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15-10-2005, 08:37 PM
Since the Salem witch hunt back in 1692 habbos have been very nervous around old hags and black cats, so this year lets give these habbos an early fright with a bit of Halloween spirit, what habbox wants from you is to come up with the scariest Halloween alteration you can think of, we are going to have some very nervous pixel artists judge these alterations, very nervous indeed so the alteration that give these jumpy artists the biggest fright wins, if I were you I would be getting out the old caldron to start mixing me up a nice alt ;), But remember normal forum rules apply nothing gory or vulgar.

To enter this competition you must be permanent staff when the winner is announced.

The Prize: 1 Red Amber & 1 Basket Ball Trophy kindly donated by JackHb

Your entry should look like the example below: -

Habbo Name:
Followed By Your Entry:

Follow the link below and click on the post reply icon, please attach the image in the post; do not give any links to other websites and finally don't forget to leave your habbo name.

This competition will run until 15th November unless otherwise stated. After that the winner will be chosen and MissAlice will hand over the prize in Habbo.

One entry per Habbox Staff Member ONLY.
Please read the terms and conditions at the bottom (In Black)

Terms and conditions: You can send in your entry until the competition is closed at some time on 15th November 2005. Please be aware that some competitions may be extended, or even closed early due to the number of entries. The winner will be announced in this forum and will be announced in the final post of this competition and will be contacted by MissAlice to collect the prize. Habbox has the right to close the competition at any time before the competition ending date and the winner will be judged from all the entries received up to that point. Any entries that break the forum rules in anyway will also be disqualified. Prizes must be claimed within one month of the winner being announced. Unclaimed prizes will be used again in a future Competitions.

When in the competition forum only post competition entries - Do not post questions or comments it is not the place to do so. ANYONE COMMENTING WILL ALSO BE UNABLE TO ENTER ANY COMPETITION IN THIS FORUM FOR ONE MONTH FROM THE DATE OF THEIR COMMENT.

15-10-2005, 09:00 PM
Habbox Name: Aquae
Habbo Name: Aquae


15-10-2005, 10:15 PM
Habbox Name: Mit
Habbo Name: Mit

Im not that good at alts but for u steph i will enter and humiliate myself :p

any chance some1 could pm me a transaprent version

15-10-2005, 10:20 PM
Habbo[x] Name: Kimmeh.
Entry: The Bride of Chucky.
http://img416.imageshack.us/img416/829/untitled2dv.png (http://imageshack.us)

16-10-2005, 08:56 AM
Habbo(x) Name: Samdabling

Entry: Frankenstein's Habbo :P

16-10-2005, 01:33 PM
Habbo Name: cursedheart
Followed By Your Entry: (freaky)

20-10-2005, 08:46 AM
Urmm Not Good at ALT - Very Simple Adams Family


20-10-2005, 03:22 PM
Habbo name: Kobi626
Habbox name: Kobi626


The creepy ghost :)
"Easy to get in. Impossible to get out >=]"

Here's how it looks at the morning, and then at night ^^ Rawr!


Good-luck all =D

21-10-2005, 11:01 AM
Habbo Name:
HabboX Name:
The summoning
Good luck

30-10-2005, 08:26 AM
sorry my picture didnt come out :(

Edited By Aquae - Please do not post comments in the staff competitions forum. If you feel the need to comment then please contact a forum moderator

21-11-2005, 04:05 PM
Very hard decision.

The winner is Cptn.kewl

he wins Red Amber & 1 Basket Ball Trophy kindly donated by JackHb

Congratulations your prize awaits you!

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