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    Nov 2005

    Smile Rare Rampage Quest - Prostponed till further notice.

    *Edited by Re101 ( competitions staff & Head of Quests) - This competition will be run at a later date by Smiddy1234.*

    It's been full steam ahead down at the Habbox Rare office. smiddy1234 was sitting peacefully in his chair, when he glanced over his shoulder. Where was his amber set? His favorite two items of furniture had gone missing from his office! He looked all around for them, but couldn't seem to find the ambers. He asked the department, but none of them had seen the ambers! Then he realized.... he had left 2hd. in the room alone for 10 minuites and then soon ran off to -Dannie's room. Maybe he could of taken them and left them at Dannie's!

    This is where YOU come in. We want you to help us. You will have to click your way through mazes, figure out anagrams, use your brain and much more. You MUST return the ambers to smiddy! To find the rooms search -Dannie and go to [Habbox] Rare Rampage - Remember not to fall for fakes!

    The Prize:
    1 Habbo Club sofa, 1 tubmaster kindly donated by -Dannie
    1 Blue Amber and 1 Red Amber kindly donated by smiddy1234.

    To enter this competition you must be a registered member of our forum. Habbox is giving all its members (INCLUDING STAFF) the opportunity to enter this competition. To submit your entry, you will need the following information: HabboxForum Name, Habbo Name, What Room Was The Red Amber, What Room Was The Blue Amber and the Secret Word. e-mail it to [email protected] All entries MUST BE E-MAILED! The title of your e-mail message should be Rare Rampage and your entry should look like this:

    Habbox Forum Name: -Dannie
    Habbo Name: –Dannie
    Location Of Red Amber:
    Location Of Blue Amber:
    Secret Word:

    This competition will run until 31st March unless otherwise stated. After that a computer will randomly select an entry that has given the correct answer.

    One entry per Habbox Member ONLY.
    Please read the terms and conditions at the bottom (In Black)

    Terms and conditions: To prevent unfair competitions, we only allow one entry for each Habbox member and one pc. If more entries are sent using the same Habbox member and/or pc, all the entries will be withdrawn from the competition. You can send in your entry until the competition is closed at some time on March 31st, 2006. The winner will be announced in this forum and in this thread. They will be private messaged by -Dannie to collect their prize. Habbox has the right to close the competition at any time before the competition ending date and the winner will be randomly selected by a computer from all correct entries. Any harassment or attempted bribery will get you disqualified and could even get you into trouble on the Forum. ALL Habbox staff are ALLOWED to participate in this quest. This includes all sites and departments that are involved with Habbox. Trialists may enter any competition whilst they are on trial. Any entries that break the forum rules in anyway will also be withdrawn. Prizes must be claimed within two weeks of the winner(s) being announced in the announcement forum. Unclaimed prizes will be used again in a future Competition or in any other Habbox competition event.

    When posting in the competition forum, please only post competition entries. Do not post questions or comments it is not the place to so. If you need to ask a question, or feel it necessary to make a comment, then please send a message to one of the Competition Moderators or post in the competition question/comments forum.
    Last edited by Re101; 23-03-2006 at 05:39 PM.

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