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20-09-2005, 07:39 PM
As you know Version 8 has just been released on .co.uk! I’m sure everyone was very excited to try out all the new features to see what had changed. Some people are loving it, and think it’s a fantastic thing to happen to the hotel. Others think not. What I want you to do is to write an article on the good and bad points of version 8 (no more than 300 words). You may write about the cool new dances available, or you may write about how non-hc’s don’t have as many new features as hc’s. So get typing!

1st Prize = 1 Majestic kindly donated by Roboevil
2nd Prize = 1 White Oriental Screen 7 1 Gold Ice Cream Maker kindly donated by MakeBelieve..
and 1 HC Sofa kindly donated by Eckuii

Your entry should look like the example below: -
Habbo Name: Janeh
Your entry:

This competition will run until October 21st unless otherwise stated. After that MissAlice will pick the best entry and the prize will be handed over in Habbo.

This competition is open to all members (NOT STAFF) so remember to enter this competition you must be a registered member of the Habbox forum.

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Winners Announced - 25th October 2005
1st - kerreh (entry no. 10)
2nd - Professor-Alex (entry no. 13)

21-09-2005, 01:54 PM
Habbo Name: Kimmeh.
Habbox Name: Kimmy-x

Boogie Wonders...

Well, the moment we've finally been waiting for has arrived! Yes, V8 is finally here, with new features, such as updates to Habbo Club, two brand new Public Rooms, and my most personal favourite, groovy new dance moves! Yes the little angels from behind the desk at Sulake have brought out brand new dance moves, such as the Pogo Mogo, Duck Funk and The Rollie! They have also kindly renamed the original dance move to Hab-Hop.

As for the Public Rooms, there are two new rooms made specially for the members of Habbo Club, The House of Flying Carrots and The Majestic. Yes these rooms have been designed especially for the Habbo's who've paid for Habbo Club. The House of Flying Carrots bring you a new bot named Alhazred, and The Majestic brings two new bots, one named Gabriella Eden-Frost and a brand new DJ named DJ Monks who I think, takes a frightenening resemblence to our very own DJ-3000!

Lastly the new Habbo Club updates feature a brand new status bar, so you are able to view exactly how many months you have purchased and how many months/days you have left. Also, a fantastic update on buying Habbo Club, you are now able to buy Habbo Club in bulk. The options now are 1 Month, 3 Months and 6 Months, which they have also slashed the price rapidly! 1 Month stays the same at 25 Credits, 3 Months decreases to 60 Credits and finally, the best bargain of them all, 6 Months slashes rapidly to a whopping 105 Credits! Which is 45 Credits from the original price!

Unfortunately most of the updates are mainly for the members of Habbo Club, but I'm sure there will soon be more updates coming our way for both HC and Non-HC!

21-09-2005, 05:18 PM
Habbo name : Rachel-100
Forum name : Rachel-100

Nothing new for Non-Hcs.

Sulake Have produced Brand New features For Habbo Club members! These Features are a big turn over for habbo hotel! The partehhhs Rawk with the new Dances! Jump 'n' wave with pogo-mogo! Slide the the left! Slide to the right with Duck Funk! Roll across the dance floor with the rollie! New Amazing room! The house of flying Carrotts & The Majestics! New Bots! New people! New places! What more Could you want!

But... unfortunatly no New features for Non-Hcs! Making some felt left out and lonely. Even there Ignore button has been removed! Even though They do not pay a price of £2.50 I still think that somethink should be made for Non-Hcs only! Something they can show off about to Habbo club members! Somthing they can be proud of! Hope fully sulake can make a specail room for them! or maybe a Specail set of clothes! Or what I think would make it specail would be a Furni Only they could have!

Happy Habboing!

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21-09-2005, 07:07 PM
entry as you may know the v8 came out on the 13th of september there are some good points with it but some bad so here are some.(good points) I think v8 is good because its makes hc a lot better like having 2 new public rooms, Lots more dances and you can buy more hc for cheaper like 1 month 25 creds 3 months 60 creds 6 months 105 cred thats better value. Also it have a queue system which tell you how long you need to wait to get in a public room. (Bad Things). You can't have so much people on your consle, hc 500 ,non hc is about 100. Its is a little bit slower. Overall i would give it a thumbs up but something a thumbs down.
ty prank

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22-09-2005, 06:28 PM
Habbo name: pingu2k5
Habbox name: pingu

View from both sides.

