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    Default Pokemon Sword and Shield

    Hey Team! Has anyone got the new Pokemon Sword and Shield? Which one have you got?

    There's been a lot of complaints around the internet since it's release but I've been trying to avoid them as I'm really enjoying it so far! I preordered Pokemon Sword and have basically been playing it for most of the weekend.

    Slightly annoyed they've joined in with the whole Nintendo Switch Online thing as I've so far managed to avoid having to sign up and pay the monthly/yearly fee but now I guess I'm having to jump on that bandwagon, but I'm glad Wonder Trade is back (renamed as Surprise Trade) as I used to love that on the older-new games!

    Not going to give any spoilers for new Pokemon that haven't been widely announced or storyline things but I'm currently 4 gym badges in and I'm so glad they've brought back battling wild Pokemon again, I can't deal with Let's Go Pokemon sigh.

    OH also I went with Scorbunny, I almost always go fire for starter Pokemon. What did you pick?
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    I haven't bothered unfortunately! I know a lot of people have been waiting ages for it, but I sort of stopped playing pokemon around X and Y (I do have the new ruby/sapphire one, but I never played it). I still play Pokémon Go and I find that better for me to play. Excited to get the new Pokémon in the app though at some point.

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