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    Default [READ BEFORE POSTING] Arguments in this forum

    Recently, several arguements have broken out within this forum which could be deemed unnecessary.

    Naturally, in a forum which is bound to contain a lot of political discussion there are going to be disagreements. However these disagreements must remain on a political level.

    When posting opposing someone elses view, please try to show your view with structure & relevance to the topic in discussion.

    For instance:

    This is an example of a structured (very simple) political opinion:

    Quote Originally Posted by Person One
    I don't like Gordon Brown, I feel he shouldn't be Prime Minister as he was not elected by the people. I myself would prefer a Conservative Government, I prefer David Cameron, he seems a much better man for the job and is better at communicating to his people.
    This is an example of an unacceptable reply:

    Quote Originally Posted by Person Two
    Well you are stupid then, a conservative government would be rubbish & you are an idiot for thinking they could do a good job
    Replies like this are inappropriate and often deter the thread from political disagreements to pointless arguements.

    People are entitled to their own opinion and if theirs differs to yours you should accept that, you are entitled to put your opinion across, however as said above, in a structured & relevant manner.

    Anybody posting purely to cause arguements, or insulting other forum members will be dealt with by the moderation team appropriately.

    Political discussion can be extremely interesting, lets try and keep it that way

    Posted & stuck with permission of Forum Manager; MattGarner.
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