View Full Version : Free decibles.

16-10-2004, 03:25 AM
All you have to do is register a new Yahoo! email account, sign it up for cokemusic, get your 5000 account decibles for signing up, then do the monthly survey for 1000 more and then do the thing on sprite.com for even 1000 more. ; ] 7000 decibles, you can buy a cc and a lava lamp or whatever.. and then you get on your main account on internet explorer, and then use another browser to connect your clone so you can trade yourself. Or if you want to learn how, I'll teach you how to make it so you click something on your desktop and cokemusic pops up (no hosting required).. it's not really difficult. =D

17-10-2004, 11:39 PM
Not very Hard. But does take time to do so, I use to do that when i use to play cokemusic like a year ago. :P. Now it's just boring, because everyone is a cheater :P

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