diary room, the 6 housemates were given a choice - They could evict Sabra, which would cause 15 credits to be deducted from the prize fund OR they could let Sabra choose one of them to be evicted. The group went crazy and didn't know what to do. This was a part in the game where the mole could end up evicted. It was Mazda's job to convince the other housemates to choose to evict Sabra. That way, he would know he would be safe and 15 credits would be deducted. However, A::N::G::E::L was taking charge here and persuaded some of the housemates to choose for Sabra to stay. -x-Kerrianne-x- wanted Sabra to stay. Lauralol agreed on that, and then RedStratocas waved to signal that he wanted Sabra to remain in the game. Mazda180 had failed and his position was now at risk. Fortunately for him, Sabra told Habbig Brother that she'd have to leave earlier than 10pm. This meant that Sabra was breaking a rule - to stay for the duration of the game. Habbig Brother had no choice but to evict her. So despite, most of the housemates voting for Sabra to stay, she was automatically evicted in the end. She became the second evictee, to the disapoint of most of the group. Mazda180 had been lucky.
9.40pm - The remaining 6 housemates had been put into the diary room again whilst Sabra's rearanged house was demolished, so that the 3rd task could be set up. A fridge had been placed at one end of the room and a doormat opposite it. Housemates had to stand in a line at the doormat. When Habbig Brother said go, the first housemate (Lauralol) would have to run to the fridge, get a carrot, then return to the end of the line. The second housemate, who should be moved onto the doormat would then do the same. Housemates were not to leave the doormat until the housemate infront of them had returned to the end of the line. It was a perfect task to sabotage and Mazda180 did it well - the first time. Trying not to drive too much suspicion on him, he simply went off the doormat for a split second and then back onto it whilst Lauralol was trying to get her carrot. -x-Kerrianne-x- also made a mistake by leaving the doormat and going to the fridge before A::N::G::E::L had got back to the end of the line. Mazda180 then caused more failure by causing everyone in the line to mix up by getting out of his space. This was noticed by everyone and everyone blamed him for the failure of the task, but Habbig Brother made sure that everyone knew about -x-Kerrianne-x-'s failure too. Another 15 credits had been removed from the 60 in the pot, leaving 45 credits.
9.50pm - The housemates were all moved once again to the diary room whilst the house was transformed back to its original look with all furniture back in its place. The mole was given a special option - to pick 2 housemates to be put up for eviction. Mazda180 chose Lauralol and -x-Kerrianne-x-. When the housemates returned, they were informed that the two girls were up for eviction, but Habbig Brother said that they could not tell the house why, how or when these 2 housemates had been put up for the chop. Mazda180 was then instructed to secretly choose a 3rd housemate - this housemate would be deciding which housemate would be evicted between -x-Kerrianne-x- and Lauralol. Mazda180 picked :Craigeh. However, the mole had made a mistake. When :Craigeh was told he'd be the one to choose who would go, he refused and claimed that he couldn't do it. Habbig Brother told him that he must decide immeadiately, but still he refused. He was told that he would be evicted if he did not choose. :Craigeh still refused and was then given 5 seconds. His 5 seconds was up and he was told he was evicted. :Craigeh then became the 3rd evictee of the Habbig Brother House.
10pm - The remaining 5 housemates are -x-Kerrianne-x-, A::N::G::E::L, Lauralol, Mazda180 and RedStratocas. They were congratulated and asked to return to the entrance room the following night for the 2nd and final day. The prize fund currently stands at 45 credits. Only Mazda180 knows this. The other 4 housemates believe that the prize stands at 75 credits. How wrong they were...

