Hey Guys!

After a tough month (and a bit) of battling it out in SNQ, it's time to announce the winners of the first ever League!

Not sure what The League is?
It's a monthly competition where all the points from the Saturday Night Quiz are added together! The people with the highest scores win amazing prizes! Check out this thread for more info.

We'd like to give a massive congratulations to....

1st: @Samanfa; - 27 points - 25c OR 1 month of VIP
2nd: @lemons; - 25 points - 15c OR 2 weeks of VIP
3rd: @Honor-Branch; - 15 points - 5c OR 1 week of VIP

Congratulations everyone!

If you could PM me which prize you want I'll get it sorted out for your ASAP

Goodluck to you all in the next competition! Come on down on the 6th Feb for the first round of The League