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    Default Habbox Christmas Charity 2010 Total and List of Donators.

    A big thanks to all of those who have helped us raise money for the Make a Wish foundation. We have been running our campaign for 5 weeks now and have raised a whopping 581 breaking our previous record.A big thank you to the following people who helped us reach our target.

    -Danube- -fire-girl- -L-iam -Punchline .Sarcastix. .Shaun,, 17-jamie-17 22andy223 Beth =Lizzy Addresses AidenFTW24 Alex3213 Alkaz Amber Angel-Light AnnaChapman Anne AR4B Arron Ashgasm Ben.H bethie Biscuitss Blacktux Bolt660 Boots buttons Camy Cataclysm, Catzsy Cherry Cheryl Chippiewill CleggIsScum Coke Con Deak Dean Describe Dilusionate dinasaw dogboy123 Dudedanny123 e5 elliot emily965 Eoin247 Faboosh Fash.Late Feli flatface Gems,x Gibs960 Gilesfun GoldenMerc GommeInc Hayleigh Hecktix Hiro Hollyoaks hysteria Icemaniceice Interact iSteeee iZoinc J25T Jaaaack! jack jackass Jameseh JamesOYES Jamesy jazz.wood Jessica Jessicrawrr Johno Jordann Jordy Josh! joshhyy joshuar Kelly-Mate KidPoker kipp Logan louder lucy= Luke Maffew markypee4 Mathew matt Matts Metric1 Milestone Minion MissAlice Moh Mr-Trainor Mr.J.Sparkes MrJordan Mrs.McCall MrSkynus Myke N!ck Narnat, nat965 NaughtyNemo Nicola Nuxty Oleh preposterous purplejassie R0BB13G Reality Recursion Reniorx Robbie Robinson Roxy916 Rozi rug Sammify samsaBEAR Sarah Shanny Shar, Shazzy Skizzling smiffy70 sophiethenerd Special Stephen Stevie suckerpunch Swastika Swinkid syko2006 Tax? Tay Technologic Thegreatmaster Toasten Tomato Unarmoured Vanity VelvetClover Wall-e Wiizzz Wiktoria wixard xoDollFacee, x.Samlouise xxMATTGxx Yahoooogle Yupt Yuxin Zycel
    If I have forgotten you from this list please send me a visitor message on my profile and I will update the list .
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