19-06-2005, 11:33 AM
Habbig Brother - Day 2 (June 18th)

8pm - -x-Kerrianne-x-, A::N::G::E::L, Lauralol and Mazda180 were all ready in the entrance room by 8pm. Previously evicted housemate Sabra had also turned up. RedStratocas was late. After discussing with the other judges, we came to an agreement that Sabra would replace RedStratocas if he hand't turned up by 8.05pm since she was not fairly evicted the previous day. The 4 housemates joined the house while Sabra waited nervously outside, praying that RedStratocas would not turn up.
-x-Kerrianne-x-, A::N::G::E::L, and Lauralol were all shocked to find another housemate was sitting on the sofas on their arrival - Soyers! A secret 10th housemate who had been planned for joining the house at this stage from the start. As Mazda180 is the mole, he knew this as going to happen anyway, but had to also act surprised. Outside, RedStratocas just arrived in time before 8.05pm, but only to announce that he couldn't make it. Therefore Sabra joined the house again, for her second chance.
8.10pm - After a short party and getting to know the new arrival Soyers, the group were told that they would be nominating 2 fellow housemates for eviction. The 2 or more housemates with the most votes would be put up for the judges vote. The housemates were informed that they could not nominate Soyers as she had only just joined the house. The nominations were like this:

-x-Kerrianne-x- : Mazda180 & Lauralol
A::N::G::E::L : Sabra & Lauralol
Lauralol : A::N::G::E::L & Mazda180
Mazda180 : MOLE - Doesn't vote
Sabra : Mazda180 & A::N::G::E::L
Soyers : Mazda180 & Sabra

Yet again, our mole had picked up the most votes again, with 4. None of these votes count though and were discarded. A::N::G::E::L, Lauralol and Sabra all received two votes each, with -x-Kerrianne-x- being the only housemate who wasn't immune getting 0 votes. Mazda180 was only allowed to add one more housemate to the list of nominees if only 2 faced the vote. Since 3 housemates were already up for eviction, he did not get to add another

8.25pm - The housemates were about to begin there 4th task, even though they didn't know it. One housemate was called to the diary room. Soyers went to the diary room to be informed that she'd have to pick a housemate which she would answer a general knowledge question on. Choosing Sabra, her question was:
What did Sabra say her chances of winning Habbig Brother were?
Soyers answered incorrectly, and was told that she could not talk to any other housemate until they had answered there question. Sabra was then called to the diary room, and chose to answer question on Lauralol. Her question was:
What is Lauralol's favourite drink?
Sabra took a guess, but was wrong. Sabra and Soyers were told that if the group got one more question wrong, they would fail and 15 credits would be deducted from the prize fund. They were not allowed to talk to any other housemate until they had answered their question. Lauralol was then called to the diary room, and chose to answer a question on -x-Kerrianne-x- :
True or False? -x-Kerrianne-x- has a habbo father!
Lauralol answered correctly and was told that if one more housemate got a question wrong, they would fail and 15 credits would be deducted. -x-Kerrianne-x- was called next. She chose to answer on A::N::G::E::L. The question was:
Does A::N::G::E::L have any habbo relatives?
-x-Kerrianne-x- gave the wrong answer and the group had failed, but were told they were not allowed to tell Mazda180 that. They were unaware that he already knew they'd failed as he was the mole. To attract the suspicion away from him, I told him the answer to the question he was going to receive so that he could get it correct. It wouldn't matter anyway as the group had failed. The question was:
Out of ALL this years Habbig Brother contestants, who gave the highest number out of 10 when estimating their chances of winning?
Mazda180 acted as though it was a guess, saying A4AOwen. He was correct of coarse! But then it was announced again that they had failed, and 15 credits had been deducted. All housemates then returned to the house
8.40pm - The housemates were gathered on the sofas. Habbig Brother announced that there was a twist to the task! All housemates who answered their question incorrectly would have all their past nominations revealed to the house. All housemates were nervous and worried at this news. Habbig Brother shouted to the group about all these nominations:

Day 1 Nominations
-x-Kerrianne-x- : :Craigeh & Mazda180
Sabra : x.Glitz.x & Mazda180
Day 2 Nominations
-x-Kerrianne-x- : Mazda180 & Lauralol
A::N::G::E::L : Sabra & Lauralol
Sabra : Mazda180 & A::N::G::E::L
Soyers : Mazda180 & Sabra