Many habbo club habbo's say the new version 8 is a good thing. Other, non-habbo club habbo's say tis a bad thing. So, is it good? or is it bad?

The new features are mainly all for habbo club habbos to use. There are some advantages for habbo's who can't afford credits, such as the updated console, with the reject all button. There is also more sace for friends for both habbo club, and non-habbo club members. I can definately see why the habbo club members are happy, because they are able to use all of the updates. However, Many non habbo club members are not happy, because few updates effect them. I think they should look at the situation in a different way.

Habbo Hotel is not run for free. there are massive costs on running servers ETC. They should realise, that habbo club members are the only reason that habbo hotel is able to run. If there was no insentive to pay to become in the habbo club, then no-one would want to pay to join the habo club. With no money, Habbo Hotel would be shut down. Many people would find this a tragedy. They would lose contact with los of their new-found friends ETC. Non habo club members must try to realise that if there was no insentive to join the habbo club, then Habo Hotel would have to close down. Habbo club members keep the hotel free for all, and running. I say there should be lots more benefits for Habbo Club members too.

22-09-2005, 07:01 PM
Habbo Name:

Most of us have envied other Habbos for having the New version 8 but now we've got it is it that good?!
The New Hand, The New Dances, The New Purse, The New Sytstem Of HC And much more New TVs New Turn On/Off Badge Device, But what if i said some of these are only for HCs and that when you go into most rooms you will be dancings the Hab-Hop while all the HCs will be doing the pogo mogo. I have gone to continues rooms where a non-HC will complain about it not being fair on Non-HCs. Well i have something to telll you! its only a game :P

Its just to try and get you to waste your money on habbo, Yeh habbo is great and all that but at the end of the day even if it does fill you with entertainment it is trying to rake your money in. Me? Im guliable i have just bought HC and im not impressed with the new things nothings changed! accept the dances, they need new clothes or something and what is the point of the new badge button when its easier to just click the badge!? The only thing i think what is good about the new Version 8 is the Dances and thats for HCs only. I put down some mode bars yesterday and turned them so my HC sofa will go off the ground i removed the bars went to sit down and it wouldn't let me i just went around them, the someone said to me "Thats the new version 8 its rubbish".

22-09-2005, 07:24 PM
Habbo Name: h.bubbly
Your entry:

Version 8 Seems Brilliant don't you think ? Well For some it's awsome because we have loads of new features and rooms to enjoy. But the Habbo Club members can only use the Habbo club rooms and also use the new Dance moves. It may not Seem Fair For the non hc's because they don't get hardly any new features but everybody should be happy with it. Accept the Friends List situation , having to delete friends in order to add more. I Think that V8 Is Fairy Good But it should also be for Non-Hc's Too!

Thank you ;)

23-09-2005, 08:28 PM
Habbo Name: Mvenny
Your entry:

I have been doing habbo for a long time. I quit and came back. When I came back, many things had changed, but there was only a small amount of things that habbo club members could have that non- habbo club members could not. I liked this, seeing that I was non-hc.

Personally, I strongly disliked the update for several reasons. This update gave HC members all of the power in the hotel. They get new dance moves, get to access special rooms, and it seems to me that they even get priority in getting into rooms. I think that this makes Sulake look very money-hungry and I did not think that they would want this title.

To me, all other things are non-important about the update. I think there is a perfect balance between the amount of power that HC members should have over non- HC members, and Sulake has failed to find that balance. I think that they should re-evalute and hope that the next update is more sucessful for all habbos, not just HC members. :)

27-09-2005, 11:02 AM
entry: My verse for this is short
1. good thing about v8 is being hc
2. bad thing about v8 is not being hc

