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    Cons of nowadays's internet

    You sure are people who did not know the fantastic size of the internet last week, therefore you are the right people to talk about that kind of subject (or not)

    Hey I do not know if I can express this idea very clearly in English, but obviously the internet and how to communicate with it has changed almost drastically from about 7-8 years, even if we can not explain why , and I'd like to know your opinion on this, especially with regards to the negative points of this and why it might suck to us

    If this can help make things more understandable, I will give my position on this XD

    I think one of the great paradoxes we are facing right now is that the definition we had of the internet, of being that great Alexandrian library with a myriad of possibilities and different "places" to know, fell to the ground!, especially since today ordinary user will witness only a fraction of them all, considering that only the HOT sites and HOT applications will be recommended, the RECOMMENDED videos... anyways, you've got me, a succession of the inconstant "What's hot !!" list and since this applies to practically the whole world, this supposedly miscellaneous library is causing anyone who does not have the slightest sense of inquisitiveness to spend all his or her virtual life accessing only what everyone naturally accesses to, a lack of discoveries and vitiated concepts! Erm is sounds awkward, eh

    Also, one thing that is often seen on social networks is that although the fact that people are much more "opinionated" is a commonly accepted concept, in reality (at least in my circle of users) no one really gives their point of view on things, at most they simply retweet/share ideas and speeches previously made by another people and this gives them the false sense of credibility but, if asked to express an idea by itself, they could not do likewise!
    /\/\/\/ And, obviously, as you can see, forums is an awesome exception of this. Here, if you want to give an opinion, you do it entirely by yourself!! At least in 90% of the cases

    Hope this thread makes sense

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    People have lost the connection of research. For example, someone will find a random post on Facebook about "CEO Facebook giving away thousands to those who enter information to xyz." People will read that article and believe it. If there is a person who states this is false, people will cite only one article.

    People who trust the internet like it's the only solution. For example: People on a website find that there is only 1 item left in-store. Well, that isn't the case. The world is cruel and people steal in stores, the system doesn't update theft, or someone just grabbed the last item before you went to it.

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