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02-10-2005, 03:46 PM
A lot of us have spent many hours on habbo. Talking to friends and having fun, but there’s more to a person then what meets our eyes. We all have had many friends and a lot of the time there’s someone who disappears from our habbo lives. Here is your chance to unchain that memory and talk about the person you miss most.

1st Prize: a majestic by an anonymous donator and 15 rep points for this forum
2nd Prize: 1 Tubmaster, 2 Yellow Bear Rugs & 2 Blue Bear Rugs donated by ?spud?

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Habbo Name: Aquae
Habbox Name: Aquae
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Winners announced - 30th October 2005
1st - lilchloedarlin (entry no. 10)
2nd - NoLifeWithin (entry no. 26)

02-10-2005, 03:53 PM
Habbox Name:vb.net
Habbo Name: .-patrick-. (on UK) theplantman (On US)

My Friend Mitcheszz. :( He was such a great friend and then he betrayed me!
:( We had good times, he donated to me, i donated to him. We played wobble squabble together and falling furni together. :( We did soo much stuff together its hard to believe he betrayed me. He was gonna hack me and my bro :(

02-10-2005, 03:58 PM
Habbox name: ASHFELT
Habbo Name: ASHFELT2

My Entry:

I had a friend called Generation02 who lived in canada.
We both worked in a place called [IM] we used to trade alot and talk about things in general. We used to have a laugh in [IM] making each other laugh with jokes and funny quips. We would sit in each others room coming up with random topics and messing about.
We used to buy each other credits and borrow ferni, we were pratically best mates.
Then the place we worked in on habbo got hacked and closed. We still chatted but he came on less and less and we eventually stopped talking full stop.
I was sad because I ahd lost one of my best mates and he changed account and I could not reach him anymore :'(

02-10-2005, 05:11 PM
:( thats sad. At least your friend didnt try and hack u and ur bro!

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03-10-2005, 03:57 PM
Habbo (uk) name: emmaporter
Habbox forum name: letsdance6
Habbo friend name: Kneejoint

What happened was we met each other in a club, then we started chatting and having a great laugh, We had been friends for ages, about 7 months on habbo, he was litteratly my first ever habbo friend, He got me presents and we done most of the things together but then this other person came into kneejoint's habbo life, they started doing going out more, and kneejoint left me behind, i had a word with him about what was going on but then he had a big row with me, then he said he never wanted to see me again, i said to him that that girl was trying to ruin the friendship but then he really hurt my feeling's by saying he said there is no friendship and never will be, i was really upset by this, then he started using his rites to trash my room and write horrible thing's on my stickies then i took away his rites and deleted him on the console, he hurt my feeling's but i really want to be friend's with him again, i think he has moved account's but i really miss him. :(

03-10-2005, 04:09 PM
Habbox name: eggd2
Habbo Name: eggd2

I went to a giveaway room, it was empty, there were some people, I thought I should flirt with a girl. I did, then our pixel love was serious, we could talk for hours, and we did. We got each other furni trophies. Then she got hacked, so I gave her one of my clones which was HC. Then when the HC ran out, she made her own. So now we were chatting for hours and playing in my casino, she showed me this habbo, which i am still friends with up to this day, and one of the best people i know on habbo, where would i be without him. Then we split up, and that was that, she swapped accounts, every so often I check on her new account, I try and find her and I get accused of stalking her! But thats that, I miss her! :(

03-10-2005, 04:10 PM
Habbo Name: Stargazing
Habbox Name: Jordan
Followed by your entry:-

Jashmine. Last week she gave away nearly all her furni, and she's going to leave habbo. I remember when I first met her in BLuweesH's casino. I'd seen her name on Habbox Forum before, and she liked coke, and spiderman! So I spoke to her. We had a laugh, and I sent her a friend request. Since then, I don't know what happened. It seems as though I can speak to her about anything. She helped me with my blog, she donated me some stuff [though I hate her for that :P] and she's all round cool. Jashmine, thanks for everything, and don't leave!

03-10-2005, 04:21 PM
Habbo Name: H.bubbly
Habbox Name: H.bubbly
my entry :

I had a great friend , actually the first friend i met on habbo.
I just came into his room one day and we were talking for a while. He was a Rich habbo , Probably one of the Richest. I never asked him for furni once! , he Just gave it too me. Well he was the best friend i will ever have on habbo. Or will I ? i havent spoken to him for a while and i don't think i will. He hasnt been on for ages and i don't know when he will be back. Last time i saw him was febuary time and i havent seen him since. If he has left.. I will miss him always since he was the best guy i ever met. I searched his name on console and thought , thats Odd ... He hasnt been on since ... FEBUARY!!. I wasnt sure when he'd come back , or if he'd come back at all. And now i havent seen him for months.. I miss him so much!

