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HabboxForum FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Swearing and the filter

Is this safe to post?

At HabboxForum, we try our best to make sure that the forum is appropriate for all ages. For this reason we have put in place very strict rules (which can be read here) and have also put in place a filter to censor swearing

  1. It is allowed to swear when the swearing is filtered.
    Example: I was just ****ing late for work / For **** sake I would like it if in the first example not just the **** part, but the full 7 letter word was covered.
    You will not get into trouble for posts like these.
  2. It is not allowed to swear when your swearing is not filtered.
    Examples of intentially breaking the filter such as adding a . between letters and such are not allowed.
    These posts will be edited.
  3. It is not allowed to suggest swear words by rearranging or only typing a few of the letters.
    Example: What the f**k? / What the fcuk? / What the fk?
  4. It is allowed to use abbreviated phrases, phrases such as; LMFAO, FML, WTF, FFS, OMFG and IDGAF etc are all acceptable.
    However, it is not allowed to use abbreviated phrases to insult others.
  5. It is allowed to post images/videos that contain mild swearing in badspoiler tags.
    However if the swearing within the badspoiler is deemed to be too strong it shall be removed by a Forum Moderator.
    It is not allowed to post any images/videos that breach the filter without using badspoiler tags.

Does this mean the following is allowed?
"You are a ****ing idiot, go **** your mum".

Of course not! But the rule broken here is not rule A2, but rule A1 which says not to be rude or offensive to others.

What are usernotes and how can I see them?


Usernotes are used by Forum (Super) Moderators and Administrators to record Private Messages that have been sent to the member regarding any rule breaking that has been committed.

They are not a punishment, but merely a record of times a Moderator has had to contact you, should you have a history for certain rule breaking this may mean you get a warning or infraction next time around.

You cannot see your own usernotes, only Moderators and Administrators can.

What are warnings or infractions, and what do I do if I get an unfair one?


Should you break a rule more than once, you risk getting warning PM.

Should you break the same rule consistently, you will get a Forum Infraction, a red card on your profile. Infractions add points to your Infraction Points Total, if this total gets high you risk getting banned

When you receive a warning or infraction your post is usually removed and you are sent a PM to state why you received the infraction.

You can appeal unfair infractions by clicking here - do not PM a Super Moderator or an Administrator, they will just direct you to that forum.

How many infractions do I need before I get a caution / temporary / permanent ban?

BannedThese are a list of the types of ban you get when you reach a certain amount of Infraction Points:
  • 5 Points = 3 Day Caution
  • 6 Points = 2 Day temporary ban
  • 7 Points = 3 Day temporary ban
  • 8 Points = 4 Day temporary ban
  • 9 Points = 7 day temporary ban
  • 10 Points = Permanent ban

Are there any other ways to get banned?

Yes, you may be issued with a manual ban for severe offences such as posting pornography, spamming the forums and other serious acts on the forum. Only Super Moderators and Administrators can issue bans and will only do so when they feel it is absolutely neccassary.

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