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    Default Habbox Statistics of the Year 2019

    Happy new decade!

    2019 has been a big year for Habbox, with our most successful HxSS ever, big changes to the General Management team as we got rid of the Assistant title (finally!), a whole new site, forum and staff panel theme... to name a few!

    Below you can see some of the top statistics of the year.

    We had 15,920 posts on the forum during 2019
    ... and the top poster of the year was @-:Undertaker:-; with 1419 posts!
    756 new users joined the forum!

    More forum stats can be seen here!

    We had 12,821 total edits from 62 users
    3,309 images were uploaded
    32 new users started contributing!

    Our top viewed article (except the homepage) was the LTDs page!

    We had 11 management promotions, and 2 new General Managers
    We had over 260 official announcements for our staff changes & big events
    We had 289 job applications

    We posted 62 articles
    We uploaded 298 new items to our Rare Values, and the €‹top viewed Rare Values item was the Gold Accessory pack!
    We DJed for 2295 hours and our top played song was Lewis Capaldi - Someone You Loved
    We launched version Eight of our website design in early August
    Our new Habbo imager was launched in April
    We also launched a new application form & staff list design
    Our top viewed page was the font generator!

    We hosted 1362 events - 134 different typesand 74 different users!
    We had 21 badges on Habbo!
    We launched our official rooms hallway AND official auto events hallway!

    If you are interested in any other particular statistics, let me know and I will try and find them out for you!
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