The housemates were then told which of them were up for eviction - A::N::G::E::L, Lauralol & Sabra

8.55pm - All the nominees were called to the diary room one by one to discuss their feelings. In A::N::G::E::L's chat, she informed Habbig Brother that everyone must of nominated her. She knew that -x-Kerrianne-x-, Sabra & Soyers had voted Mazda180, which gave him at least 3 votes. She figured that since Mazda180 wasn't up for eviction with 3 votes, then herself, Lauralol & Sabra must have all received more than 3 nominations. She seemed confident that EVERY housemate had voted for her. She seemed to forget that in the revealed nominations, -x-Kerrianne-x- and Soyers did not nominate her. Poor A::N::G::E::L thought that her biggest ally and friend Mazda180 had nominated her and felt betrayed. She was very wrong!
9pm - After all the judges vote had been collected and counted, .:.:.Sammeth.:.:. announced to the house that Sabra would be leaving the house. This was the second time that Sabra had been evicted. The housemates then waved goodbye as she exited through the teleport.
9.05pm - After Sabra's eviction, Habbig Brother asked for one housemate to go to the diary room. It was A::N::G::E::L who made it to the door first, and got into the diary room. She would probably regret this decision later. A::N::G::E::L was informed that shortly, the housemates would be receiving their fifth task. It would be a task they had done before - the fridge task where each housemate had to get a carrot. She was then told that if she was to deliberately break a rule of the task and make a mistake, then 15 credits would be tooken from the prize fund and added to her purse. A::N::G::E::L was shocked at this news, and wasn't sure what to do. To coax her into sabotaging the task more, Habbig Brother told her a lie by saying that she would be put up for eviction once more unless the task was failed. A::N::G::E::L was then frightened. She thought that no matter what she did, she'd either be put up for eviction with the housemates nominating her or put up automatically for getting the task failed. A::N::G::E::L decided that she should at least make 15 credits out of the whole thing and decided she would sabotage the task. She was told that she could not tell ANY of the other housemates ANYTHING about he secret task. She didn't know it yet, but she was being set up as the mole!
9.10pm - Habbig Brother gathered all housemates on the sofas for the big announcement. At being told there was a mole in the house, the housemates were shocked. Even Mazda180 acted surprised. They were informed that the mole had been sabotaging their tasks so that the money would get deducted from the prize fund. At this news, the housemates were eager to know how much they had left but Habbig Brother could not confirm that at this stage. Habbig Brother announced that they could not say how long there had been a mole, when the mole was selected or if there was even was one at all. The house was told that they had one final chance to spot who the mole was - in the 5th task. They were told that the task would be the fridge task again and 15 credits would be deducted if it was failed. Habbig Brother said it was a perfect opportunity for the mole. At this point, A::N::G::E::L realised she was being set up and this put her in an even bigger difficult position. She told Habbig Brother after the show, that at this point she was almost in tears, believing that every housemate who already hated her would now hate her even more.
9.20pm - The task was set up and then went ahead. The group only had 1 minute 30 seconds this time. Lauralol was first again and got her carrot quickly. Mazda180 was told not to make any mistakes in this task, so that no one would suspect him. However, the mole did actually make a genuine mistake when leaving the doormat before the previous housemate had returned to the end of the line. A::N::G::E::L also deliberately done this and also left the line quickly when another housemate was getting their carrot so that she was sure to earn her 15 credits. The task was indeed failed, and 15 credits were deducted from the prize fund and A::N::G::E::L was secretly notified that they would be added to her purse after the show.
9.30pm - The housemates were gathered on the sofas, and were told that there was now a final chance for 15 credits to be deducted. Habbig Brother told the housemates that they would each be called to the diary room to give the name of the housemate who they think is the mole. Whoever received the most votes would be evicted. And if the real mole did not receive the most votes then 15 credits would be deducted. The housemates didn't know it, but this was the only 15 credits that was left out of the 90 that they started with. This is how the nominations went:

