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Thread: Bus Stop

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    Jul 2004

    Default Bus Stop

    This Isnt a net game and cant be played on Habbo(x) Its just something me and my cuzins play

    How to play:
    You need to draw some colums on a piece of paper and these are the colums names: Boy, Girl, tv, Food, animal, Place, Sub total, Total

    Oblect of the game:
    One person will go through the alphabet in there head and another person will say "stop" then the person doing the alphabet says what letter they stoped on and then they quickly rite down something that goes with the topic and begining with the letter that was sed. you get 10 points for each answer that noone else has got and 5 points if someone else has it.

    Letter : R

    Player 1:
    Boy Girl

    Ryan Rachel
    (5points) (10 points)
    Player 2:
    Boy Girl

    Ryan Reanan
    (5 points) (10 points)

    If you still dont understand plz PM me and i can send you an example sheet via email

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    Jun 2004


    I used to play that ages ago with my sisters when I was little. We call it Boy/Girl or Scatagories (which is the actual game you can buy).

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