Here in the Moderation Department it is our job to keep all of the bad nuts under control but we have let a few of them slip! By doing tasks, you will be get back some of these bad nuts in which you can exchange for sweets. Here are the tasks to be carried out:

- Make 25 posts on the forum.
- Make 5 threads around the forum.
- Refer 1 new user to the forum.
- Make a suggestion in feedback.
- Rank in the top five of any arcade game. (PM Phil to show completion - Must be a screen shot of full screen.)
- Post a line of the Oompa Loompa song in Spam. (For this, each person has to post one line of the song. If you get through the song, you earn a nut.)

You can do all of these tasks more than once. For example, you can post 50 threads and earn two nuts etc. If you complete all of the tasks you will earn yourself an additional 20 nuts!

Everyone who earns five or more nuts in this section of the event will earn themselves two weeks of the following icon: