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HabboxForum FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Why are some usernames in a different font colour?

habbox staffYou may notice that some usernames are a different colour at HabboxForum; this sometimes denotes a staff rank, although users can have their name in a VIP colour. VIP can be bought by clicking here, or can often be won in competitions. Here is a list of the colours:
  • Habbox Administrators
  • Habbox (Assistant) General Managers
  • Forum Super Moderators
  • Forum Moderators
  • Habbox Department Managers
  • All Habbox Staff
  • Official Sulake Staff
  • Habbox Christmas Charity VIP
  • Habbox VIP
  • Habbox VIP
  • Habbox VIP
  • Habbox VIP
  • Habbox VIP
  • Habbox VIP
  • Habbox VIP
  • Habbox VIP
  • Habbox God
  • Habbox Legend
  • Registered Users
There may be different colours around too which are usually limited edition VIP colours, and if a user is VIP they will usually have a userbar to say this.

User Ranks

What is the promotion system?
HabboxForum users are all assigned a 'rank' depending on their number of posts. You can graduated from Newbie all the way to Habbox Legend just by posting around! You can see the announcement with all of the ranks, images and benefits by clicking here.

The ranks
Below you can see a list of all the ranks and the number of posts you need to gain that rank:

71067b6f5302e78c77d299e6ce1df39b.png 0-5: Newbie
ac1ed179045b80fea8efec2810868453.png 5-50: Supporter
385aa4ca6003dd3b4957cf179bd5200a.png 50-100: L337
77a378bf0082a6a4f020bb5a661caab6.png 100-200: Follower
f87cd09a08a69d53c64a8519b8c56beb.png 200-300: Fanatic
17932d44d029e768c3ad7ffd98db89bb.png 300-400: Devotee
c7c45bf59baa3922baa7cafa1bc99652.png 400-500: Honorable
5602229fe9c3920391bd00144d3d68b7.png 500-600: Groupie
9a858d77cf7b472b3bdb7fa1a42c9e47.png 600-700: Enthusiast
f6431a4bcf17eaaf30e3d67d820fef1d.png 700-800: Aficiondao
f6201388ef6528f59f05c9d7ba4ba3ee.png 800-900: Addict
a6697cd8763bc60b0f69b3b20a43eb47.png 900-1000: Star
ecfae4679f88eb1865ec4b9c9ee69fab.png 1000-1500: Respected
0015048bde08db196fc0fb46a229d00d.png 1500-2000: Appreciated
48a4acd7f38a5a875759dc82d67142e5.png 2000-3000: Honoured
bc32b035530036828e9ad53d9876eb31.png 3000-4000: Loved
9ccfee82cf0830a6230c3efe828a1f14.png 4000-5000: Admired
858dd28646b53bcd39f31e6891e816d2.png 5000-6000: Adored
5f6346c712f93ae77281cb616a75cd76.png 6000-7000: Famous
12947bf83e3e54991c9119990412e25d.png 7000-8000: Exalted
048bd8c767487edefb1d93ea74ac30fb.png 8000-9000: Worshipped
e81f0f7960a86386c4c18e5c10789d68.png 9000-10000: Idol
9beba02bce94dd65b8bef6d3514d278e.png 10000-12000: Habbox Royalty
e70ef1160a494f6292b5e4f2e8b301dd.png 12000-14000: Habbox Veteran
1d6a0c8230a5decfbac42161b875983f.png 14000-16000: Habbox Resident
6d9511a9e73a05a212d0f1b0a60d0d1b.png 16000-18000: Habbox Master
e4ba1bbed2aa6b5a72297b1b8c2afc70.png 18000-20000: Habbox Elite
bd2bffd72a0233522d3147b6d03f454d.png 20000-22500: HABBOX GOD
ed1c65af8173a3be2623179610e7bee8.gif 22500-25000: Habbox Champion
d6d4d6c716663e4254dc5eae5250c054.gif 25000-27500: Habbox Colossus
da109d67be930817f3b8c811d3fde088.gif 27500-30000: Habbox Titan
hx_legend.png 30000+: Habbox Legend

New ranks will be added when more users advance through them. It takes about an hour for your account to advance to the next level once you have the requirements.

Extra features

Once you reach Habbox God status, you will also receive a special coloured name: dark gold with a sparkle behind it.
At Habbox Legend status, you will receive a bronze VIP with a sparkle.

Other ways to gain ranks

Habbox God: To be in this user rank you must have over 20,000 posts OR have your account registered for 10 years AND have 5,000+ posts.
Habbox Legend: To be in this user rank you must have over 30,000 posts OR have your account registered for 15 years AND have 10,000+ posts.

If your account meets the above criteria, you can join the usergroup by going to User CP > Permission Groups or click here and Forum Management will review it! If you have any questions/feedback regarding this refer to the feedback forum or PM the Forum Manager, Triz.

How do I change my usertitle?


To change your usertitle you must be a Habbox VIP.

VIPs can change their usertitles by going to their User Control Panel and then Edit Profile (or click here).

VIPs can request their usertitle to have HTML in it - you can do this by clicking here if you are VIP.

Members without VIP will have a post-based usertitle (see Promotions System) or their staff title if they are staff.

Please note staff members must have their job clear in their usertitle at all times

Public & Joinable Groups


Habbox Forum has one joinable usergroup for its Ex-Staff Members.

This group is exclusively available to (ex-)staff members who meet the following criteria:

  • Have worked for Habbox in a managerial role for 1 year (with no breaks) OR have contributed something outstanding to Habbox.
  • Have resigned from your role (not been fired).
  • Request must be on the same account used when a manager.
  • Are well behaved: do not have any active warnings or infractions
To join this group go to User Control Panel, then Permission Groups and request membership.
Your request must first be approved by a General Manager: lawrawrrr, FlyingJesus, tbl, jamiexo, Shannon. Joining this group gives you an exclusive "Habbox Merit" userbar and access to an Ex-Staff sub-forum.

Members that have achieved certain milestones on the forum are able to join our Habbox Legend & Habbox God groups. You can find out more about these usergroups by clicking here.

Occasionally, events or competitions will have additional groups available to join here. Information will be posted in the Habbox Announcements forum.

How can I change my forum name?

username change

VIP Members

If you are a VIP member, then you can change your name easily by clicking here to create a new thread using the [Name Change] prefix with your preferred username!

You can also purchase a name change in the shop for 1,000 tokens.

You can change your name to anything that is not currently registered and is within the forum rules, OR you can 'steal' a username from someone who

  • has less than 100 posts and has not been online for over a year
  • has less than 500 posts and has not been online for five years
All name changes are at the discretion of Triz who can, and will in some cases exercise the right to refuse without any reason.

To find out how to get Habbox VIP - click here

To find out how to get tokens - click here

Changing to a Habbo name

If you do not have VIP, then you may change your name to your Habbo name. To do this you must send a Private Message to one of the General Managers: lawrawrrr, FlyingJesus, tbl, jamiexo, Shannon and then send them a Friend Request on Habbo.com, to provide proof you are the owner of the account.



How do I become a VIP?

There are two ways to become a VIP at HabboxForum. The most popular way is to win it! Keep an eye out for Forum Competitions, Events, HabboxLive (radio) shows and other big events which may give you the chance to win VIP.

Benefits of being a Habbox VIP

  • Access to an exclusive VIP Forum
  • A coloured name of your choice from the selection
  • Ability to "Ignore" whole forums and individual threads of your choosing from displaying in 'new posts'
  • A custom HTML user title
  • To be able to change your Forum user name
  • A PM storage capacity of 800 messages
  • Ability to appear offline
  • Be able to close your own threads
  • A coloured username: Razzmatazz Pink, Sunset Orange, Amber Yellow, Peppermint Green, Endeavour Blue, and Night Rider Black

Limited Edition VIP

From time to time the Forum Management will release a Limited Edition VIP that will be on sale for a short period of time.

You only have to donate as little as a dollar USD to get yourself these extra features.
To find out more about donating, click here.

Avatars And Signatures


How do I edit my Avatar or signature?

Simply click here to edit your avatar - you can upload your own image (up to 150x150px) or use one of our pre-made ones!
And then click here to edit your signature - you can use text, images, links or other embeds!

Why can't I edit my forum signature?

Only members with 5 posts or more can edit their forum signature. When you first register you will not be able to edit your signature until you posted five times. If you are a member with over 5 posts and still cannot edit your signature, please post in our Support forum.

Habbox Tokens


What are Habbox Tokens?

Habbox Tokens are a currency used by the forum to purchase virtual items. Habbox Tokens have no monetary value and cannot be purchased or transferred.

How can I earn the tokens?

Habbox Tokens are earned by doing a number of things around the forum:
  • 10 for posting a thread
  • 5 for each post
  • 10 for posting a poll
  • 5 for voting in a poll
  • 100 for each person you refer
  • 100 if you post a thread in Welcome when you've just joined
  • 200 on your birthday
  • Variable numbers of tokens for participating in our big events or entering competitions

What can I use them for?

Habbox Tokens can be used to purchase items in our forum shop.

Habbox has the right to remove tokens, disable the system or revoke any purchased items at any moment in time without warning.

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