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29-08-2005, 12:57 PM
Have you ever had a funny or strange experience on habbo? that when you look back on you feel silly or embarrassed about. It might well have something to do with the first time you logged into habbo. Now no laughing, but I recall the first time I clicked on the hand and thought, :o this hand is going to pick me up and I am going to vanish. I'm sure we all have a funny tale somewhere stored in our memories so why not give us a small laugh ;), no need to be embarrassed we were all new at some point. Tell us your tale and win yourself a prize. The shorter the tale the better :)

A special thanks to Jason. for his large donation to Habbox Competitions :)

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Habbo Name: MissAlice
Your Entry: -

1st Prize = 2 HC Sofas kindly donated bu Jason.
2nd Prize = 1 HC Sofa also kindly donated by Jason.

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Winners Announced - 28th September 2005
1st - Louis (entry no. 22)
2nd - Denise (entry no. 43)

29-08-2005, 01:06 PM
Habbo name: Clouder01
Habbox name: EmJen
I has just started on habbo hotel and i was in one of the public rooms and there about 4 people who looked like me and i couldnt tell who i was! so i shouted WHERE AM I? for about 10 mins and i didnt notice ppl say click on your speech bubble and i was soo embarrased and everyone started laughing and ppl still joke about it today that i know. lol.

29-08-2005, 01:12 PM
Habbo Name - JoeyJo21
Habbox Name - JoeyJo21

Entry- Falling for an "I'll give you free furni scam" is probably my biggest habbo embarrassment. I was so naive.

29-08-2005, 01:17 PM
Habbo Name: Techist
Your Entry: I went into a public room and was asking for a job to be one of the public room bots.. But when people were saying there bots I thought they were just jealous so I stayed there for hours asking for a job everyday untill I started to realise maybe they are bots..

29-08-2005, 02:11 PM
Habbo Name: Grabbed
It would have to be an silly moment for me. When I first went into a cupboard teleporter back in 2001, there was a bit of lag, and it wouldnt work. While waiting I said to the people in the room, "Who owns the Narnia room?" I felt really stupid after that.

29-08-2005, 08:01 PM
habbo name: brenteo
well when I owned my own furni shop just after I started habbo someone came in and offered me a super rare gold trophie for not much furni so i accepted it because i hadnt seen it before so i had a super rare gold trophie and them alwhile afterwards a girl came in and offered me a lappland for the trophie so since i had no idea what the trophie was worth and since i new the lappland because it had just came out of the catalodge so I accepted. Acouple of months later i found out how much the super rare gold trophie was worth and now if I look back at me i feel sad :( but yet silly XD

29-08-2005, 08:13 PM
Habbo name : BarbecueSauce
Habbox forum name : God

My biggest Habbo Hotel embarrassment was when I was in a ''Falling Furni'' I was playing for about 30 minutes with a lot of other people. It was a tough game for me as I was really unexperienced and didn't know what to do. I soon caught on! I was swifty and sneaky beating a lot of talented people. I then thought every seat you sit on you got to keep so when the game ended and I won I said to the owener
''23 chairs please''
he responded with
''Haha you're new I guess read the sticky you don't get 23 chairs you get one brown plasto''
My face shined red in real life. I felt so stupid.
The owner was kind to me and gave me 3 plastos which werent brown.
And 'til this day I keep friends with him!
That is my TRUE EMBARRASSING habbo moment.

29-08-2005, 08:37 PM
Habbo Name: MissAlice
Your Entry: Oh my gosh, well until I got my mate to join Habbo, I said I've been on for ages and I know the hotel inside out, but I didn't know when your trading, when the little 2 or the quantity thing that appears above was to do with the quanitity. And my NEW Habbo mate had to tell me, that was pretty embaressing.. No wonder no-one traded wiv me!