29-09-2005, 11:27 PM
Habbo Name // HerreK

V8 Article

It's been a long time coming, but V8 has finally arrived on the UK hotel.
Habbo Club members are bubbling over with happiness at all the added bonuses they have recieved due to V8 being released. These include cool dance routines including Pogo Mogo and The Rollie. There are also two new HC-only public rooms in which HC members are dancing the Duck Funk as I type. There are also the bonus Habbo Club membership offers, with cycles becoming a lot cheaper when bought in bundles.
What about the Non-HC's, I hear you say? Well, there are a few new features available for us Habbos who are unable to purchase credits. These include the 'Reject All' button on the console. Though it may not seem quite as glamorous as the new HC features, paying customers tend to get a little more. We should be happy that we can play on the hotel free of charge, except for buying credits.
One of the not-so-good features that came with the release of V8 is the friend-list feature. Now, non-HC's are only allowed 100 friends on their friend list at any given time. They cannot accept or send friend requests if they have over one hundred. This may not be such a problem for the HC's, as they are allowed five hundred. I am sure most people who had large friend lists before V8 came out did not enjoy deleting some of their friends.
Who is enjoying V8? Who is not enjoying V8? I think the majority of people would agree that is an okay update apart from the niggly little bits that annoy us all to death. We must try to make the most of it. We can't go back now. :)

kthxbai. =P

30-09-2005, 05:15 PM
V8 Article
Hello everyone. As you know its V8 and everyone is happy trying out new things. Although habbo hasn't been quiet fair to the non-hc's (:P) I think these new things are extremely brilliant! As i was waiting for habbo to finish the Mantiance and everything I was shaking with excitement. And then suddenly, it all started "V8!" I felt like celebrating. Then what'ya know, I clicked on my HC Icon and then ":o" I thought.
"I hope my habbo hasn't been scripted" But no! It was true you could know buy 6 months! As i went into my room as happy as a rabbit, I saw that my cousin was in my room dancing. "DONT TELL ME YOU SCRIPTED ISWELL" I frowned. But no, i had it too! HC's had alot of parts in V8. Such brilliant dances as "The Rollie, The Hap-hop, The pogo mogo and more" And HC's had also got a Public room all to them selfs what a day!
While the HC's celabrate, I found a few more surprises. HC's were aloud to have 500 friends in there list while the non-hc's only got 100! But don't worry Non-hc's werent left with nothing! While everyone got the tv's, and the purse with "Game tickets and Camera films!
I think that one of the best is getting 6 month of HC. Even though you have to use alot of credits, it saves you time for getting it the other month! Also when you hate accepting F/r's, using the "Reject all" Button you can delete them all! Battle ball is also wicked! Challenging habbo's is a fun thing!

30-09-2005, 11:06 PM
habbo name: famous-girl
habbox name: famous-girl

Version 8 of habbo has now been realesed, it has some amazing features, which some people may agree or disagree to. Some of the amazing new features are the new habbo dances, the purse updates and the fact that you can now buy habbo lcub in chunks of 3 or 6!

The new habbo club rooms include The Majestic and The House Of Flying Carrots, of course these are only available to HC's which isn't good for non-hc's but im sure something will be in store for you!

These new features are all fabulous to me, which they may not be to some of you, but remember, do not waste your money on habbo club just for the features, its a game, play it, dont live it ;)

and hav a good time on habbo, luv famous-girl ;)

The Professor
04-10-2005, 04:41 PM
W00t, my kind of compo.

Habbo name:professor-alex
For all you who don’t know, V8 stands for version eight, meaning habbo have released a load of new updates at the same time and called it a “release.” This happens to be the eighth “release,” hence habbo version 8. I’m sure an orang-utan could explain that better, but hey! Anyway, some of the more noticeable updates are the updated sign up and “change habbo ID” screens, with new look arrows and pictures. There is also a new look “update HC” page, as well as new options to pre-buy HC in bundles of 1,3 or 6 months for reduced prices. They have also done this with the diving tickets, a nice little addition for anyone with credits.
As well as these, 2 new categories have been added to the navigator. One of these is the “Habbo Club” category, which contains the rooms: The Majestic and The House Of Flying Carrots. Dionysus has been playing around with room names again, as on habbo Sweden (where V8 was first released), they were originally named “Club Mammoth” and “Club Orient,” which sound more like a hotel manager has made them up. But the most noticeable and popular of these is the “Battleball” section. This is a brand new game of Sulake’s own invention, involving teenagers’ pixels hopping about on kangaroo hoppers colouring squares (much like a jazzed up version of a level on the PS1 game “Crash Bash.”).
Not to mention, of course, the new dances: the rollie(which (looks like break dancing without all the falling over), the pogo mogo(which makes you look like your playing battleball without the space hopper) and duck funk (a jazzed up version of the roller).
So, good or bad? Should habbo have tinkered around with it’s genetic make up so much that the non-hcs feel left out? Or has all the Hcs complaining actually made habbo listen and give more features? Only time will tell.
__________________________________________________ _______________
The article has around 320 words, if its too many can you please notify me and delete this so i can post a shorter one? Thanks.

