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    Default Management Anniversaries!

    There have been a lot of Management Anniversaries this month and we would like to say a massive thank you to each and every one of them for their service:

    @sexpot; has served as Help Desk Management for over a year (06/10)
    @Ekelektra; has served as Content Design Manager for THREE amazing years (12/11)
    @nic01e; has served as Events Management for over a year (18/11)
    @Samantha; has served as Features Manager for 4 YEARS!!! (21/11)
    @Its.Dino; has now served as Room Build Manager for 1 consecutive year (26/11)

    Last but not least... the man, the myth, the legend @FlyingJesus; has now been part of the General Management team for over a year! (17/11)

    Thank you to our entire Management team! We would not still be here without your continued efforts and the hard work that you all put in.
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