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HabboxForum FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Terms and Conditions

By using this website, you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • We can (WITHOUT ANY PRIOR NOTICE) edit, close/lock, move, duplicate or publish any of your posted content because as soon as it is posted, although you may be the author of the content, it becomes property of HabboxForum.
  • You will follow the Forum rules formulated below.
  • The Moderators and Administrators have the right to use their discretion in regard to the rules when executing punishments as a result of rule violation.
  • You give us the right (WITHOUT ANY PRIOR NOTICE) to edit, caution, temporarily ban or permanently ban your account or IP address.
  • Although the Administrators and Moderators of and will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of, Forum, or vBulletin Solutions (developers of vBulletin) can be held responsible for the content of any message.
  • We will not delete threads, posts or other submitted content to our website unless it contains personally identifiable information in line with GDPR.
  • User account deletion will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Personal data, such as emails, date of birth, and IP addresses can be requested for obfuscation by emailing [email protected]
  • By registering an account with HabboxForum, you consent for your IP address to be logged and recorded in order to protect members and carry out effective prosecution or banning if necessary.
  • The Administrators of may terminate / remove / transfer / modify / limit your service at any time without notice.
  • The Administrators of have the right to read all Private Messages sent between users of this forum, to make sure the Forum rules are followed.
  • If you have access to add anything to a calendar you must take responsibility for what you add. We advise that you keep your date of birth and other personal information private. Any personal information shared by you on our websites is done so at your own risk.
  • Although Habbox Forum does their best to keep your details protected, we are not responsible for any of your details given out through this forum. We strongly recommend that you don't use the same email or password for this forum as you use for Habbo.
  • Habbox (including Competition Staffs) are not responsible for giving out competition prizes run by other Habbox members if they are not run by Habbox itself.

Should you ever donate to Habbox, or become Habbox VIP you will warrant the following:

  • reserves the right to terminate/remove/transfer/modify/limit any or all parts of your subscription at any time without notice.
  • Nobody at or would get to see your credit/debit card details or ask for them, only PayPal get access to them, Go to for more information. 
  • Refunds will only be given at the Habbox owners' discretion. reserves the right to modify these rules and terms and conditions at any time without notice. Official Copyright and Legal disclaimer.


Habbox is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Sulake Corporation Oy or its Affiliates. Habbox may use the trademarks and other intellectual property of Habbo, which is permitted under Habbo Fan Site Policy.

Forum Rules

General Forum Rules:

A1. Respect other forum members ~ Forum members are to be respectful of others at all times. Bullying and victimising will not be tolerated on the forum and attempting to cause arguments among others is not permitted. Disagreement of opinions is often the main source of arguing and therefore any comments or insults that directly offend a user on a personal level will be removed.

A2. Do not post inappropriately ~ Habbox Forum has an audience that includes younger members, and as such all content must be suitable for those members. You must not post images, videos or links with inappropriate content like gore, nudity or any topics deemed offensive. Mildly inappropriate content (never anything rated 18+) is allowed where sufficient warning is added into the post and any image or link is placed within a badspoiler tag. The final decision on what is or is not inappropriate is at Moderator's discretion.

A3. Do not avoid the forum filter ~ Mild swearing is allowed on the Forum however is limited to certain words. Click here to see what is and isn't acceptable. Purposely avoiding the forum filter is not allowed and adding single letters so that users can clearly recognise what the filtered word is (such as "t***") is an example of this rule break. Any swear words that are used to attack or insult users will be removed as a breach of rule A1. Users can turn off the forum filter by following these instructions: (UserCP > Edit Profile > Edit Profanity Filter). To find out about posting videos with swearing please refer to this announcement.

A4. Do not accuse others of illegal activity.
--A4.a Do not accuse others of hacking or scamming on Habbo without evidence. ~
making baseless accusations leads to arguments and often members being targeted, as well as being illegal itself in many countries. We do not allow you to accuse anyone of hacking, scamming or activities which break the Habbo Way without legitimate evidence. All evidence is to be submitted to a Super Moderator or member of Forum Management before being posted. If evidence is not provided or deemed to be fake or insufficient then any posts or threads regarding that topic will be removed.

--A4b. Do not accuse others of illegal activity ~ Accusing others of breaking national law is not allowed: defamation and libel will not be tolerated on Habbox, and any serious claims of a member breaking the law of their country or that of Habbox's base (the United Kingdom) should be forwarded immediately to lawrawrrr who will assess claims and take it forward with the relevant authorities if necessary. Posting "evidence" of claims without first speaking to a General Manager may result in an infraction or warning, or further (if your post is defamatory or libellous). Such laws include (but are not limited to):
  • Paedophilia and child sex laws
  • Copyright law
  • Pirating software and files
  • Revenge pornography
A5. Do not post private details or information ~ We do not allow you to post private information about yourself due to security concerns. Disclosing any information about another forum user without their consent is also not allowed. This includes:
  • Private messages relating to Staff issues or details regarding staff-only matters**
  • Private conversations where no consent from all parties is provided (both from the forum and / or other platforms)
  • Images / videos of the user or links to a page where an image/video of another user is located (this includes social networking sites, facebook, myspace etc)
  • Personal information (specific address, phone number etc) on a public post. You may share this via Private Message, although Habbox takes no responsibility for any consequences.
Information that is allowed to be posted about yourself only:
  • Pictures of yourself (please blur others' faces out)
  • Email address
  • Full name
  • Links to your social profiles
Habbox takes no responsibility for any consequences of you posting this information. You may request for any of this information to be removed if you provide links to posts to be removed.

