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    Default Birthday thread 2007

    2007 was a magical year for Habbox - it's the year that our famous Habbox Summer Spectacular began!

    For those who don't know, the Summer Spectacular is a tournament that we hold every year with hundreds if not thousands of credits up for grabs, open to everyone on the .com hotel to join in with. As Events Manager it's one of the most stressful but also most fun times of the year, and it's not long now until it all starts up again

    I've put together a little quiz for you 'orrible lot to take a punt at, all about HxSS. Some of these you might know or be able to guess at, but don't panic! Every single one of the answers can be found on the HxSS Wiki page, so give that a browse if you need a hand!

    PM your answers to me directly, and assuming you've got them right you'll be entered in for the 2007 prize draw. Good luck, and I look forward to seeing you this summer for the next tournament!


    - What are the four colour teams every tournament?

    - How many players in the winning team receive credit prizes?

    - What year was the Viva Las Vegas theme used for HxSS?

    - In the 2015 tournament, whose battlecry was a rather troubling "I'm going to wreck your bumholes"?

    - In what month is HxSS almost always held?

    - What was the year when our glorious Events Manager was voted "best cheerleader" while that troublemaker lawrawrrr won both the "worst sporting Habbo" and "biggest moaner" awards?

    - Which superhero failed to inspire the red team in 2017, with them finishing in last place?

    - Around how long does the tournament go on for?
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