03-10-2005, 04:21 PM
Awwwwwww :( that is so sad

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03-10-2005, 05:25 PM
Habbox Name : Lilchloedarlin
Habbo Name : Trixeh
My Friend : Hidcilll

Hidcill was one of my bestest friends ever, i met him somewhere, i think it was some rubbish dating game, we won, together and we started talked, we both had the same things in commen, and we both made films and habbo soaps together, he would give me furnie, and i would give him some too, he loved all the things i loved, and we always trusted eachother, he would hold giveaways, and i would always help, and donate, he would pay me something nice, i loved him so much as a friend, we did vertulally everything together, then one sad day, he got hac,ked and hack,ed again, until he gave up, and told me he was going to be saftey banned, you know his one dream was to make a soap of his or mine go onto habbox tv, and do you know what, he may not be online now, but someday in the future, i will fufill his dream. I miss him so much.

03-10-2005, 10:20 PM
Habbo: Admz
Habbox: Adam

I had a really great friend on Habbo called Neo..Reloaded. We met in my nextdoor neighbours mafia, and our friendship lasted ages. Unfortunately, he had personal stuff that he needed to sort out. Obviously, family comes before a silly little children's chat program. After that, he started to come on less and less, then he sent me a personal message, explaining what was happening, and that he is leaving habbo, as he felt it was wasting his life. He said I'd been a great friend, and that he'd never forget me. =')

03-10-2005, 11:43 PM
Habbo/Habbox Name: Chopin.FF
My friend: :.gangstar.
When i started i had 3 brown plastos, i had no chance to buy credits, and hardly knew someone in habbo.

I meet this guy, he was a really good friend, we planned some techniques to get furni for example

-We both entered a Fallin Furni game and we helped eachother until we won, once we've won, we splitted the prize :'( he never ever ran away, even when he won a love sofa (for having some plastos and few furni thats like a throne).
-once we had enough furni(both together) we made our own fallin furnis:
the room wasnt painted, the prize wasnt the best and the bars to aboid ppl to go in were "a duck, an area ocassional table, z shelfs and some cactuses, i know, it sounds cute ^^ lol.

I finally won a competition earning a throne a dog and much more thing from DonMaster (hobba), and my friend stayed poor, but i gave him lots of furni(counting rares) i got new friends(rich friends) and i got from one of them a dog for my friend =), and i took a pic and gave it to him, we took it around 15 times untill it was perfect =) we all smiled (he, the dog and me) it was so cute!!!

We also banned mean habbos(scammers) who tried to scam ur or other habbos, we made them talk and then we sent a call for help for a hobba to do his job =).

But one day, the call was missunderstood and he got a safety ban :'( unfortunately, he made his account when u used to see your birth date and u were able to change it :'(.. so for safety he never used his own, but, then the update came and now u werent able to change it :' ( and suddenly he gets safety banned and he wrote to habbo explaining what happened, and i helped him giving proof like the name of the dog, the day we bough him, the amount of furni etc... but until now, he never got his account back :( so he got upset, and just left :'(!!!!! i see him some times in another account and try to convince him, but he writes again, and nothing :' (!!! so he just leaves :'( and i havent seen him in about 6 months :' ( or more, and that last time, i saw him just 1 hour :'( we werent even able to play fallin furni :' ( or dicebattles or something :'( he was just so upset :' (....

And thats my story :' ( i hope u dont find it boring :P but o well, missy :P u gotta read it all muhaha >:)

F Chopin Fitzgerald ™ =)

04-10-2005, 12:05 AM
Habbo Name: Starfire007

My Sad Story [:'( ]:

There are times when you look back into your past and wonder what may have been...

There was a time in my habbo life when I would spend my entire time roaming
various mafias. I experienced many people, and alot of them were rude and vulgar.

But one time I went into a random mafia and saw one solitary guy sitting in the "VIP lounge." Usually I just leave a mafia if there is one person like that, but he was so friendly that I decided to join up. "I'll stay for a couple days," I thought. Well...

It lasted longer, much longer than that. Usually mafias say "If you get to rank 25 you will get pay" or some far off rank like that, and even when you do get to rank 25, the mafia suddenly vanishes or makes something up to have you fired. But this guy was willing to pay me at rank 1, and I was very thankful, even if it was a stool and a lodge table. But for a girl who had only a duck and a doormat at the time, that was a fortune.

He had dreams of becoming a hobba, and was waiting for a response. But becoming a hobba is difficult, and he did not make it.

I suspect he had so much hope in becoming a hobba, that when he was not excepted, he grew distant and faded away from habbo. He was a good boss and an even greater friend and I miss him and wonder what may have happened if he did become a hobba. I have made a couple very close friends that I may not have met if this guy had become a hobba, but I still wonder...

What could have been? :eusa_booh

04-10-2005, 03:33 AM
Habbo name:..XX..Kelly..XX..

