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11-10-2004, 10:09 PM
I am pumped on rockstars new gta game.
If you have not heard many details of the game read on, fi so just post how
youfeel on the game comming out
now i have the feeling that htis game will take over my life untill im 18 because of the massive detail put into the game and missions. the game is sead to be a near 10 times longer then vice city and all missions are sead to have more of an open ending. the STATE of San Andreas contains 3 cities and dozens of miny towns all with facilities you need to maintain. there is alos a 1/2 mile scaled high mountain that takes 1-2 minitues to accend using the helicopter and the terrain is fully detailed for use with any vehicle, including quads & moutain bikes . there is more of a realistic feel with your character as he needs to eat work out and learn new things to maintai like driving skills & fiting skills. you need to have a high stamina to do acctivities, to get stamina you need to eat from a variety of resturaunts and booths r fast food, witch all have differebnt effects on your health. if you wanna be tuff youll need to hit up the gyms and pump iror to get muscles ytou want.

another great improvement in reality is pedestrian a i, you can litterally stalk someone and they will do a huge act of activities including sleeping eating meeting with friends and other anamous things. if you wer to see a couple holding hands and you ran through them, they would get back together.

vehicles have changed alot for now there are quads and bicylces. plus a huge variety of cars that ou can tune up yourself at local shops. the planes & helicopters can go 3 times higher and planes can now land on ground! better then the skimmer i say.

your character can gain weight build muscle get hair cuts, and tattoes, plus alot of other features. there is a mix and match wardroe, so you can wear your favorite jeans and shirt together

thats just a tid bit of whats comming so i suggest you pre order now or wake up reel early on the release date

By Evo_ @ habboxforums
well i felt the need to get Gta fans pumped up that did not no the details of the game. for more info hit up http://rockstargames.com or http://gtagaming.com

**dont forget to post replies on how you feel about the game**

28-10-2004, 11:59 AM
i want this game now! comes out tommorrow, and even though you know alot of info and have posted that bit, that is only the smallest bit of info on all of the new stuff! there is alot there, but if everything abotu the game was posted, you'd be up all day and nights, for weeks reading it all, the page would probably spread over 20 pages worth of posts. i can't WAIT!

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