29-08-2005, 08:52 PM
Habbox Name: Owen :P
Habbo Name: WayHey
Your Entry: Oh so many embarrising moments, i'll just pick a random one tho :P Their was the point where i though "n00b" was a rude word and i reported people for saying it and for people having it in their names. Then i sent an email to habbo asking why noob wasn't patched cause loads off people were saying it and stuff. ROFL! Everytime i think back to those days i laugh :P

29-08-2005, 08:56 PM
Habbo Name: TheLostDino
Your Entry: Oh my gosh, well until I got my mate to join Habbo, I said I've been on for ages and I know the hotel inside out, but I didn't know when your trading, when the little 2 or the quantity thing that appears above was to do with the quanitity. And my NEW Habbo mate had to tell me, that was pretty embaressing.. No wonder no-one traded wiv me!
Yes I know I'm not meant to do this but damn 15 minutes is up, and I forgot to change MissAlice to TheLostDino :$

Edited By MissAlice - Competitions Manager
Classic ;)

29-08-2005, 10:05 PM
Habbo Name: Kaiora
Forum Name: Kaiora
Entry: My most embarrassing time on Habbo was the first day I joined, back in 2001. A girl from Canada introduced Habbo Hotel UK to me, and I got a job at some pop idol place, We had to listen to Habbo's sing by typing out a song, and we got paid two pieces of furniture, I recieved a unlinking wardrobe and a Z shelf, I was so proud of myself, then my canadian friend explained to me that they where worthless :P
So, she set me up and said come and meet my other canadian friends, so we went and meet them in a public room, and we had a chat and I was wondering why they where acting age and I was saying accept my f/r please!!! I didn't realise they where bots! :'( I was so dumb back then, and she started laughing at me, LOL!

29-08-2005, 10:13 PM
Habbo(x) name: Kieeran
Entry: When i first bought a large TV i was asking where the remote was and i was asking everyone everywhre saying " WHERES THE REMOTE FOR MY TV >:(" i thought Habbo skanked me

29-08-2005, 11:00 PM
Ok this is really imbarassing.. When I first came on the hotel I had no idea what to do or how to do it. I went into Eric's Eaterie and saw Eric there giving drinks to people. I asked him for a drink and he started talking to me. So I talked back. We were talking for like 15 minutes before I realized that he was talking from a recorder because som1 called me a noob and told me he was a bot!

29-08-2005, 11:36 PM
Habbo Name: MakeBelieve.. (2 dots)
Well it happened not to long ago. As you all know whenever habbo is in a maintence break and you go on right after maintence is done all public rooms are empty. I went into the habbo gardens and saw no one as i was trying to act all cool for the screenie then i said outloud '' i love midgets '' and took a screenie ;]] until this girl behind the tree goes '' O.o ''

30-08-2005, 11:24 AM
Habbo (x) name - :Kieran
Entry :
I was in a help desk a few years ago, I didnt join long before and I realised habbo stopped and started a bit, which was of course lagg. After a few days i realised everyone would shout "lagggggggggg" i didnt know what it meant though...I rember being in this one help desk at the time and someone shouted "argh the lagg monster is here again" if i remember correctly, A few people on habbo only say this i was asking people then "wheres the lagg monster and what is lagg itself?" i was going from here to therre asking everyone and all they relied with was "shut up noob" so i went to a help desk asked them they told me about lagg after they were watching me looking for a monster that doesnt exist...

30-08-2005, 11:35 AM
Habbo Name: Jon606

My entrée (lol):
This was a few months ago, when I thought I was being scammed.
I was in a quiz room, and these 2 habbos kept answering after each other.
And I thought "Hey, they must be clones."
So I said "YOU'RE BOTH CLONES!!!!"
Then I got so worked up I made a thing in the Scams section of this forum by saying they were scammers.
I then realised they weren't scammers (or clones)- just fast typers!

30-08-2005, 11:36 AM
Habbo Name: Carbrera

I'd just started and went to a games room i was in the que when someone shouted phone this number for free credits, i was really excited so a rang it a few times the next week my mum walks in saying ho phoned this number i said i did she said it costed 20 quid and i had to pay oh well. x[

30-08-2005, 06:54 PM
Habbo name and habbox name are both :Soph :)

Well this tale takes us back to 2001!, This confused me for about... well at leats a year, when someone said something, but not shouted it, and I was at the back of the room, so obviously I wouldnt be able to hear them, and I thought it was a strange habbo language!

I was so embrassed when I found out that it just came up in dots because I was too far away! :rolleyes:

30-08-2005, 07:08 PM
Habbo Name: Infrangible
Your Entry: A little while after I'd started, just after I'd gotten the hang of everything, I started playing games. I happened to be a little paranoid, so whenever I lost I'd suspect scams or people just hated me. At one point this ONE Habbo kept picking me out in games like everyday. I decided it was just me he hated, so I went on a clone and decided to play on that for a while. Hoping he wouldn't choose me out. He did though, I know now it was just because the others were his friends, but I lost it so bad and yelled at him for it before leaving ='] He later fr'ed me and apologised, and we're still friends today. But when I think back on that it still makes me go red.

30-08-2005, 07:12 PM
Habbo Name: Ziabotsu
Forum Name: Arbiter

Well, this takes me back to 2002. I went into a casino, and said, 'I'd like to bet please' and then the dealer says, 'Pay..' then I said, 'Heres 5 pounds' and he laughed at me, called me a noob and kicked me out. I went straight back in and said 'Hey give me back my 5 pounds' then everyone laughed at me and I was so embarrased! Then a person sent me a fr and i accepted it, he said, 'Do you want some free furni? I can see your new.' so i said yes and he said come to this room and such and I did. He traded me and a big hand appeared! I thought it was something that kills me and said 'Help theres a big monster!' and then he laughed and gave me some furni =S

30-08-2005, 07:30 PM
When i first joined habbo i thought i may aswell join habbo club. The problem was i didnt really know what it was and i opened up my hand with a HC sofa and i thought i mite give trading a go. I didnt know how much a HC sofa was worth and i traded it for a duck cos the duck looked cool.

30-08-2005, 10:04 PM
Habbo Name: Vaduz

Well when I was a n00b in July 2004, I made some friends and one gave me rights in there Fallin Furni so I thought kicking people actually meant the habbo kicked someone (physically :d ) so I tried it to loads but to my horror it didn't and it kicked them out of the room and got my mate into some trouble lmao.

30-08-2005, 11:46 PM
Habbo name: oily-bike-chain
Habbox name: !HellRaiser!
Your entry: The stupidest thing Ive ever done, is trade a study desk I got in a fallin furni after winning. then I walked into a furni shop, and someone from the line offers me a dead halloween duck. I said "How much is that worth"
He said "A lot more than that"
I said, Ill just check the catolouge, it wasn't there, so it had to be rare. and i clicked ok and ive been eating my fist ever since. :(

31-08-2005, 12:26 AM
Habbo name:Hungapoe
Habbox: Hungapoe

Well the most embarraasing moment was probably when I was going into Habbo and I played my first falling furni game and I won. I got to choose a furni in the room and I choose the menorah (which was in acceseories at the time, this was also in .co.uk but i play in .com now) So since I was totally unaware of the accesories existing I went into a rare trade room and screamed "SUPER RARE MENORAH FOR TRADE!!!" Then people started calling me newb and that it was in accesories. When I double-checked the catalouge I saw the menorah, right there in the accesories. I was so embarrased I just walked out of the room saying, "I COULDN'T SEE IT MY BAD PPL! :S"

31-08-2005, 12:44 AM
Habbo name:..XX..Kelly..XX..
My entrie:I was once just sitting down in my room when some1 on my console said go2 the new habbo which gets all your furni transfered on2 the new habbo and u get 1 months free hc so i went on2 the web thinking this was brilliant and it said wait 24 hours and all your furni will b in the new hotel then i started wondering where was the new entrance 2 the new habbo so i srched for ages on the web and never found it so i decided 2 go2 bed the next day i asked a friend of myn where is the new entrance 2 the new habbo he told me there is no such thing then i new i had bin scammed all my furni gone

31-08-2005, 03:02 AM
Habbo name: .MrJones.

My entrie: When i first joined Habbo i was in someone's guest room and it was a night club, people were going over to the mini-bar getting drinks and i walked up to the owner and asked him how much the drinks were! lol and he told me it was 1 furni for a drink, and for about an hour i was buying drinks for 1 furni! lol

i didnt find out till about a month later that i didnt have to pay for the drinks :$

31-08-2005, 03:15 AM
Habbo Name: CutieJamie
When I first started habbo I went into a room that everyone has rights to with my friend and I clicked on her and I saw the kick button and I thought wow my habbo can kick her and I thought like my habbo leg would come up and actually kick her but when I pressed the button and she left the room I was like :o oops

31-08-2005, 08:42 AM
habbo name : .::.Emm.::.

entry : the first time i came to habbo i went into hide nd seek nd i was on so i went into the room nd i wentrt out the door nd i was looking all over the hotel for 2 hours looking for them lol when i went back in the hide and seek room i said i crnt find them and they said " y did u go out the door u were sorpost to count to 10 nd come " then everyone lafed at me im like omg lol

31-08-2005, 10:51 AM
Habbo Name: :x:StAcEh:x:

Entry: When I first got on Habbo, i went into a guest room and started talking to someone, they kept on telling me to shout. But I didn't know what they were on about, so i was just typing in caps locks!! It was so embarrassing, after that, i read the Habbo guide.


31-08-2005, 03:29 PM
habbo[x] name- ITSMEPRANK1

the funniest think on habbo was I an umpa lumpa and i forgot to change and i went into kroziun room and we looked the same :D

31-08-2005, 04:16 PM
habbo name: famous-girl
my most embarresing moment was: i was in a room full of really cool habbos in a costume change, ( be aware this was the first ever ever ever time i logged on) the owner sed, theme is: animals and then he sed go, all the other contestants went to change but i asked him 'where the costumes then?'
a queue full of ppl started laffin :(

31-08-2005, 05:28 PM
Habbo Name: dementedpixel
Your Entry: -
when i first started my friend gave me some free furni.When the hand came out i kept clicking onit thinking it was a chair.I then started shouting at it saying ''SIT!'' and then my friend told me :(.Now i feel embarresd

01-09-2005, 07:31 AM
Habbo Name: Tim3219
Your Entry:
it started my friend called me and told me about habbohotel i went to it joined it but im poor :@ i keep losing furni and moire furni and when once i didnt know i had a gaint hand i prssed it then i thogh i was going to be picked up by the hand habbo is really cool :eusa_danc but im poor i cant buy coins its like cost much my famliys poor:( :eusa_pray hope someone make me rich on habbo

01-09-2005, 01:35 PM
Awhile ago alot of my friends from school went on Habbo... there was this girl in my class and I was too embarassed to ask her out at school, so decided I would on Habbo.. anyways.. I dont know what happened, but I mixed up her name with another of my friends names... ofcourse this other person had to tell everybody in the world, and im still getting made fun about it today..

01-09-2005, 02:53 PM
Names: Emicat
Well the most embarrasing thing(s) that I did when I first started is that I traded a duck for a (cabbage) leaf O.o then someone said "say your pass it comes out like ths ****" So I thought I might as well - I lost all my furni :(

01-09-2005, 03:19 PM
Habbo / Habbox Name: Games.::.Guru


I first started Habbo a few years ago, and let me tell you guys, embarassing wasnt the word!

First, I prenounced Habbo as Haboo Hotel. So when I logged into ''Haboo'' I saw a hotel with little cars, thinking to myself, can I have one of them cars? Then, after finding the navigation, made my own room. But as I went into a room in which everyone has rights, and made the roo pretty, someone moved everything. Then I made my rooms, and seen as I was a newb, I made rooms like HC Storage, Throne Storage, Dino Egg Storage, then gave everyne the pass. The joke was really on them when I told them to tell all their mates, and they got their mates in one room, and I took them around all of my EMPTY rooms.

I then after this instant went around the pblic rooms, chatting girls up - LMAO - and didnt realise that the person this little 10 year old at the time called Games.::.Guru was chatting up a 40 year old women.

Then I got told to meet someone in this room. She made me lye on the bed, then tried to have cyber, with loads of people in the room. All of my friends which she had seen me with, but these were my real life friends. She tried cyber, and if habbos could run, I would have been on that little red bus outside.

I got ripped aart in my weeks at school from laughter. This was not funny for me

01-09-2005, 09:53 PM
Habbox Name : snaxrax
Habbo Name : snaxrax

wenever i went to a room and people were on 'say' and i would see those dots i would ask "how do you do those dots?"

04-09-2005, 10:46 AM
Habbo Name: Jinxxed!
Habbox Name: Jinxxed

When I first started Habbo two years ago it felt like magic running out of my fingers and onto the keyboard. Although I had a few embaressing moments, which I laugh over today, once I thought asl was rude and went round reporting people for saying asl :P Then another time I tried to open other people's presents ( dumb huh ? ), but the most embaressing time was when I had a girlfriend, I didn't realise about say, shout, and whisper, and she said something to me, I told her if she didn't stop "doing those dots" I'd dump her - so I did. Then about a year later, for a laugh, I asked why she dumped me, she said " I didn't dump him, he dumped me - and I liked him alot too :( " ..Oops :P :D

04-09-2005, 11:11 AM
Habbo Name: :valiant
Entry: When i first joined habbo there was something going on, and i kept getting these "Messages" from people i thought, POP UP!!! and they kept coming, so i decided to get a new blocker, and they still came! so i got another one, and i carried on lik this untill i got 5 new pop up blockers then i told one of my m8s who had played for about 2 months before me he said "God Sake mate. Theyre messages from habbo staff"
in front of the whole theatredrome so, i had around 40 people laughing at me coz i downloaded 5 pop up blockers to block staff messages :)

04-09-2005, 11:28 AM
Habboname: Chung!!!
habboxname: Sygon
Entry: The most embarrasing experience i have ever experienced on habbo is when i got scammed, bad i know but i stilled laughed when i did because the person who scammed me said speaker or mocha for my hc, a .5 difference i was like wow yes ill do that and he said but you have to do it quick so the firast tim ei tried and i missed second time, the second time he put a cabbage in and i tiked staright away! lmao
The end

04-09-2005, 02:53 PM
Habbo: Samdabling

Tale: I Was New and i went around places. i went in rooms and talked to people. I couldnt understand them they were saying: "thx wht u doin 2nite" and i was like what!? and they kept speaking weirdly. then my friend (who told me to go on the site) told me they were talking in text and i said whats text? why arent they talking in English? and then she laughed, she taught me how after that :o :( she still teases me even now.. oh the pain :( :P

04-09-2005, 06:10 PM
Habbo[x] Name: PixelatedFreak

Entry: I Was Getting A Ice Cream From A Ice Cream Machine And Then I Said "Why Can't I Get Chocolate Ice Cream!?" Then Everyone Said "You Can't" But I Was There For Hours Trying To Get A Chocolate...

04-09-2005, 06:25 PM
Habbo Name: Daneice
Your Entry: It was my first time on habbo hotel. I was staring a hotel view and I was clicking all over the picture of the hotel trying to figure out how to go inside it and visit all the rooms, and after about an hour I figured out that you use the Hotel Navigator to go to rooms. I was so embarresed.

05-09-2005, 12:51 PM
Habbo name: HUTCH-08
The first time ever i logged into habbo i heard dis ping noise i didnt no wot it was i didnt no wot 2 do so the first thing i did was 2 try and figure things out so i went into geust rooms den i went on to anything i cant remember wot it was but it was a room and i didnt no how 2 get into it so i tried to get in and i was clicking and clicking try 2 find how 2 get in but i didnt no wot 2 do i couldnt find the go button i was there for 5 minutes looking for it. when i finally got in it was like i didnt realise people were sending me friend requests but som1 sed 2 me i sent u a f/r and i sed wots a f/r dey sed fiend request and i sed wots dat den he sed look at da bottom of da screen and look at da yellow thing then i got all embarsed and sed ohhhhhhhh...........