My friend:badbope

I had started habbo once again and i had made soe modellign place and this guy came in so we were waitign for more people 2 come while we were waiting for more people we started chatting having a laugh but then a lot of other people came so i started the game he kept losing but he kept comign back so finally he won and we started talkign even more we got 2 no everything about eachother so he sent me a f/r and i accepted each day he'd come 2 me and talk i'd only come on habbo 2 talk 2 him i started helping him with stuff when he was stuck and he'd help me he as always so kind so loving but then he wouldn't usually come on anymore he'd tell me he was very busy i missed him a lot and i don't get 2 see him as much i really miss him :'( our friendship was breaking he was never there for me anymore :'( he only sometimes comes on now he's always so busy i no its not his fault i havn't seen him in ages and when he does come on i am never online :'(

04-10-2005, 03:40 AM
HabboxName: MakeBelieve.. [2dots]
Habbo Name: MakeBelieve.. [2 dots]

My friend, anonymous, (Personal) would always hang out with me. Without her i wouldn't be on habbo now. We met in i think in 2002-2004 somewhere between those. We were really close friends. We would go to rooms together and go to the hallway and dance. She would buy me hc or help me when i was down. She was the first person to actually help me. She wanted to be a hobba she would work so hard. After atleast a year she got the job.. but she turned it down. She knew there was more to life than habbo. We barely even talk anymore. I miss her. She still goes on habbo but she has her own friends and i have my own. We use to talk in long conversations and now we only talk for only 2 sentences. I knew her practically my whole habbo life and still know her.. its just that time changes as we get older ;o well.. shes been mostly hanging out with the guy she likes and now i feel alone.

04-10-2005, 03:43 PM
Well I joined in July 2004 and I became mates with a few people, I had a mate called experiment.f.u but he left, disappeared, vanished in Sept 04. And also in that same month a good mate, ::jammydoga:: who I used to have rights at his Falling Furni and used to go play Races and those kinda games together. I actually met him because I got into an argument with him in a dice battles but anyway... one day I asked him to buy me credits and he said he would, he kept delaying it until one day I asked him about it again and he kicked me from his room and removed me. So I found him and asked him and he made up all these lies so I reported him. He got an IP ban (I think), it annoyed me how he betrayed me but I got over it.

04-10-2005, 04:16 PM
Habbo Name: WayHey
Missing Pixel: Realmdudejim
Entry: Realmdudejim aka jimmy, one of my first friends. If it wasn't for him there would of been no pancake krew ;[

Pancake krew: Yeah, our very own krew back in the days of us being "Newbs" Our plan was to take over the world.. Of coarse that never worked out ;) Me and jim started to recruit people to the pancake krew to help us take over the world and it led on from there :rolleyes:

July 2004: I met Jim in A.H.I (habbo airport) back in the days of july last year. We came friends after together telling someone of for being racist towards people >_> After that we both f/r'd each other and became good friends and then Jim decided to move in with me (Place all his habbo furni in my room) where we made a secret headquarters >_>

Later that week: Me & Jim discuss plans to take over the world... Thats when the pancake crew was formed. After recruiting members magicmike (Still my friend up to this very day) and Mr Rare12 (Now known as mr-rare i think), we made a website with wanadoo website builder (Rofl) After that we sacked da-rare because jim didn't like him :P Then the head quarters room of mine was turned into pancake crew HQ.

September 2004: Jim left habbo for a month, me and mike thought he had left forever and started to worry.

*This point jim is coming on habbo twice a month untill june...*

June 2005: Jim leaves habbo as always, not yet to return... I do hope he does come back but till then, i'll miss him and all his jokes and laughs <3

So yeah, what a history we have...
May be weird the pancake crew and all the rest but it sure does bring back good memories and a tear to my eye :']

And i hope he does come back so we can keep the pancake crew going...
I bet you're bored now lol :P

04-10-2005, 04:41 PM
If, by a chance, I win, I would like the prize to be given to someone else instead of me. I don't go on habbo much and think the prize would be better with someone else. ;)

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04-10-2005, 04:46 PM
Habbo Name: Klock
Habbox Name: Klock

Missing Pixel: My good ole' friend -Raimee.