06-10-2005, 08:59 PM
Habbo Name: Rolo3000!
Habbox Name: Rolo3000!

Welcome to V8!
Here at habbo, you'll se the GREAT, FANTASTIC, and all that you ever wanted, updates!

Yes, lots of updates!

For those traders, remember when you traded and when you needed to put an item, the hand went back to the beginning? now it wont!, yes, it wont!.
Also, you now have some new, useful, arrows at your hand!, yes ARROWS!

But some of you will say, hey!, what about my hand closing :@ i hate that!, or how about when you tried to click a furny, and your hand closed! grrr :(. Well, no more!. Now you have a high-style "close" button :D.

But what, hey!, im bored of this dance, I HATE IT!, comeon, give me some fun.. you'll say... well, you got it!, you get some new funky dances!: The Rollie, Dunk Funk, Pogo Mogo, and the classic Hab-Hop.
[ NOTICE: Only for members of habbo club, join? ]

Also, to thank you for being a habbo club member, you get 2 special new public rooms! :8. YES!: The house of flying carrots, were you can hang around, with a big fountain, and lots of fun!. And a new room called the Majestic, where you can have all the music you want with the dj Mogo!
[ NOTICE: Only for members of habbo club, join? ]

Well, thats all :eusa_liar

Now, for those hc freaks.
You can get hc cheaper if you buy more!, YES, Cheaper!
"Buying Habbo Club 3 & 6 months at a time for fewer Credits"

Another update,
When you load a guest room,
You get to see a new adversite!
:D Yes!, about habbo club, so join, join, join!

Arggggg, but wait!, im tired when some people send me f.r's. I hate that, i hate rejecting all of them one by one!
Ok, dont!, new button to reject them all!, wooo *dances*

NOTICE: Now you dont have to go to the lido, or somewhere else to see you number of tickets/film. Just open your puse ;)

So what?
Be prepared, v8, HERE IT COMES!

Habbo name: Rolo3000!
Habbox name: Rolo3000!

A good forum, it is.

07-10-2005, 01:16 AM
Habbo Name: Starfire007
My Entry- (note- I wrote from the future looking back, just to be a little different)


The Habbo Prophet
6 October 2055

"The Version That Would Be King"
by Futurama
The Habbo Press

The year was 2005. Most of us were not even born, yet a new version like none other was sweeping the Habbo Nation. It revolutionized Habbo like no version before it. Can you imagine Habbo without the Pogo-Mogo, Hab-Hop, Rollie, or Duck Funk? Well, this version gave it to us. It paved the way for a new era of habbo pay-to-play gaming, still going strong with the release of version 21. So what is this very influential version that is mostly forgotten by the general public?

I did some research and discovered facts about version 8. It was released after what is now known as the "Hack Age." During version 7, highly esteemed habbos of the day were getting hacked left and right. In response, Sulake installed a patch to prevent hacking in the UK, under the leadership of Hotel Manager Callie.

Shortly after the patch, version 8 was released. This version was highly controversial and definitively separated HC from non-HC. It gave HC three new dances: the Pogo-Mogo, the Rollie, and the Duck Funk. It gave HC two new clubs, then called the Majestic and the House of Flying Carrots. Before version 8, you could only scroll forwards in your hand. Imagine that! It allowed you to reject all friend requests in one easy click. Buying HC in bulk was cheaper than before. No more guessing games! You could now tell how many tickets and film you have by checking your purse, and you could positively know your totaled months as HC. There were also some furni changes, such as the now annoying battleball channel on digital tvs.

Many of the conveniences we take for granted now in the year 2055 came from 2005 and version 8. Let's be thankful for advancement in technology!


09-10-2005, 08:52 PM
Habbo Name: NoLifeWithin
Your entry:

The lop-sided upgrade

Practically everyone now knows that the long awaited Version 8 of Habbo Hotel UK has arrived and practically everyone knows what the new features are, which is why Version 8 is probably the most controversial version yet!

So, the new features are two brand new rooms for Habbo Club members only, 3 new dances for Habbo Club members only and Habbo Club status bars, obviously only used by Habbo Club members.

Notice a pattern? There are other small updates also such as the ticket and film notifications which allow you to easily find out how many gaming tickets or camara film you have remaining by clicking your purse. There are also nifty queues for public rooms which stop the annoying 'Room is full' message popping up.

That's not all though. The biggest update that caused a stir was the limit to friends on your console! Only 100 for poor non-HCs but only 500 for HCs themselves! This caused a lot of anger from both sets of Habbos as thousands of Habbos had to remove hundreds if not thousands of friends.

So as you can tell, this version was based mainly for Habbo Club members, and obviously Sulake are trying to boost profits by pushing more Habbos to buy Habbo Club with more now avaliable to them.

Well, out of this, I feel that Version 8 has been very unfair on non-HCs and may have come a bit too fast, a few version 7 rares are yet to be released!

Thanks for reading. :)

09-10-2005, 08:54 PM
Sorry for double post, I don't know how to delete this one..
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09-10-2005, 09:31 PM
Habbo Name:Twenty.one
Habbo v8

There are some good features of habbo v8 and some bad features. alot of it has to do with our hotel manager callie. she is a good person and has done alot for the hotel since the great days of jibbi (my idol).

Some of the good changes of habbo since v8 are some of the new dances unfortunatly they are only for HC people and i feel that habbo is becoming a hotel of the HC where without HC you are limited to what you can do. I myself have never been hc not because i never wanted to buy credits but because i cant. i live in canada where the price for credits are double what it is in the UK. and as for getting my mom to mail them a cheque for $20 i dont stand much of a chance even if it was my own money.

Also i like some of the new furniture and games. Battle Ball seems like a popular game (very profitable for habbo) and not very hard to get someone to buy you a few tickets as long as you take a dive and let their team win so that they move up to a new rank/ level. Also the reject all buton :D its a great button where when people are harrassing you with with f/r you can reject them every time with the click of one button. The Hand options have also been improved, now when you are trying to get something out of ur hand for trade and you are moving threw the same furniture endlessly until you get to what you are looking for and dont click the exact part and the hand closes they have given you a few buttons which take a while to get use to but they are very effective for there purpose. A negative thing about this new update is the 100 people limit for non HC people. This effects a majority of people such as me who has been around for almost 4 years and has had over the limit by a great number before the update.

Also when buying HC (which i dont have credits to do) you can buy 6 months or less for a bargining price which ends up saving you alot of credits and money in the long run.

In conclusion i think that habbo has made alot of good improvements with the new v8. Although it now seems habbo was made for HC people only with the specail HC rooms and dances and extra space for friends . It is what sulake and habbo have chosen to do to make habbo more profitable by presuring people into buying credits so that they to can enjoy the new feature of habbo. It just goes to show what a few extra $'s can do for a person.

10-10-2005, 08:09 PM
For HC's, they get four new dances and their own public rooms. Great! At least in there will be no n00bs saying "PLZ BUY ME CREDS!!!!1!" and actual conversations can be had. Yet, literally throwing money away for a few pretty pictures seems a tad stupid. I mean, what if you get into trouble and need to call home, and you have no money on your phone, but on your habbo account? So who really are the wise ones?

Nothing new for us. The people who do not want to throw our money away and do NOT beg for credits. What do we get? Nothing.
Its just another addiction for those who pay to get into "HC ROOMS-SHOW UR BADGES". Those people who play habbo for fun, not furni, do not deserve anything nice. Sure, we get creds for christmas and for Funky Friday. How long will it take to save up to buy a rare or HC? Quite a while.

I think habbo would would be better off with HC, at least we can all enjoy the new features.

11-10-2005, 01:02 PM
Habbo Name - Mokelle
Competition Entry -

The latest release of Habbo, version 8, came to UK as a sneaky surprise, which Habbos have reacted inh such positive and negative ways. This caused much controversy, and many Habbos have critisised it as "Habbo Club 2". However, there are features that all Habbos can benefit and have use to it. In the following, I will outline the good and bad features to this release.

- Benefits for Habbo Club Members
-> 3 new dances - The Rollie, Duck Funk and Pogo Mogo plus the original
-> 2 exclusive HC public rooms - The Majestic and The House of Flying
-> HC window information box updated.

- Benefits for all Habbos
-> A 'Reject All' button so you reject all friend requests in one go.
-> Purse shows how many tickets and film you have.
-> Forward and backward buttons added to the hand to scroll through your
furniture with an added close button.
-> Queuing system added to line up in full public rooms. HC's and NON-HC's
have separate queues.
-> A new game, Battle Ball where you sit on kangaroo balls and hop on
screens. Difficulty levels from Beginner to Expert.
-> Packages - Habbo Club - 1 month = 25 credits.
3 months = 60 credits.
6 months = 105 credits.
Gaming Tickets - 5 tickets = 2 credits.
17 tickets = 5 credits.

-> Friend limits - NON-HC's can have up to 100 friends on their list. HC's
can have up to 500 friends on their list.

This version was one of the most anticipated versions of Habbo, and although many NON-HC's have complained of being left out in the cold, Habbo Hotel remains a free chatroom and you're not forced to buy extras. Every version contains features that all Habbos can benefit from, and after Habbo Club UK coming to its 3rd anniversary, more features were added for more value of their money. Overall, this version added many useful features that will definitely enhance the experience of Habbo Hotel.

11-10-2005, 07:52 PM
habbo name: ninja-silence

At last the good people at Sulake have finally came up with a way to make Habbohotel even better than it was.........Impossible you might say but belive me V8 makes V7 seem like the 1800's. The brand new dances such as the POGO MOGO! and THE ROLLIE! have been welcomed to habbohotel with open arms.New rooms for hc club members like the House of Flying Carrots which happens to be my favourite :) and The Majestic for all those posh habbos out there!

It may seem a little unfair for people who Don't actually have hc club membership but it is worth purchasing and with the new Bar System for habo club members you will never run out of days without warning.

Oh and a big hello to Dj Throne who has made an appearence in The Majestic room.:D

That is my 2 cents lol.

13-10-2005, 07:40 PM
thx if u do cos my chemical romance rock the house down!

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13-10-2005, 07:45 PM
habbo name steroidz
i think habbo v8 wroks bcos i was hc last month and it gave me well warning when i was gonna run out,but new habbo versions are created to make the hotel more user frendly,if u dont think its user frendly then u have to adapt to ur surroundings,not let them adapt to u cos they wont,its like sayin right from now on i get 90 quid a day pocket money,its just not possible for habbo to stay in one place to accomodate the few that think v8 is useless,well i love v8 and if u love habbo v8 plz giv me rep

18-10-2005, 07:45 AM
Non-Hc Non Benefit, Habbo Club Runs The Joint

V8 is great for those in habbo club who can go to wicked new hangouts and those funky looking dances but on the ohter hand...

Non-Hcs just dont get that lovely tasty icing on the cake from v8, yes we get the kool hand and other small updates but those funny dances and wicked new rooms dont exist for the non-hc's.

This is either a way to mkae us buy hc or because hc clubbers need more for there money.

Anyway it all depends on your habbos state [Hc or Non]

20-10-2005, 10:30 PM
Habbo Name : Djnappy

Good Points : The habbo club people get cool dances. There are new public rooms FOR HCS ONLY. And some cool other things like big Tvs have new channel and some cooler habbo stuff

Bad Points : The NON HCS miss out loads, there are numerous glitches and a few other bad things

I may have gone over 300 :eusa_pray

21-10-2005, 04:22 PM
habbo name: LimePucca
habbox name: pucca-yukka

Habbo hotel . co .uk new version8 is great for HC members because:
1. we have two new great rooms to chat and chill in without any noobs
2. we have lods of great new dances to do which are really funny when you get the whole room doing them together.

The new version 8 isnt very good for non hc members though because they dont have any of the above feature!

Battle ball is great and is avaliable for anyone so thts good two :)

New version is bad because all new dances should be avaliable tto everyon but i think they do try to encourage people to buy habbo club!

luv ya always
|| x!.Alesha.!x ||

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