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    Default Monthly Posting Statistics - FEBRUARY

    Welcome to the FEBRUARY Monthly Posting Statistics!

    In this scheme, Habbox awards the top ten posters with Tokens (and more) for their efforts.
    The following prizes are available for those in our top ten:

    1. 1000 tokens, two weeks exclusive VIP from our selection, top poster award
    2. 800 tokens, one week exclusive VIP from our selection
    3. 600 tokens
    4. 500 tokens
    5. 400 tokens
    6. 300 tokens
    7. 250 tokens
    8. 200 tokens
    9. 150 tokens
    10. 100 tokens

    Also, reaching specific milestones will add the following to your prize:

    200 posts: 2 month VIP
    100 posts: 1 month VIP

    So, without further ado, let us reveal the winners:


    1. 1000 tokens, two weeks exclusive VIP from our selection, top poster award: @jamiexo;
    2. 800 tokens, one week exclusive VIP from our selection: @-:Undertaker:-;
    3. 600 tokens: @Triz;
    4. 500 tokens: @Chipmunks;
    5. 400 tokens: @tbl;
    6. 300 tokens: @Shockwave.2CC;
    7. 250 tokens: @welshcake;
    8. 200 tokens: @Shannon;
    9. 150 tokens: @FlyingJesus;
    10. 100 tokens: @flimkien;

    Reaction Statistics & Hot Posts

    Here are the statistics for all reactions for the month of FEBRUARY
    Alongside this is also our new awards for members who received the most of each reaction on a single post.
    (Please note that awards are issued based on reaction count at the time of writing this thread)

    Over the month of FEB you clicked "Like" a total of 69 times
    you clicked "Love" a whopping 85 times
    you were "Shocked" by a total of 3 posts
    and lastly you "Laughed" at 7 posts

    Each of you have won yourself 200 Tokens along with the relevant award!

    @tbl;for most "Likes" with the post: Truth or Dare?
    @Chipmunks;for most "Love" with the post: This or That?
    @jamiexo;for most "Shock" with the post: HxHD Design
    @someboyrafa;for most "Laugh" with the post: Pizza Party

    FEB Posting Stats

    As stated in THIS announcement, Member/Newcomer of the month is now chosen by you, simply recommend the Newcomer or Member of the Month award in the Awards List page, to user who you believe should win, and at the end of each month, whoever has the most recommendations will be granted the award and win the below reward.

    There were no votes for Member of the Month sadly.

    Congratulations to @flimkien; for winning Newcomer of the month!
    You've won yourself

    500 Tokens
    1 Month of VIP
    Along with the relevant award

    Recommend a Newcomer of the Month
    Recommend a Member of the Month
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    There's another shooting today, and this one was bad
    I'm glad that we all hope and pray, but it takes more than that
    We've been trying, we've been crying
    Hoping that they will do more than keep lying
    I need to believe that people can change
    Or else this life has all been in vain
    What's the point of fighting if we're fighting for a lie?

    I'm not senDing sublimInal messagEs to rule breakers

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