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05-07-2005, 07:44 PM
Seems doraemonkiller wants people owns views heres mine.. :D

Throne-19-20 Hcs most people offer in that region
All Paras-7 Hcs ive seen afew offering that
Orange Para-4.5
Majestic-5 Hcs
Throne-Sofa-4 Hcs iv'e seen LOADS of people offering 4 Hcs and getting one for it
Grey bb-4 Hcs
Petal-3 Hcs
Para Set (no orange)-2.5 Paras not to popular now.
Bronze Nelly-3 Hcs hard to find people will offer high
Silver Nelly-3 Hcs also hard to find
Green BB-2 Hcs
Imps-2 Hcs never seen anyone offering anything else
Study Desk-1.5 Has become very unpopular
Hammack-1 Hc
Aloe Vera-1.5
Blue Amber-1 Hc
Red Amber-1 Hc
Holiday Romance-1.5 seen people offering higher latley
Nordic-1 Hc
Dragon-1 Hc
Green Para-1 Hc
Yellow Para-1 Hc
Oil Lamp-1 Hc
Purple Para-1 Hc everyone seems to hate it
Tub-0.5 Seen some 0.5 offers for one
Lapland-1 Hc
Samovar-1 Hc
Ice-Cream Machine-1.5 Hc i think it will turn into a popular item as time goes on
Snowglobe-0.5 most people treat it as a 0.5
Random Imp-0.1 Worthless lol
Hc plasto-0.1 Hated aswell

06-07-2005, 12:34 AM
Please post values that change :)

Thanks for your input


06-07-2005, 01:47 AM
Strange, I find alot of people who offer 1 hc for unlinking imps.

06-07-2005, 11:33 AM
Hello OO,

Thank you for posting your views and values.

Please post only values that need to be changed. Here is a link to the rules:

I don't understand something you said, you said the value of the purple para should be 1.0cs because you think everbody hates it, but why do you put it 0.2cs up if everybody hates it?

The value of the HC Plasto set is almost impossible, you say it's worth 0.1cs, that equals too 6.5RD. But if you count up the value of 4 HC plasto sets + 1 HC plasto table, the total value is 16RD, the value it is now. So you are saying that the HC plasto sets is worth 6.5RD, this makes the HC plasto chairs 1RD and the HC plasto table worth 2.5RD.

Keep it up and good luck.

p.s. Not everybody hates the HC plasto sets, I love them, I have a room full of it, and some spare ones.

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