Sometime between July and August 2004, me and my good friend -Raimee. where doing our usual sitting in either her or my room, chatting for long hours. Raimee and I are very close and can tell eachother anything. This one day, Raimee didn't come on until late.. so I asked her what was wrong she said that nothing was wrong, but I know when there is after knowing her for all these years so I asked again and she said; "I can't play this 'game' anymore, I need to get away, not from you, but from this place." I said "why?", and she said that she needed a life. I was asking her how long was she going for and she said forever. I couldn't believe I was hearing this and I shouted "YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME!" she didn't come on for a whole week, I started to to think of all the good times we had together. Months went past and she didn't log on, until May of 2005. She mesaged me saying: "Hey Ross, guess who? :P" I nearly had a nervous breakdown recieving a message from her, I quickly messaged her saying "Come to my room" she did and we talked, she said she didn't have long as she was going out with her mates. I asked her how was life she said good, I said, well keep it up and I hope you're happy. She went again. This time I was not sure if she was gonna come back. September 2005, the month my birthday is in, she came on, a day before my birthday. She gave me a present, sent me messages and even made a party for me. This was the greatest present I could have ever asked for.. she didn't stay long, but the time I had with her was great, she said she'll be back soon to see how I am, but I miss her, I miss her loads.

04-10-2005, 04:47 PM
Habbo Name; x-0ChLoE0-x
Missing Pixel; LiquidAciid

I can't actually remember how me and LiquidAciid or (Brett) which was his name met now because it was sooo long ago. But anyways we met in some sort of room and we got talking and we were like peas in a pod, we liked the same music, liked watching the same movies, and generally enjoyed talking about the same things, he was such a cool dude, different from other male habbos. He had a great sense of humour and use to always make me laugh he use to sometimes donate to me aswell and gave me an amber lamp once for a cheap deal and i said i would pay him back. Unfortunatly i never got to pay him back.

Anyways months passed by and we always met in each others rooms and had a laugh, i use to help him with his falling furni and help him get his room popular i use to donate plasto to his 'Plasto room collection' aswell because it was good fun.

Until i started to realise he wasn't online for about a week and then i thought maybe he is having a small break or something, but he never left a message i thought to myself? He normally would. Months passed by and there was no sign of Brett (Liquidaciid) so then i obviously realised he had left habbo :( because he had been hacked before but came back, but this time he had obviously left for good.

I really loved Brett with my heart hoping one day maybe he will come back to meet me in my room so we can have a good conversation. Unfortunatly the only thing i had of him left was a message he left for me on a sticky. I had that sticky for ages until some silly habbo deleted the writing. This really upset me.. i'll never forget LiquidAciid (Brett) and i'll remember all the good times we had. <3

04-10-2005, 04:53 PM
Habbo Name: Creationz.
Habbox Name: Ree
Followed by your entry:-

Cheena was a great habbo, and a good mate. she would always make me smile when im down. and thats why i wish she was still on habbo. because, im upset a lot lately, cheenz always made me smile. she was such a great mate, to me, and many other people! we all miss her so much!
Cheena was the kind of person that would make u wet yourself with laughter! She was so funny, and origional, and unlike no habbo ive ever met. She was also a nominee for funniest habbo 2004.She didnt win, but she deserved to!
Cheen was a real good mate and i look up to her.

I Still manage to talk to cheena, through msn messenger, but she is hardly ever online, so i dont get to talk to her much, but shes a great mate and everyone misses her so much!

Thats My Entryyyyyyyyyyy ;] From Ree (L)

06-10-2005, 09:30 AM
entry: My entry is abouit a special girl to me, she was my best friend, me and her went to college together but i had to leave town, the bad thing was that when i told her i had to leave the college she admitted her feelings for me and was devastated now i still think about her but hope that shes ok and someday ill meet her again

06-10-2005, 07:21 PM
Habbo name: djotto1991
Habbox name: djotto1991
My entry: My freind you actually all probably know his name is DD056 about a year and a half ago he had a mafia called scotland mafia and we were such good mates :D i became co owner of his mafia and we used to go habbo clubbing together and get girlfreinds xD BUT then my shockwave player broke and wouldnt let me on for 9 months :O it was quite sad but then i got back on and in my favourites was dds mafia i payed him a visit and asked him if i could come in he said no i tried to make frreinds but we became further apart then ever before but then i saw him again ans worked for his takeshis castle but he never spoke to me :( then i lost him to his habbo famosity

06-10-2005, 08:43 PM
A very good friend of mine, was .:Preppie:.
But he left habbo cause he got' hacked.
We' were always hanging around, going truth room, talking,
Fighthing -something that only good friends do, and go back-.
I miss him, he was a great friend and will always be.

We used to have a furni shop, each of us in a room, and we had a linking tele.
So we got one room in pop and sended the people when finished to there.

Being a loyal its a very important quality in a friend.
And as he's loyal to me, i'll always be loyal to him, for being a great friend.

" Friends we're, friends we' were, friend forever, everywhere "
I miss you.

Eventhough, i still talk to him :)

Habbo Name: Rolo3000!
Habbox name: Rolo3000!

06-10-2005, 08:47 PM
Habbox Name - mystry-man300
Habbo UK Name - 238gamer238
My Best Friend - Banky

Banky was my one and only friend when I started Habbo. He gave me some furni to start of my Habbo's life, showed me his friends, gave me rites to his Falling furni, and all the other things true friends could do..
Anyway, I knew him in real life, he went to my school AND lived across the road to me! We were best friends for life, it was like we were "Soulmates". Sure we had our Ups and Downs, but one of us always had to own up and say "Sorry". He was my only friend in my life at that stage, until he moved far, far away.. to Spain.
He had to sell his house to live in Spain, so if he wanted to come back, he would have no where to go. My heart was broken, it felt like my life wasn't worth living.. I was bullyed, unhappy and didn't feel to good. "You miss him, don't you?" My mum asked. I replied yes.. and I felt tears running down my cheeks. I didn't know what to do, so I went to bed. The next day, after school, I came on Habbo.. and there he was, Banky was online.. My first and only friend was actually online! I sent him a message, saying "Hey there mate! I really miss you! I wish you was here with my, right by my side" and again, I felt by heart beating heavily. "Im coming home soon.." he replied.. My heart stopped beating. He sent another message saying "My parents are both getting jobs to raise enough money for us to come home, in a brand new house! They are trying to make it as close to you as possible." A tear ran down my cheek.4 months later, I came home, and there was a letter. "Dear ------ Colin was terribly beaten up in Spain, and we think he has cracked his rib. Right now, we are in Gatwick, crying our eyes out. It turns out that the house we bought, has already been sold, and we are currently staying here. But as he's your friend, I thought you should know.. Hes dead.." I dropped the letter, I burst into tears and ran into my room.

I don't want to tell the rest of the story.. As its extremely long, and reminds me of him :(

This is a true story about me.. and Colin was practically my soulmate.

R.I.P Colin Rudford. 1990 - 2001

08-10-2005, 04:39 PM
Habbox Name - NoLifeWithin
Habbo UK Name - NoLifeWithin
Entry -

Well, my friend, I'm not even sure whether or not he has left. :(

His name is Tsuno, well Habbo name, his real name is Lewis. He has not been online for 15 days and counting now, and I really miss him. I've lost count of the amount of friends I've lost on Habbo, but he's one of the best. I met him around 4-5 months ago on my return to the UK hotel, and we had a great time. Making rooms, hanging out and enjoying the company of each other. When I left Habbo, well when I say left I mean took a 2 day break and then realised I missed my friends too much and came back on, he gave me about 100 credits worth of norms to help get me started again. He was a real friend which even without the furni he gave, I could've called him with ease. Lew was always kind to his friends, and was always their for them which is one of the many reasons to why I hope he returns one day, as I truly miss his hilarious antics and kind presence.

Wherever you are Lewis, I hope your fine and well.

08-10-2005, 05:11 PM
Habbo Name - HotelHealth
Forum - Acidic
Friend - AlexKey3

One day in my faithful old MHH Help Desk where I worked, a bunch of new staff had been hired, I met them and started talking to one called Alex, over the next year we became really good friends, we helped each other over rockey times - From Death to Love, until I found out I was in love with her, I had also been talking to her in real-Life as she lived around the corner (Didnt know this at first o.O)
We played, we stayed with each other, even one day I felt like dieing after my mum died she was able to guide me through, I did the same for her.
We went to each others parties, I got her through bullying and helped her through her A-Levels, we were best of friends at one time I saved her life breaking my toe in the proces.
One day a habbo said he was going to find her and kill her, I was shocked when she told me, we obviously reported him.
She was getting distrested, boyfriends dumping her and her pets dieing.
Her only resort was leaving habbo (or so she said)
In the end she left. She then got told by her parents they were moving, to somewhere in Wales, I was shocked, I hadnt got chance to tell her my true feelings for her, she was gone, I didnt have an address or anything so I didnt see her again, I used to cry, hoping shed come back, but never it happened.
About 3 months ago I was watching the news and it said that a 19 year old girl had died in Wales, obviously I ruled out it was her, until a picture came up of her, it said shed been run over by a car and died in hospital.
Thats about it.

Good Luck to all Entries.

♥ Miss you Alex ♥

08-10-2005, 05:48 PM
Habbox Name: .Mike-
Habbo Hotel UK: .M:

I had a very good friend named Dragonfyre590 and we did almost everything together, we did maze, played games, and even gave furnitures to each other! But then when I got hacked on my other account Afroshine, He started acting weird and ignored me.. then when I finally spoke to him he was like GET AWAY FROM ME U NOOB.. I felt so mad now a days and kept ignoring him aswell.. I met him in my moderating maze room :( Now we are no longer friends... We never talk to each other anymore.. :( :( :( :( :(

09-10-2005, 02:07 AM
Habbo Name: LostInMyMind
Habbox Name: LostInMyMind

She was my friend that cared with her heart. She wasent like anyone else, she was herself and not an imposter to anyone. One day she just left. She dissapeared into the pixels of lost Habbos. I miss her everyday because I gave my heart to her. The only thing left is my memories and her name. The name that drew me a picture of her, she was diffrent, she had a heart, she was a true person, she was Zesty123...

09-10-2005, 04:13 PM
hello i am a new member and i wont 2 no how do u rep? wud u plz tell me:eusa_pray

Habbox name: eggd2
Habbo Name: eggd2

I went to a giveaway room, it was empty, there were some people, I thought I should flirt with a girl. I did, then our pixel love was serious, we could talk for hours, and we did. We got each other furni trophies. Then she got hacked, so I gave her one of my clones which was HC. Then when the HC ran out, she made her own. So now we were chatting for hours and playing in my casino, she showed me this habbo, which i am still friends with up to this day, and one of the best people i know on habbo, where would i be without him. Then we split up, and that was that, she swapped accounts, every so often I check on her new account, I try and find her and I get accused of stalking her! But thats that, I miss her! :(

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11-10-2005, 07:58 PM
habbo name: ninja-silence

I was in a modelling competition when suddenly she appeared ...my first friend on habbohotel. We talked for ages and ages and our friendship bloomed but then one day my ex-best friend hacked my account and went around saying horrible things to people. My account was banned and I can't contact her.Her name was sweetiepie500
:( I miss you:(
p.s my old account was called 1dude1 lol

12-10-2005, 03:34 PM
Habbo name - filmfan2004
So below is an incredibly corny story. Enjoy!! and yet feel saddened.


The Noob, The Cyber, The Scam and The Free Furni.

"Nobody knows anybody", she said. And that was that....vanished into a cloud of black pixel and left me in my empty room...alone.

several days earlier

I had just finished my falling furni competition and she wondered in. Her cheeky pixel dancing interested me and we began to talk. We talked about habbo and then the conversation moved to something different. Something dangerous...and filtered.

i think the phrase rhymed with glass fibre :eusa_pray

the day after the few before

Trust is a cunning word. Either you have it or you don't. Me and her did and it was amazing and I was amazed.

'Can I have your mode bar?', she romantically pixelated across my screen, which was being watched with envious eyes.


Are you sure you want to give your furniture away?

This happened quite a few times actually until she said we should make a shared room. So, we did, and she owned it. I stupidly traded her my furni so we would have shared stuff. Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but I abuse the privilege.

"Nobody knows anybody", she said. And that was that....vanished into a cloud of black pixel and left me in my empty room...alone.

I frantically searched the hotel for her but failed. I noticed a friend was online and went to his room.

"Help Me? Someone scammed me!!"

"The two most common elements in the universe are Hydrogen and stupidity. You my friend praise the latter."

Nobody knows anybody.

I still miss her though, even though I never knew her. :(

12-10-2005, 04:13 PM
habbo name: pucca-yukka
habbox name: pucca-yukka
Hers my entry for the competition!

CursedHeart was a great friend to me!! She left habbo .co .uk but still comes on this forum and goes on .com but i never get to meet with her or chat with her and she is so friendly and funny!! :'( i wish she would come back to .co.uk!!

i cannot live without her! i hope she has a great life though!!!

Come back bbz CursedHeart ( the greatest mate ever)

|| x!.alesha.!x ||

14-10-2005, 04:48 PM
Name; x!Snow-flake!x
Habbox Name; -x-Pod-x-

My Habbo Friend became my Best Friend. I was a noob at the time, wandering around the dirty duck pub wondering what to do. I saw a nice looking girl and we began to chat she was very friendly and i soon found out we had alot in commen. We became very close mates, discovering guest rooms, winning races, diving off the top of the hotel in the lido, sharing our furni. We had such great times. But habbo became my life, moving schools id left all my friends so i had none, coming on habbo i could find ppl tht liked to talk to me and that i cud trust - i cud have fun. I met a new friend at school in real life and soon realised habbo wasnt life it was a game, somewhere to hang out. Me and my friend Sophie soon parted when she left habbo. Although i missed her she gave me tha courage to talk to ppl in real life. thnkyou sophie x

14-10-2005, 06:56 PM
Habbo name= XpeachX
Habbox name = XpeachX

I used to have a best friend. She was the greatest. We did everything together. Went shooping, went to sleepovers, went on holiday, gossiped I mean it, we did everything. But just recently her dad got a promotion and now they have all moved to Scotland and I miss her very very much after all the things we have done together and now she is gone. I hope I see her again soon!

14-10-2005, 07:39 PM
habbox name:phin-x
habbo name:phin-x
One Day i was going to ma m8's room with ma gf candy-babe04 then i saw ma friend shotta17 who started cussing ma mum and ma gf at school i forgave him then when he haked ma msn i still forgave him then he threaten my gf i forgave but when he threatened to kill ma mum well u can tell the rest then o for gave him we started talking agian hten i realized we had alot in commen then it happened he got banned he made more hten got banned he made more and got banned then one day he just elfth abbo for good
ma true and 1st firend on habbo we been threw rough and threw good i will miss him

15-10-2005, 04:58 PM
Habbo Name: Flooberry
I miss this person, since i never really new him and the people you do not know very well are often hard to forget. I think this is because there is so much more you need to know about the person.
We met in a Habbo Big Brother due to last one month. I cant say from day one we got on - to be honest he was my biggest competition. Sometime down the BigBrother line we came friends mainly because we worked in the house as a unit, a team.
Then came that day that fate did frown, we all gathered around the seats in the "house" - well all except one, him. He was away for eight days and had missed nominations, thus putting me and one of my fellow housemates. In a weeks time the results were revealled:
Davina: And the housemate leaving the house is..
Flooberry: eeek, good luck everyone!
(Other HM): To you too.
Davina: Flooberry you will be leaving the house in 30 seconds!

Naturally i was shocked. How did SHE beat me? So she did. I left.
Flooberry: Bye :(

I was out of the house. Later I got a console from the person i am describing. He had been in a serious car crash or thats what i could make out from his typing. He had decided to leave habbo since he had ripped his thumb off in the crash or so he said.

However, This has to be a lie: He removed me from his contacts list. If you leave habbo you dont remove people from your list. I miss you (Blank Name). Yet there are plenty more like you on Habbo.

Tom :)

18-10-2005, 05:55 PM
My Mate Is Jilljohn
How i miss him so, it was my first day on habbo and he helped me round the hotel and brought me credits and donated until i was on my feet. I re-paid him, and then i realised he wasn't coming on, And after about 1 week he WAS ONLINE! I asked where he had been and that habbo said it was his sister and that he had died :( , Wether this happended or not, but i still miss him, where ever he is!

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18-10-2005, 07:14 PM
Habbo name: Oft
Habbox name: OO

Well when i first started habbo i met a guy called Ibuu he was one of my first ever mates and then he grew into my best mate we even made a site together called habbolabs with had a great layout for a forum onit and could of been big. One day he randomly left no sign of him he just changed his mission to ''Gone'' and that was it, i've never heard from him since and i wish he would come back on for maybe just one day and tell me why he left and we could catch up. I can honestly say i've never had a mate like him he was such a nice guy who i was hopeing to know for a long long time.

21-10-2005, 09:55 AM
Habbox Name = Exorcize
Habbo Name = Exorcize

Entry -

Once i had this friend called ryanellis84 we were like best mate i saw him go from noob to like rich i helped him i allways replied to his messages. i told him all about habbo everything he knows he got from me. now he ownes a not bad casino. we fell out because one day we were playing fallin furni and he reved me out and i had no furni on me so i left but i came back for next game, he reved me again. at 1st i thought he was joking but then he started to send me h8 msg. he made loads of scamma room when i never even did nout. he made threats and room which said he was goin to hax me so i left my old habbo and came to exorcize so now he doesnt no me but if he is reading this them im kinda stuck. :)

21-10-2005, 04:23 PM
Habbox Name -xMaceyx-
Habbo Name -xMaceyx-

I had been on habbo for a while , met people said bi to people ect...But there was one that stood out. Her name was xsaucy-stephx. We met each other while I was applying for a job on habpulse. She was already a memember of staff there and taught me lots. We became more then just 'work buddies' and became bestest of friends. We would go to dating games dressed as men, throw silly competitions, play each other singing on air (we were both djs) and play 'pwn wars'. It was great and always a laugh. She was just like a big sister to me. I was her 'ikkle sister'. But then one day I got that dreaded message on my console... It said she was leavin habbo! I was gutted. I never contacted her again after that message. If shes reading this I would like her to no i miss her and hope that she visits me on habbo. For no I bid her farewell and live a happy life...

21-10-2005, 06:37 PM
habbox name: .x.angel.x.
habbo name: :.:.:KittyKat:.:.:
my friend: ::kOoLbAbE::

koolbabe has been my friend on habbo ever since i started in 2002. We met in one of those weird rooms called hi, which i just randomly typed in, and we started talking just about habbo and she helped me, telling me what things were and stuff on habbo. We met up with eachother a couple of times a week on habbo and we bought eachother furni for x-mas or birthdays. We still do now! She is the best riend ever on habbo! and i hope we are still friends for ever!

