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16-10-2004, 09:13 PM
Hey, im currently moving from habbo to runescape. I am very rich on habbo *i can admitt* but poor on rune - altho a member!

So 2 combat this, im obviously going to trade my habbo stuff for rune stuff! GP, Rares, Rune & Dragon weaponry.

If you play rune and wish to trade please post below OR the best way is to message me on rune (my runescape name is: Max eh or Max_eh) my habbo name is [email protected] and xJoeYx - but since i dont go on habbo - dont try and contact me through those 2 names!

Please take into account rune stuff is FREE and habbo stuff costs money - quite alot too!

I have everything on habbo, club sofas, every single catologue rare, thrones and many super rares!

On rune i am looking for: rune items, dragon items and rares such as p-hats, halloween masks etc.

If we trade we will trade the habbo and rune stuff at the same time - although runescape items will be traded just before i tick the box to give you my habbo things. This is purely due to habbo furni costs money!

Thankyou! :8

30-10-2004, 11:24 PM
offers on purple phat, 1mil gp, 7500 willow longs, dragon axe, sword and dagger (p) and rune items

add iissam333 ingame

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