-x-Kerrianne-x- : Lauralol
A::N::G::E::L : Mazda180
Lauralol : Mazda180
Mazda180 : MOLE - After everyone had voted, Mazda180 was secretly told that he had received two votes and Lauralol had recieved the same. Mazda180 put his vote on Lauralol which got her the most and would therefore be evicted
Soyers : Lauralol

9.35pm - Lauralol was called to the diary room to be informed she receieved the most votes as the mole, and was then evicted without getting to say goodbye to her housemates. -x-Kerrianne-x-, A::N::G::E::L, Mazda180 and Soyers were then informed what had happened. A::N::G::E::L was the most shocked to find that Lauralol had received the most votes and not herself. Since Lauralol was not the mole, the final 15 credits wad deducted. Each housemate was then asked to shout out loud if they thought the mole had been evicted, if they were still in the house, or if they had any other opinions. -x-Kerrianne-x- said that she thought there never was a mole and it was made up. A::N::G::E::L agreed with -x-Kerrianne-x-. Mazda180 pretended that he thought Lauralol was the mole and Soyers said that she thought the mole had been evicted, and a new one appointed. Then all the housemates were called to the diary room to give the names of their favourite and least favourite housemates. This would be used as votes for who the winner is.
9.45pm - Habbig Brother instructed the mole to stand up. Mazda180 stood and the other housemates were shocked. Mazda180 was then evicted from the house - he was not allowed to win.
9.50pm - All housemates from the 2nd day had been asked to rank their favourite housemate to the least favourite housemate. The housemate nearest the top of the list between -x-Kerrianne-x-, A::N::G::E::L and Soyers would receive three points. The next down would receive 2 and the furthest down housemate would only receive 1 point. The votes were as follows:

Sabra : x-Kerrianne-x-, Soyers, A::N::G::E::L
Lauralol : - -x-Kerrianne-x-, Soyers, A::N::G::E::L
-x-Kerrianne-x- : Soyers, A::N::G::E::L,
A::N::G::E::L : -x-Kerrianne-x-, Soyers
Mazda180 : Soyers, A::N::G::E::L, -x-Kerrianne-x-
Soyers : -x-Kerrianne-x-, A::N::G::E::L

That left -x-Kerrianne-x- with 13 points. Soyers had 11 and A::N::G::E::L with 6. The judges were then asked who they think should come 3rd. For each vote a housemate got from the judges, a point would be subtracted. In the end, A::N::G::E::L had the lowest number of points and was evicted, leaving only -x-Kerrianne-x- and Soyers.
9.55pm - The judges all vote for who they wanted to win. For each vote a housemate received, there number of points would increase by 2. When all judges had voted, I spoke to the 2 finalists to announce that the winner of Habbig Brother 2005 was.......... -x-Kerrianne-x-
It was a happy moment for -x-Kerrianne-x- and Soyers congratulated her before being evicted. The judges then came in to congratulate -x-Kerrianne-x- on her win and all the evicted housemates came into the house to celebrate. -x-Kerrianne-x- was given a trophy in a present from me, the majestic chair handed over by MissAlice. Unfortunately, -x-Kerrianne-x- received no credits because all had been deducted. A::N::G::E::L managed to snatch 15 though, and was rewarded with them.
10pm - Some housemates and judges then had a small party to celebrate the success of Habbig Brother. Well done to all housemates who participated and thank you to the judges who helped out a lot. I have enjoyed doing this competition! It was fun :)
11pm - The house is closed

10TH - x.Glitz.x
9TH - A4AOwen
8TH - :Craigeh
7TH - RedStratocas
6TH - Sabra
5TH - Lauralol
4TH - Mazda180
3RD - A::N::G::E::L
2ND - Soyers
WINNER - -x-Kerrianne-x-

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