21-10-2005, 11:34 PM
Ashley came to my school 2 Years ago, me and her became friends almost instantly, I told her about Habbo and she joined, she caught on to it pretty fast and we started hanging out on the computer lots, we had alot of fun together hanging out in the Hotel and at school, I told her to meet me and we'd play falling furni, she didnt show up.
The following day at school I asked her why and she said she was *****ng up to move and that night she packed up her computer, I had no idea she was moving, and in a week she was gone. I never saw her again after she moved,
and I havnt heard of her since.
One day maybe she'll go on Habbo again, I can only hope my best friend will.:eusa_booh

Habbox name: Wallmart
habbo name: Wallmart

22-10-2005, 03:48 AM
HabboName: Timophy
ForumName: Stace
Once apon atime on habbo.. there was a girl named olivia, she was the funnyist person i met, we started off once in a party room.. i ended up there because i clicked the wrong room.. and there was olivia.. we talked for about 2 hours, then i had to go, she fr me, the next day we came online and we spent most of habbo together..We sang on skype alot and talked.. then one day.. i got perm banned on habbo, and shockwave iped.. she left habbo with me.. and we moved to .com it was funny becuse we kept getting lost around there.. i soon found out i was un iped, and me and olivia moved back to .co.uk, and we use to go to habbox help desk alot and use to mess around.. but one day.. she left me.. and it leaves me heart broken.. i havent spoke to her in ages, and one day my other funny part would come back.. she was the best.. and i love her loads..

+Emo tear+ :']

22-10-2005, 12:44 PM
Habbo name: phin-x
habbox name: phin-x

one day on habbo i was just walking rp'ing(role playing on habbo)
and this new guy coem on kha3000 who was lost trying to meet this guy saying he will give him 1000 free creds so i follow'ed whilst they were tlaking i started reporting and argueing ast him saying why he would scamm some1 new.
kha3000 lefth abbo for a while but came bk on after 3 months and we started talking we done everytihng 2gether ff racing donating then he started habging with the rong crowd haking scamming swearing so i lead ghim in the way to being a gd habbo.
afte a while he moved house and came to the same school as me!
so we were closer.
Then He got banned akk his furni gone so he made a diffrent one then he haekd me saying i need furni but i forgave him.
he scammed me i forgave him.
one day he just lefth habbo with all my furni and left house i will enva see him agen:( i will miss u we have bee through thick & thin

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24-10-2005, 07:48 PM
Habbo name: HarringtonT
Habbox name: Harry

I met this guy in a mafia called underdog82, we did everything together, ff, we pulled pranks and even went out to clubs and bars and brought home some new friends, we always bought each other creds and free furni. So one day me and and underdog were running a mafia and I had to go offline, I came back on and found out that he had been hacked by a scam website, he never came back and I miss him and hope he gets in contact with me soon by sending me a f/r. Underdog, if your out there, I miss you...

27-10-2005, 07:45 AM
Habbo Name: Whiteman12
Friends Name: xoxkatieoxo

When i joined habbo 3 years ago she was the first person i met.she showed me around the hotel and taught me how to trade. She even showed me the password to her rooms :D. Now, I Am A Lot richer and she wasn't winning anything. I won one of the compotitions on habbo: http://www.habbohotel.co.uk/habbo/en/community/newsletter/article/?id=1022
And she never won anything, i thought this was really unfair coz she was soo much kinder and better as a person than me so i donated my prize to her.
We got on well and whenever she was online and so was i, she would invite people to my club and come there as well, making a very good atmosphere.
A couple of weeks ago she said she was moving to australia and so couldnt go on habbo or MSN any more! I was heartbroken but she said she just had to. Then we got in a row because she thought that i thought i was more important than her family, but i dont! Then she left and ive never heard or seen from her again.
She WAS my best friend. :blue_sad

27-10-2005, 02:35 PM
Habbo Name: Cavegal16
Habbox Name: Cavegal16
My Entry:

I got introduced to a habbo when I was still relatively new myself. His name was caveman14 and because of my name it made a great conversation starter. We chatted on and off on Habbo for a few weeks and he was so funny and could always make me laugh in real by getting his habbo to do something funny. I bought him presents, nothing major as I was still pretty new myself but then he just stopped coming online. It has been about 2 months now i think and I miss him making me laugh. Of course I have made other friends but he was so daft he was just brilliant. I do not think it is the end of the world and I hope that one day he will come back on and stay in touch with me but untill or if that day comes I do miss him. I dont regret giving him the furni coz at the time he was so proud of what little i gave him. Its amazing the fun 2 people can have with an empty room and a pack of stickies! x x

27-10-2005, 03:30 PM
Habbo Name- Spork-
HabboxName- Spork
My friend- Zakman03

My sister started dating his cousin Dancingtrackstar so i started dating Zak. After a year Ben (dancingtrackstar) proposed to my sister Im_An_Angel1 and they got married. Soon after Zak proposed to me and we got married. I bought him HC and he bought me HC. We did everything together and then I went on holiday and I came back but he wasn't on. He lived in Florida but went on UK habbo. He hasn't been on since Feburary and i really miss him. One day I hope he will return.

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