05-09-2005, 01:05 PM
Habbo Name: .:Ekz:.
When I First Started Habbo I Thought My Looks Were Really Cool But I Was Wearing Green Trainers, Red Trousers, Yellow Hoodie And A Bald head (That wasnt matching the colour of my skin!)

05-09-2005, 02:28 PM
Habbo Name: Chargeh
Entry: I'd Say My Most Embarassing Habbo Moment Was When I Kept Sending The Bots Friend Requests Hoping They Would Accept, But Of Course The Bots Are Bots :P So I Kept On Doing That And I Asked The Boy Bot At The Chill-Out Room If He Was Single And Everyone Laffed At Me :) Im Like :o Then My Mate Told Me That He Was A Bot And I Never Go Back To The chill Out Room Again Cus Of Embarassment :P

05-09-2005, 03:19 PM
Habbo Name: Paralympics
My Most Embarressing Moment On Habbo Was Last Summer (2004).
I Had Just Got Back Off My Holiday And I Logged Into Habbo. I Decided To Go Into My Room And Sort Out My Furni Shop. When I Was Organizing The Furniture I Recieved A Message From My Friend Saying "Offers On My Speakers Corner", So I Went To His Room And He Actually Had One. I Offered All Of My Furni (About 3 Thrones Worth) And He Accepted. We Traded And Then I Went Into A Trade Room And I Saw Lots Of People Asking For Offers On Their Speakers Corner. I Walked In And Said "Offer Me 13-15 Thrones For My Speakers Corner" And They All Told Me That The Speakers Corner Had Been Released In The Catalogue And Had Dropped From 15T To 2 Hcs.
I Was Absouletly Gutted. I Had Lost All Of My Furni Because I Didn't Check If Anything Had Been Released.
That Still Haunts Me..

05-09-2005, 10:50 PM
Habbo Name: .:::VIP:::.
When I just joined I didn't know that the people in the public rooms were bots so i stood there trying to talk to it and it kept saying it didn't understand me. I got so annoyed, then some1 told me that they were bots and they couldn't understand anything I was saying. *blushes*

Dan Williamson
05-09-2005, 11:42 PM
Habbo Name:
Habbox Name: Both Raremandan

My most worst moment is when i was a newb i traded my throne for a throne sofa because i though it was bigger that it was better.

06-09-2005, 08:55 PM
Habbo Name: Chopin.FF
My Entry:

Lmao when they added the feature for Reseting rights by urself, i didnt know xD, and i gave rights to my room to a guy, but he trashed it :o!!! so i got mad. Then i saw him coming in and out fast so i couldnt kick him... then next day it was trashed again!! so haha like for 3 days i was like 4 hours a day(lol ok 1 :P) in my room w8ing for him to come and take his rights off xD, i didnt know i could call a mod also xD! till someone told me i could do it myself :P lmao
The guy used to go, but as soon as he saw me, he left xD so i couldnt take the rights off xP...

finally i got him! >:) muhahaha!

10-09-2005, 12:30 PM
Habbo Name: Kallot

When i started habbo my friend gave me a throne i went in my room there stud a scammer i wasnt aware so i traded him a sticky called: NO-ICON for my friends throne
now he wont speak to me :(

I still have this NO-ICON Poster on my wall aka Sticky -_-

21-09-2005, 10:04 AM
Habbo Name - Mokelle
My Entry - I had started Habbo (March-April 2004) and there was a person in my room saying "Press F5 for free furni" or something of those lines. So I pressed F5, and as you know, it reloads Habbo. I thought that you had to save the "game" like in a video game. I was annoyed cause I had earnt some furni and thought that cause I didn't save, I lost the furni I earnt. Then I relogged in and found out that you don't save the "game". Lol.