** Information regarding warnings, infractions and/or dismissal reasons are deemed confidential and will not be disclosed by Moderators or Management. If recipients choose to share details regarding any disciplinary action, then the confidentiality is considered broken and Moderators or Management are allowed to share information/comment on the issue.

A6. Do not use this forum for any illegal practices, including but not limited to:
  • Being involved in hacking or encouraging hacking
  • Breaking of the Habbo Way or encouraging T&C violation
  • Posting warez, illegal torrents, illegal streams or other illegal downloads
  • Anything highlighted in rule A4

A7. Do not post pointlessly ~ The pointless posting rule is a more flexible rule at Habbox as discussion is encouraged in all threads, even if that means the original point of the thread is sometimes deviated from somewhat. However please observe there are times where the pointless posting rule applies, for example it is not allowed to post random, meaningless, posts or threads on the forum. Examples of this are (ROFLCOPTER!!!!!!); (BYRDSB +HKK; ) (I am a plane). Please also note that the final decision on whether a post or thread is or is not pointless is at Moderator's discretion.

A8. Leave moderating to the moderators ~ If you see someone breaking a rule, click the report post icon on that post with and provide a brief description. You must not post a reply to tell another member that they have broken the rule, however if you find a thread which has already been posted then you MAY reply with a link to that thread however your post must also contain something which is relevant and on topic to the threads subject.

You should also never ignore a moderators warning, change their warnings, open a thread they have closed (this includes recreating or reposting the thread) or use the Moderator Specific BBcode ([modwarn]). This is considered 'Abuse of Moderator Features'. Editing a moderators warning or opening a close thread will result in a private message being sent, while using the moderator warning tags out of the blue will result in an infraction without any prior warning.

A9. Please do not post links to Internet Marketing which involves your gain at the expense of our members ~ Referral marketing is a method of internet marketing that relies on gaining new customers by referrals, usually through word of mouth. Referrals can be an annoyance for members, and therefore they are not allowed, they are also not allowed in signatures. This rule also covers sites which pay you per click on certain links.

User Account and Profile Information:

B1. Forum Names
  • May be anything at registration so long as deemed acceptable
  • Must be 3 or more letters but no more than 15 letters
  • Consists of the characters A-Z, 0-9, or `~@#$%^&()_-=[{}]\:;”’<>,./?
  • Must not seem to impersonate an official Habbox account (e.g. accounts containing Habbox or Hx)
B2. Signatures/Avatars
  • Member signature images may not exceed 700 pixels (width) x 150 pixels (height) in size (unless stated otherwise in user ranks)
  • VIP and Donator signature images may not exceed 700 pixels x 300 pixels in total size
  • Signature image files (whether hosted on or off the Forum) should not exceed 1.5mb in size
  • Signature font size may be no bigger than size 6, however larger text must be used in moderation.
  • Signatures must not cause annoyance for other forum members in any manner, e.g. links to "rick rolling" etc

  • B3. Do not pretend to work for Habbo(x) when this is not the case
    Don't suggest in any way that you are working for Habbo(x), not on this forum or on Habbo or anywhere else.

    B4. Do not post anything offensive about other sites
    This includes sites that have anti Habbox content. It is strictly forbidden to ask or talk about flooding, hacking or damaging any website in any way.

    B5. Do not cause scrollbars in usertitles or profile fields
    Limit your location and other postbit profile fields to 30 characters to avoid causing scrollbars. Also make sure that your usertitle does not cause a scrollbar. If it does, ask an admin to put a < br > tag in it.

    B6. Do not sell, trade, donate, share, buy or have more than one forum account
    We will not tolerate accounts being shared, sold, traded or donated. It is also not allowed to have more than one account (unless your original account is permanently banned). Any accounts that are being shared, are for sale or have been sold, traded, or given away will be permanently banned.

    B7. Only put image URLs in image tags
    Any URL not ending in a valid image extension (.png, .gif, .jpeg etc) should not be put between image tags. You should not use a URL between image tags to do things such as log people out, increase profile views, or change their skins.

    B8. Do not use Personal Messages for advertising

    Forum Specific Rules

    Some forums have specific rules to follow. You can see them in an announcement or stickied thread in that forum/category. The following are some forum-specific rules that you should be aware of:

    Trading Rules
    Graphics Rules
    Welcome To Habbox Forum
    Debates Forum

    Prize Collection Rule

    We are now enforcing a prize collection rule across all competitions and events run by Habbox (either by General Management or Habbox Departments). This rule means that any winners of these competitions/events that have Habbo credits as the prize will have two months to claim it. If they fail to claim the prize after two months then that prize will be considered a donation to Habbox.

    Minor competitions/events such as individual Habbox Events and on-air competitions are organised by individual hosts, who are responsible for their own prize. If you have problems collecting those prizes please contact the relevant department manager or a General Manager.

    We feel that two months is long enough and should give plenty of time for the winners to get in touch with Habbox. The organisers of each event will contact you and inform you that you have won the prize when the winners have been announced. If there is sufficient proof that the event organiser or prize giver has not made ample effort to contact you about your prize, or there was no official thread or PM sent to you about your prize, then we may extend the deadline for this rule. If you feel this is the case, please contact a General Manager. These are currently: lawrawrrr, FlyingJesus, tbl, jamiexo, Shannon.

    Note: The two months start from the date the winners have been announced or contacted.

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