21-09-2005, 04:36 PM
Habbo Name: MissAlice
Your Entry: - I was new to habbo and as a past entry said , Yes i started Chatting to The Bots in The Clubs and habburgers , And i indeed asked for jobs , And i asked loads of Random questions like hi how are you can i get a job Etc... it was when i had only just started

21-09-2005, 08:04 PM
Habbo Name: scotman7

Entry: I was about 2 months into habbo and i was asked by my girlfriend on habbo to marry her so i did

3 days l8r i found out that she was a lad 2 years older than me :o :o :BangHead:

21-09-2005, 08:19 PM

Entry:it would probably be that when i had just opened my own mafia that i fell for a "give me your password and ill give you free creds" scam

23-09-2005, 09:13 PM
Habbo Name - fox1350
Habbox Name - -luke-44-
Entry - It was probably Sometime June in 2003 when i had my first habbo called luke749 and i was workin in macdonalds and i was pritty riched i had 5 more months of Habbo Club left and about 7.5 HC's away from Throne i really wanted a throne and someone said come to my room for free credits no scam u can get free credits so i followed him and he wisped to me whats ur password i will get u free credits so i gave him my password he goes ok sign on in about 30 minutes and urll have 500 free credits so i waited 30 minutes tryed to get on AND HE CHANEGD PASSWORD i made new habbo and peeps were laughin i was so Humilliated and angry :@ :@

24-09-2005, 09:07 AM
Habbo Name: Iamme66
I had been on Habbo for a few months and I had about 6 HCs worth of furni. I then went into a room and a guy asked me what I would offer for his super rare Mountain Dew Machine. I thought that was a super rare as I had never seen it before but then he told me it was a photo and I had to click on it. I offered all my 6 HCs worth of furni for the photo and went back to my room to see it. I told all my friends and they came into my room and told me it was scripted and that was not allowed. I was so scared that I went into a Donation room and I dropped the photo in there and pretended that I was about to donate and called a Hobba, saying I found it. I was so afraid that he might've known it was me.

24-09-2005, 05:41 PM
Habbo Name: hedgeog325
Your Entry: -

I bought creds and i went on wabble squballe. [cant spell ^^] anyways i thought you could jump off the roof and i kept pressing every button on my keyboard. ;D

25-09-2005, 06:20 PM
Habbo UK Name - 238gamer238
HabboxForum Name - Mystry-man300

I had been a habbo for 5 days, and I used my mobile to buy around 70 credits. I got lots of furni, and a speakers corner. I opened my first ever furni shop, got 8 of my best friends to advertise, and my room was full in less than 5 minutes! My first customer asked my speakers corner, and payed me 47 credits worth of normal furniture. I kept denying him, calling him a scammer, but he kept calling me one. I kicked him, and tried to carry on with my shop, but he kept coming back, dressed in new clothes so that I wouldn't recognise him and kick him. When I finally let him talk, he told me the website to Habbox's Rare Value Guides. When I had checked on it, I went back to habbo and said " Erm, my bad.. " and the other 23 habbos all laughed. I felt like such a n00b..

25-09-2005, 06:28 PM
Habbo Name : Remin
Habbox Forum Name : Remin

Entry : It was only yesturday i was lazing around in my room. When i got bored so i clicked on the 'call for help' button and typed :
"Hello, Norwich Union Direct? I have a three-wheeler, no engine, no windows, and no wheels, and i want you to quote me happy =]"
About 15 seconds later MOD-Soviet entered the room and sed
"hahahahahahahahahahahaha" <----MOD-Soviet
"very funny" <----- MOD-Soviet
"yeh i thought i'd liven up your day" <----- Me [Remin]
"Bang! and the dirt is gone" <-----MOD-Soviet
"cillit bang eh?" <------ Me [Remin]
"bang" <---- MOD-Soviet
MOD-Soviet exited the room
I thought i'd liven up his day with a bit of fun

26-09-2005, 03:24 PM
Habbo Name: Stargazing
Forum Name: Jordan
Entry: My most embarrassing time on Habbo has to be the day I joined. I kept saying "CAN YOU BE MY FRIEND" because I thought it would put them on my friends list. When that didn't work I tried "<habbo name> ADD TO FRIEND LIST"

It took a few weeks to register what you had to do :)

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